how to dry brine a turkey recipe

How to Dry Brine a Turkey | Holiday Tips and Recipe Ideas | Whole Foods MarketI am a dry Ranga mysel


Updated on Jan 18,2023

How to Dry Brine a Turkey | Holiday Tips and Recipe Ideas | Whole Foods Market

I am a dry Ranga myself I really love,how it's a little bit easier to handle,also you end up with extra crispy skin,which is my favorite,for a 14-pound Turkey you want to about,six tablespoons of coarse sea salt,three tablespoons brown sugar you can,use light or dark here whatever you have,on hand and then you have your freestyle,ingredients I have some herbs de,Provence some dried rosemary thyme and a,little bit of lavender blue two,tablespoons of this then some black,pepper this you can just sort of eyeball,you want about a teaspoon or so,I love citrus this time of year so I'm,going to use two lemons here and just,zip the zest off so this all needs to,get mixed up first I'm going to get my,turkey in its place we're going to mix,this all together,then you'll start rubbing the turkey,down I tend to just sort of like put a,little bit in a couple of spots you also,want to go inside the turkey,make sure to get in every little nook,and cranny particularly on a dry brine,like this the sugar helps with browning,too so the skin will not only get crispy,because of the technique but it'll be,nice and brown the easiest thing to do,now is just to pop the turkey right into,the roasting pan you can go in the,roasting pan it can also go on a sheet,tray lined with a wire rack the,important part is for there to be air,circulation around the turkey so that,the skin starts to dry out and that's,what will give you the crispy skin so,the turkey will go in the refrigerator,for about 24 hours this allows the the,brine to work into the meat and then,also for the skin to dry out a little,bit,after about 24 hours the turkey is ready,to roast unlike a wet brine you don't,want to rinse a turkey that's been dry,brined because it will just end up,making the skin wet again you do however,want to go ahead and brush off any,excess brine,just to make sure that it won't burn,while it's roasting also before you,broast go ahead and dump out any liquid,that's accumulated in the bottom of the,roasting pan just to make sure that,doesn't burn too because we did add,sugar to the dry brine so now it's ready,to trust and roast your dry writing,lesson is complete

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How to Dry Brine your Turkey in 4 Easy Steps

