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Food Theory: The DARK Secret ofย Oreospop quiz theorists let me know your,answer down in the comments

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Updated on Jan 18,2023

Food Theory: The DARK Secret ofย Oreos

pop quiz theorists let me know your,answer down in the comments how do you,eat your oreo cookie do you a just eat,it like a normal cookie what am i even,talking about here do you be dunk it in,milk and nibble away the soggy portion,of the cookie do you see twist the,cookie apart and eat it in pieces or d,black out and wake up 30 minutes later,half naked on the floor covered in,crumbs with two full sleeves of oreos,held unaccounted for just figured i'd,ask you know for a friend me i'm uh i'm,probably more of a c type of guy,definitely definitely see,hello internet welcome to food theory,the show that's here to fill your brain,with the most stuff people often ask me,matpat why do you want to ruin my,childhood year after year channel after,channel episode after episode you go out,of your way to undermine everything i,love about disney and nintendo and now,even kool-aid why well here's the truth,friends come closer and i'll tell ya,closer closer i'm not trying theorists,i'm just a simple youtuber who happens,to follow the facts wherever they lead,take today's episode as an example i set,out to make a pleasant little video,about oreo cookies i really did i,stumbled across a fun fact about how,oreos spent a lot of money to make their,cookies kosher back in the 90s harmless,right i love oreos i love our food,channel i love the fact that our food,channel allows me to buy things like,oreos that i can write off on my taxes,and heck it sounded like an interesting,topic so naturally i looked into why,oreo would spend tens of millions of,dollars on a recipe tweet when they were,already the best selling cookie in the,world and what i found is that it wasn't,just a business decision about dollars,and cents it was a personal vendetta and,from there i just descended down into,grocery store conspiracies and big,cookie trying to smash little cookie,into crumbles and a cover-up that's been,decades in the making theorists it turns,out going kosher was oreo's master,stroke in a century-old sandwich cookie,feud that's right i said sandwich cookie,feud and i'm not so sure that oreo's on,the right side of this one either cause,that sweet little fun fact about oreos,being kosher is in fact sandwiched,between two dark sinister secrets so,settle in theorists because while oreo's,cookies may be kosher their alleged,business practices haven't always been,it's time for oreos to get dunked on,dunked on as in dunked in the milk but,also dunked on in anyway it all begins a,long time ago so here's how this whole,cookie feud began back in the 1890s,brothers jacob and joseph loose started,a bakery together in kansas city,missouri jacob fell ill and went to,europe to recover while he was way,joseph used his seat on the company's,board to take the company in a new,direction and form the national biscuit,company today known as nabisco jacob the,sick brother was not happy about this,decision eventually recovered from his,illness and returned to the states he,decided to get back into the cookie game,but not with nabisco instead jacob,started the loose wiles biscuit company,with a new business partner quickly,building it up to be the second largest,bakery in the u.s behind you guessed it,nabisco a large part of that success,came in 1908 when the loose wilds,biscuit company released the hydrox,sandwich cookie a revolutionary dessert,with two chocolate cookies and a cream,filling four years later nabisco would,release the oreo and um well it was a,ripoff of the hydrox and a shameless one,at that like there is no beating around,the bush here my friends i mean just,look at these two cookies side by side,the circular shape the flavorings the,colors the filling the biscuits and,that's not even mentioning the design,the name in the center the ridged edges,the intricate floral inspired pattern,it's safe to say that the oreo was made,to look like the hydrox heck even the,name oreo is a jab at hydrox it's a,reference to the oreo daphne a genus of,flowering mountain laurels just like the,pattern on the hydrox cookie and this,theorists is the first dark secret at,play here the uncomfortable truth about,america's favorite cookie day the,world's favorite cookie is that it's an,outright rip-off of the original hydrox,now there's a fine line between,unethical business and good business say,what you will about oreo's origins but,the fact of the matter is that it was,followed up by decades and decades of,good business decisions on nabisco's,part and a lot of questionable ones on,hydrox's end today the original sandwich,cookie has faded into obscurity while,the imitator cookie is a beloved icon,the world over and that's all thanks to,marketing first we have gotta talk about,the names here i mean why on earth would,someone name their cookie the hydrox,like you might as well have named the,thing hydrogen peroxide at that point,elon musk is master of strange names and,even he wouldn't name his kid hydrox but,what's crazier than the name hydrox is,that loose wiles actuall

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INCREDIBLE CHANGE OF OREO BISCUIT ๐Ÿ˜‹๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ‘จ๐Ÿณ๐Ÿ‘€๐Ÿคค Why Didn't I Think Of This Recipe Before?

