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4 Easy DIY Slimes WITHOUT GLUE! How To Make The BEST SLIME WITH NO GLUE!hey everyone it's jillian an

Gillian Bower

Updated on Jan 19,2023


hey everyone it's jillian and for,today's video i thought it would be so,much fun to show you guys some more,super easy recipes to make slime without,glue so in my last video i showed you,guys how you can make a really awesome,fluffy slime without glue and you guys,seem to really like that and found it,super helpful so today i'm going to be,showing you a four more no glue slime,recipes if you guys enjoy watching this,video and you love slime just as much as,i do it'd be awesome if you let me know,by giving this video a big thumbs up and,let's see if we can get this video to 18,352,thumbs up that would be so awesome and i,totally think you guys can do it now,this is my first video that you're,seeing then hello my name is jillian and,i am so so happy that you found my,channel and if you would like to see,more videos from me in the future and,you haven't already subscribed then just,go ahead and click that subscribe button,and then whenever i upload a new video,you'll be able to see it now i am super,excited because i have partnered up with,the app clue for today's video and clue,is basically an app that helps you track,your period and figure out everything,that is going on with your body and,seriously i wish this app had existed,when i first started my period because,it would have been so helpful i remember,sitting there like counting the days on,the calendar trying to figure out when,my next period was due and i would,always get it wrong and i'd always mess,it up so i'm so happy that this app,exists and i just have to share it with,you guys so i love that you can keep so,much information in this app about what,is going on with your body and it is so,easy to keep track of everything so just,click the today button and then you can,see a bunch of different information,that you can add about how you're,feeling and what's going on with you,today and then this app will basically,just take on that data and assess it and,it'll tell you how you're going to be,feeling on certain days and it just lets,you know what's going on with your body,so my favorite part about this app and i,was so happy to see that it had this,feature and i know that so many of you,guys are going to find this helpful so,if you click on cycle signs it'll take,you to a list where you can see a bunch,of different feelings and emotions and,just everything to do with your period,and then if you click on something for,example i've clicked on emotions it'll,tell you why it's important to track,emotions it'll tell you what's healthy,what's normal it'll tell you the,different types of emotions so you'll,basically just get to learn a lot about,what your body is doing why it's doing,that and i just love that all the,information is in one spot so if you,feel like you need this app in your life,and seriously i am so happy that it,exists and i just really wanted to share,it with you guys because i know that a,lot of you will find this super helpful,you can download it for free on ios or,android and i will leave a link to,download it in the description box so,make sure you check that out so i think,it's time we jump into the video and,let's start making some really awesome,slime without glue,starting off with this super simple no,glue slime and technically this only,uses two ingredients if you don't use a,food coloring so the first thing you're,going to need is some cornstarch so just,add this to a bowl and then you're also,going to need some hair conditioner and,just add this to the bowl as well now i,started off adding about equal parts and,then mixing it together and it takes a,while to mix in but just be patient with,it and you'll see it start to combine,and if your mixture is too wet then add,more cornstarch and if your mixture is,too dry then add more conditioner but,just keep mixing it together until you,get this awesome really soft dough-like,texture,if you don't want to use a spatula you,can also use your hands to mix it,together and this works as well and then,once it's all mixed together you should,have this super soft and stretchy dough,and this is such an awesome texture it,feels so awesome and i'm just so,obsessed with it,then if you want to make it a little bit,more fun you can add some food dye to,give it an awesome color and here i'm,adding blue food dye and then i just put,on some gloves to mix in the food dye,because i didn't want to stain my hands,blue so then just mix the food dye into,the cornstarch and conditioner mixture,and see it start to change color and,this is so much fun i love love love,this no glue slime and i know it's not,like the traditional slime texture but i,know a lot of people have cornstarch and,conditioner at home so if you have those,ingredients you can just mix them,together and make this super awesome,super easy no glue slime,so now moving on to another two,ingredient slime if you don't count the,food dye and we are going to be making,blue tack slime so the first thing,you're going to need is some hand soap,so just