How to Dry Brine your Turkey in 4 Easy Steps

welcome on youtube it's marcus anthony,and today i'm going to show you how to,dry brine a turkey in four,easy steps holiday time a lot of turkeys,to be eaten,let's make it nice and easy but super,delicious everybody have a happy holiday,and let's go cook some turkey let's do,it,so coming into thanksgiving seasoning,your turkey,should be super easy to get maximum,flavor,beautiful color beautiful texture and of,course,the juiciest bird that you'll ever get,how do you accomplish that,using marcus anthony table dry run,and getting flavor with marcus anthony,tables,so let me show you how to do it,so this is a four-step process super,easy,first things first you get your bird,home if it's frozen,throw it out try to source a quality,bird secondly,put it on a roasting tray over,a wire rack if you have one available if,not no worries,third get rid of this thing,next dry run,heavy on your dry grind we're going to,get into every,crack and crevice with all of the flavor,that matte dry run has in it,now this might seem like excessive,amount of salt but it is not,super important into the cavity of the,bird,we want to season every square inch,to make sure we get flavor inside and,out,flip your bird over the reason why,we dry brown and not wet grinders,because wet grime,adds liquid to already moist bird which,will create steam when you put it into a,hot oven,to eliminate that we use dry ground,gives that beautiful texture,crispy skin and that color that we're,looking for,without the mess of a wet brine,every square inch now let's roast,the giblets or giblets,that come with the bird from that we can,make our gravy,your turkey is now dry brine,and it's as easy as that the next step,into your fridge,for a minimum of 24 hours uncovered,this is going to allow the air from the,fridge,to come in contact with the turkey to,let the dry run,do its magic,24 to 48 hours later your bird is,out of the fridge now bring it on to,your board,you could see where the dry brine has,worked its magic pulling out the excess,moisture out of the skin,but leaving the moisture underneath in,the flesh while seasoning the turkey the,whole entire time,the next step we want to get some butter,between the skin,and the flesh of the birds how do we do,that let me show you,take a spoon spoon silicone spatula,whatever your choice and separate that,natural,crease between the skin,and the flesh and stick your spoon,into it creating a space,in between the skin and the flesh this,is where we're gonna stuff our butter,okay now we're gonna flavor our butter,the only season we need for this,this is unsalted butter add drier on,and,what we're doing now essentially is,making a compound butter,all the flavors between the two,seasonings and between them both you,have about,20 individual flavors going into your,bird,along with this delicious creamy,grass-fed butter,so you're gonna want to roll with your,sleeves,now the holes we made go right,under the flesh of your bird,with your butter and smooth it out,all the way down remember,the more you rub the more love,get in there,you're burning you can see how far that,butter gets,that's gonna add flavor,face we want,some for the wings hands are the best,tool,that you have in the kitchen so,clean hands don't be afraid to get in,there,give it a butter a butter lotion,save the rest of this compound butter,for later on so you have hands full of,butter,best way to get them off hot water warm,water as hot as you can,don't melt the butter right off just to,make sure,that we have a nice tight bird going,into the oven,let's take your legs,trust them together it's a knot nothing,crazy,this is a simple knot to keep your legs,together nail out of this,one there one there,pull them in tight,another knot putting the knot in it and,getting things closer together,makes it cook a lot more uniform the,tips are off,shove your wings under your bird,the giblets we keep on the side we're,going to roast the gravy,now into a hot oven for the first,half hour 450 to 500 degrees,then we're going to drop the temperature,after half that one with 350,and we're gonna roast this bird 12 to 15,minutes per pound,regardless of the bird that you have the,beautiful thing about,this process is we have no stuffing on,the inside,so we're just gonna have heat getting,into the inside of the bird,crisping the outside of this skin and,letting everything come together,beautifully,we're going to have the best looking,burden of it so let's pop this into the,oven,so after two and a half,hours quick two and a half hours,we have your matte work one,dry brine turkey beautiful golden,crispy skin that you only get from dry,riding a turkey,now when it comes out let it rest for,about a half an hour before you cut into,it,one of the biggest things when you're,cooking proteins meat you do not,want to cut into them as soon as they,come out all of that juice that's in it,is still active and moving around in,there you want to give it a chance to,settle back down,into your turkey into yo

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Whole Turkey - Salted aka Dry Brined - TVWB -