INCREDIBLE CHANGE OF OREO BISCUIT ๐Ÿ˜‹๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ‘จ๐Ÿณ๐Ÿ‘€๐Ÿคค Why Didn't I Think Of This Recipe Before?

Hello, welcome to my channel. For an Oreo Roll of yours today. ,From which city and country are you watching me? I'm curious about your local dishes. Can you write your suggestions in the comments? You can watch easily by choosing subtitles in your own language.,Take the cream of thirty Oreo biscuits in a bowl. ,We grind the Oreo pieces into flour in a chopper. ,If you like my video, like it and announce it to my channel, you will do it by motivating me. thanks. ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ˜‡๐Ÿ˜‡๐Ÿ˜‡ ,Take the biscuits in a bowl and half a tea cup can be used to enlarge and greatly. (About fifty ml of milk). ,To prepare the cream of the biscuits part to prepare the two parts. ,We wrap the aged dough from biscuits with cling film or greaseproof paper and roll spending. ,From which city and country are you watching me? I'm curious about your local dishes. Can you write your suggestions in the comments? You can watch easily by choosing subtitles in your own language.,We spread it in the cream.,We can improve the stretch of film or wax paper rolls by trimming the edges with a knife and 1 wait. ,If you like my video, like it and announce it to my channel, you will do it by motivating me. thanks. ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ˜‡. ,We serve the Oreo roll by cutting it into about two cm wide. ,I would appreciate if you subscribe to my channel, like and comment. Thanks for watching. Enjoy your meal.

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Food Theory: Are Double Stuf Oreos a SCAM?

Food Theory: Are Double Stuf Oreos a SCAM?

when you open up one of these oreos,they're so thin like i know that there,are oreo thins but like these guys it's,like i'm eating a chocolate wafer and,there's maybe a fraction of cream in,there and then i open up double stuff,and i'm like oh look at that thick layer,of cream in there i want that thickness,inside my,nope,don't say that,i should not have said that,that was a mistake mistakes were made,friends lots of mistakes were made,hello internet welcome to food theory,where today is a delicious day because,we've got a lot of oreos set to test uh,you'll see around me we have oreos of,all different shapes and sizes we've got,everything from your oreo minis to your,thin boy oreos all the way,to your thick boy oreos and your thicker,boy oreos,all in an effort to see,is a double stuff oreo truly double the,stuff as your basic one to me there is,absolutely no way,that this is twice,this no way and so i'm determined to,prove it and then from there we're also,exploring different types of oreos how,do oreo minis factor in how do oreo,thins factor in what about golden oreos,these guys are kind of also rams of the,oreo family are they any different i,threw in some mints just because the,minty oreos,it's not so much whether i'm curious,about how much stuffing is inside i just,wanted an excuse to buy these because,when you're talking about alternative,oreo flavors these are the best and then,lastly of course we're getting to the,big boys the mega stuffs and the more,stuffs if we were to classify these are,these what triple stuff oreo quadruple,stuff oreo because it's not mega stuff,mega means million stuff