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How to Prepare Dried Wood Ear Mushrooms for Recipeshello today we're going to talk about,how to prep

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Updated on Jan 18,2023

How to Prepare Dried Wood Ear Mushrooms for Recipes

hello today we're going to talk about,how to prepare dried fungus wood ears,also known as cloud mushrooms or jelly,ears a fungus these funguses grow on the,side of wood and that's why they're,called wood funguses and what years and,they actually when they're reconstituted,they look like an ear see just like an,ear this is what they look like after,the reconstituted as you can see the bag,that I had there they came dry and,that's generally how you can find them,sometimes when you're in the Chinese,market you can find them fresh but dry,they're very hard like kind of almost,like bone right and you can't eat them,like this so they have to be,reconstituted and the reason why you're,going to want to do that is because,they're absolutely delicious they have,the most amazing earthy flavor they're,crunchy they're fantastic and hot and,sour soup salads stir fries and we're,gonna have a really delicious recipe and,a stir fry coming your way soon so I,want to show you how to prepare these,wood ears to get them ready to cook or,make them in a salad or soup or whatever,you want to do with them okay so like I,said they come dried you can't use them,like that so the very first thing you,want to do is there's many ways you can,prepare them but my favorite way is to,use hot boiling water I have in a tea,kettle here and I'm just gonna go ahead,and pour over your wood ear mushrooms,okay and I like to leave them sit,between 10 and 15 minutes okay,it allows them to open up and get rid of,all the you know the things they have on,on top of them but the next step that I,really want to do is see this is what it,looks like when after they've like had a,chance to reconstitute in the water okay,you can see the waters created this dark,brown color right and now they're,flexible I see,and really move and they have this,really great texture too and what you're,gonna want to do is run these under,water and use your fingers literally,just to wash off any debris that may be,on it whatever they might preserve them,with you do not know so you're gonna,like literally underneath the water and,rub and rinse and so that's my very next,step okay and then what you're gonna do,sorry for the movement there is you're,gonna have these lovely wood ear,mushrooms right that looked just like in,a year,yeah but there's one thing that in order,to really use these I don't know if you,can see it it has this little stem part,right here can you see that right that,part is chewy and difficult so what you,want to do is just grab your little,cutting board yeah right and just this,little edge right there I'm gonna take,it and cut it off okay and if there's,anything else that you don't like on it,then cut that off as well at this point,in time it's kind of big and I don't,like to eat things that big so if I was,making a salad maybe I you know I might,do like little tiny thin strips like,that for stir-fry I might cut them up,larger you know a little bit like this,so we'll show you all these different,ways but the reason why you are gonna,absolutely love these mushrooms is the,fact that they're good for your home,okay maybe in regular medicine we may,say oh they're really they are they're,hiring iron they're high in fiber and,that's fantastic but in traditional,Chinese medicine they're cooling okay,and they help with the spleen in the,stomach and the lungs they help moisten,dryness and promote hydration but,because they're cooling these little,guys are cooling what you'll need to,know is that it's really good to balance,that with a little heating in a heat,well what I mean by like maybe some,garlic which is warming or some ginger,or some maybe some chili which is,fabulous I mean it's absolutely,delicious like I said in hot sorry soup,and salads and,fries and all those kinds of things so,yes just to recoup what we did is they,usually come dried you have to first,reconstitute them with hot water for,about 10 to 15 minutes then you got to,rinse them under water really good and,then cut off their a little their little,edge here and then you can slice them up,and use them any way you want and this,information is in a timely moment,because it is Chinese New Year right,around the corner and I know you're,gonna be wanting to make a lot of,delicious dishes so stay tuned because,we have more coming your way have a,great day take care bye

