how do i balance too much vinegar in a recipe

How to Fix a Food That is Too Sourhi everybody this is Judy out Judy in,the kitchen I have some help

Judi in the Kitchen

Updated on Jan 18,2023

How to Fix a Food That is Too Sour

hi everybody this is Judy out Judy in,the kitchen I have some help for you how,you can rescue a food that turned out to,being too sour don't throw it out yet,we've got some possible help for you,there's different things here that you,might try that would be appropriate for,whatever food that you are working with,let's say for instance you've got some,vegetables and you added too much,vinegar or lemon at the end you could,try adding a little bit of sweetener to,it or maybe you're making a salad,dressing and you've accidentally added,too much vinegar to it you could add,more oil in that case but you can also,add a little bit of sweetener to it to,help balance out the flavors sweet and,sour do balance each other out very very,well another thing you can do is add,some salt a little bit of saltiness to,your dish can help to balance out a sour,flavor,for instance you let's say you've added,too much lemon or vinegar to a stir fry,you could add a little more of this soy,sauce to it and that may help to balance,things out now if your food is too sour,chances are it's too acidic a little bit,of baking soda will help to bring that,pH up and take that sourness out of it,okay you know we're talking about a,small amount baking soda is a great,neutralizer but a small amount and bear,in mind too if your dish is too sour,and it's acidic baking soda will react,with the acid that's,there so you really want a small amount,and it may bubble up some so be very,careful when you do that and stir it and,when that bubbling sensation goes down,if it happens at all then give it a,taste and see how it is and see if you,need to adjust flavors in any way shape,or form but a little bit of baking soda,can go a long way here and help to,adjust that sourness out of there,another way to help reduce the sourness,in a food would be to add some cheese a,little parmesan ricotta cheese can go a,long way in helping to cut the sourness,that is in a dish you can also try,adding some vegetables if that would be,appropriate some potatoes or carrots can,help to absorb some of that extra,tartness that's in there and especially,if it's a soup or stew that's too sour,and again a little baking soda that,along with it might do the trick,you can also add a little bit of fat,like butter or ghee oil of your choice,coconut oil cream that any type of a fat,will also help to cut the sourness,that's in the dish let me know if you,have other suggestions out there this is,Judy at Judy in the kitchen I hope this,helps bye for now