and that's i,don't know it's false advertising and,i'm not the only person who's been,curious about this other people have,done this experiment to varying results,take it away vo matpat back in 2013,nabisco came under fire when dan,anderson a high school math teacher in,queensbury new york decided to bring,some oreos to school for a hands-on,class activity his class found that,oreo's double stuff cookies were not in,fact what they claimed according to,their measurements the so-called double,stuff cookies were more like oreos 1.86,stuff cookies he shared the results on,his blog and got picked up by the news,weeks after business insider did their,own video investigation and found that,double stuff oreos were closer to 1.91,stuff not quite as low as dan anderson's,high school math class measured but,still shy of truly being double the,stuff now that might seem like a small,thing to get all worked up over but,remember that we live in a world where,subway ended up paying half a million,dollars to settle a lawsuit over the,fact that their foot long sandwiches,were sometimes only 11 inches long which,is probably why nabisco made official,statements in the aftermath of both of,these stories asserting that their,double stuffed oreos were exactly what,they claimed to be so that is what we're,here today to do to look at whether the,double stuff oreo truly has double the,stuffing as a single stuff oreo i i,can't imagine that that's the case but,we'll find out today you might think,that we're just going to be weighing the,cream but because it's a little bit,difficult to get all of the cream and,get it nice and standardized we're,actually going to be wearing the full,cookie and then the cookies without the,cream that way we're getting a standard,of a measured as we can that also allows,us in the event that we're having a hard,time getting rid of all the queen queen,the queen where's the queen filling the,other thing that this is nice to have is,if we have a hard time separating out,the cream it allows us to do things like,maybe melt it off or maybe do other,things to really get all that cream off,the cookies that melting the cream off,idea yeah i just tossed that out as a,random thought while we were recording i,would later come to regret that decision,so here's cookie number one of the great,double stuff cookie experiment here we,go,11.4,and now what we do,is we're just going to twist,got cream on both sides so we're going,to scrape it off oh yeah this is,it's it's close,it's just like buried in the nooks and,crannies,that's the problem here,now obviously that's adding weight to,the cookie so i'm only doing that for,comedic effect yes,i see you all you science nerds you're,like the moisture is making the cookie,heavier i get it,i get it it's a joke,it's a joke i know my saliva is heavy,i've got the heavy saliva in the,business,so sorry,8.2 okay so initially i was dissatisfied,with the amount of scraping i was having,to do to get all the cream out of the,nooks and crannies and thus the great,hair dryer experiment began so we're,trying plan b,hair dryer,it's going to melt right,right,sure,let's find out together friends,for science,it's hot i'll give it that,oh yeah you can see it melting my poor,fingers,it's hot on my fingers set it on a plate,set it on the plate they say,don't burn your fingers they say,just blew it off jason