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Hong Kong Fried Rice

Hong Kong Fried Rice


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what's up everybody my name is Kells,James I'm one lead as a harvest worship,center and we're still continuing with,our 21 day Daniel fast now the reason,I'm doing this right now is because I,put up a couple of videos and a lot of,people some really be interested in the,food since we're really trying to honor,God with this 21 day Daniel fast we're,seeking God loving God trying to draw,closer to him I want to give you some,things that like should be helpful I,wanted to feel that through this,Daniel fantastic you can't eat anything,I find a lot of people are finding they,don't know what to eat oh my gosh what,we're gonna do I'm gonna eat potatoes,every day for the next three weeks,there's so much more to food than that,summer try and do my best to help you,I'm gonna kind of show me a couple of,things a couple of tricks a couple of,recipes so to speak simple things that,you can do that will make it fun,your foods still gonna be tasty because,serving God shouldn't be hard this is,not going to be as hard as you think it,will be a sacrifice but there's enough,provision in the food he's given us and,we've given tons and tons of things with,and I'm a meat-eater so I love eating,meat so don't get me wrong I'm looking,forward to the state where the time,comes but for now let me help you I'll,show you a couple of things okay so what,we're gonna do today is something that,actually I usually eat up work I found,it in this little store so it's called,like a switch,so really what it is is we're going to,shred up some potatoes then add a little,bit of onion and a little bit of spinach,I mean that's really your choice and,then literally truly gonna diss out some,we had all the worthless time now,normally I would add butter but for a,staying away from cream even milk of,those things as well so I'm avoiding the,brother who's olive oil is a little bit,of a substitute and what we're gonna do,is we're just gonna shred it up kind of,make like a patty fry it up and serve it,is that easy it is simple and then we,can have that the couple of things we'll,just add two just to make like a simple,breakfast or just a simple snack okay,last night what I did was I parboiled my,parboil meetings I kind of cooked it a,little bit so I peeled my bike my,potatoes ready and I semi-cooked them,right so I just want to make the process,a little bit easier you could do it by,just braiding your potatoes and you just,have to be really careful when you're,cooking if you're polish it's just a,little bit easier cook once it gets on,the extra fine so basically what I'm,gonna do I'm gonna shred it up if you,have one of these type of shutters is,really good it's gonna give us some long,strips of potato so is it'll look kind,of like,I swear the cheese when we're doing if,you cannot see a look at it it's gonna,become really shredded like that and,that's what we're looking for we're,really just trying to shred the potato,that's why I put it in the fridge so it,gives a little bit of a cold that kind,of heaps keeps it together because you,know container will start to fall apart,a little bit right so I'm gonna just,really shred the potato and I can keep,doing this I get the whole thing,completed and once I have that completed,then we're gonna do is are gonna have a,little oil to it a couple of tablespoons,oil and then add the onion we're gonna,fry up with a little bit of the fry that,up a little bit,boom we'll throw that in and mix it,together and then make our patty source,be okay,so like I'm set up I've just added my,onions and the spinach with a little bit,of olive oil you really want to just,cook it down a little bit just so the,spinach gets wilty so to speak and the,onions get somewhat cooked you don't,want to burn it or Brown it but you're,really just trying to cook it the other,really say for you so you don't your,fire - and I let me be a minute or two,probably two minutes you're gonna have,it on I like to add always a little bit,of salt and pepper to everything I'm,doing so I have a little bit of pepper,this spring a little pepper on it,always for taste,make sure your fires in a good place,right and a pinch of salt right just a,little bit,all right so that's basically cooking,there,give it one more minute,I'm constantly stirring this I don't,want to stay right and I don't want it,to burn so oh it's got to be make sure,your fire is not too hot I can't just,turn it on max and just start cooking,take your time and got a massage alright,alright so our next step so what I just,finished doing was frying up the spinach,and the onions add a little salt and,pepper what I did was I put it on the,plate he just saw and I just chopped it,up a bit so I just sliced it up a little,bit more than already was you know what,I would spread evenly throughout I had a,whole bunch of potatoes I know I took at,first maybe I took maybe about nine or,eight or nine large but two semi medium,sized potatoes small to medium and I,sliced them up I had got a fair bit,amount of the potato t

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How to Make Whipped Cream | Easy and Amazing