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hi guys welcome back to my channel,today's video is going to be about,vaginal hygiene because I've been,smelling way too many coochies ok um no,but I've been smelling too many vaginas,so I thought that I would just make a,video about it so that everybody in the,world can know how to start how to clean,their vaginas first of all I'm gonna,start by what I do I don't do a lot so,it's gonna be really short when I give,them um I get the vagina when I'm,washing down there I only use african,black soap if I'm going to use a soap,and a washcloth I don't use a loaf,loofah I don't use anything else like,that I what I do I just washed is,normally just doing a little rub rub rub,rub ribs rinse rinse rinse and that's it,you don't need anything else okay um now,that that's over we're gonna talk about,apple cider vinegar for getting rid of,that stench and keeping your because the,main cause for that little scent is the,main house for that would be your pH,balance it's off and that's usually,thrown off by Stopes perfumes powders to,Title underwear anything like that and,all that that I just named don't do it,for underwear we can use cotton,underwear,don't use scented soaps don't put,perfume down there please oh my god,and on powders don't belong in there,either in there or down there even on,your underwear or even those sprays that,like you're supposed to put on your,underwear don't do any of that don't do,that um but it's what I say works for if,say you have done all that,oh yeah and,two tampons so the tampon scented pets,stay away from all of that um what I say,it works we're trying to level out your,pH balance in your giant air would be,apple cider vinegar that's all you need,this is all you need this is all you,need and then no it does not burn it,doesn't itch it doesn't nothing like it,none of it if I'm not sure if you can,well I'm not sure if you can tell how,cloudy it is you want to get the one,with the mother in it I say Bragg's,is the best time to get it smells very,strong and um so what you can do with,this to breathe um to level out your pH,balance and get rid of that funk funk,and you can't take I'd say I would say,just like a little pour in your back and,then just sit and soak that soak in,there that's what I say do or you can,take what I do while I'm on my period,because I don't like to feel dirty and,I'm not really a big fan of baby wipes,or summer's eve wipes anymore um what I,do is I will take a what I squirt water,well like in the ones that you like can,you open the tab and suck out of I'm,gonna take those and I'll put a little,bit of this in it and then I'll take a,warm and then like when I use the,bathroom or something I'll go ahead and,fill that water bottle up and dilute,this blue top cider vinegar with water,and then just squirt it on there and,then go ahead and wait we need to stop,dry cleaning just wiping is not good,enough okay it's not good enough thank,you because I,have y'all tell you smelling like ,um you can swear it down there and then,you're good and when I tell you guys,that is probably one of the best,feelings in the entire world to just,squirt some warm water down there after,you gonna use the bathroom,and then you're keeping your pH balance,on track as well for girls to work out,and or if you're in a sport and you do,some like that and you kind of like,after your sport you don't want to let,all that sweat down there just kind of,build up take some own you can take some,clean underwear and then also take the,water bottle and the apple cider vinegar,and then dilute it and go ahead and,rinse rinse get you a little rinse on,and then wipe it and dry it and then put,on some clean underwear and boom you are,good to go out to dinner you're good to,do whatever you need to do if you dilute,it enough um it won't smell like,anything crazy down there like it won't,smell like apple cider vinegar down,there if you dilute it well enough if,you're gonna go ahead and put it in a,water bottle,I say take two or three cats aful you,don't need a lot um just put it in the,water bottle and then dilute it in and,then your vagina will smell good I've,heard of some one girl that was doing,that she saw that her vagina has heard,this my like baby baby milk um I can,attest to that it does start to kind of,smell - you know we're just kind of,weird but I really better than smelling,like funk okay thank you,um that's the end of this video,like comment and subscribe hang loose,and stay strong you guys hi you know let,your be sting,I know you smell it y'all focus though

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How I cut the acidity in pasta sauce

How I cut the acidity in pasta sauce

hi guys I hope you guys are doing well I,hope you're safe and thank you so much,for tuning in you guys I'm making my,meat sauce from my pasta and I wanted to,show you guys that you can cut down on,the acidity because I know it's it's,it's awful for some people I know it is,for me and I'm like trying to find ways,to cut on the acidity whether you're,making it from scratch or somebody gave,it to you or you bought it from a jar it,doesn't matter,this is all you guys need right here it,doesn't have to be clover Valley it,could be Arm and Hammer it could be,whatever you guys it could be 50 cents a,dollar,as long as it's baking soda okay now not,to knock anybody okay which I promise,you guys I'm not but I've seen a lot of,videos on YouTube that require you to,put a tablespoon or a teaspoon that's if,you're making a big pot I just made,enough for a few days because I I get,tired of stuff real fast and I don't,want it every day so I the sauce here,with the meat I want to say this is,about two and a half cups okay if you're,making a big big pot then maybe maybe a,tablespoon I don't know but you guys,just take it this is my tip for you,please don't put a tablespoon you guys,it will ruin your your sauce it will,ruin your meal it will taste like pure,baking soda I did that my first time and,it totally ruined my dinner,thank God I knew how to salvage it I,knew how to fix it okay and just be,careful with your measurements as far as,sugar goes salt goes stuff like that,especially salt should be sprinkled to,taste sprinkle then taste sprinkle then,taste you guys got to be careful when it,comes to stuff like that especially,about baking soda this is what I do you,guys no matter how much sauce you got in,there,this is what I do watch,I sprinkled that's it,just sprinkle okay that's like literally,a pinch it's gonna bubble which is,normal okay you're gonna mix it up the,squares that you see there are garlic I,like a lot of garlic and it's gonna cook,I'm gonna let the simmer for half hour,so I'm low low okay perfect,a sprinkle is all you guys need you guys,need to be careful with your residents,it does work it really does work and it,does cut down on the acidity just watch,how much you put in there a sprinkle,just a - that's it because remember it's,gonna foam up it's gonna expand and a,tablespoon I was just like oh no no,please don't do that not even a teaspoon,not even this much 1/4 teaspoon 1/4,that's too much so I hope you guys liked,this video please like share and,subscribe thank you so much to all of,you out there please stay safe I'll see,you in my next video and be kind to one,another please