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Oreo Is the Knockoff. The Original Cookie Is Back for Revenge.

Oreo Is the Knockoff. The Original Cookie Is Back for Revenge.

This video is sponsored by Atlas VPN.,Oreo is the best-selling cookie in the world.,You probably know of the tradition of twisting, licking or,dunking the cookie, but few know the dark side of its history.,Thatโ€™s because many of its secrets have been,buried for over 100 years, starting with the cookie,being a knockoff with a questionable filling.,Before we get into the next part of the story, our team,would like to quickly thank our sponsor, Atlas VPN.,Developed by top cybersecurity specialists and IT,engineers, Atlas VPN encrypts your personal data,and hides your virtual location on any device.,Currently, Atlas VPN is offering Hook,members a three-year deal for only $1.39 per,month with a 30-day money-back guarantee.,On average, companies collect and sell 75,000,data points about the average consumer.,Fortunately, Atlas VPN has a tool that,alerts you when this has happened.,By simply typing out your email address, the tool scans the,internet to see if your names, emails, passwords, and other,sensitive information ended up in data breaches or data dumps.,Atlas VPN is a huge help for everyday situations too, you,can access geo-restricted content on streaming platforms,like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, HBO, and many more.,You can also find the best deals on airline tickets,and hotels โ€” which is especially helpful now,that travel restrictions are slowly being lifted.,Many companies, including airlines and hotels, show,users different prices depending on their location.,With Atlas VPN, simply switch to a,different country for better prices.,And of course, you can avoid censorship when traveling,abroad, block malicious third-party links and ads,,and increase your security when using WiFi hotspots.,Atlas VPN is offering Hook members a huge three-year deal,for only $1.39 per month with a 30-day money-back guarantee.,The deal won't last for long, so make sure,to check it out at,,or click the link in the description below.,In the 19th century, two cousins from Lancaster, England, both,named Thomas Vicars, ran a small factory called T&T Vicars.,The factory designed and built machines to,make a food staple that kept sailors and,soldiers alive for centuries: ship biscuits.,These simple biscuits consisted of flour, salt, and,water and were made to be rock hard to last for years,since sailors and soldiers needed them for long voyages.,They tasted bland and could only be consumed,when soaked in water or any other liquid.,While inconvenient, the demand for them lasted,for many years โ€” up until a series of events.,After steamships were invented and the Civil,War had ended, there became less of a need for,biscuits that could withstand long voyages.,At the same time, sugar became less expensive,,creating the demand for biscuits that were sweet.,When the Vicars caught onto this new demand,,they became wary that it was just a matter of,time until they closed their factory doors.,All the machines that they designed and,built could only make ship biscuits.,So they decided to change with the times and offer,new machines that made sweet biscuits instead.,It proved to be a worthwhile risk.,Sweet biscuits became more popular,across England and even a luxury product.,America quickly caught onto the trend and,began importing machines to make their own.,Afterward, many manufacturers seized opportunities to,venture into the growing industry, including two brothers,from Mercersburg, Pennsylvania: Jacob and Joseph Loose.,At just 16-years-old, Jacob Loose dropped out of high school,to work as a clerk at a dry goods store โ€” earning $5 a week.,Within just a few years, he had saved enough money,to open his own store, and later, a second location.,As the years went by, business continued to thrive, and,Jacob felt confident enough to expand into other ventures.,Eventually, Jacob discovered an opportunity,in Kansas, Missouri: taking over a small,,family-run bakery that made biscuits and candies.,He had a hunch that the baking industry would continue to grow,and convinced his brother, Joseph, to be his business partner.,At the time, Joseph also ran his own dry goods store.,Together, the Loose brothers emptied their,savings, purchased the bakery, and called,it the Loose Brothers Manufacturing Company.,Within just a few years, the Loose brothers managed to,grow the company into a multimillion-dollar business.,It was undeniably a great accomplishment,,but Jacob wasnโ€™t satisfied.,Companies in other industries like oil and steel,were gaining more capital through a new practice,called conglomerating, which involves merging a,number of businesses to operate as a single entity.,It was unheard of in the food industry, but Jacob believed,that it could work, since it would allow bakeries to buy,huge lots of wheat and contract directly with farmers.,So he hired a lawyer named Adolphus Green to,be his general counsel and to convince other,bakeries in the Midwest to form a conglomerate.,While Adolphus had no legal experience in the food,in

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How many Oreos can be correctly guess blindfolded?!

How many Oreos can be correctly guess blindfolded?!

