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Here's a Recipe That You Can Try Tonight: Potatoes and YamI am sure you've never tried this type,of


Updated on Jan 18,2023

Here's a Recipe That You Can Try Tonight: Potatoes and Yam

I am sure you've never tried this type,of potato and yam recipe so let's begin,the first step is you wash and cut your,yam and potato into smaller pieces and,place into a frying pan or a pot then,you add your water and allowed to boil,for some minutes,then after five minutes you drain the,water and transfer the potato and yam,into another Bowl then add your,vegetable oil and add your onions then,add your tomatoes,then allow to fry on low heat,then add your corned beef,foreign,together,then add your seasoning cubes,you can allow to fry for five minutes,then transfer to another Bowl,then add a spoon of the Fried Tomato and,corned beef then place the chopped,potato and yam as seen in the video,add a teaspoon of vegetable oil then,gently spread the fried ingredients in a,circular motion,thank you,then add your dried fruits this is,optional,then lightly beat two eggs,then add the eggs,to avoid it getting burnt Fry on low,heat,then flip it,or egg potato yam recipe is ready,trust me this is delicious,foreign,see you guys again next time bye,thank you

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How To Make Best PIZZA DOUGH for Your Business (Full Recipe-BIGA)

How To Make Best PIZZA DOUGH for Your Business (Full Recipe-BIGA)

hello guys from my studio kopely welcome,back,to my channel for the new people i'm,gonna explain who i,am i'm a maestro pizza yolo i teach on,this channel,how to make the best pizza so today,this video is about making the pizza,dough for,your business so if you own a pizzeria,please,make sure to watch this video because we,are going to make,one of the best pizza dough ever,with vega so i'm gonna explain to you,all,the steps at the end of this video i'm,just asking,just two thumbs up and subscribe thank,you so much for taking the time and,watching this video,let's get into the recipe let's go see,how to make,the full pizza dough for your business,with vega,let's go now the first thing to do is,to we have to make the bigger but before,what where's my jacket wait,there we go now now we're attacking,yes we can start to make the bigger,so what we need here it's very simple,three things,we need a container nice and tall like,this we need,three liters of water three liters of,water cold,we need 15 grams of dry yeast,six kilograms of zero zero flour,and also we need a container to mix our,vega we have to,add our flour in the,it's a container second thing to do is,we need to add our yeast,put on your hand just dump it like that,so let's mix up the the yeast just like,that,there we go we end up our water,don't put it all together because this,one we don't gotta make the dough,when you mix the dough just like that,there we go our vega is ready that's how,it's supposed to be look like,make sure you make the vega just like,that,you remember this container so we have,to add our vega,in the container,our bigger is ready,very important we have to close the,beaker really well,really well and make sure,there's no hair and now,we are ready to place this vega,in the fridge for 48 hours,minimum either out at room temperature,for one hour,and then we place the in the fridge for,48 hours,okay guys here we are we are in the,middle of,making the pizza dough so i'm going to,explain to you,briefly what we need we're going to use,four things really simple so the bigger,which is this one we're gonna switch it,for the east,because that becomes our yeast so we,have a vega,we have a sea salt we have water cold,and we have flour of course,so i want to explain to you uh before we,start everything,uh one thing really uh quick uh,to understand better so uh dehydration,what's the hydration dehydration is the,water that goes,in the flower so that's very simple,dehydration is the water when you want,the dough,to grow faster easy you put less salt,more water when you want the pizza a,little bit more crunchy,and the slow fermentation you add more,flour,that means low hydration so low a little,bit less,water it's a little bit complicated but,we just gotta understand,so it's a very simple so if you use a,low temperature oven that means you have,to put a little bit more,water on the hydration the higher is the,oven,the lower you can go with the hydration,that's clear simple the higher,the higher is the oven the lower is the,hydration hopefully this one will help,you,and this though that we're gonna make,today,for me is a really like a really really,good dough,it's a nice fermented nice and soft like,you can see here,that the crust nice and soft at the same,time,crunchy and soft in the same time and,of course the flavor that gives you the,vega,no other type of dough uh does so in,this dough,we are going to use a zero zero flour i,use a personally use,molino piantoni flour regular sea salt,cold water,and uh you can do this dough with any,type of,dough machine so no worry about that,regular speed,let's get into the recipe that's what we,need to create,our dough so we are going to use a 12,liter of water,700 grams of sea salt,18 kilos of zero zero flour,and of course,the bigger that we create so this is,basically three liters plus six kilos of,uh,flour with uh the east,the first step to do is we have to add,our bigger so this is the way how to put,the bigger in the dough machine,so we're gonna break the bigger by,pieces,just like that,i want to show you the bigger how it,looks like,after two two days of,fermentation,the second step we have to add the water,because adding the water first will help,to melt the bigger in with the water,uh in an easy way after we add the water,and the bigger we have to melt,the bigger so we're gonna turn it on the,machine,the goal here is now to melt the bigger,for the dough machine there are a fork,mixer,for four mixer machine i like to use,this one,this way i can push the bigger and the,help a little bit,the to melt the the bigger with the,water,but if you have a spiral mixer it will,catch for sure so no problem,so we're gonna mix it up for about five,five minutes five minutes or so,so like you can see now the water is,becoming the color,of the milk nice and white that means,that,the bigger is melting really well okay,what i like to do now at this point,i like to turn it off the machine make,sure it's off,let's say and now