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I sons fun today I'm going to be testing,ten no loose lines some of which I've,never even tried before and oh yeah some,of these are even one ingredient let's,get started for this first line the,recipe says to add some toothpaste and I,chose crest because that is what's,worked for me in the past and then,you're supposed to add paint and I've,chose this lovely shade of blue because,look at me I am all blue right now I'm,loving the color blue but you can pick,whatever you want and once it's done,you're supposed to mix it up so I mix it,up at first it looks like it might come,together but I soon realized it's not so,I tried Stern a little bit faster maybe,that would work and it did not work guys,so this is a really really sticky mess,it's not even slime it's so so sticky so,I would call this one a fail okay so I'm,not ready to give up on that slime I'm,gonna try again so this time I decided,to try it with puffy paint instead of,there Felix paint maybe that I had,something to do with it maybe that makes,a difference so I add in my toothpaste,and then I put in some puffy paint and I,serve just like I did before and it,looks again like it might come together,but I think it even worked worse I don't,think this is any better so yeah this is,a definite fail guys next I'm making,slime with a kneaded eraser,now those of these have works I tried,them you can use either one but I just,like the general spring because it's a,lot softer the struggle is real trying,to get its package open I mean I tried,everything and I couldn't find any,scissors so I just grabbed and I let it,open but be careful if you're messing,with knives of course,I finally got it open and stretchin did,I mention that this is a one ingredient,slime look how stretchy this stuff is,it's amazing and you can even make an,out of it it's kind of like clients,pretty cool now this kneading eraser is,actually pretty soft anyway but I just,stretched it to make it even more soft,and malleable and then I'm going to add,some oh we have to add some Holly,glitter to this to make it really really,pretty,I chose hollow glitter but if you don't,have any that is okay but you do want to,use the fine glitter of your choice and,maybe this medium I guess it is medium,no the medium not the large and chunky,because it would just fall out then so,after you can done add in your glitter,you are going to fold it in I love this,eraser slide because it's it's fancy,because you have all the hollows litter,and it's yeah it's so easy and when you,get done playing with it you can mold it,into whatever shape you want stick it in,your book bag and use it at soul up next,is X lime I'm going to actually make two,recipes right now one is egg white which,the idea was given to me by Lindsay,metsubushi on Instagram and the other is,just using the egg yolk so in her recipe,she says you're to add the egg white,then you add in some dish soap,she said green I have paint so that's,what I'm going to add through both of,these so I'm gonna start with my egg,yolk and I'm gonna mix it up and see if,it can go ahead and start forming,and it doesn't seem like it's coming,together but these are gonna go in the,refrigerator for about 30 minutes yeah,it's still not forming guys and you know,always when you're working with eggs be,sure to wash your hands when you get,done with them yeah it's just a yogi,mess really this one I don't know about,this we'll have to see what it does,after it's been in a refrigerator all,right let's try it Lindsay's recipe that,she gave me so I'm just I'm just mixing,it guys and it starts forming and I,don't know if you can see how it's,starting to pull on the sides of the,bowl this is actually working already,and it's not even in the freezer or the,refrigerator I'm sorry this Wow look at,that it's got the springs it's just like,slime this this is slime and I'm also,gonna go ahead and go put it in the,freezer for about 30 minutes and we'll,see what it turns into there I haven't,made it to the freezer yeah but I wanted,to show you again how stretchy this,already is like my mind is blown this is,an amazing recipe Thank You Lindsay so,much for sharing on our Instagram I,really do appreciate it this is such a,cool slime in it it's geneses' slime and,it's not even having finished the recipe,yet it's amazing after about 30 minutes,in the refrigerator here is the egg yolk,slime it's very I don't know it's very,gross it's got little chunks in it,I know it's a fail this is not slime at,all here's the egg white slime after,about 30 minutes in the refrigerator it,looks just like clear slime with some,bubbles you can poke it you can stretch,it I love it,make sure you wash your hands after,playing with this one and it after a,while playing with it you do need to,stick it back in the refrigerator,because it did get a little sticky the,next recipe we are going to do is no,glue utter slime this is absolutely one,of the easiest no glue butter slime,recipes out there so you need some play,you can use

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WATER SLIME!💧Testing NO GLUE no borax, slime recipes!

