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Easy Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe (Chips Ahoy Clone)hey you it is your friend naomi and,thank you fo

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Updated on Jan 18,2023

Easy Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe (Chips Ahoy Clone)

hey you it is your friend naomi and,thank you for coming back to my kitchen,where everybody eats,i hope you're hungry because today i am,going to teach you how to make,a chips ahoy chocolate chip cookie cup,cologne are you ready let's get started,okay so for this recipe it's going to go,really fast so if you are cooking it,along with me,go ahead and turn your recipe recipe go,ahead and turn your oven to 325 degrees,right now meanwhile we're gonna go ahead,and get started,we are going to take,three quarters of a cup or about 145,grams,of shortening now you can use crisco or,you can use a palm shortening,it doesn't really matter but you want it,to be full fat,solid shortening to that you're going to,add,one third of a cup or about 68 grams,of brown sugar,and to that you're going to add one half,a cup,or about 170 grams i'm using my cheat,sheet guys i'm just a mom like you,of corn syrup now if you can't use corn,syrup or don't want to use corn syrup,i will provide a link to a homemade corn,syrup alternative,you could use agave or you could use,a cane syrup just note that with each,little change the flavor might be a,little bit different,you're also going to add three quarters,of a teaspoon about four and a half,grams of salt,and about one teaspoon,or about four grams of baking soda,and you are going to blend all of these,up,in your mixer until they are creamy and,evenly mixed,now what i mean by evenly mixed i don't,know if you can see this,you are going to want it to look like a,tan,buttercream okay and to that,we are going to add,one teaspoon or about 4.2 grams of,vanilla,and we're gonna beat it up again,and then we're going to add four cups or,about,520 grams of flour now,if you are not gluten-free just go ahead,and use regular white,all-purpose flour if you are gluten-free,i recommend you use a,good cup for cup flour there are a lot,of good brands out there i'm the better,batter lady so,i recommend either our better batter,artisan blend or,our original mix but you do you,we are just going to blend that up until,it kind of almost a little bit of a,crumbly pie crust mixture,now by pie crust mixture let me show you,what i mean it's going to look,a little bit like cornmeal can you see,how crumbly that is,don't get worried i know it doesn't look,like cookie dough right now,but it will soon enough,you're going to scrape the sides of the,bowl and you are going to add,your chocolate chips again,trust me on this now you want to add a,minimum of one third of a cup of,chocolate chips it's about 60 grams,and maybe a maximum of 180 grams or,about a cup,you're gonna have to do what makes you,happy i know when i was little,i never thought there were enough,chocolate chips in the chips ahoy but if,you use too many,you're gonna get a mess so anywhere from,a third to a cup,and the reason we're mixing this in,before we add our liquid,is because it will help it evenly,distribute in the mixture,i tried adding my dairy-free milk to,the mixture before the chocolate chips,and i had to knead them in,it's a pretty dry dough so let's go,ahead and mix it up,it doesn't take long you can see it is,evenly mixed into the mixture and now we,are going to add,a quarter cup or about 86 grams,of milk now chips ahoy uses real milk,they use several kinds of grill milk,but you can use any dairy-free milk you,want,i will put my brand's preferences in the,description below,and go ahead and mix that up,now what you should get is a dough that,appears a little crumbly but when you,press it with your hands,you can see it looks just like cookie,dough,okay it's a slightly dry cookie dough,you can,add an extra tablespoon or so of,milk if you find that it's just too,crumbly but,honestly four tablespoons should get you,to the perfect result,yes i am magical and i magically made,all the mess go away and the textures to,get cleaned up,and so should you so when you are ready,to make the cookies,you are going to use a cookie scoop,and something to flatten them with now,the chips ahoy bag says that their,cookies,are about 16 grams each that works out,to about,one tablespoon and the cookies that are,made for the grams,are about 30 grams each so that's a big,cookie scoop,you do you they're gonna cook in the,same amount of time no matter what,but you're just gonna scoop nice rounded,tablespoonfuls,onto a cookie sheet you don't have to be,too shy with these they will not spread,once you spread them,but keep in mind whatever the finished,cookie that you want,is you're going to need to basically use,enough dough to make it that way,when you smash it once you've got,all of your cookie dough measured onto,your,sheet i'm gonna put this aside for now,you don't need to watch me do three,dozen cookies okay,you are going to,take a smashing cup,i don't know you can use a juice glass,or a votive candle holder,whatever you want and you are going to,smush these cookies,so they're about an eighth of an inch,thick,i use a little bit of a butter knife to,just help,release it becaus

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Ghost Protein Review: Chips Ahoy, Nuuterbutter, and Oreo - Which one is my favorite?