How to Make Whipped Cream | Easy and Amazing

hey i'm john cannell and today on preppy,kitchen i'm showing you how to make,perfect whipped cream so let's get,started,first off grab an ice cold bowl i like,to put my bowl and my beaters in the,freezer for at least 5 or 10 minutes,this way your whipped cream will beat up,so much faster even if you're doing it,by hand so to make whipped cream,everything should be cold my bowl came,out of the freezer the beaters were in,the freezer and my cream was in the,fridge it's not to be frozen whipped,cream or chantilly cream as it's also,called is something that goes with,basically everything you can have it on,your angel food cake in berries it could,be for decorating cakes or you could use,it to make chocolate mousse or anything,else today i'm using two cups of heavy,cream but you can scale this up or scale,this down if you want to make a bigger,or smaller batch sugar is really added,to taste some people don't add any sugar,to their whipped cream i like to add at,least like two,maybe three spoonfuls if you're,sweetening your whipped cream you could,use powdered sugar or granulated sugar,they're both great i prefer powdered,sugar just because there's some,cornstarch in that and it helps to,stabilize the whipped cream which is,especially good if you're using it to,decorate a cake like my black forest or,chantilly cake i'm also adding in one to,two teaspoons of a nice vanilla this,just gives us a beautiful flavor you can,also flavor your whipped cream with,anything you like today's video is on,the shorter side because whipped cream,is just that easy to make but i do want,to show you what can go wrong and also,like what you can do to not make that,happen we're going to start mixing this,now before my bowl gets too warm start,on low to mix the sugar in if you're,mixing this by hand just get that whisk,out stretch and get going if you watch,this channel you know whipped cream is,one of my all-time favorite things to,make i could eat this whole bowl and i,might off camera so,this is an important thing to make the,right way when you make whipped cream,there's a few different stages it could,be at it could be really soft and just,like flowy that's great for,spooning onto berries for example if,you're filling a cake decorating with it,or using your whipped cream to make,beautiful dollops you want it to be a,bit more stiff and stabilized the danger,comes in over whipping your cream if you,do that instead of having a wonderful,smooth cloud-like texture they can,become curdled there are a few cues that,you can look out for to know when to,stop so it doesn't curdle and become,like unusable or just butter for your,pantry i'm increasing my speed now,if you're using whipped cream it's best,to serve it immediately that's peak,freshness and deliciousness you can,store whipped cream in the refrigerator,though it'll keep overnight you might,have to give it another whip just to,like restore the consistency similar to,how you would do for a meringue based,frosting if your whipped cream was on,the edge of being over whipped though,you might over whip it by restoring the,consistency so just be aware of that,it's already changing consistency it's,becoming almost like a lava like,thick and flowy and depending on where,you live whipping cream is called,different things in the us they actually,sell whipping cream but you often use,heavy cream they're almost the same,thing some places it's called double,cream and you can let me know in the,comments if whipping cream is called,something else in your country besides,heavy or double cream there will be,splatters i'm warning you ahead of time,that's what aprons are for when your,cream starts thickening up you'll begin,to see trails left by the beater keep an,eagle eye on at this point this is where,things happen quickly,making whipped cream is such an,important skill it goes into many,different types of recipes and even,though it's so simple it is something,that almost everybody messes up at some,point you're like oh oh it's ruined oh,dear so just knowing when to stop is the,key point here i want to show you we've,been whipping it for just a few minutes,like a minute and a half and the beater,is leaving trails here so it's becoming,thicker it's almost at the point where,you could spoon it over some berries by,the way if you give your whipped cream a,taste and it's not sweet enough,a little bit more sugar that's what it's,there for you don't have to add it in,just at the beginning,now i want to show you what the whipped,cream is like this,beautiful cloud-like confection is,perfect for spooning over berries onto,cake if you're serving it with an angel,food or chiffon cake or just spooning it,right into your mouth let's take a look,at the consistency on the berries,now we're taking this to stiffer peaks,just continue whipping it warning signs,are you see any curdling it gets too,stiff or any yellowing in color once it,becomes yellow you know it's going to,the butter place so increase to high,there we