WATER SLIME!💧Testing NO GLUE no borax, slime recipes!

hey guys it's me jsh DIY welcome back to,my channel finally in today's video we,are going to be testing out water slime,recipes if you didn't know what water,slime is it's a super popular way of,making slime with household ingredients,at home on YouTube and there's lots of,different recipes so we're going to be,testing out a couple different recipes,to see which ones we can make work into,actual slimes,if you would like me to send you a,bottle of water slime as well as an,iPhone all you have to do is like this,video watch the whole thing without,skipping and comment down below the more,you comment the better chance you get to,win I'm gonna be sending out packages,all the time so follow the rules good,luck to everyone entering,the first recipe I'm going to be showing,you guys is a classic water slime recipe,and the two ingredients you need to make,this slime are just shampoo and water,and that is all you need to make water,slime,also for those that were wondering it,doesn't matter what brand of shampoo you,are using now that we have the shampoo,it is time to have the fun part which is,coloring the Slime and making your slime,however you want it to look if you have,a clear shampoo you can do a lot of,different colors and stuff using markers,or food coloring but if you don't have a,clear shampoo you can do a lot of,different things also,foreign,my slime to be pink and blue and I think,it looks really cool now is when you,will be needing water so you just want,to put a thin layer of water on top of,the shampoo without mixing it and now,we're going to put this in the,refrigerator,in the fridge put it in and our slime,will be done when we take it out I'm,going to show you guys how water slime,looks,oh,foreign,is really amazing because it feels just,like slime but it's made out of,ingredients you already have at home and,it's really really fun to play with and,it looks really cool,this water slime is currently one of my,favorite shampoo water slimes I really,love water slime and I've been playing,with this one for about a week now and,I'm still enjoying it a lot,I know you guys are not going to want to,miss the next recipe because we are,about to test out the hand sanitizer,water sign,because I feel like we are all using,hand sanitizer so much especially,recently I thought I would test out an,interesting hand sanitizer water slime,recipe that you guys commented on my,last video,but the comments with this recipe that,you guys left said that if you take a,fork and you put it under the faucet and,get it wet and you mix the hand,sanitizer for five to ten minutes really,fast it's supposed to make like a little,bubbles or something and you guys said,you saw this on troom troom so we will,see if this works if you didn't know,this already hand sanitizer cannot,freeze because there's alcohol in it the,water Fork hack is supposed to allow it,to make slime,now all we have left to do before we can,see if this worked or not is put this,into the freezer,it's been about 15 minutes since I put,this in the freezer so we are gonna see,if it worked,as you guys can see this did not work,out which is sad because I feel like it,would be cool to be able to make slime,out of hand sanitizer let me know if you,guys know any other recipes that like,this one that I can test in next week to,see if we can get those to work next,water slime recipe we are going to be,testing out is the marshmallow one so,I'm so excited for this I got these,Lucky Charms marshmallows that are all,rainbow colors and I think they look,really cool so I'm gonna just be,rearranging them first,foreign,I'm super excited to see if this works,because it seems like a really fun,experiment because we are going to be,putting this in the oven and it actually,kind of seems like this would make sense,that it would make slime so we will see,we had to put the marshmallows in at 350,degrees for 15 minutes and here's how,the marshmallows look they actually,puffed up a lot and they just melted,together,um but we're supposed to let them sit,for five to ten minutes until they've,cooled down before we mix them around to,see if they feel like slime,foreign,let's check the blue one first so let's,see if this one feels like slime,okay so this one feels very sticky but,when I mix it together it's starting to,feel a little bit more like slime,it definitely turns into slime when you,mix it more and more I'm noticing that,100 all of these could turn into slime,if I just mix them for long enough,overall I would say this recipe was a,fail for me what was supposed to happen,is it was supposed to turn into a slime,that was kind of stretchy and not super,sticky the more I mixed it but for me,these were all pretty sticky but looking,back I think you could get this recipe,to work but for me this was a fail I get,so many requests to make slime out of,method hand soap so for this next recipe,you are going to be needing an empty,water bottle method hand soap and also a,shampoo or any sort of hand soap,w