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Pizza Dough Recipe

Pizza Dough Recipe

have you been searching for the perfect,homemade pizza dough recipe it's so easy,whips up really quick and you can make,pizza whenever you want hey you're,watching preppy kitchen where i john,canel teach you how to make delicious,homemade dishes to share with your,family and friends this homemade pizza,dough will be ready before you know it,so let's get started,first off we have to wake our little,baby yeast up they're all tucked away in,this package basically like freeze-dried,into little granules and they need a,nice warm environment to wake up in with,a little bit of food so,we want to use water that is warm,not cold not hot,cold won't wake them up hot will kill,them so go for about a hundred degrees,if you put your finger in,it should feel,warm not scalding hot and i also like to,use my mixing bowl but first i warm it,up by filling it up with hot water just,because the glass is so cold it'll sap,the heat out of that water in an instant,so pour that out,there's a sink there,and now i'm adding in three quarters of,a cup of warm water,between 100 and 110 degrees i'm gonna,add in half of a tablespoon of sugar the,remaining half will be used later that's,the food and now one package of active,dry yeast you could also use instant,yeast for this as well pour that out,there,it's usually still full of yeast so just,open that package up wipe it up,and give it a quick stir let's stir,toaster,106 degrees all stirred up cover this up,let it hang out for like five minutes,maybe seven you're looking for little,bubbles to form that lets you know the,yeast has woken up and that pizza dough,is gonna be on its way okay we'll be,right back okay five or so minutes later,let's take a peek under the bonnet,oh perfect super frothy bubbly those,yeast are kicking so here's the deal,this gets put aside for about a moment,here i have two cups 240 grams of,all-purpose or double zero flour,and i'm gonna add three quarters of a,teaspoon of salt that pizza dough needs,some flavor you could also add in like,half a teaspoon of dried rosemary you,could add in oregano any herb you like,even onion powder garlic powder,you do you okay the rest of the sugar,the remaining half a tablespoon just,give it a whisk with squish squish okay,now,everything's all set i'm taking out the,stand mixer but,you could totally do this by hand a,little well in the middle,it gets messy but you could use a wooden,spoon i just like using the stand mixer,since i have it and i can dust off this,dough hook,almost never use it so it's in pristine,condition okay let's get that mixer out,okay attach that dough hook right on,there,okay here's the deal if you notice the,dough is not coming together and we'll,talk about that in a moment just add a,little bit more flour and you may have,to depending on the humidity x y or z,you're measuring,okay we're gonna go on low,making a dough is always funny because,at first you're like oh my gosh this is,going totally wrong what's happening and,then it's like oh it worked out perfect,so just keep going don't lose faith,this is optional but i can't help myself,and just to,tamp some of this down,okay,now let the mixer do its thing it's,going to take a couple minutes so just,be patient,see at first you thought oh my gosh,that's way too much flour but then,things incorporate,it all works out,giving my dough a literal blessing of,water just because it actually seemed a,bit dry you can add a bit more flour if,it's wet you could add a little bit more,water if it seems dry after you mix it,in,this is a cohesive ball which is what,you want see right here,it's a little sticky it's not too bad,i'm going to be adding a lot of flour,onto my well-floured surface when i need,this so this is just about right take,this away clean surface we'll sprinkle a,flower we're going to get to kneading,we don't need to need this for very long,because the mixer did a lot of the,kneading for us but always good practice,so just a little flour sprinkle sprinkle,sprinkle,now,that ball of precious delicious dough,out,and we're just going to,work it a little bit to help,activate all that delicious protein in,there aka the gluten,you can see this is actually pretty,close already,you want to be able to form it into a,ball,done and then i can press down and it,balances back so it's bouncing back it's,nice and neat,really it's been a lot of time in that,mixer that it,so it didn't need the kneading but,if you're doing this by hand you,definitely will need to knead the dough,for maybe four to five minutes until it,looks like this like a nice clean,bouncy little ball,now that our dough is kneaded we can put,it aside,get a big bowl out,and add in a few tablespoons of olive,oil you could use regular oil as well,like a vegetable oil aka soy bean or,canola oil okay move it around,this is where our dough is going to rise,up,plop the dough in here,kind of i like to grease the top a bit,so it doesn't dry out boys are going to,be so excited i was talking to my mom on,the phone and