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Things You Should NEVER Do While Taking Apple Cider Vinegar

Things You Should NEVER Do While Taking Apple Cider Vinegar

some people say that apple cider vinegar,should come with a warning label due to,its negative side effects,which begs the question can apple cider,vinegar,actually be dangerous let's go ahead and,take a look at some of the potential,threats,but before we get started i'm dr nick,zorowski and i started my holistic,health practice,six years ago to help you take control,of your health naturally because,true health only comes naturally,before we get started with the video i,want to let you know that my nutricore,one-on-one health consulting program,is open this is a program where we help,people take control of their health,naturally and get to the root cause of,the problem,so that they can reverse conditions,naturally but also,promote longevity if you want to learn,more about it click on the link in the,description below when we hear of,natural health strategies online we tend,to believe,that they're 100 safe all the time for,every person,in every situation however that's not,the case i recently had a patient who,heard about apple cider vinegar and they,were excited to start using it,and so they told me about it and the,deal was is that next time i saw them,they're going to report back to me,as to how it was going the next time i,saw them i expected to hear,a great testimonial that they're seeing,good results using it,however it was quite different in fact,they told me every time they drank apple,cider vinegar,they felt a harsh burning feeling in,their stomach and it made them feel,nauseous and sick,even when drinking apple cider vinegar,diluted i knew right away there was a,problem,a problem that would prevent her from,drinking apple cider vinegar until some,healing was done,what was occurring is an ulcer an ulcer,is a sore that develops in the stomach,in the esophageal lining or maybe even,in the small intestine and when you,drink something like apple cider vinegar,or anything acidic maybe even a kombucha,what happens is you get an intense,burning feeling so you have to back off,from,apple cider vinegar or anything acidic,until some healing is done,and of course we're talking about,natural healing now due to the chronic,illness,plague that we face as a society the,average person is on four,or more prescription medications what we,have to really be careful with here,is interactions if you're recommending,apple cider vinegar to,a friend or a family member then you may,want to realize,that there could be some potential,complications at stake here an example,this might be somebody who's a diabetic,a type 2 diabetic who's taking insulin,or maybe taking,some sort of drug to drive down their,blood sugar if you combine that with,apple cider vinegar,you could drop your blood sugar to a,very low and unhealthy place,maybe you're taking a drug to lower,potassium levels,and then combining that with apple cider,vinegar could drive the potassium levels,too low,the same goes with like a diuretic so we,just have to be careful,and always ask your doctor if you have,any questions regarding,a medication and how it actually,interacts with a particular,food or beverage that you want to drink,so there was this girl she's 15 years,old and she wanted to lose some weight,so in order to do so she started,drinking one cup,now you're hearing this right one cup of,undiluted apple cider vinegar,every single day as a result of that she,had severe tooth decay,another scenario is a 28 year old woman,who had drank eight ounces of apple,cider vinegar daily,for six years straight she was admitted,to the hospital,for having low potassium levels now upon,further analysis what they found in the,hospital is that she actually had,brittle bones and it was believed to be,due to,over consuming apple cider vinegar for a,long duration of time now in our,community of wellness warriors we have a,lot of people who,are doing a low carb diet or ketogenic,diet combined with exercise,now there's a lot of reports out there,that state that apple cider vinegar can,actually deplete you,of potassium so why is this relevant,well it's relevant because,with a low carb diet or ketogenic diet,in exercise,you can already have a problem with,potassium as it is,so if you throw in apple cider vinegar,it might actually cause a few more,problems for you,now the evidence is very weak in this,area however i,figured it's worth noting another,problem that some people face with apple,cider vinegar,is that you'll hear from all your,friends how amazing it is you decide to,give it a try so you grab that bottle of,apple cider vinegar you pour yourself,some in a glass you dilute it down a,little bit and you take a big drink of,it expecting sunshine and rainbows,but the problem is something very,opposite happens you start to get a,tingling sensation in your mouth,you start to have some blotchy red,rashes show up on your face,and you start to have some pretty,negative side effects now usually we,think of,fish dairy eggs nuts soy,and a lot of different foods when we,think of common food alle