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Best DIY Slime Recipes WITHOUT GLUE OR BORAX! How To Make Glue & Borax Free Slime

Best DIY Slime Recipes WITHOUT GLUE OR BORAX! How To Make Glue & Borax Free Slime

what's up guys welcome back today we'll,make you sign without glue without,judging without more rocks well all that,dress I usually make slime with today's,a really laid-back video I'm literally,like in a Christmas sweater I'm really,festive today and I'm so excited for the,holidays so I've noticed a lot of these,recipes where they don't have glue or,detergent or borax or that stuff like,this shampoo ones with Saul those are,examples and I feel like they never work,out me like ever,most of these recipes if not all of them,include toothpaste I really I got a,toothpaste recipe I don't know what they,actually come out really good also to,the priest it's literally perfect for,this video because I'm gonna be like,chillin just talking to you guys since,I'm making slime and I want to talk to,you guys a little bit about like what's,going on in stuff I'm actually in the,process right now I'm getting my teeth,done I don't really talk about it ever,because I don't really sit down and like,talk about my life I have a blog channel,but I need to get on it I currently have,Invisalign and I'm almost done with them,and then I'm gonna get veneers I've been,going to the dentist a lot lately and,I've been getting some footage so much,so you guys Clips here and there in this,video but I've gotten more footage so,I'll show you some of that also gonna be,at like in a week I'm so freaking,excited but for those having a kid and,I'm quitting christmas is coming up,Thanksgiving is next week life is,amazing right now also do not forget,that my sidekick this is VI target,online at in store I'll also link it,down below also my crafts bugs recently,came out also link that down below and,I'm going back on tour for two more days,this is a lot of information I feel like,there's just this is why I wanted to do,a talk to the video making slime,together I just feel like there's been a,lot going on I just want to talk to you,guys you know what I mean next month I'm,going back on tour for two more days my,tour ended but I'm going on two more,dates I'm coming to Houston and Dallas,Texas if you are in Houston or Dallas,Texas area tell me you guys these shells,are gonna be extra special all of my,proceeds will be donated I wouldn't make,it anything if you guys are coming,through comment down below I'm so,excited to meet you guys and I'm just,talking so much you know what we'll talk,about all this what will make you slime,let's go ahead and get straight on to,video all right so the first time we're,gonna be making it is a fluffy slide I'm,taking some Crest toothpaste so I'm,taking on water bottle and what I'm,gonna do is I'm gonna take my toothpaste,and I'm gonna put it in my water bottle,I'm gonna put about eyes just like that,much and that's the water in here and,we're not gonna need a lot and this I'm,gonna shake it up and we're gonna make a,lot of fun with it basically now it's,nice and foamy we're gonna put this,aside and I'm gonna take some peel face,mask and a little bit of water all right,so now I'm gonna have a 2-page that's,gonna make it fluffy slime now the last,thing I'm going to do is I'm just gonna,add contact lens solution we're not,adding baking soda because the,toothpaste I use it actually has baking,soda in it ready so,good covering I'm gonna go with is,really bright blue like a turquoise oh,my gosh so pretty it smells like the,combination of a face mask and the,toothpaste is so refreshing it gets me,so excited just smelling like to feel,I'm like so excited about my teeth er,all that happening doing lately it's,just googling everything about teeth I'm,just I'm so excited and I'll show you,guys right now after this I mean going,to the dentist and everything little,sneak peek of everything oh my gosh this,is so good oh my goodness,I can't stop I don't know why it's just,giving you so many like dentist vibes so,I go on the cheek dentist in Los Angeles,I'll just talk to you guys like Bowie,when I sight literally can't let go I,went to the dentist recently and my,doctor told me that it's almost time to,get my Invisalign off and I'm just so,excited because then I start my veneer,process if you're wondering like what's,wrong with my teeth I actually had,braces and I stopped wearing my,retainers for like two years and my,teeth moved like almost completely back,to what they were only reason I got,Invisalign was because I actually want,veneers they shave down a little bit of,your enamel and they put a porcelain,shelfs tooth on top it's so hard it's,when you guys if you guys want a full,video on when that happens then let me,know I have really short like small,teeth and even after braces that was,never like really pleased with it and,I've always been obsessed with like,really big teeth and big smiles so it's,just like a personal decision where I,want veneers my fight was like all,messed up where it wasn't even possible,to get veneers and last I got Invisalign,so I got in his line and like they're,almost off and then I'm gonna start that,proce