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How to Make NEAPOLITAN PIZZA DOUGH like a World Best Pizza Chef

How to Make NEAPOLITAN PIZZA DOUGH like a World Best Pizza Chef

have a look at the south structure,within the doll okay,this indicates the Pizza Napoletana has,been cooked perfectly we still have that,beautiful softness little bit of,crispness the bounce back which is,important,hi and welcome to Vincenzo display oh,yeah we miss it Johnny D Francesco today,the master of Pizza is going to show us,how to make pizza Napoletana Napolitan,pizza dough from scratch and you're,gonna learn how to make the best now for,example in the world because this man is,the world champion pizza chef Johnny,welcome to the show thank you thanks for,having me on I think he knows what he's,doing because he's face you look younger,you have to say,yeah it's that made me look a bit,younger it's on the flour right so,Johnny Tanana all around the world with,some your face goes everywhere yep so,please show our friends out to make the,best pizza let's get into it now a lot,of people think that it's difficult,making Napolitan pizza dough but it's,actually not that hard if you follow the,correct fundamentals so really simple,this recipe six hundred mils of water,one kilo flour 30 grams of salt and,around about one to two grams of yeast,so what do we do first we start off with,the water very important we always start,off with the water we then add the salt,and the salt and at this point what we,do is we need to dissolve now really,important and something that we don't,want to do is contaminate the yeast with,the salt so what we do is we separate it,and the way we do that is by adding at,least 10% of the flour into the bowl so,what we're doing is frankly just,diluting it's quite simple right so what,we do is we open up the flour pack and,what we do is we add around about 10%,now a lot of people say oh how am I,going to measure ten percent well you,can actually either way or just have a,consistency of like let's say a crepe or,pancake mix right yeah one packet one,packet exactly for more than 10% is,still okay it's still okay yeah not a,big deal so around about this we get it,to this consistency we then get the,yeast as we can see very little yeast,and what we do is we place the yeast,directly into the mix the fresh is,freshest yet so this will dissolve in a,matter of seconds,there we go or gone a lot of people what,they do is they dilute the yeast in,water we don't need to do that just drop,it straight into the mix right we want,to retain as much strength of that yeast,as possible now free me yes there we go,we have an ice cream paste there now,once we've achieved this what we then do,is we'll proceed to add the remaining of,the flour now only a little bit at a,time okay because you want the flour to,absorb all that water so a little bit at,a time,we add we keep mixing I'm trying to keep,my bowl really clean along the up the,perimeter so that way I don't have any,flour stuck there or any unused flour we,don't want to use up all of it so always,mixing along the sides and just folding,into the dough so people don't want to,use a stand mixer do you recommend it,yes so if you want to use a mixer at,home really simple right what I always,tell people is start off the whole,process in the mixer like if you've got,one of those I don't know like a,KitchenAid or make mix or something,right start it off in the mixer but then,what I normally do is once it's combined,I then turn it onto a bench and I like,finishing it off by hand only using one,hand we don't want to use two hands at,the moment because I'm going to show you,I'm going to actually turn this onto the,bench so then I can get some real,pressure into it with two hands okay now,as we can see that dough has formed,which is great because what I'm going to,do now is I'm going to turn this on to,the table and this is where the work,begins so what we want to do is now with,two of our hands we're mixing always,into the flour as you can see I'm,pushing in and then I'm turning over now,there's a few different ways that you,can mix the dough okay this is one way,so two hands just turning okay so you're,just aerating and turning that dough the,other way is we can also push down and,then when it comes to a nice long piece,I then turn over,again okay as you can see I'm picking up,all the flour off the bench and I won't,add any more flour until I see that all,the flour on the bench has been absorbed,you know Vincenzo we allow our dough to,rise for at least 24 hours so Johnny,you know you ought you said you only use,four simple ingredients and we know that,what's the most important ingredient in,the recipe,look all the ingredients are important,but you do need to ensure that you are,using the right flour to make a,Napolitan pizza this is very very,important because if you're not using,and as you can see on the package says,d-pod zero zero there's a lot of flowers,out there that have people zero zero or,type zero zero that doesn't necessarily,mean that it's good to make pizza with,it's the W writing in the flour that's,extremely important now people say,what's the W writing