Whole Turkey - Salted aka Dry Brined - TVWB -

hey it's Chris Nilan campus virtual,college in this video I'm going to show,you how to salt or dry Bryant whole,turkey you know we've been brining,turkeys in a liquid solution for many,years and it does wonders to Turkey and,lots of other lean meat but not,everybody's convinced in fact there was,a 20-18 ark on the new york times by a,very influential food writer who wrote,sort of about the demise of wet brining,and talked up salting or dry brining,meat and dry brining has become more,popular in the last few years because,quite frankly you know people aren't,ready for a change,in part but also there are some,advantages to dry brining you know you,get some of the benefits of liquid,brining but without the hassle of making,up the solution finding a containment is,big enough for the turkey also container,that you can actually fit in your fridge,and all the attendant kind of hassle,that comes with wet brining when you do,a dry brine you basically apply a salt,mixture directly to the skin or as,you'll see in this video I'm gonna do it,underneath the skin you separate the,skin from the turkey you apply the salt,out of the skin you let it rest in the,refrigerator on a rimmed baking sheet,pan for just 24 hours or up to 48 hours,at the most and then you go ahead you,cook your turkey any way you like,whether it's in the oven or whether it's,been smoking amount of cooker the to,process is working different ways liquid,brining carries salt sugar and other,water-soluble flavors into the meat,through an osmotic process water,actually flows into the meat into the,sort of the empty spaces between meat,fibers so you're actually adding,moisture to the meat and you can weigh,that difference when you do a wet,brining process for a dry brine the salt,actually sucks moisture out of the meat,to the surface where it mixes with the,salt and then some of that is absorbed,into the meat itself so you get the salt,and flavor inside the meat without,adding any liquid and so some people,feel that that is a better process,particularly because it doesn't change,the texture of the meat and make it as,watery as liquid brining does so let me,show you how to do a dry brine on a,whole turkey I'll show you how to,separate the skin from the flesh how to,get in there and get that salt applied,how much in what quantities and then we,will fire up the weber smokey mountain,cooker and get that turkey on and I'll,show you the end result let's get,started this is a twelve point six nine,pound Foster Farms fresh and natural,young turkey it is something I picked up,at Costco it's the perfect size for,cooking in the eighteen and a half inch,small human cooker I've removed it from,the packaging and I am gonna do a little,trimming I removed that little bit of,the tail sometimes known as the Pope's,nose I know a lot of people think that's,the delicacy I don't particularly care,for so I trim that right off and now you,can see here that I'm removing some of,the excess fat and skin around the,opening of the body cavity just take off,whatever makes sense to you if you see,anything that you don't think belongs,just snip it right off I've already,removed the neck from the body cavity,and I've removed the giblets from the,neck cavity and here there's some excess,skin at the neck so I'm just going to,take and snip that off as well with my,kitchen shears,now it's time to begin to loosen the,skin and the process of salting the,turkey means that you will have to,loosen the skin over the breast area on,both sides and also over each thigh and,each drumstick now there are no style,points for doing this I mean you you,don't want to poke a hole in the skin if,it's at all possible if that does happen,it's not the end of the world just take,your time as you do this I've found that,of course having slightly smaller hands,is helpful if you've got gigantic frying,pan hands you might want to assign,somebody else to do this task the trick,is just simply to work your fingers,underneath the skin all the way down the,length of the breast from the connection,up at the keel bone at the top all the,way down to the sides you see I'm using,a I wouldn't spoon here the handle of a,wooden spoon and I'm just working it all,the way down to the end of the breast if,I can and then you just kind of a,rolling action to help loosen up the the,more difficult parts what you'll find is,that the skin does not adhere to the,breast meat or the thigh meat equally,some areas the skin disconnects very,easily other areas like you see here a,little bit more difficult so now that,I've made it big enough pocket I'm going,to get my hand in there really worker,right up at the very top of the breast,using my other hand to pull that skin,back hold it back while I get my hand in,and go all the way down to the very end,of the breast section get that skin nice,and loose,now it's time to work on the thigh and,the drumstick I'm gonna go in with my,wooden spoon right at the sort of middle,section of the breast and try to f

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Classic Dry-Brine Turkey | Your turkey recipe this Thanksgiving!

Classic Dry-Brine Turkey | Your turkey recipe this Thanksgiving!