what's up everyone Paxton Elrod here and,we've got another blind taste test that,I'm not in,Oreos,my favorite cookie also the milk's,favorite cookie love Oreos but I've,never really tried the varieties I,always just go regular Double Stuffed,when I ate Oreos primarily as a kid they,only had one kind now they've got like,38 flavors of Oreos so the younger,generation is going to do much better,than the dad of John Boy media I think a,lot of people skip Oreos or Overlook,Oreos I think they're kind of the Bryce,Harper effect they were so overrated,people started underrating them all I,know is like the regular Oreos the,double stuffed Oreos and the you know,like the the Golden Cream ones the white,ones,I just called a whiff and it smelled,like a golden Oreo the first Oreo,this is the white white cookie whipped,cream I mean it tastes like just a basic,Oreo it tastes like a very normal but,vanilla what I don't know what they're,called when they're white or like the,light on the outside instead of,chocolate I don't taste any chocolate,but I could be wrong that's a golden,Oreo vanilla I guess it's like a regular,Oreo just chocolate like your standard,no flavor Oreo there's no flavor on the,cream it just seems like the Cookie's,different I'm gonna go with the with the,white ones the the like vanilla creamy,ones I don't know what they're called,called but that's my guess I only need,one bite for that one that's a golden,Oreo that's a golden wait a second hold,on yeah golden Oreo vanilla whatever the,normal yeah I mean like is a regular,Oreo chocolate like that's I feel like,that's the regular one with the white,cookie and white icing so I'm going with,your original or whatever the hell we're,gonna call that thing probably over one,already but that's my guess I guess,vanilla Outside Inside Out I don't know,what they're called I thought it was one,of those half and halfers,oh strong odor from this one,and these Oreos good,where are we the next Oreo dare I tried,crazy,oh,oh,that's a lot the was that all right,like a butterscotchy feel but I don't,even know if they make those oh it's,definitely different than the first one,almost tastes like cookie dough which I,know from doing blind taste test in the,past gets confused for coffee or vice,versa I like it zoria what is that,flavor I'm tasting what is that flavor I,know what that flavor is it's growing on,me I'm getting cough syrup Vibes what,color is this cookie can I open them and,lick and get like a butterscotchy feel,it's like a like a yellow sort of thing,I don't think I have a real strong read,on this mocha or cookie or cookie dough,I don't feel great about either of those,mocha okay without a flavor it's,almost like a butterscotch candy corn,like pumpkin like candy corn candy corn,I like Halloween I want to say,strawberry because I feel like I've,never seen a cherry Oreo but it's that,same taste profile where it's like a,stronger taste profile than strawberry,but I've never seen Cherry Oreos that's,my guess because that's what it tastes,like but I I don't I could be way wrong,and I know that or they could be,normal I don't know I'll do butterscotch,and just like hope for the best I didn't,like it I'd eat a whole sleeve of them,but I didn't like it yellow thingy I'm,going to turn in final answer and say,yellow thingy this one's giving cough,syrup I'll just say cherry even though I,don't think that that Oreo exists,caramel caramel Karma caramel,caramel maybe that was birthday cake,that's cookie dough same thing cake,batter oh you want to change my guess to,cake batter or birthday cake but I,get half credit if it's mocha everyone,knows that I don't want her yeah,I don't like when flavors that aren't,supposed to be together end up together,and I feel like that wasn't supposed to,exist,is there any stuffing in this one are,these Oreo thins the next Oreo please,no regular Oreo these are classic what,that does not have a different taste to,it,um Oreo tastes very plain no regular,Oreo it's a classic Oreo it tastes like,an original Oreo again,Oreo thin Oreo yeah if that had a flavor,on it they really failed was it OG you,go OG here not Double Stuffed faction,I'm gonna have to talk to her about that,not double stuff regular Oreo,lock it classic Oreo oh regular stuffed,classic regular stuffed Oreo I'm gonna,you know what I should just guess,original Oreo for all five at least that,way I can get one I don't even know what,other flavors there would be that's how,old I am that sucks Oreos are tough one,my stomach's Gonna Hurt isn't it,oh it's a sick boy these are thicker,yeah okay Mom go get me the,Oreo you saw that don't they three two,one,all right,that one felt thicker that's a double,stuffed classic Oreo cookie dough this,is so subtle what are they trying to do,I have no idea that whatever it is it's,so dull and watered down what does that,even taste like I'm gonna figure this,out it's like all chocolate I think,really is there a chocolate Oreo like do,they make the cream choc

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๐Ÿœ RAMEN Recipe & Storytime ๐Ÿœ | What happened to Sierra? ๐Ÿง