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Homemade Pizza Dough | Quick and easy recipe vs 72-hour fermented dough recipe

Homemade Pizza Dough | Quick and easy recipe vs 72-hour fermented dough recipe

welcome back to annie cooks the show,with me andy professional chef for over,20 years brings you on my journey on,becoming a better home cook because as,we discussed in the last couple videos,chefs don't often make the best home,cooks,and as you probably saw on the thumbnail,today we are talking about pizza pizza,is one of those dishes i've been a huge,fan of for as long as i can remember,like most people but it's only in the,last couple of years that i've actually,started making my own pizza and it's,been quite the learning curve so today,we're going to run through two types of,dough a 72 hour long ferment dough and a,one hour as fast as i can make it kind,of dough,and we're going to compare the,differences and see what's better now i,think i know what's going to be better,but,i want to taste them side by side to see,how big the variance is and if it is,worth while doing a one hour pizza or at,all or if we should just leave this to,special occasions where you have time to,prep for it uh it's not that complicated,at the same time it's very complicated,if that makes sense so let's get stuck,in what you're going to need are some,type double o flour this is a soft flour,which is specifically designed for pizza,pretty much,you can just use all-purpose flour but i,would highly suggest that you take the,effort and and find some of this stuff,i know where i live in australia,this is on the supermarket shells now at,most of the major supermarkets so you,shouldn't have too much of a trouble,finding it,and then we're going to talk about the,classic margarita today uh so you're,going to need some tinned tomatoes to,make your tomato sauce now um you know,the italian swear by the san marino,tomatoes i'm probably pronouncing that,wrong i apologize i couldn't find,somewhere i live i know i can get them,online but i kind of ran out of time,so i've got these instead uh you know,they're italian plum style tomato uh i'm,sure they should be pretty good we'll,taste them anyway and and make sure that,they're sweet enough so we'll go through,making the sauce and and um spoiler,alert you don't need to cook this before,you use it,salt oil,water obviously mozzarella and basil,so full credit with credits julie the 72,hour long ferment recipe that i use is,by uh an awesome pizza home pizza maker,i'm pretty sure she lives in singapore i,could be wrong apologies if i'm wrong on,that um uh so her name is leopard crust,pizza which she goes by the name leopard,crust pizza online so check her out on,instagram make some incredible looking,pies and i can vouch for this recipe,it's a real banger,and then the one hour one i'm kind of,going off gut feeling here and basically,all i'm gonna do is up the yeast to try,and get it actively as quickly as,possible maybe put a little bit of sugar,in there and we'll see if we can proof,it up in an hour um fingers crossed,there is recipes for this stuff online,but i'm pretty sure i can adapt this,recipe,the purists will say that this you know,this can't be done the one-hour pizza,you know you can't develop the flavors,but if you haven't planned this out,properly then,you know surely we can create something,that's that's acceptable within the time,frame but you know stick to the end,we'll find out,before we go any further guys please do,me a huge favor and smash that like,button if you take any value at all from,this video it really helps me and it,really helps me kind of keep making,these videos so smash that like button,give me a follow if you're not and click,that little bell icon,alright so let's go to three days ago,where i started making my 72 hour pizza,welcome to the past it's kind of always,the past because this is on youtube but,anyway this is three days before uh i,was talking just previously and we're,going to start making our long ferment,dough so we're going to ferment the,stove for 72 hours but there's a few,things we need to do first so flour so,double low flour,480 grams of double o flour we've got 14,grams of sea salt here,one gram of dried active yeast which,isn't much at all which hence the long,fermenting and 326 grams of water i'm,guessing she's kind of,adapted this recipes and pounds from the,state something and that's why the,random numbers but it works out to be,around the 70 hydration dough which is,pretty just pretty wet so if you're kind,of new to dough you can,up the or lessen your water,a little bit to make it easier to handle,so we're going to start by dissolving,our,salt and our yeast,in the water your flour,well in the center,so just working from the center out to,make sure you kind of eliminate lumps,and this recipe is going to make three,dough balls around 270 grams each so if,you want to make more pizzas than three,by all means just,double or triple the dough so once your,doughs come together lightly flour your,bench,get that on there i like to use a dough,scraper to get all that really wet dough,off my fingers i'm just gonna knead this,for about,five six minutes until it