Ghost Protein Review: Chips Ahoy, Nuuterbutter, and Oreo - Which one is my favorite?

Ghost Protein Review: All right today I'm gonna be reviewing the ghost protein,Chips Ahoy, nutter butter, and oreo. so fun! its protein meets junk food.  ,I'm excited to try this. I gotta crouch  over so i stay in the picture. so I've  ,never tried these before. first time trying  any ghost protein and i heard good reviews  ,online so I'm excited to give it a taste test.  I'm gonna try chips ahoy first and I'm just  ,putting it in water usually I put my protein  powder in almond milk or some kind of milk,ooh so far it looks good,i don't smell anything yet,i do see chunks of chocolate chip cookie,let me see let you see. it's milky and it's  got some little pieces of cookie in there,um that's good yeah. it tastes like milk that has  ,cookie crumbles in it. definitely can take  the chocolate chips and the cookie crumbles  ,it's not as sweet as I thought it was  going to be but it's still pretty good,and the cookie pieces are definitely  still crunchy you got that crunch to them  ,all right another butter i'll have to see  which one is my favorite i'm actually a big  ,oreo fan i don't really care for chips a boy  or another butter like cookies they're okay,let me know which one is your favorites,all right nutter butter it's definitely  got a peanut butter smell to it  ,and there's a little bit of chunks of  like looks like peanut butter cookie,oh my god,that really tastes like there's pieces of  nutter butter cookie in there that is so good,yeah it's like having a glass of milk with  ,crumbled up pieces of nutter butter  like i can taste the peanut butter  ,and the peanut butter cookie wow really  good and the macros on these are amazing  ,it's a whey-based protein so let's see nutter  butter has for 160 calories 26 grams of protein  ,2.5 grams of fat 8 grams of carbohydrate wow  that's crazy oh i'm not even going to look  ,at the ingredients it's awful it's all kinds  of crap in there we just don't look at that  ,all right Oreos i love i love cookies and  cream it's like one of my favorite ice creams  ,or like a milkshake or i love soggy Oreos i kind  of like them crispy too though so this one doesn't  ,have let me put a bit more it doesn't have um  big chunks of oreo like the other two had hold on,it seems like the oreo crumbles  are very tiny unless maybe,when i go to try it out oh yeah there's you  can see some oreo pieces in there never mind  ,all right let me give it a try,hmm there's like a weird aftertaste to this one  ,i think they put too much artificial sweetener  but it does have the big chunks of oreo cookie,and it's definitely creamy actually i  think it's much creamier than the other two  ,like the actual base i'm gonna scoop  out a big chunk of oreo look at that one,big chunk of oreo,oh that aftertaste i don't know what it is it's  got like a a chemical chemically chemical taste  ,to it i don't know i'm not feeling it i actually  think nutter butter was my favorite that tastes  ,really good tastes like nutta butter i would  say chips ahoy is my second favorite although if  ,you're a chocolate lover and cookie lover that's  a good one i'm disappointed with this oreo one  ,i don't know it's got a weird aftertaste  and i didn't taste that with the other ones,oh maybe a little bit but i don't  know i noticed a lot more with oreo,yeah maybe a little bit of a chemical aftertaste  well i mean they are using artificial sweeteners  ,and all kinds of crap it's junk food but  yeah overall i like it i like how there's  ,big chunks of like the cookies and it's got good  macros like it's got a good amount of protein  ,wow cool yep nutter butter  is definitely my favorite  ,and i'm not a big nutter butter fan it's just i  don't know it's got a good combination in there  ,and i'm disappointed with the  oreo let me just try this again,oh yeah that aftertaste too much too  much chemical yeah these ones are good