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How to Reduce Bitter Taste - 9 Ways to Reduce Bitter Taste in Any Food - Fitness and Nutrition Guide

How to Reduce Bitter Taste - 9 Ways to Reduce Bitter Taste in Any Food - Fitness and Nutrition Guide

bitterness is one of the essential,flavors in our taste palette and lots of,bitter foods are especially healthy,however you might find bitter tastes off,pudding or have a dish that you,accidentally added too much bitterness,to,don't worry you're in luck,there are lots of tricks and strategies,to mask or counteract bitter flavors and,help you enjoy whatever meal is in front,of you number one balance out bitterness,with some fat,fat naturally masks bitter tastes and,makes them more palatable this is why,adding some milk or cream to coffee,makes it taste better,try using a cream sauce milk fatty,cheese olive oil or similar fatty,ingredients to help cover bitter tastes,this is a great trick to get kids to eat,more bitter vegetables like broccoli,brussels sprouts or cabbage,add some cheese or cheese sauce to their,veggies and they won't notice the,bitterness number two cover the flavor,with sweetness who doesn't love some,sweetness in their food,again think about coffee there's a,reason we like sweetening it a bit,the sweetness naturally covers bitter,tastes,throw a pinch of sugar or some honey,into bitter foods and drinks to enhance,the flavor a bit,pairing bitter taste with sugar or,chocolate also makes a unique dessert,flavor,don't overdo it with the sugar the,american heart association recommends,having no more than 25 to 36 gram of,sugar per day for good health,so watch how much you're using and don't,exceed that limit,number three sprinkle some salt over,your food a pinch of salt makes,everything better including bitter foods,the saltiness naturally counteracts the,bitterness,so don't be shy about using a bit of,salt in meals that are too bitter,this is an especially good trick if,you're cooking bitter vegetables like,with roasted broccoli or brussels,sprouts,toss them in some olive oil and salt,before cooking to introduce new flavors,just like with sugar you have to watch,your salt intake to maintain good health,the recommended salt intake per day is,two thousand three hundred milligram or,just about half tablespoon,number four try a pinch of baking soda,this might sound a little weird but it,works,baking soda is very alkaline which is a,good way to correct overly bitter dishes,sprinkle just a pinch into your food and,mix it in well to see if that helps this,is a good trick for if you're cooking,and realize that you added too much of a,bitter ingredient,mix in a pinch of baking soda before the,dish is done to fix that,be very careful not to add more than a,pinch or two,any more than that and your food won't,taste very good,number five squeeze in some vinegar or,lemon juice,sour acidic tastes like these naturally,counteract bitterness,try squeezing some fresh lemon juice or,adding a spoonful of vinegar to bitter,dishes to neutralize the flavor a bit,using acidic or sour dressings is a,great way to enhance the taste of bitter,vegetables in your salads like kale,radishes or arugula,if you make a mistake and add too much,vinegar or lemon juice to a dish some,baking soda can help fix that flavor too,by eliminating the acid,number six add some spice to your foods,good news for spice lovers spices mask,bitter flavors so don't be shy add some,spicy peppers or powders to your cooking,or sprinkle some onto your dishes for a,little bit of extra heat,black pepper in particular has compounds,that counteract bitterness,some other great spices include cayenne,red pepper paprika and chili powder,number seven cook with herbs to cut,through the bitter taste herbs distract,you from bitterness by activating other,taste receptors,mix some basil coriander sage and,rosemary into your cooking for great,bitter free flavors,mixing fresh herbs into a stir-fry or,roasted dish adds a whole new flavor,element to your cooking,you can also get dried herbs like basil,ginger and oregano to sprinkle onto your,meals,these last a lot longer than fresh,varieties number eight chill the food to,reduce bitterness,if you don't mind eating cold food this,is the choice for you,it's a fact that colder food and drinks,are less bitter which is why you might,find iced tea or coffee easier to drink,try leaving bitter meals in the fridge,before eating them to see if that,improves the flavor,this is a good trick for bitter,vegetables,leave them in the fridge for a few hours,to cool off before eating them,you could also combine this with other,tricks like adding some salt or fat to,the meal,number nine mix bitter ingredients into,larger dishes when in doubt just cover,the bitter tastes make dishes with lots,of different ingredients and only add in,a little bit of the bitter ones,this should mask the bitter flavors,while still allowing you to get all the,health benefits from bitter foods,some non-bitter foods include beans,carrots corn eggplant lettuce and,potatoes,try hiding some bitter foods in a dish,with these ingredients this trick works,well with salads you could mix bitter,ingredients like arugula with more,neutral tastes like romaine,top the salad w