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what's up slime squad today I'm showing,you the ultimate no glue and one,ingredient slime most of these you're,gonna have the ingredients around your,house so check them out we're gonna make,fluffy jiggly shampoo and edible slime,let's get started,we're gonna start off with the og of one,ingredient slime toothpaste slime so I,added some color that's optional of,course and then I'm gonna put in my,microwave for a few seconds at a time,until you get a slime light consistency,just like this this time is so easy and,so fun to play with pour this lime I,started out with blue TAC this is the,stuff you used to hang posters on the,wall I'm just stretching it to make it a,little softer next I added some hand,lotion and began to knead and stretch it,into blends it still felt a little stiff,so I added some more lotion I know this,looks messy but it will come together I,decided to add some more glitter because,yeah why wouldn't I glare always makes,it better,this almost feels like a cloud or snow,sign this next line happens to be a one,ingredient slime all you need is coconut,water shampoo and you stick it in your,bowl I guess the OGX brand and after 20,minutes this is what you have a clear,one ingredient slime how awesome is this,for this slime you're going to need some,gum any gum of your choice I chose this,one because it was brand new I want to,try it out I want to actually chew on it,like for this one you're just going to,take whatever gum you choose,and stick it in a bowl and on top of,that you're going to add in your warm,water did I mention this is another one,ingredient slime next you're going to,just gently start pulling your gum,just letting a storm and you see water,and your penitent like getting the,sugars out and it becomes more stretchy,and of course yes you could just chew it,but it does make a slime it stretches,it's got all the slime qualities so it's,a pretty easy slime if you have nothing,else but gum next you're gonna need some,body wash so adding my body wash I'm,gonna color mine purple you can color,whatever you want or you can just leave,it its normal color and I'm just gonna,mix that up had a little too much,pigment so this would be very purpley,you like purple I do,are you see it's not sticking to me so,it's perfect and ready now it's time to,add some cornstarch whoa whoa whoa I,don't weigh too much corn starch okay,all right so you're added some,cornstarch and you're basically we're,gonna make like a butter slim with this,and my got a little few dry so added in,some more body wash once it gets this,consistency it's perfect no glue butter,slime next we have another one,ingredient slime and we're gonna start,out with water and oh my gosh guys look,I just got these in the mail and putting,a nice ziploc look at all these colors,that we're gonna be using but this time,I think I'm gonna stick with the paint,because I'm diggin pink right now okay,so I'm going to,attempt to open this this pigment you,see is already trying to get me I have,the worst luck with these little things,so so you need some water and then you,want to add in your pigments or you can,do food coloring if you'd rather if I,hadn't added this pigment it would be,edible,are you wondering what kind of slum,we're making right now okay so we're,making tapioca pudding no just kidding,we're making tapioca slime isn't it cool,how this pigment didn't mix with water,and there's like a skin that's pretty,cool so you've added your water you've,added your coloring and now let's add in,some tacky tacky let's add in some,tapioca flour so I started off with,about two teaspoons I want to say,tablespoons guys I still want to two,teaspoons of tapioca flour and then I,just started stirring up and it's just,like water and nothing's happening yet,because the next step is you got to put,into microwave for about 10 seconds be,careful with this lime is going to be,hot all right,it's been 10 seconds and I'm stirring it,up still nothing's happening guys you're,gonna have to do this I think I did it,maybe four times and I just kept adding,more tapioca to it it actually took,maybe a half a cup cool they don't do,that over one so become a large just,water disgusting this ball and you don't,want that so a little at a time and I,think I ended up doing it about two,minutes total and look at her she's,beautiful oh my gosh guys,this is see of this line is up mazing oh,my gosh and look at the color I love the,pink it kind of reminds me of a clear,slime like a sit clear slime I mean it,it's really cool I can't wait for it to,cool down so I'm gonna play with it this,tapioca slime is so cool and it's kind,of one ingredient slime because water,just water really can't I don't think,that but it's super stretchy,it's a little bit sticky overall this is,an awesome slime for a next nug Lee,slime I'm going to be using some,peel-off lip gloss have you ever heard,of this stuff this stuff is crazy cool,so I'm gonna put some that in my bowl -,the cap and I'm gonna add in some,cont