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Food Theory: The DARK Secret of Oreos

Food Theory: The DARK Secret of Oreos

pop quiz theorists let me know your,answer down in the comments how do you,eat your oreo cookie do you a just eat,it like a normal cookie what am i even,talking about here do you be dunk it in,milk and nibble away the soggy portion,of the cookie do you see twist the,cookie apart and eat it in pieces or d,black out and wake up 30 minutes later,half naked on the floor covered in,crumbs with two full sleeves of oreos,held unaccounted for just figured i'd,ask you know for a friend me i'm uh i'm,probably more of a c type of guy,definitely definitely see,hello internet welcome to food theory,the show that's here to fill your brain,with the most stuff people often ask me,matpat why do you want to ruin my,childhood year after year channel after,channel episode after episode you go out,of your way to undermine everything i,love about disney and nintendo and now,even kool-aid why well here's the truth,friends come closer and i'll tell ya,closer closer i'm not trying theorists,i'm just a simple youtuber who happens,to follow the facts wherever they lead,take today's episode as an example i set,out to make a pleasant little video,about oreo cookies i really did i,stumbled across a fun fact about how,oreos spent a lot of money to make their,cookies kosher back in the 90s harmless,right i love oreos i love our food,channel i love the fact that our food,channel allows me to buy things like,oreos that i can write off on my taxes,and heck it sounded like an interesting,topic so naturally i looked into why,oreo would spend tens of millions of,dollars on a recipe tweet when they were,already the best selling cookie in the,world and what i found is that it wasn't,just a business decision about dollars,and cents it was a personal vendetta and,from there i just descended down into,grocery store conspiracies and big,cookie trying to smash little cookie,into crumbles and a cover-up that's been,decades in the making theorists it turns,out going kosher was oreo's master,stroke in a century-old sandwich cookie,feud that's right i said sandwich cookie,feud and i'm not so sure that oreo's on,the right side of this one either cause,that sweet little fun fact about oreos,being kosher is in fact sandwiched,between two dark sinister secrets so,settle in theorists because while oreo's,cookies may be kosher their alleged,business practices haven't always been,it's time for oreos to get dunked on,dunked on as in dunked in the milk but,also dunked on in anyway it all begins a,long time ago so here's how this whole,cookie feud began back in the 1890s,brothers jacob and joseph loose started,a bakery together in kansas city,missouri jacob fell ill and went to,europe to recover while he was way,joseph used his seat on the company's,board to take the company in a new,direction and form the national biscuit,company today known as nabisco jacob the,sick brother was not happy about this,decision eventually recovered from his,illness and returned to the states he,decided to get back into the cookie game,but not with nabisco instead jacob,started the loose wiles biscuit company,with a new business partner quickly,building it up to be the second largest,bakery in the u.s behind you guessed it,nabisco a large part of that success,came in 1908 when the loose wilds,biscuit company released the hydrox,sandwich cookie a revolutionary dessert,with two chocolate cookies and a cream,filling four years later nabisco would,release the oreo and um well it was a,ripoff of the hydrox and a shameless one,at that like there is no beating around,the bush here my friends i mean just,look at these two cookies side by side,the circular shape the flavorings the,colors the filling the biscuits and,that's not even mentioning the design,the name in the center the ridged edges,the intricate floral inspired pattern,it's safe to say that the oreo was made,to look like the hydrox heck even the,name oreo is a jab at hydrox it's a,reference to the oreo daphne a genus of,flowering mountain laurels just like the,pattern on the hydrox cookie and this,theorists is the first dark secret at,play here the uncomfortable truth about,america's favorite cookie day the,world's favorite cookie is that it's an,outright rip-off of the original hydrox,now there's a fine line between,unethical business and good business say,what you will about oreo's origins but,the fact of the matter is that it was,followed up by decades and decades of,good business decisions on nabisco's,part and a lot of questionable ones on,hydrox's end today the original sandwich,cookie has faded into obscurity while,the imitator cookie is a beloved icon,the world over and that's all thanks to,marketing first we have gotta talk about,the names here i mean why on earth would,someone name their cookie the hydrox,like you might as well have named the,thing hydrogen peroxide at that point,elon musk is master of strange names and,even he wouldn't name his kid hydrox but,what's crazier than the name hydrox is,that loose wiles actuall