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How to Offset Too Much Garlic : Understanding Taste for Better Cooking

How to Offset Too Much Garlic : Understanding Taste for Better Cooking

hi I'm barb Stuckey author of taste and,today we're going to talk about garlic,specifically too much of it which is not,necessarily a good thing you're probably,buying one of two types of garlic,the shelf-stable kind that comes pre,chopped or minced and it's preserved in,acid and what happens during the,processing of this garlic and over its,shelf-life is that the intensity of it,will start to diminish so you should,just be aware of that when you're,cooking with garlic and you may need to,adjust up when you're using this kind of,garlic so it's probably unlikely that,you have this kind of a deep garlic,problem the other type is fresh garlic,and I'm just going to show you the,difference between two heads of garlic,and you can see the profound difference,in size so when you're shopping really,be aware of whether you're buying,something that is a normal-sized head of,garlic or a monstrosity sized head of,garlic and just be conscious of that,when you're cooking as you can see that,the size of the single cloves of garlic,vary so widely that you really really,need to take this into account so I'm,chopping up a single clove of garlic,here and if your recipe calls for garlic,by the clove or by the teaspoon again,you just have to be aware of the size of,the garlic that you're starting with the,other good signal for how strong the,garlic is going to be is the aroma that,you're smelling as you're chopping it if,it's really pungent you can assume that,garlic that garlic is going to be very,strong,if on the other hand as you chop and the,garlic is not coming across as very,strong then you're going to want to,perhaps use a little bit more so each,one of these two piles here is a single,clove of garlic and as you can see the,one from the large head is twice as much,as the one from the small head so this,is a good way to start being conscious,of the garlic you're using,so that you don't get too much garlic,flavor in your food before it happens,because it's a lot easier to do that,than to try and fix it so if what you're,getting is a bitter taste it's likely,that the garlic has been cooked too long,so you've either cooked it too long at,the beginning of the process or it was,burnt in the oven but that burnt taste,of garlic can be very bitter and acrid,and its really kind of unpleasant so if,that seems to be the case you may just,want to ditch your whole batch and start,over,hopefully that's at the beginning of the,cooking process and you're only throwing,away garlic and oil remember that,there's only five things we can taste,sweet sour bitter salt and umami so if,the problem is bitter taste than the,other ways that you could address it are,to use things like sweetness a little,bit of sugar or sourness some kind of,vinegar or citrus juice or other type of,vegetable juice fruit juice or of course,salt our friend in the kitchen can,definitely help offset some of the,bitter taste finally let's talk about,what you're experiencing if it's not a,bitter or burnt garlic note so if you're,getting too much garlic aroma and you,can detect that through your nose then,the aroma that aromatics are simply too,high so you need to balance it with,another aroma you could use something,that's very aromatic like fresh herbs,chop them and use them both during the,cooking process and then at the end or,something like citrus which also has,high aroma volatiles you can squeeze,some citrus on the food at the end to,offset the garlic aroma and lastly,remember your spice cabinet so if your,recipe calls for spices or herbs add a,little bit more of them as well and so,you're offsetting aroma with aroma the,other thing about garlic is that it has,this tactile burn and it's really hard,to address that if that's the issue you,know that burn when you just have too,much garlic it almost feels like like,heat well because that is a tactile,sensation you,really going to have a hard time trying,to fix that with aroma or taste so you,know sometimes the best thing to do if,you got too much garlic burn is to start,over or the way that you can fix a lot,of recipes when they've gone bad make,another batch this time without the,garlic and then when you combine that,batch with the batch that has too much,garlic together they're going to be the,perfect amount of garlic you know the,other thing to remember about garlic as,you're seasoning and cooking your dishes,is that garlic shouldn't be the first,thing you taste right in the front it,should be more in the background a,little bit of subtlety a complexify,ingredient you will kind of want to use,garlic in the way that you use salt so I,always say that you know unless you're,trying to ward off vampires go light on,the garlic you can always add more it's,a lot easier to just add the right,amount at the beginning than it is to,try and take some away at the end,so think about garlic as you do other,seasonings spices herbs as an accent not,as the thing that comes out first I'm,barb Stuckey author of taste and to,learn more abo