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How to Make Perfect Pizza | Gennaro Contaldo

How to Make Perfect Pizza | Gennaro Contaldo

اهلاً بالناس المحبة للطعام.انا في قوزو. قوزو منتهي الجمال.و هي جزيره قريبه من ملتا,نعم فعلا! أنا سا احتفل في هذه الجزيرة الجميلة، سا أحضر بيتزا محليه - كلاسيكيه,مارغريتا. بسيطة جدا، سهله جدا. العالم يحب بيتزا. لماذا يجب عليك ان تذهب شراءها؟ حضر بيتزا خاصه بك,انها رخيصة وسهلة وأنها لذيذة! دعني اريك كيف. زبدية، 500g من قوي,دقيق، 1 ملعقة صغيرة من الملح، والكيس من 7G من الخميرة المجففة، ثم لديك هنا 325ml الحارة,ماء. على التوالي في. مزجها الآن يمكنك ان ترى الملح,هنا؟ أنا ستعمل مزجها، وملح مع دقيق. الخميرة يذهب داخل فإنك مزيج,ذلك. ما هو عن صنع البيتزا؟ انها فانتاستيكو!,تحويله إلى أسفل، حرك الملعقة، ثم البدء في مزجها.,فانتاستيكو! هذه المرحلة أحتاج قليلا من الطحين، فقط,قليلا. وضعها على رأس. هذا هو الطريق قمت بتنظيف يديك. أنا أحب صنع البيتزا!,يمكنك جمع كل ذلك معا وذاك. مع راحة يدك في جانب واحد، وكنت,القابضة للالآخر، كنت تسحبه و كنت أضعاف ذلك، كنت تسحبه وكنت أضعاف ذلك و,كنت تحمل على فعل ذلك، حسنا؟ ثم تحصل على الجانب الآخر، وسحب وأنت,طيها. الآن العجين جاهز! الحصول على الدقيق، فقط,لفة قليلا. الحصول على سكين، تفعل واحد، اثنان، ثلاثة وأربعة. فقد حان، 150G.,لفة، لفة. الآن كنت قد حصلت على أربعة جميلة أجزاء من العجين. الآن أنا برهان ستعمل على,عجينة. أولا، نحن في حاجة الى القليل من السميد. إذا لم يكن لديك فتات الخبز استخدام السميد،,يعمل رائعة. هذا هو ما كنت فعل. أنا دليل ستعمل. ما هو التدقيق؟,الخميرة هي على قيد الحياة. بمجرد أن المياه التي تعمل باللمس، بداية لنقلها. كما سرعان ما لمس دقيق، يبدأ,لإطعام. لأنها تخلق جوا. الأكسجين يذهب السطح مثل oooooh. وغني boobooboobooboo،,مضاعفة حجم. لأنهم سعداء! لكن ثم، (تنهد) أنها مرتاحة. يصبحون جدا,المرونة، يمكنك أن تمتد لهم لطيفة، وأنا لا العقل.,وضع قليل من الطحين على القمة، ووضع