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Making Starbucks LEAKED Recipes AT HOME **MIND BLOWING**

Making Starbucks LEAKED Recipes AT HOME **MIND BLOWING**

hi this is peta welcome to starbucks,what can i get for you today,i used mocha okay,vanilla sweet cream foam got it,oh you want got it,caramel drizzle anything else oh you,want extra,you know what i'm sorry just give me a,minute yes,we just got notified that we completely,ran out of coffee syrup and everything,so we're actually closed for the day so,if you don't mind you can actually pull,forward and go to another starbucks,thank you have a nice day what is going,on you guys welcome back to a new video,today i'm going to be making the,starbucks leaked secret,recipes so a couple of days ago i came,across this file and in this file there,was starbucks secret drink recipes from,x employees now i would try to show the,file for you guys but i went back and,the file does not longer exist guys and,i am so glad that i took a screenshot of,all the recipes because now we're going,to recreate them and make them at home,now we all know starbucks is really good,but it can be kind of pricey so i really,hope that these drinks are really good,so if you guys are excited drop a like,subscribe if you guys already know the,drill hit that bell so you can notified,every single time that i post a new,video and without any further ado let's,make the first drink,so we're starting off a video with the,classic i'm pretty sure everyone and i,mean everyone has tried the caramel,frappe so it's really easy to make all,you need is one cup of milk we're gonna,pour it into the blender you also need a,one cup of coffee this is the coffee,that i'm using but of course you can use,whatever coffee you want,there we go,then you're going to need two,tablespoons of caramel one,and two,dude that smells so good,it smells just like the caramel frappe,honestly and the last attach of course,you need some ice,we're gonna close it and let's blend it,all right guys i think it's ready so now,we're gonna take our cup we're gonna,take some caramel drizzle and we're,going to drizzle the cup with some,caramel this is like my favorite part,i feel so fancy i actually feel like a,barista when i'm doing these things,this smells so good,no more starbucks for me i'm just going,to have you make it i know we're going,to be going,dude what are you doing of course i,would do that guys it wouldn't be a,video of mine if i don't spill something,right now we're gonna take some whipped,cream,take a little bit more of caramel,drizzle it on top do that actually looks,bomb i think this looks even better than,the ones that they give you at starbucks,look at that guys,wow,okay here comes the fun part let's try,it,yeah dude i need to try that it tastes,just like it jason,exactly the same does it not oh my god,that is so good the only thing that i,think you're missing is just add a,little bit more caramel probably three,tablespoons yeah,yeah for sure but this blonde rose since,that is from starbucks i think this is,what makes it taste like exactly exactly,the same that is crazy if you guys give,it a try try the blonde rose because i'm,gonna rate this one 10 out of 10.,all right guys before we move on into,the next drink i want to give a big,shout out to project makeover for,sponsoring this portion of the video,project makeover is launching an ip,collaboration with queer eye if you guys,have never heard of project makeover,it's an online game so in the game you,solve puzzles once you solve the puzzles,you move on to the next level and you,earn coins and cash so in the game you,do have a character and you use the,coins and the cash to give your,character a complete makeover you can,choose a different makeup look a,different hairstyle what kind of,wardrobe you want them to wear and also,you can give the room a complete,makeover so you can choose a different,sofa a different lamp a different wad,decor for the room it is such a fun game,i literally play it every single night,when i'm laying in bed and i'm just like,okay what kind of hairstyle do i want,for my character today am i gonna change,the sofa in the room it's a really fun,game and i also really like how the show,and the game are all about being,positive and having courage so i will,leave a link down below in the,description box so you guys can download,project makeover and once again a thank,you to project makeover for sponsoring,this portion of the video and now let's,move on to the next drink,for this next drink we're going to be,making the skittles drink now i was very,confused at first because when i looked,at the ingredients there was no skittles,involved in the recipe but it's supposed,to taste like skittles so we're gonna,see if that's true so first things first,we're gonna take some strawberry puree,we're gonna take two tablespoons of this,and we're going to add it to the blender,one two,next i'm gonna take half a cup of milk,by the way if you guys recreate any of,these recipes so please make sure to tag,me on instagram so i can repost you guys,on my story and then here comes the fun,part this is where maybe i think it i