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Toilet Paper Slime!? 🧻 Easy 2 Ingredient No Glue Paper Slime Recipe!!

Toilet Paper Slime!? 🧻 Easy 2 Ingredient No Glue Paper Slime Recipe!!

hey guys welcome back to Kawaii toy,collector and in today's video I'm going,to show you guys how to make two,ingredient no glue paper slime so yeah,also guys the hashtag notification squad,for my last video is,also please leave a like And subscribe,to quiet collector in the comments down,below give us some new ideas let's give,it right to the video,okay guys so in today's video I wish you,guys how to make two ingredient no glue,toilet paper slime so the ingredients,you guys need to make the Slime recipe,today is any type of shampoo or soap I'm,using this one,you guys will of course need any type of,toilet paper you guys also need a,boilerplate to make your slime in and,last but at least you guys will need a,mixing tool also guys please don't mind,my voice in today's video I'm just,getting over being sick I've been sick,two weeks in a row so I'm trying to feel,better but I decided to film a YouTube,video for you guys so the first thing,I'm gonna do for this slime recipe is,I'm gonna add my soap into my bowl or,plate and I love this shampoo I wish I,got it in a bigger bottle to make more,no glue slime but this one will do,and that looks like just enough and I'm,going to mix it for about a minute to,two minutes just to get super bubbly so,I'm gonna do that now,that looks like just enough mixing it,got super super bubbly as you can see,and this is what thickens up the soap to,make actual logo slime and now I'm going,to get my toilet paper out and I'm going,to get ripping it up just like this I,would suggest using a thinner toilet,paper like this one I have but any will,do,and now for this recipe all I'm going to,do is I'm going to shred the toilet,paper just like this,and I'm gonna add it into the soap and,this is going to create almost like a,butter no glue slime recipe kind of like,a fluffy nogusar recipe too,and I'm just going to keep adding the,toilet paper now,and now I'm just going to mix this up,and that's enough mixing now I have this,really nice milky color and the toilet,paper is Thoroughly mixed and there's a,little bit of clumps in that but that's,okay now what I'm going to do is I'm,going to put this into the refrigerator,for about two to three hours every 30,minutes I'm gonna mix it up make sure,it's working if it needs more shampoo,I'll add more shampoo it looks like it,needs more toilet paper add more toilet,paper so I'll see you guys in about a,second,okay guys so it is a few hours later,it's about two o'clock and here is the,no glue slime recipe I actually added,some white food coloring into here,and here it is it looks super soapy,still but look at all the toilet paper I,got mixed in really nicely,sticky oh yeah it's quite sticky as you,can tell,look how cool this made for a nogu slime,recipe,it smells so good it smells like the,shampoo,but it's really sticky sorry if you hear,any noises in the background my family's,really loud,but this notebook service is really,really awesome I'm trying to mix all the,toilet paper in here and I'm so happy I,added a little bit of white food,coloring into this just to make it more,of like a buttery slime because whenever,I think a fluffy slime I think a white,fluffy slime because back in 2017 that's,all I really made was white fluffy slime,because I didn't have food coloring or,anything,but here is a no-go slime recipe and,this is a 10 out of 10 for me I'm so,happy this turned out great it's,probably one of the best no glue toilet,paper semi-face recipes I've made in a,while,but yeah I really can't get over the,texture on this it's so great and so,fluffy and buttery this will melt after,a few hours that happens with most no,glue slime recipes because it's made,from soap,let's just be turned out amazing you can,also make this recipe with lotion I,think I'm gonna do another video on how,to make no good paper slime with lotion,and toilet paper so if you guys want to,see that please put it in the comments,down below,but it starts to be super super easy to,make I'm so happy if you guys like this,recipe remember to please comment down,below if it worked for you if it didn't,I will try to get back to you and show,you guys some helpful ways on how to,make this noko side recipe work but yeah,thank you guys so much for watching this,video today remember to please leave a,like And subscribe to Kawaii collector,in the comments down below give us some,new ideas bye guys love you so much and,peace remember thumbs up for no good,slime recipes I'm gonna check out all my,social medias they will be linked down,below love you guys so much and peace,thumbs up for no good slime recipes bye,thank you