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HWC Fruit Bowl Lesson

HWC Fruit Bowl Lesson

hey guys,welcome to another video in my kitchen,i'm chef aaron,welcome today we are going to be making,some,fruit balls,i'm excited this is a very,easy recipe and delicious who doesn't,like fruit,i love fruit all right but before we get,started with this,let's talk about our my plate,how many food groups are there,if you guessed six you are wrong,but if you guessed five you're right,can we name all the food groups let's,see,we've got there's a hint fruit,fruit carbohydrates,protein vegetables,and dairy okay and today it is all fruit,100 no vegetables no protein,nothing we're doing fruit so let's look,at our ingredients,let's go through our setup before you,get started make sure you have all the,ingredients,all the tools that we're going to be,using,so we have this lovely,pineapple don't be intimidated by this,thing,okay what i did next but we got,blackberries,we have some oranges here i'm gonna go,down to the grapes,grapes talk about the melon,and we have some apples honey crisp,very good for our tools we have our,cutting board,chef's knife and a container to put,our fruit in all right if you have all,those things,we're ready to get started so this is,the fruit that i have chosen,for today for this video if you have one,of our kits,it might have some different fruit,different fruit tastes better,during different times of the year or,you might,you know instead of a pineapple maybe,you got some blueberries,totally fine you know what fruit you,like,that's great all right let's get started,all right kids before we start prepping,i want you to think here about what,you're even doing we're making,a healthy snack but we are making it so,the nice thing about this recipe,is we are going to make a fruit bowl for,each day of the week one of the hardest,things about choosing a healthy snack,is convenience right you've had a long,day of e-learning,or maybe you're back in school i don't,know when you're watching this but in,any case you're hungry,it's a lot easier to grab a bag of,potato chips,and just eat them right but,if you have we interrupt this wonderful,cooking video to talk a little bit more,about,reusable containers what's nice about,reusable containers,is you can use them over and over again,unlike buying prepackaged snacks where,you throw away the wrapper,and it goes in the garbage by prepping,ahead with fruit bowls in reusable,containers,not only are you helping yourself by,making it easier,to choose a healthy snack but you are,also taking care of the environment,and how awesome is that okay,take it away chef aaron so imagine,there's fruit in here,if you have your your fruit bowls ready,it's so easy to just take it out of the,fridge and make that,healthy choice okay so let's prep let's,get ready for the week here,let's start with our apples,okay lots of fiber,now so i'm going to show you how to cut,this fruit,but before you cut your fruit,let's go over some safety now with a,knife,you might have a kid friendly knife go,ahead and use that,now with a knife uh the most important,thing is you want to have full,control over your knife,okay we want to be safe so i'm going to,show you,how to hold a knife so we have our,chef's knife,and the correct way to hold it is you,want to pinch,the so this part of the blade is not,sharp you want to pinch the blade here,just above the handle okay and then wrap,your fingers,around it it gives you more like i said,it gives you more control,over the knife all right,now when you cut you want to make sure,that you have the point,of the knife on the cutting board,okay again it just gives you a little,stability when you are,cutting all right,so let's cut our fruit here we are going,to,cut it in half all right,so now the middle of an apple here uh,it's okay to eat the skin we're going to,keep the skin on,but the middle the core uh we're not,going,we're not going to eat that so we cut it,in half,and now it's flat so we can just put it,down on the cutting board here so it,does not,roll around again we want as much,control,here while we're cutting so flat side,down we're going to cut it,in half again there we go,and guess what we're going to cut it,in half again all right there we go,all right so now it's small enough now,we can just cut out,the middle part of the apple here so i'm,just going to make,those little cuts here there we go,all right now this is where you can get,creative,for me i've got some nice apple slices,here,perfect that's how i like to eat my,apple slices,you could cut them up smaller if you,want totally up to you,i'm not you you know how you like to eat,fruit so,so make your apple slices or,chunks or whatever however you like to,snack,on your fruit all right next up,oranges there's a joke somewhere all,right,we've got our oranges this is pretty,straightforward,we are just going to slice the oranges,so we've got our knife just make some,slices,okay and again you control,the shape and the size of your cuts so,maybe you want,your slices to be thicker or thinner,totally up