does the Thanksgiving turkey scare you,this is a dry brine turkey and it takes,all the worry out of it so much,seasoning so much flavor you're gonna,make it right here with me and you're,gonna see why it's easy let's make one,Thanksgiving turkey can either really,stress people out or you do the same,thing every year this is my classic way,and to start we're going to toast some,spices so I have a small Skillet here,and we have some coriander seed black,peppercorns a little bit of fennel seed,and some Mustard Seed now this is kind,of a unique combination but it's just a,subtle flavor of each of those none of,them are going to stand out extremely,strong or forward they're all just going,to mellow but to really get their flavor,to come out with some bay leaves we're,going to put these over really low heat,and we're just going to toast them so,anytime you toast a spice,what does it do it brings out its,essential qualities it makes it so it,has more flavor so we're going to toast,these until they just become fragrant,which just takes a couple of minutes and,then we're going to really grind them up,so after just a couple minutes and I'm,shaking it every so often to make sure,it isn't going to burn in one spot you,can tell it gets really fragrant you can,actually see if you look closely they,get toasted it's hard to see probably on,camera but you can see some color,differences and they slightly want to,pop so you just pull them off and even,the bay leaves they start drying out in,that make it a little bit more brittle,and I'm going to pour them directly into,I'm gonna use a mortar and pestle you,can use a spice grinder if you want to,sometimes you have like an old coffee,grinder and you keep it just for spices,that can work for this but now what we,want to do is we really just want to,start grinding this up and what we're,doing is making it so it's going to be,easier to make into a salt brine that's,what this is really going to be is a dry,brine for the turkey and when you start,grinding on these up instantly it's,hitting you that amazing smell so we're,going to sit here we're going to grind,them all up and then we'll add a few,other things,now when you get it all ground up,sometimes some of those bay leaves they,do dry out when they're on the heat and,when they come out you can pull off,actually just some of the stems if you,want and crunch the leaf around it and,then you get that middle stem so in here,has all that wonderfulness now if you're,not used to making a dry brine for a,bird let me tell you about a dry brine,because it's one of my favorite ways to,prepare a bird I start with an unbrined,turkey so sometimes you go to grocery,store you'll find ones that say brined,and that means they have some type of,injected solution in them I start with,one that is not brined and I like to,brine my own and I like to do it with,salt and it looks like a lot of salt but,this is a lot of meat and you go with an,amount of salt per pound of bird and I,have all this on my website in the,recipe describing all of it with amounts,because it can range for the size of the,bird you're using,but a dry brine this is a classic recipe,I've had on my website for years and I'm,updating it slightly with the dry brine,because a dry brine is a lot easier it's,a lot more manageable to put into your,fridge the turkey instead of submerging,it in a bucket of water and salt and,letting it sitting there in the fridge,that can be hard for us especially on,the holidays so this condenses it to be,just a dry Brine and it really,intensifies the flavors and the,aromatics we're going to use too so in,here we have our ground spices we're,going to add some chopped up fresh Sage,that I just chopped up super fragrant,super just one of my favorites I it's I,mean come on what time of year is it,it's Thanksgiving that's when we use it,thyme which I'm just going to pull off,the leaves and put some thyme leaves in,there so when we're talking about herbs,when we're talking about spices anytime,you can get those directly with some,salt and get them to sit on the meat,it's actually going to intensify the,flavor and help it actually soak in so,what the salt does is it works into the,meat mixes with the natural juices and,then it pulls those juices out they pick,up those flavors go back in and it,really does make a huge difference on,your turkey so the next in here right,into this little spice rub what we want,to put in next is a little bit of sugar,it's not to sweeten the bird necessarily,it's to enhance the flavor and again,this is a lot of meat remember so we're,adding in that sugar and it's also going,to help really give it a beautiful,golden hue as it's roasting and then the,important thing here is salt and,remember watch the recipe it's for,kosher salt that's completely different,and measures differently than table salt,and that's a big thing to remember,because different types of salt will,really be different types of intensity,so this is kosher salt which is w

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Russ Parsons's Dry-Brined Turkey (A.K.A. The Judy Bird) | Genius Recipes