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hey guys it's JH DIY and welcome back to,the happy side of YouTube I am super,excited because today I'll be showing,you guys 10 different ways to make slime,without blue or borax as you probably,know already if you come to my channel,before in every video I post I give,notification squad shoutouts to,everybody who turns on the notification,bell after they've subscribed so today's,notifications go and shout outs go to,fennec fox washes eeeh Sadie xoxo and,Daniela simple if you would like to get,a shout out in my next video all you've,to do is be subscribed and have the,notification bell hit also I will be,sending out a bunch of free slime,package like this video watch this video,to the very end without skipping and,comment down below and also are,subscribed to my channel the side,packages have so many cool different,signs in them I also put some air pod,slimes I made in today's videos so I,can't wait to send all those slam,packages out to everybody that followed,those steps,I'm recipe I'm gonna be putting to the,ultimate test is ombre dish soap clear,slimes I will be testing two different,recipes to make this but the first one,is just the normal Dawn dish soap clear,slime I got this crystal clear Dawn dish,soap from Target I thought it was super,cool because you usually don't see clear,Dawn dish soap but I will be making two,colors for the first one because it's,ombre I'll be doing blue and pink so,here is my cup that I will be having the,pink in I'll have the blue as the main,color so that's why I have more blue,than pink but basically once you have,your Dawn dish soap it is time to,activate it so for this you're going to,be needing some salt I just have my,normal stuff that I always use and I'm,just going to be adding a decent amount,into each of them the activation process,down for making soap slimes can be,difficult so what you want to do is just,add a little bit of salt at a time until,you start seeing it congeal and turn,into slime I'm gonna be dyeing both of,these with some normal food crying I'm,just making this one blue as I said,earlier and that I'm gonna make the,other one a light pink color and then,we're gonna mix them together that's why,we haven't made two different containers,so that we can put them all in one and,then we can let it sit and hopefully it,will turn into an ombre slime so here is,the one I'm putting the red in I'm just,going to use this gel food cleaning for,this it is sometimes hard to get their,perfect clean color but I think gel food,coloring works the best have two,different color slimes and you mix them,together the colors will definitely,change and the colors can kind of change,also when we're letting them sit for a,while so make sure that you have,a little bit darker than you normally,would want it because they will change,later but then once you have your two,slimes you just want to add it into your,container but leave a little bit of,space at the top because the last step,is adding in more of the clear dish soap,to the top so goes to the bottom because,it has less weight than the other two,I don't really explain it but I watched,in the video so I'm gonna do my best to,describe it I'm just going to let this,sit for a while because the salt will,dry it out the next one I'm gonna be,making a shampoo dish soap slime I have,this blue just soap and I also have this,pink one so we're going to try to make,this one so you're going to be needing a,three-to-one ratio of shampoo to dish,soap one big dish soap and the three,being the shampoo I'm just adding in my,dish soap into the container this part,looks super cool I thought when Italy,just soap was mixing into the shampoo,because it made this little bubble,inside of the shampoo except for I knew,it wasn't going to last because I had to,mix it all together so now I'm just,mixing it together as you guys can see,it did definitely have a chemical,reaction because it started to congeal,instantly after I started mixing it you,guys can see and it also got a little,less clear which I was a little worried,about but now I'm just going to add a,little food coloring because I wasn't,super happy with the color so I just,added a food coloring to the slime some,sit for two or three weeks,to let all this salt dry out the dish,soap and shampoo and also clear up you,don't have to let them sit for a whole,two weeks but I would definitely,recommend it you can see they're super,clear although the ombre wasn't the best,because it definitely kind of blended,together,but they look super cool so I will show,you guys all these satisfying slime,clips here,I'm turned out super clicky and also,super thick I'm also so happy with how,crystal clear the slimes turned out I,was actually very surprised because it,was at first kind of opaque but they,turned out super crystal clear so I'm,super happy about that,I'm gonna be testing its clear nail,polish no clue slice you're going to be,needing some nail polish of your choice,I'm using clear nail polish so we can,ma