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HWC Turkey Pinwheel Lesson

HWC Turkey Pinwheel Lesson

all right,hey everybody i'm chef aaron and welcome,to my kitchen today we are going to be,making a,healthy prep ahead snack today we are,going to be making,some turkey pinwheel,but before we get into our amazing,delicious snack today i want to go over,do you know what i'm going to say what,what do i want to go,over children that's right,the five food groups,ah can we name them all right,try to try to name them with me,protein grains,vegetable fruit,and dairy did you get them all okay,so as as remember those food groups,because at the end um i want you,to tell me how many of the food groups,are in our snack today okay,first things first let's go over our,ingredients,and the tools that we will be using for,today's snack,all right we have some,whole wheat tortillas we've got some,turkey low-fat,cream cheese oh we've got some,a super vegetable that's what i like to,say,spinach spinach and we've got,some oh guacamole,yum tools that you need,are a cutting board we have a,chef's knife and a little spreader,this is a spreader or just a butter,knife,okay let's get started,okay let's go over our first ingredient,here,but before we talk about that,pop quiz what food group does this,belong in,there's a timer,if you said grains you're correct,yay all right well let's get our,tortilla out now,like i said this is uh whole wheat,very important whole wheat uh that is,better for,your body um you might be familiar,with uh just a regular uh flour,white flour tortilla they taste great,okay,the difference is whole grain is it has,the whole grain,so it has more nutrients and vitamins,for your body it's just better for you,okay,so we're going you're gonna want to take,out a tortilla so like i said before,today we are making,turkey pinwheels you might be,saying yourself oh yeah,i totally know what that is chef aaron,but you have no idea that's okay,you're gonna find out just just follow,along okay,if i ever steered you kids wrong,don't answer that all right so we have,our tortilla,whole grain tortilla on our cutting,board,here that's it okay next,ingredient before i talk about this,extra credit question what food group do,i belong in kids,it's cream cheese i am cream cheese and,if you,said dairy you're cracked,thanks cream cheese,okay so we've got our low-fat,cream cheese here uh we don't need to go,crazy with it a little bit goes a long,way but,uh the reason that we're using,oh i just i just said don't go crazy,with it,okay i'm just gonna add a little bit,here,and so the cream cheese it acts as,it's going to hold all of our,ingredients,together which is which is what we want,so,we're going to spread it thin,okay,and we want to spread the cream cheese,pretty much from one edge of the,tortilla,to the other,and again we're making it,thin,okay this is this looks pretty good,all right we've got our tortilla and our,cream cheese,spread on here nice and evenly,our next ingredient i'm going to talk,about it in a minute,but first fun question what food group,does this belong in,vegetables yeah,okay spinach,wow what to say about the humble spinach,leaf,um you might like spinach you might not,that's okay but let me tell you if,you're going to eat,one vegetable or learn to like one,vegetable this year,let's have it be spinach okay spinach,it's great,no fat okay that's great it has a lot of,nutrients,we got a couple of different vitamins,we got vitamin k vitamin a,and vitamin c okay,why is that good for me chef aaron,that's a very good question,let me tell you,so spinach it's good for your bones,uh it is good for your immune system,uh the immune system helps protect your,body,from getting sick so that's very,important,and it really helps your skin be,healthy who knew another thing is it's,really good for your brain,and for your eyes there's a lot of more,good things about spinach but let's,continue to make,our turkey pinwheel,now we don't need to cut up the spinach,okay we can we can leave it whole leaf,and you'll see why don't worry we will,be uh,cutting this up later but right now we,just,and we want i mean,if we're adding spinach and we want this,to be healthy,then let's add some spinach and let's be,healthy kids right,who's with me,good i see you that's looking great,on to our next ingredient,before i talk about this though,surprise test question what food group,does this belong in,it's turkey,it's protein that's right all right,okay let's get our turkey,on here turkey is a good,good meat low in low in fat,okay and protein protein is good for,our muscles okay,if you're a kid and you're growing your,muscles are growing you need some,protein,so that's a good source of protein for,our snack here,all right we are ready to,roll let's roll this let's roll this,turkey pinwheel now when you roll it,you want to roll it tight don't be,afraid to roll it,tight okay and it might,look a little like it's busting out,that's okay,okay this is not the final version,okay all right we've got it rolled up,nice and tight here,pushing down on it a little bit,all