Russ Parsons's Dry-Brined Turkey (A.K.A. The Judy Bird) | Genius Recipes

this recipe is the single best way to,get a juicy delicious turkey this,thanksgiving and it really could not be,easier it is definitely one of genius,recipes greatest hits of all time,so back in 2011 right after genius,recipes had first launched my bosses,amanda and merrill came to me and said,kristin we're going to need a genius,turkey i took my assignment seriously i,started researching and i started,noticing a pattern which is that russ,parsons had written about the same basic,technique at the la times for five years,in a row writing about the same thing,multiple years in a row just is kind of,unheard of in food media you're always,looking for the next big thing the,technique is dry brining although at the,time they weren't calling it dry brining,basically it's just,salting something a little bit a few,days ahead and letting it hang out,this is a perfect time to call russ so,he can tell you a little bit more about,this bird i've been a real advocate of,brining of what you know what people now,call wet brinings,make a,salt water solution and soak the bird in,it,but after after four or five years of it,i realized you know it's a lot of hassle,it takes up a huge amount of space in,your refrigerator,and i wasn't,it wasn't i wasn't thrilled with the,with the results you know it's like the,texture of the meat is a little,spongy it's kind of soft it's not like a,good roast chicken i thought i thought,about my old friend judy rogers's,chicken at suny cafe in san francisco,which is like,one of the iconic dishes of the last you,know 50 years,and so i called her and said you know,hey judy um,have you ever tried,salting the chicken the turkey the way,that you sold the chicken,and she said,no,why don't you try it let me know how it,works well and obviously the proofs in,the pudding here like,your readers loved it for years and,continue to food 52's readers have loved,it since 2011 also,and it just like its life is just gonna,keep going and you're gonna keep saving,people's butts on thanksgiving thank you,so much russ and uh we'll we'll talk to,you later,thanks,bye,so the basic version of this recipe just,involves salt going on turkey and it,will be delicious but you can also play,around with it you can add other,seasonings in with the salt that will,get all the way deep into the meat,instead of just sitting on the surface,so today we're gonna do rosemary and,lemon zest a very classic combo,so when you salt something a few days,ahead,it's going to first draw out the,moisture,and then if you leave it long enough the,moisture will then be drawn back in,through osmosis and basically it brings,its moisture back in and as it's doing,that the muscle proteins are kind of,realigning and making it so that it will,hold onto the juice tighter when it's,cooking you end up getting meat that is,salted all the way through and seasoned,really nicely instead of the typical,kind of bland turkey that we all like,we're all fine with it shows up every,thanksgiving we put a bunch of gravy on,it and it's fine but this is actually,good turkey okay check out this giant,bag this is a proper turkey brining bag,which you can order online or find at,kitchen stores,uh if you absolutely can't find one of,those i've done this before where i've,just like wrapped it in a few layers of,plastic wrap and that has contained the,juices pretty well,wow,it's ours it's our sealer,i think it might seal without it,we don't sell this bag someone else,sells this bag,okay,so this is just gonna hang out in the,fridge for,ideally three days or two days if you,have it,um and like juices will come out and,that's okay they will be pulled back in,give it a little massage every couple,days if you think about it to help move,the salt around but otherwise it's just,going to kind of hang out and wait for,you to be ready,so this is the one that's been dry,riding for a few days and we also took,it out of the bag patted it dry and let,it sit in the fridge uncovered for eight,hours-ish overnight it makes it extra,crispy and absorbs flavors better in the,oven if you don't have time to do it,it'll still be a better turkey than you,would have been able to have without dry,brining but this step is pretty worth it,so i'm gonna put this in the oven at 4,25 in about 30 minutes we'll turn the,temperature down to 350 fahrenheit and,i'll also flip it back to breast side up,oh okay as a reminder you do not have to,do this you can start with it breast up,i'm just showing you how if you want to,so these lines they'll pop back out this,will get nice and browned back in there,it wasn't so bad,our turkey is done roasting and i have,someone here who i think you would much,rather watch carve a turkey than me,oh,he's a big chicken,wow,i had a good job beautiful juice here,look at that the crystallization of the,all right well we won't we won't lose,that for sure no no this is the best,uh i would probably remove,the right in my family,we all look love the,rest so either what you do,cut the skin he

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Turkey Brine | How To DRY BRINE Your Turkey | Easy No Mess | Thanksgiving Series 2020 | Video #1

Turkey Brine | How To DRY BRINE Your Turkey | Easy No Mess | Thanksgiving Series 2020 | Video #1