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How To Make Quick And Easy No Glue Dish Soap Slime!!

How To Make Quick And Easy No Glue Dish Soap Slime!!

hey guys welcome back to Kauai two,o'clock tear in today's video i meanshe,is how to make no glue - soap slime,so yeah also guys the hashtag,notification squad for my last video is,I'll remember plz leave a like and,subscribe to quiet I collect it and the,comments down below give us some of your,ideas let's get right into the video ok,guys so in today's video I'm making arts,a quick recipe how to make no glue dish,soap slime so I haven't done a dish soap,slime video in a really long time I'm,gonna say a couple months now and I've,actually been updating this XP a lot,it's actually super easy to make now so,that in Greece you guys you can make,this time with me today is dish soap and,I'm just using dawn because dawn works,the best for me guys also need a boiler,plate to make your slime in last one,easy you guys we need a mixing tool so,I'm first going at my face,also the filming location is really,different right now cuz I'm filming it,in my room actually on my desk so that's,why it looks really different and I'm,gonna get adding in the dish soap and,I'm just gonna add about that much and,now what I'm gonna do is I'm actually,I'm mixing it together and you're just,gonna want to mix it a lot till it,starts bubbling up with just like this,right now so I'm actually gonna mix for,a while but you're gonna want to mix it,up a lot and I'm gonna do that now,ok so that is enough mixing just started,hurting from actually mix it so much now,you just he's actually a lighter blue,color it's kind of foggy and I can,actually tell us already getting sick so,what I'm gonna do now is I'm actually,gonna put this into the freezer for,about one hour to two hours in every 30,minutes I'm gonna take it out and mix it,up a lot this is a very very important,step because this is basically to show,that it's like getting thicker it is,actually forming into slime so I'll see,you guys in about a second ok so I made,this it up a little bit more cleaner and,I actually just took it out of the,refrigerator freezer and here is now and,it turned out really awesome it's super,thick I actually was playing with it for,a little bit I'll tell you guys that,because um it was really sticky and,stuff and it wasn't really like slime,yet so I had to like mold it and stuff,cuz it was like I don't explain it like,it was just goo but then I just like,molded it and stuff you know it's better,and you can see it turned out really,awesome and this is how you make dish,soap slime um I feel like if I did add,salt it would be kind of a little bit,runny and it wouldn't really be like a,slime but this one turned out awesome as,you can see you know also supposed to,just like the dish soap and I love the,smell of dish soap for some reason this,recipe turned out amazing and I really,hope you guys try this out this video is,really quick because I'm trying to,upload videos more often on my channel,I'm trying to do it like two times so we,could even three times a week for you,guys because you guys have been saying,you've been loving my recent videos so,please put in the comments um some new,ideas for me so I can start making more,videos for you guys um this was actually,a video idea for my copy of you guys I,was gonna give shout outs but a bunch of,you guys was like make this soup slime,and see how it turned out it's not,really um sticky at all cuz I was,playing with it as I said before but it,turned out amazing and this recipe is a,huge women on my part and all the,ingredients needed was dish soap and,just mix it around somewhere please,leave a like,subscribe to quite twig picture in the,comments down below give us some beer,ideas bye guys love you in peace and,thumbs up for no gluten recipes bye

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