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THEE CURE To Chronic BV/Yeast Infections | Anahya P.

THEE CURE To Chronic BV/Yeast Infections | Anahya P.

a cure friends to chronic bacterial,vaginosis and yeast infection no more,importantly are all the girls who use,summer's eve gone okay it's a safe place,now hello friends I am coming to you,guys tonight giving you girls talk,giving you bonnet giving you robe giving,you tea in a mug I'm coming with all the,elements here because we are about to,have a very serious conversation but,before we get serious though my skin,actually looks a mess I'm eating a ton,of chocolate chip cookies and brownies,so yeah mind your business so if you've,read the title then you already know,what we are about to get into today I,made sure that I even learn that now and,really wrote out what I wanted to say,because I want to make sure that I,wasn't missing any points because this,video is so important and I know that,there are so many women who feel very,insecure about this topic who might not,have people to talk to about this topic,or just people who might have just not,tried some of the things that I'm going,to suggest in this video and I hope that,some of the things that I mentioned can,really be helpful to you because it was,really helpful to me just to get started,I just wanted to kind of give a little,background information on what specific,issue and topic that we are touching on,today so I know it's really,uncomfortable to talk about but I mean,we're all girls here if you're a girl,then you know that it is very natural,for us to have bacterial vaginosis which,is a pretty much a bacterial infection,in your vagina that can pretty much come,from anything so that means that you,could be wearing panties that's too,tight,you could be using a body wash that,might be throwing off your pH balance,you could be maybe the washing detergent,that you use,could be throwing it off tampons could,be throwing it off fornication we are,here to talk about that and then we're,also gonna talk about Vivi's best friend,yeast infection which is even worse,which pretty much I kind of feel like,there they go hand in hand because I,kind of feel like the same things I can,give you BV or like the same things that,can give you like a yeast infection,pretty much but you know Who am I I'm no,doctor so we're pretty much just gonna,talk about some of the things that work,for me because I have been here before,and you know I've already gone like the,doctor route I've been to my,gynecologist a million times I feel like,there comes a point when the medication,that they're giving you just simply,isn't working so this video is not,geared towards women who get BV or use,infection every once in a while and then,you go get some Monistat or something,from the store and then it's gone please,don't get in my comments talking about,oh girl I just use - that wolf this is,not for you we are talking about the,people who have tried - that who have,tried the doctor the the medication that,the doctor has given us and it is not,working so the first time that I try the,medication it def worked but after using,it a couple times it seemed like it just,wasn't doing it for me and I'm not even,going to hear a lot I like a lot of the,times to like you know you see the,symptoms go away then you stop taking,the medicine I mean again we're all,adults here we've been there I'm pretty,much here to give you guys this surefire,way a cure friends - chronic bacterial,vaginosis and yeast infections and I'm,telling y'all when y'all try this it's,going to change your life like I,literally have tried everything from a-z,ok and when I say a tizzy I mean I've,tried the coconut oil I've tried the,apple cider vinegar Babs I've tried,tea tree oil I have tried what else,natural remedies girl there's just so,many natural remedies everywhere and,natural remedies def work but I just,feel like it's about learning what works,for you and personally for me a lot of,that stuff another issue that I was,running into when I was taking my,to cure BV or cure yeast infection even,if you speak with your gynecologist I'm,one of those people who ask a lot of,questions so when I was talking to my,gynecologist you know I was pretty much,like why is it seem like you know I take,the medication for BV there I get East,infection II take yeast infection and,you'd be vegan and it's whoop-whoop it's,just back and forth back and forth,and it's just really exhausting so she,pretty much explains to me that when you,take the anti bacterial I believe when,you take that to get rid of the BV it,actually kills pretty much I think she,said it kills like all the bacteria so,it really like like creates this area or,this environment that breeds more fungal,so that's how you end up getting a yeast,infection after you cure your bb and in,my specific case when I would go to take,the yeast infection then the overly I,don't know friends I'm not a doctor but,whatever happened it would lead back to,to the bacterial vaginosis so it was,just really stressful for me it was,really starting to put me in a funk,because it's just kind of like I don't,know