قطعة قماش مبللة على والسماح لها دليلا لمدة ساعة على الأقل.,ها هم! (يغني) بام بام بام بام! دقيق. ننظر في ذلك!,أنها مضاعفة حجم. اضغط عليه وتحويلها حول مرة أخرى، واختيار ما يصل اليه. ننظر في ذلك!,حسنا. الآن هناك القليل من ثقب هنا. لا محاولة التمسك بها، في محاولة لأعتبر من الجانبين,من البيتزا، ووضعها على وسطه. ثم بإصبعك، فقط اضغط عليه. هذا حقيقي,رائع. توقف! نحصل على الطماطم لطيفة، أو سوف الباساتا القيام به.,أو هذا واحد بعينه لقد بنكهة الثوم، فإنه من السهل.,وقف من الوسط، لا تحتاج أيضا الكثير من الطماطم. رذاذ مع بعض الزيتون قليلا,نفط. فإنه يساعد على نكهة البيتزا. قليلا من الملح. عندما تصل إلى مرحلة,لجعل مارجريتا الكلاسيكية، تحتاج البارميزان الجبن. وسيكون هذا لذيذ جدا. لطيفة موزاريلا.,لكل البيتزا تحتاج حوالي 50G من جبن موزاريلا. مجرد كسر بيديك، انها جيدة جدا.,الريحان، كسرها. نعم، مع رذاذ لطيف من زيت الزيتون مرة أخرى. البليت، هنا أنت.,السميد قليلا على منصة نقالة. لا تخافوا، تعدل ذلك. الآن معجزة ستحدث. نعم فعلا!,هذا هو ريفي جدا!,نعم بالتأكيد! هذا ما أسميه البيتزا. ننظر في ذلك! الكامل,بيتزا! الطماطم والريحان على القمة، والجبن، زيت الزيتون غوزو. غوزو أنا أحبك. انت تستطيع,وضع السلامي، يمكنك وضع الخضروات المحفوظة، على مسؤوليتك الخاصة، انها من أي وقت مضى من السهل جدا. إذا كنت تريد,لرؤيتي جعل جميع أكثر، طبق رائع لا ننسى الغذاء قناة أنبوب الاشتراك! إنها,حر. دعونا طهي كل ذلك معا، انها ممتعة. I جعل لكم رائعة بيتزا مارجريتا.,أنت تعرف ماذا، بول المصور تبحث في وجهي، وقال انه ستعمل اتبع تقريبا. الى اللقاء!,أنا سوف اكل البيتزا الخاصه بي أنا سوف اكل البيتزا الخاصه بي نعم بالتأكيد! لذيذه ! اممممم,الى اللقاء!,شكرا لكم لمشاهدة الفيديو الخاص بي انبوب الغذاء.,وقد تم تكييف هذه الوصفة من كتابي - دعنا نطبخ وجبه ٌيطالية. يرجى إلقاء نظرة، وسوف,تحبه. وابقي متابعن لقناة أنبوب الغذاء. اشترك - فهو مجاني وممتع! دعونا,لنطهي الطعام على مدار السنة معا! أحبكم جميعاً. الى اللقاء!