do,do,do,do,do,hey everybody welcome back to my kitchen,y'all you guys are the absolute,best let me start by saying thank you,so many of you commented on my video and,sent me messages,words of encouragement prayers because i,shared that i was not,feeling well and i just want you all to,know how much i really,appreciate each and every one of your,messages,and it's just amazing how we're out here,in this youtube world,and as for me you know i do this,and you guys really become family and,you're really concerned and you really,care and i just want to say thank you so,much i really appreciate it,um and my 100 no,do i feel better yes i do and,prayerfully i know i will continue,to get better but i just wanted to say,thank you all so much i really,appreciate,you know all of your prayers and your,comments and concerns,i guess you can see i'm back in this,kitchen,this is thanksgiving week and um,there were so many things that i wanted,to do,and here i am already trying my best not,to get emotional,uh there's so much that we cannot,control,right now that's going on in our world,and me just like,all of you thanksgiving plans have been,changed,um our safety well-being we feel like is,being challenged,and even with me not feeling well last,week and everything that i've been,dealing with,i'm frustrated like so many of you,because my thanksgiving plans have,changed but,you know i know what's most important is,that we all remain safe,and healthy and well and just the fact,that my,family was coming my brother was flying,in from california my sister was coming,then brother-in-law was there with the,girls and,you know my dad and my other brothers,that live here and their kids and,like we've done since mom passed we've,hosted thanksgiving so for all of that,to be kind of just snatched away,uh it really sucks as my dude number one,would say,it sucks through a straw that's,bent and you guys know how that is when,you're trying to suck something through,a straw that's got a little bend in a,little crack you're about to,suck your throat out trying to get,something to come through it and,it just will not give but anyway,um and like i said i just,for me i've shared before how i even,ended up doing,youtube videos where i'm cooking it,makes me feel close to my mom,who again um passed away unexpectedly,about four years ago and i'm repeating,some of this for some of you that are,just,new to you know my channel just happened,to,come across my channel but this time of,year is already hard period,being that it's the holidays and you,know with everything that's going on,2020 has been one for the books,but you know as i set up in bed all last,week i,couldn't do anything i was following,doctor's orders i feel like i just have,no control but what i do have control,over right now,is what i'm getting ready to do,my last little bit of i feel like what i,can,give,to my family for thanksgiving,we are a very close-knit family and this,time of year we always look forward to,coming together and the mantle of,making sure we all have thanksgiving,dinner and,we have those recipes that mom used to,cook,that we are all so fond of and that we,love,that mantle fell on me,to make sure that those things happen,and,i am so honored and i'm so thankful,to be able to carry that mantle and,so although i've had to alter my,thanksgiving dinner tremendously,my menu that is and my family will not,be coming to have dinner with,me here in our home but my dad is still,here,there are two of my brothers that are,here and i just want to make sure that,my dad and my brothers and myself that,we all have,um thanksgiving dinner,i just want to make sure that they have,thanksgiving dinner,so the fact that i am feeling some,better,um again i've cut my menu but i'm going,to do some things,this week to prepare and i really really,wish i could be done with everything on,wednesday,and i want my brothers just to come by,here and just pick up food,they can take it home and then that way,thursday their their dinner will already,be there for them to have for,thanksgiving day,okay so i just wanted to share that um,real quick but you know,right now this is my happy place and me,being in this kitchen,um it's like a therapy for me,and um,right now this is just what i need to be,doing i'm not going to overdo it,my husband is my do number one is going,to make sure that but this,is right now it's what brings me joy,this is what brings me peace,so that's why i'm in this kitchen y'all,okay so this first video today is going,to be very,quick and um i'm just prepping my turkey,today is monday um what is today's date,exactly,today is monday the 20th,today is monday the 23rd and when i do,my turkeys you guys i'm a brian girl,i love to brine my turkeys,and um i'm gonna do something different,today i all these years i've been a wet,brine,and if you don't know what brine is,you're basically,putting your turkey in a salt solution,it's gonna bring out the flavor it's,gonna make it crispy,you do use a lot of

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Dry Brining a Turkey for Thanksgiving recipe | Spatchcock Turkey | Masterbuilt Gravity 1050 | AMAZIN

Dry Brining a Turkey for Thanksgiving recipe | Spatchcock Turkey | Masterbuilt Gravity 1050 | AMAZIN