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How to Decrease Acid in Pasta Sauce : Understanding Taste for Better Cooking

How to Decrease Acid in Pasta Sauce : Understanding Taste for Better Cooking

hi I'm barb Stuckey author of taste and,today we're going to talk about how to,fix a pasta sauce that has too much acid,or sour taste the easiest way to fix a,sauce that's too acidic and frankly the,easiest way to fix any sauce that's gone,wrong is to simply make another batch,and make it without the problem,ingredient,so if tomato sauce is what's making your,sauce too acidic you'll want to make the,second batch without the tomato sauce if,it's balsamic vinegar that's making your,sauce too acidic make the second one,without the vinegar then combine the two,batches and voila you've solved your,problem however you might not have,enough ingredients on hand or time to,make a whole nother batch so here are,some quick fixes the first one is to add,something that is not acidic so we're,talking about something that's got a lot,of acid like tomatoes or vinegar that's,in your sauce that's the problem you,want to balance that out with something,that has a low level of acid and that,brings to mind things like dairy,ingredients you could use butter for,example and butter has a neutral pH as,does milk and cream and what they're,going to do is that their neutral ph is,going to balance out some of that high,acidity from the tomatoes or the vinegar,whatever the problem is you should also,know that animal proteins like beef or,pork or chicken are generally low in,acid as well so if you're making a pasta,sauce that's got me you could just add a,little bit more meat or a little bit,more chicken and the addition of that is,also going to help to reduce the,perception of acidity in the sauce and,then lastly you could use that old trick,of adding a raw potato to your sauce but,it's not what you think is happening why,you're add and why you add a raw potato,is because a potato has much less acid,than the tomatoes that are the problem,so by cooking a potato in the sauce,you're essentially diluting out the,acidic,tastehh you could also use something,like rice or bread crumbs because they,too have neutral pH and so what you want,to do is let the potato cook down or,rice or breadcrumbs until they just,dissolve into the sauce and that will,help offset some of the acid in the,sauce remember that the best way to,avoid putting too much of anything into,any sauce is to taste between every,ingredient that you add taste taste and,taste again I'm barb Stuckey author of,taste for more information on how taste,works go to my website barb Stuckey comm,you

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