๐Ÿœ RAMEN Recipe & Storytime ๐Ÿœ | What happened to Sierra? ๐Ÿง

this is what happened to 16 year old,Monica Carrasco she was born on December,13 1986 and was from Balmorhea Texas in,Middle School her nickname was happy,happy because she always had a smile on,her face and brought so much positivity,to the room her older brother Juan says,that she had a very bright future ahead,of her she had a dream she wanted to do,something big she either wanted to go to,Harvard and become a lawyer or she,wanted to work at Nasa Monica also loved,her faith and was very religious she was,a Christian a very active member of her,church and often loved to do Bible,studies in 2000 tragedy hit the Carrasco,family when her father had a heart,attack in front of them when the,paramedics arrived they try to do CPR on,the dad and it was very traumatizing for,Monica and the rest of the family,unfortunately he didn't make it and this,really impacted Monica because she was,very close to her father and she adored,him Monica was dealing with the loss of,her father as best as she could but,unfortunately in 2003 she was,hospitalized by her mother after losing,50 pounds quickly she had also developed,an eating disorder called anorexia her,mother was trying to find a treatment,Center for Monica but unfortunately no,Treatment Center would take her since,she was under 18 years old Monica was,pretty upset with her mother for having,hospitalized her since their,relationship was Rocky this is when,Monica's Aunt Velma offered to take her,in she said well I'm a stay-at-home mom,Monica can come stay here and I can,watch her and make sure that she eats,and everyone thought this was a good,idea Monica really loved her on Velma,and her uncle Abel she said that her,aunt was basically a female version of,her father so the plan was set in motion,and Monica moved into this house with,her aunt her uncle and her twin cousins,on Wednesday October 1st 2003 Monica,called her older brother Juan at around,8 PM they were pretty much just catching,up but out of nowhere Monica started to,say some very odd things she told her,brother why didn't you tell me that I,was Jesus and her brother was like who,told you you were Jesus and she told him,that the little birdies told her one,thought this was very strange so he kept,asking her questions and then she,suddenly snapped out of it and she asked,Juan if she could go live with him in,Austin Texas but he said no that she,needed to wait until the doctors cleared,her and then they hung up the phone and,Monica continued with her night as an,continued on Velma and Uncle Abel were,getting ready to go to bed but they,quickly checked in on the kids they saw,that the twins and Monica were playing,video games and then they went to bed,then at around 11 pm Monica stopped,playing video games and headed to her,room to sleep however the twins decided,to stay up a little bit longer but at,around 1 30 a.m they finally decided to,go to bed but they quickly stopped by,Monica's bedroom to check in on her they,said they saw Monica in bed sound asleep,later that morning on October 2nd on,Velma woke up and went to go wake up,Monica when she went inside Monica's,bedroom she realized that Monica was,gone however she didn't immediately,freak out she thought that maybe Monica,had gone on a morning run or maybe she,had gone to the Garden outside to pray,however she realized that Monica's,running shoes were inside the room and,she also checked the garden and Monica,wasn't there this all occurred at around,7 30 in the morning and it wasn't until,two hours later at 9 30 a.m when Aunt,Velma told Monica's mother that her,daughter was missing police arrived to,the scene and they checked Monica's,bedroom but everything seems to be in,order most of Monica's belongings were,there her shoes her clothes her socks,everything the only things that were,missing were Monica's nightgown and her,Bible now there was a door inside,Monica's bedroom that did lead to the,outside and when they checked the door,the door was unlocked so now police and,Monica's aunt and uncle are thinking,that maybe she wandered off on her own,however since her shoes were still there,would she really go barefoot terrain,around the aunt and uncle's house was,pretty rugged so if she did leave,Barefoot it would be pretty painful,police searched everywhere but,unfortunately there was no sign of,Monaco now Monica's aunt and uncle,believe that she may have become,disoriented from the medication she was,taking and decided to wander off on her,own they believe she left the house,walked all the way to Highway 17 which,was only four blocks away and then,hitched a ride from a stranger there,really isn't any evidence to back this,Theory up but that's what the aunt and,uncle believe now since we're on the,topic of the aunt and uncle I do just,want to mention that they were both,given polygraph tests and the aunt,pastors but the uncle failed his some,people do think it's suspicious that he,failed the polygraph test but again we,don't really know why that happened,there'

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60 Days In: How to Make a Doo-Wop Cake: "Best Jailhouse Snack Ever" (Season 6) | A&E

60 Days In: How to Make a Doo-Wop Cake: "Best Jailhouse Snack Ever" (Season 6) | A&E

you got to strawberry cheese,another dinosaur honey bullet and put,peanut butter in all this stuff that's,good news right,it's just amazing some of the ingenuity,the guys having here I mean they can,turn nothing into something in just a,second,he's so neat the things you see here,like the it's talent I mean it really is,chocolate-chip cookie,these guys get real creative you know,being mocked you find about a creative,things to do,yeah,I'm a certified chef I love the cook I,love what I do I know a lot of people,eat with their eyes so I monitor my work,dressing my food,let me show you how to walk,I work out so I need

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10 Most Dangerous Foods That Can Kill You