guys how you doing my name is tommy and,this is the gallery backer of barbecue,over the next,two three weeks we're going to take a,look at the best,way for you to prepare your thanksgiving,turkey,the method i'm using today is a 48-hour,dry brine and we're going to go 425,degrees fahrenheit in the master built,1050,it's splashed cocked it's gonna be juicy,we're looking at approximately a two,hour cook guys i'm gonna do all the work,here so you don't have to,so sit back relax because all that is,coming right up,all right everybody my name is tommy and,it's the gallery backyard barbecue,we got a lot to cover so i want to jump,right into it but look hit that,subscribe,button because you're going to want to,see my wet brine turkey,that's coming up next look this is a 14,pound bird,and you want to remove that little uh,plastic leg holder there,you're not going to need that,and you would definitely want to remove,that little packet there,and also the giblet the neck packet,which is inside the bird we'll get to,that when we,spatchcock it and look clean up any,loose skin that may be hanging,so basically a spatchcock is very easy,you want to,trace down the uh the,backbone you can trace it now look my,bird is still,semi-frozen so it looks like it's a,little bit of a pain but uh it's really,not that bad think of this as a,oversized chicken,now this is where i'm supposed to tell,you you could take that backbone and use,it for stock,however i'm going to pass on that,because i'll make my own,gravy as you'll see in the video so,there's the uh,i believe it's the neck so you want to,get rid of that you want to go,look for that breast bone in between the,wings,and give it a little smack with the,knife,just like that right there and that'll,snap it and then you're,uh good look spatchcock and a bird gives,it more,surface area to cook so when you put a,big old round bowl,type bird on your pit just think of the,heat that surrounds that bird it's just,not going to cook evenly,this just gives it a better surface area,and i'll tell you what,this is the way to do it,now look i'm going to take three,tablespoons of kosher salt you,definitely want to do a kosher salt,and one of that baking powder so that's,three to one on a 14,pound bird you shouldn't cook much more,than a 14,15 pound bird you don't want to go 18 20,pounds it's a little bit of a uh,a tougher cook so a 14 15 pound bird do,your three to one,and you want to get that uh mixed up and,all over the bird make sure you get uh,under the wings under the legs on the,other side you want to get,all over,now don't be afraid that you're over,salting the bird because,trust me that is not the case this is,gonna help draw out the moisture and,it's gonna make a uh for one a juicy,bird,now you're definitely gonna want air,under the bird so as it sits in the,fridge that uh,that air can work with the salt to do,its thing so it's got to get,underneath the uh bird and we're looking,at a,48 hour dry brine in the fridge this is,easy peasy a hell of a lot easier than a,wet brine,so look we're going to cover it in saran,but at the 40 hour,mark or so we're going to remove the,saran,so the fridge can just hit it do its,thing with no noah,wrapping and just a loosely packed saran,you don't have to wrap it up just gotta,loosely uh packing we're gonna get our,uh,one tablespoon of sage thyme and,rosemary,and give it a nice chop with some,freshly ground,black pepper and that's gonna season up,the butter which you'll see in a,minute,all righty look and you want to go a,half a stick to three,quarters of a stick of unsalted butter,softened and you get that herbs in there,and,give it a little smush right,remove your bird from the fridge and,just get that butter all over the bird,make sure you get,underneath the skin just kind of work,the skin away,from the breast and just kind of work it,under there,get as far under as you can without,ripping the,skin oh man,in the meantime i got my pit uh warming,up at 450,fahrenheit we're going with a little uh,a little cherry,and a little apple on the uh on the wood,there you go so just work that butter,all around,under the skin under the legs under the,wings,and i also hit it with a little fresh,cracked black pepper as you can see now,look i'm going to use this little tray,here with the uh,there's a little pizza tray right just,in case i got to flip the bird if it's,uh,if it's cooking a little hot in one area,this will allow me to move,the bird around without disturbing it,too,much,and of course to help in our gravy a,carrot some onions and celery right i'm,gonna put a little thyme and rosemary in,there,also and this will make a uh for a nice,a simple,simple gravy which i'm gonna show you,and look we're going to go 450,fahrenheit and i'm looking at about,two hours on this cook and i'll start,really paying attention to it at the,90 minute mark,and now look if your row wings are,flapping around just get yourself some,butcher,twine and just kind of uh just kind of,tie them to