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HWC Sweet Potato Lesson

HWC Sweet Potato Lesson

hey everybody,chef aaron here welcome to my kitchen,have i got a special sweet treat,for you today we are making,smashed sweet potatoes,have you ever had that before i have,we are making this healthy prep ahead,snack uh but first let's talk about,my plate right how many,food groups are there in my plate,ready just say it everybody say it at,the,same time ready,five all right so if you said five,you're correct can we name all of them,we've got protein,vegetables fruit,dairy and,grains all right i wasn't sure you'd get,those but you did,and today we have our vegetable,we've got our humble,sweet potato and i don't i don't know,about you guys but,there are some foods that growing up as,a child i did not like,and sweet potatoes,was one of those foods okay,uh thanksgiving uh,my family would make sweet potatoes with,those marshmallows,on top and uh it did not taste good,but but okay,let me let me tell you something here,kids okay,if you want to like a food so let's say,okay you're me you don't like sweet,potatoes,okay you just do not like them but you,want to like them you want to like the,sweet potato well there's a way to like,it,scientists have found out uh,that if you try a food that you don't,like,ten times then you will start,to like that food okay,now that does not mean you know right,now,take 10 bites out of the sweet i mean,cook it,out of the sweet potatoes that would not,work that would just,that would just be really gross for you,okay when they say try something ten,times,what that means you know today we make,our our,uh smashed sweet potatoes what that,means is you,today you take a bite of the smashed,sweet potatoes,i still don't like sweet potatoes that's,okay,hey that was one time maybe in a week,you try it again ah that tastes,disgusting,that's okay okay thanksgiving comes,around you try it again,try it again every time you try it you,need a little bit of time,between each time you try it,what's happening okay when you try the,sweet potato even though your brain's,like,please stop eating this you're telling,your brain,two things you're saying one,this is food also,this is food that's good okay,you're telling your brain that you're,telling your brain that eventually,your brain's like okay okay you've,convinced me,sweet potatoes it's food and it's good,food,and we like sweet potatoes now so all,right so that,is a tip for liking food that you,do not like okay let's look at our,ingredients for our smashed,sweet potatoes first,and foremost most importantly is you,need,a sweet potato,which has been rinsed thoroughly,okay we've got some olive oil,some flavor some seasoning we got salt,we got some brown sugar brown sugar this,is the package,and some pepper that's it simple recipe,today,our tools that we'll be using we need,our,microwave safe reusable,dish or if you have a plate something,you can throw in the microwave,we need that our cutting board,chef's knife and a fork,let's get started step one,let's take our sweet potato and we've,got our fork,now you know just be careful here a fork,is,it's not very sharp but you know we just,want to be careful,so we are just going to poke some holes,in our sweet potato,we are going to cook it today,we are going to cook it in the microwave,does anyone know why we're poking holes,in our sweet potato,have you done this before okay,the reason that we've poked holes in our,sweet potato,is because well any potato,or a sweet potato it has some,moisture in it and when it heats up,it turns into steam and it wants to,escape,our sweet potato which is fine,but if we don't poke holes it's gonna,explode a little bit and we don't want,that to happen,okay so again we're just poking it,let's say three times on each side,all right next step,i'm going to put it in my microwave safe,bowl,i'm going to put a little bit just a,little bit of olive oil,all right rub the oil on the sweet,potato here,okay and we're gonna add a little bit of,salt,and pepper,okay all right if you are making,more than one sweet potato i'm just,making one right now,but you can microwave more than one,potato at a time,for each potato you want to cook it for,five minutes,so i'm just going to cook this potato,for five minutes,but if i had two sweet potatoes,i would put it in the microwave for,10 minutes okay so we have the oil we,have our seasonings,i'm gonna go throw this in the microwave,i'll be right back,okay all right wow we have a cooked,potato here,i'm gonna put it on the cutting board,and that's nice our skin did not explode,so that was really good that we poked,holes in the potato,all right we are going to use our chef's,knife,all right we've got our chef's knife let,me show you how to hold,a chef's knife if you don't know you,with the knife you are,with the hand you are using to cut,you want to pinch the blade up here it's,not sharp up here,pinch the blade and wrap your fingers,around you want to have as much control,over the knife,as possible with the hand you are not,using,to cut you're going to use this

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Stuffed Zucchini Flowers - Baked & Air Fryer Recipes (Vegan & GF Options)

Stuffed Zucchini Flowers - Baked & Air Fryer Recipes (Vegan & GF Options)

halo tes tes tes tes Halo sobat sukses,merengkuh tubuh,Teguh extends to,Chung huhuhu hahaha huhuhu hahaha huhuhu,Hai terhenti pusat tetap rezeki maaf

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