10 Most Dangerous Foods That Can Kill You

OCTOPUS We all know that octopus is not an alien food,to most.,In fact, a lot of countries all around the world eat octopus and it is quite common.,In Spain, octopuses are boiled, in Greece it is fried and just like that, it is eaten,in various types of ways in different places of the world.,By now some of you will be thinking, โ€œOCTOPUS IS DANGEROUS?,NO WAY!โ€,Well, when consumed in a certain way, octopus can prove to be dangerous and even fatal in,some unfortunate cases.,Did you know that in South Korea, octopuses are eaten raw and alive?,I mean, just imagine putting a piece of octopus inside your mouth and feeling its tentacles,move around.,Personally, I donโ€™t like the sound of that!,When eaten alive, the tentacles of the octopus can stick to the inside of the throat and,even oesophagus.,And obviously, this can result in difficulty in breathing and in some cases it can also,leave the consumer in a situation of being unable to breathe.,2.,Puffer fish Puffer fish is also known as fugu.,For most of us the puffer fish is that fish which can puff up into a round ball and can,injure us with its spikes if touched.,However, this fish can prove to be quite delicious.,It has a chicken like taste and who doesnโ€™t like chicken!,But well, this dish can result in unwanted consequences if prepared incorrectly.,In fact, the chefs in Japan have to train extensively before preparing this food so,that they can be sure of what they are doing and donโ€™t end up making the mistake of serving,you POISON!,Thatโ€™s right fellas!,Fugu contains an odourless and colourless neurotoxin known as tetrodotoxin.,When served the wrong way, if someone consumes a piece containing tetrodotoxin, it can induce,tightness of the chest, nausea, vomiting and extremely high blood pressure.,Upon consuming tetrodotoxin, if it is not treated immediately it can prove to be fatal!,3.,Cassava This food native to South America is a common,food in a lot of countries.,The cassava is drought resistance and can be grown effectively in hot climates as well.,It is a perfect source of calories and carbohydrates.,Different areas have different names given to the cassava.,In the states it is known as Brazilian arrowroot or manioc.,And most of you would be quite familiar with Tapioca.,Yup, this is a key ingredient in tapioca.,However when served raw or cooked improperly, you might have to face the risk of consuming,cyanogenic glycosides.,Sounds pretty much like cyanide, doesnโ€™t it?,Well, let me tell you something interesting.,When your body consumes cyanogenic glycosides, it can release cyanide into your body.,And I think we all know how much of a threat cyanide can be to your body.,It can impair the thyroid and cause damages to the nerve function.,It can also leave you in a state of paralysis, organ damage or even be fatal in the worst,case scenarios.,4.,Namibian Bullfrog Frogs arenโ€™t something new to us.,We see them almost everywhere.,But have you seen a frog which can grow up to the size of a house cat?,Thatโ€™s right.,The Namibian bullfrog can grow as big as a house cat!,While eating frogs is not the most common thing, the Namibian bullfrog is served in,Africa.,Although endangered, some people still continue to eat this dish behind closed doors due to,the controversies.,When served, the whole body of the frog is served except the top head.,And this may lead you to consume a part which is poisonous.,Some areas of the skin and organs of this frog can be poisonous.,If a wrong bite is eaten, it can lead to kidney failure or even prove to be fatal.,According to experts, it is safe to eat after their mating season or after a third rain,as during that time their toxins arenโ€™t as dangerous.,5.,Casu Marzu What food comes to your mind when I say ITALY?,Probably pasta, right?,Well, what if I were to say that for some Italians, eating a cheese infested with MAGGOTS,is a reality?,For some cheese makers, Casu Marzu is a gourmet dish.,And the word Casu Marzu, literally means, โ€œrotten cheese.โ€,Well, pretty sure it would be with hundreds of maggots inside it.,Casu Marzu is a pecorino cheese made with sheepโ€™s milk with a similar taste to that,of gorgonzola.,Some of you might think that the maggots infestation is by accident or whatsoever.,Well, plot twist!,The maggots are in fact a key part of the fermentation process and is totally meant,to be there inside the cheese.,The cheese fly lays eggs inside this cheese which hatches into hungry larvae.,Their digestive system breaks down the fats in the cheese.,The maggots are the reason behind the soft texture of this cheese.,And while consuming the cheese can be home to hundreds of maggots and when eaten it can,sort-of โ€œcampโ€ in your intestines before leaving your body.,This can cause vomiting, cramps and other unwanted experiences.,Though banned in the EU, a lot of cheese makers still make these for their personal use.,6.,Peanuts Peanuts?,How unfortunate is it for peanuts to make to this list?,I mean who doesnโ€™t love peanuts!,Well, unfortunat

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