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it's a holiday miracle perfectly roasted,turkey coming right up on weekend at the,cottage welcome to weekend at the,cottage I'm Nick Malloy Levitch before I,show you how to make perfect roasted,turkey I want to suggest you head to,weaken at the cottage and subscribe to,our website look for us on our dedicated,youtube channel subscribe to it as well,and then finally look for us on one or,more of your favorite social media,platforms using hash tag weekend at the,cottage on Pinterest Instagram Facebook,and Twitter,this recipe for a salt brine turkey is,one of our most requested posts at,weekend at the cottage we've never shot,a video I said this year I'm shooting a,video people I want to show you,step-by-step how to make this at home,trust me there is nothing more flavorful,or fantastic and then this way preparing,a turkey the main ingredient is the,turkey itself I'm going to suggest if,you can find a fresh turkey I'm using an,18 pound turkey I bring the turkey home,look at the outside are there any little,feathers left behind run your hand along,to make sure that all of the pin,feathers have been removed and then you,look at the bird you're going to stick,your hand in the rump and pull out the,neck is there anything else there no go,to the top of the bird lift up that flap,of skin and you'll often find a little,bag or sachet things like heart liver,etc I take those meat pieces into a,small pot with a few vegetables bring,them to a boil on stove top and you have,a perfect turkey stock that you can use,later for your gravy before we begin,we're going to give our turkey our watch,once we've rinsed the turkey completely,we have paper towels block the inside of,the cavity block the outside of the bird,our turkey is completely dry and,we're ready to continue what we're gonna,do is prepare this for salt brine and,you're gonna do this to your turkey,about three days before you intend to,prepare we're gonna finely chop about,two tablespoons of fresh sage two,tablespoons of fresh rosemary two,tablespoons of fresh thyme finely chop,those herbs place them into a bowl and,then add about two tablespoons of an,extra virgin olive oil stir those,ingredients together you should have a,nice herb paste our hands are washed,you're gonna take your turkey and then,just placing your hands in between the,flesh and the skin just kind of slowly,poke your hand underneath the skin and,then lift it away from the flesh and you,should be able to work your hand all the,way to the top of the breast go down you,should be able to go around the,drumsticks and just slowly lift your,hand through the skin to pull it away,from the flesh now that that's done take,a little bit of your herb mixture we're,gonna slowly rub it across that flesh,and you want to go all the way deep,beneath the skin and down all the way,around until that herb mixture is,sitting up on top of the flesh but under,the skin now that that's done we're,taking half a cup of kosher salt I'm,gonna sprinkle it into the cavity of the,bird the hand goes in and we are going,to rub it all along the inside of our,turkey now that the turkey is brined and,ready to go we're taking an oversized,butcher's bag might take a little bit,work pull the bag down place the turkey,in gathered at the top we're gonna,tightly tie it to do a tight knot and,you're gonna place it into the fridge,here's the trick every time you open,your fridge you're going to get a cup of,coffee you need cream tilt the bird a,little bit,next time you go into the fridge you,want a snack a piece of cheese turn the,bird upside down next time every time,you go into the fridge the next couple,of days just keep turning that bird,you're gonna make sure that all of the,flesh of the bird is completely brined,the night before we intend to roast,right before you go to bed on to our,work surface we're taking a knife peel,back the plastic,we're taking the bird out of the bag and,we're gonna place it into the roasting,pan discard all of that liquid we're,also gonna take paper towel I want you,to block the inside of the bird and the,outside we're removing the moisture this,may seem a little counterintuitive do,not cover your bird you're gonna place,your bird uncovered into the fridge,overnight work with me,trust me next day about an hour before,you're ready to prepare we bring our,turkey out of the fridge and allow it to,come to room temperature we're gonna,turn our oven on to 425 degrees rack is,in the bottom third the turkey goes in,at 425 set your timer for 30 minutes at,that 30 minute mark we're gonna reduce,the temperature to 375 degrees for this,18 pound turkey I'm gonna need exactly,two hours not long after you put your,turkey in the oven you're gonna start to,hear the juices sizzling every 15 20,minutes or so going to the oven take out,your turkey baster or ladle and we're,going to baste the turkey with those,gorgeous pan juices I also like to,rotate my turkey every half hour because,I'm working with a vintage oven I find,that rotati

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