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Homemade Pizza Crust (Dough) from Scratch - Easy Recipe

Homemade Pizza Crust (Dough) from Scratch - Easy Recipe

hello and welcome to crouton,crackerjacks today i'm going to show you,how to make the easiest but best pizza,crust there is don't be intimidated by,pizza crust it's super easy to make,using ingredients that you more than,likely already have in your pantry and,it doesn't take hardly any time at all,so these are the ingredients that you'll,need,so let's get started i'm going to start,off with a large bowl here i'm going to,add in 2 tablespoons of granulated sugar,and to that i'm going to add in three,quarters of a cup of warm water that's,about 100 110 degrees or so i'm just,gonna swirl that around a little bit to,dissolve a little bit of that sugar and,then i'm going to sprinkle on one,teaspoon of active dry yeast right on,top now you want to let this sit for a,few minutes and kind of rehydrate your,yeast a little bit and once that gets a,little bit foamy i'm going to add in one,teaspoon of salt,one tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil,you can use,melted butter for this you can use,vegetable oil whatever kind of oil that,you want,and then i'm going to dump in two cups,of all-purpose or plain flour and i'm,just gonna use my hands here because,eventually i'm gonna get my hands dirty,with this so just using my fingertips,i'm just going to stir this together,until it kind of starts to come together,and form a dough they want to go around,the sides of your bowl make sure that,all of the ingredients get off the side,of the bowl,ultimately you want to make sure that,everything gets incorporated into your,dough,out of the dozens and dozens and dozens,of times that i've made this two cups of,flour has been perfect for me it always,works with exactly two cups i never need,any less i never need any more it just,somehow someway with this recipe it just,works out every time now once it,generally starts to come together and,form a dough you want to turn that out,onto,your countertop get all that dough off,of your hands and then just start,kneading this you don't have to need,this for any length of time,really all you want to do is knead this,together until it forms a nice smooth,dough it doesn't have to be you know,smooth as baby's butt smooth you just,want to make sure that everything is,incorporated,and as you need this you want to keep it,moving keep it moving keep it moving,if you stop during this or if you are,needing too slow it will stick to you,and to your countertop work surface so,just keep it moving keep it moving and,it shouldn't stick if it is too sticky,you can use just the tiniest little bit,of flour,but really you really shouldn't have to,and once everything is incorporated go,ahead and make it into a nice ball of,dough,and then i'm going to use the same bowl,that i mixed this in i'm just going to,add in about a tablespoon of additional,olive oil and spread that around and,then i'm going to coat my dough in the,olive oil now make sure that your dough,is completely covered in the olive oil,so that way it doesn't dry out as it,rises and then you want to cover this,with a damp towel and put it into a warm,spot to rise,for between an hour hour and a half,maybe two hours just until the dough is,doubled in size,once your dough has doubled you can go,ahead and take the towel off and punch,your dough down pull it away from the,sides of your bowl make sure it's not,sticking there now i am using a pizza,pan here it is a specific,pan,for the pizza industry i got at a,restaurant supply house uh you can use,any pizza pan that you have you can even,use a cookie sheet if you want to for,this and i'm gonna put about two,tablespoons or so of olive oil into my,pan and i'm gonna spread this around so,there's a liberal coat of oil covering,my entire pan then you want to take your,dough and place that into the center of,your pan and starting in the center of,your dough you want to use just your,fingertips and start pressing this out,to the edge of your pizza pan if you're,using this kind of pizza pan,that has a lip on it if you're using,just a cookie sheet or a flat pan go,ahead and press it out until it is about,between 14 and 16 inches in diameter and,as you're pressing this out you just,want to use your fingertips here and,kind of build yourself up a crust around,the outside but if you're using one of,these specialty pizza pans go ahead and,use your fingertips again and press the,dough down into the corner of the pan,and then i'm going to go ahead and dock,my crust now i'm just using a fork here,and i'm just going to poke a bunch of,little holes in this crust now it seems,kind of counter-intuitive to you know,punch a bunch of holes in this but,basically what this is going to do is,prevent my crust from getting ultra,poofy and ultimately it just makes a,nicer crust and then from here you can,pretty much top your pizza with whatever,you want go ahead and use pizza sauce,after the pizza sauce typically you do,cheese and then the rest of your,toppings and bake this in a preheated,oven at 450 degrees fahrenheit,for about 12 mayb

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How to make Neapolitan Pizza Dough

How to make Neapolitan Pizza Dough

foreign,style pizza you need four ingredients,flour water salt fresh cheese,when you buy flour the best flour you,can get is typo00 this is a very fine,milled flour and has a high protein,content if you cannot find depo00 you,should go for regular bread flour with,this flour you will need to use a little,less water but it will still make a damn,good pizza,always use cold water,many dough recipes they will recommend,you to use warm water this is to boost,the rising of the dough in a very fast,time but when you're making pizza you,want a slow rice this is to create the,most Airy and delicious crust you've,ever tasted,according to the Neapolitan standard you,should always use fresh yeast but if you,cannot find fresh yeast it's okay you,can use the dry one just make sure you,only use half of the amount that you,would usually use with the Freshies this,is because the dry yeast is much more,potent than the fresh variation,a Neapolitan dough recipe goes quite a,bit of salt the most important reason is,taste but it will also help create a,strong gluten Network and it kills all,the bad bacteria during the rising and,the ripening of the dough when you buy,salt make sure to get sea salt this is,antibacterial and doesn't have all the,bad additives in it great we have all,our ingredients and we're ready to start,so now I could give you a standard,recipe for let's say three people or,four people but what if you give a pizza,party for five people or seven or maybe,even 20. then you need to customize your,recipe so that's why it's best to work,with percentages,so for a traditional Neapolitan style,pizza you need 100 flour 65 Water three,percent sea salt and 0.2 percent yeast,Peter you said it was going to be easy,that's right that's why I made a pizza,dough calculator just for you,choose the type of pizza you like in,this case we go for Neapolitan the,amount of pizzas the weight of the dough,ball for a medium Pizza this is about,220 grams the amount of water if you're,using typo00 leave it at 65 when you're,baking with bread flour instead of,typo00 you should go for a lower amount,of water so between 55 and 60 now press,calculate and Kaboom there it is your,own custom pizza recipe,we got our ingredients and we've got our,custom recipe so let's get started got,an empty bowl,add your calculated amount of water,into the bowl,get yourself and add it to the water,stir it until it's completely dissolved,now you get your yeast and you drop it,into the bowl but wait yeast doesn't,like salty water,the salt will damage the yeast,preventing the dough from rising so we,need to make a buffer between the salt,and the yeast the way we do that is that,we take 10 of our flour we put it into,our water we stir it in until it's,completely dissolved and that will be,our buffer,so now we're ready to add our yeast,so now we're gonna add the remaining,flour into our Bowl,and Loosely mix it in with our,fingertips over the spoon,in this stage the dough will feel very,dry and Flaky don't worry just keep on,stirring,after mixing everything together we can,start the kneading the first knitting we,do inside of the bowl and after a few,minutes you will already see that the,dough is coming together,and the consistency is getting more,sticky and wet don't worry just keep on,eating now it's time to take it out,put a little bit of flour on our,tabletop,and start kneading the dough for about,10 to 20 minutes in this process the,dough will get all its strength the,gluten network will be developed and the,dough will be ready for its next stage,after about 10 to 20 minutes of kneading,you can shape your dough into a bowl,make sure to check out my tutorial on,how to make dough balls okay we have our,dough ball and we want to put it into,our Bowl so before I do that get a,little bit of olive oil put it into the,bowl get a brush,and brush it out,so when the bowl has a thin layer of oil,you can put in the bowl,and now also give your dough bowl a thin,layer of oil,this will prevent it from drying out,later on,cover the bowl with cling film or a damp,towel and let it rest for about two,hours after two hours have passed you,can portion the dough into balls check,out my tutorial on how to make those,walls so when you're done portioning the,pizza balls you can place them on a,baking tray cover with a little bit of,oil or flour,when all dough balls are in the baking,tray cover the baking tray with cling,film,now put the tray away for about four to,six hours at room temperature,we're six hours later and our dough has,risen now we're ready to make some,pizzas,this is the most basic way to make a,neapolitan pizza but you can also make,Next Level pizzas check out my tutorial,on riping and rising of the dough to see,how you can do that thanks for watching,and see you next time,peace

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