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Pile Of Cookies... Or A CAKE!? | Chips Ahoy Cake For Santa | How To Cake It with Yolanda Gampp

Pile Of Cookies... Or A CAKE!? | Chips Ahoy Cake For Santa | How To Cake It with Yolanda Gampp

hey guys santa's coming in a week and i,need to get ready i'm gonna fool santa,with a chocolate chip,cookie cake that just looks like a giant,pile of cookies on the outside,for when he goes to take one he'll see,there's cake on the inside sorry guys,you guys aren't getting any gifts he's,gonna leave the whole bag,at my house,to make this cake i baked four round,cakes that are my ultimate vanilla,batter and i folded in some mini,chocolate chips so that the cake will,taste like chocolate chip cookies this,is actually the same cake we baked on my,live stream this past weekend it was so,much fun thank you to everyone who was,there we used this cake to make giant,chocolate chip cookie cakes there's a,real theme going on here santa would be,proud once my cakes were baked cooled,and chilled i removed them from their,pens,leveled them and cut the caramelization,off of the bottom then i layered all,four of my cakes into two layers for a,total of eight layers of cake my cakes,are all round but they get consecutively,larger so i baked one six inch one seven,inch one eight inch and one nine inch,cake before i start to fill and stack,and simple syrup this cake i actually,want to carve it it's really simple you,can do it too all i did was stack my,cakes up with the largest on the bottom,up to the smallest and now i'm gonna,carve it into a vanilla chocolate chip,mountain,and make sure to remove all the,caramelization from the sides while i do,this like i'm not outdoorsy but i would,climb a vanilla chocolate chip,cake mountain you could just eat your,way back down we're gonna unstack all,these cakes and squeeze,cayman to help me simple syrup,and now we're ready to fill these cakes,with italian meringue buttercream and,chocolate chip cookies,there's gonna be a lot of chocolate chip,cookies,in this episode,cookies,i'm gonna sprinkle in some chocolate,chips,yeah you like that santa good,oh gosh they can hear my crocs sticking,to the floor now,it's not funny,this is the worst,can you hear that,no,no,it's the worst,sometimes i get really fussy about the,way the cookies will look inside but,i should only be concerned with the way,they will look inside santa's belly,santa's going to have a huge stomach,ache maybe take some home to mrs claus,okay,did they not get the door,yeah i made their house remember with,the east wing and the west wing yeah i,think they're back together yeah i feel,like he realized,she was the only woman who would put up,a man who only with with a man who only,works one day a year,he was like i should stick with her,right,so what are you doing now i'm crumb,coating or han i can't believe after all,these years you have to ask me what i'm,doing even they know they're like orahan,cheese i heard them putting on a thin,layer of italian meringue buttercream,and this holds all the crumbs up against,the cake,of course to make a cake that looks like,a giant pile of cookies,you need cookies this is actually one of,my best friends cookie dough recipes i,made these cookies with him on the,channel for my chocolate chip,mega cake cake,milk oh no,which is,like one of the most delicious cakes,ever on the channel can we play like to,all the cakes i've loved,here in present day i've already made,the dough and chilled it,and now what i'm gonna do is measure out,some balls of cookie dough and place,them on a tray so i can bake them and,turn them into cookies i want my cookie,dough balls to be about this big,and that's like one and a half ounces so,what i like to do is just portion out,all my dough and then put them all on a,tray okay one cookie down,like 35 to go,can i huh,do you want to help yeah you can't have,hot hands do you have hot hands right,now,no hot hands allowed what's that,are your hands hot,a little bit bloody time,okay so cool them off,and then you can help me you just want,more air time you can weigh out see this,is one and a half ounces,so what you can do is you can portion it,and then when it hits one and a half,i'll pick it up and i'll roll it into,bowls,it has to be exactly one and a half,that's almost one and a half,yeah whoa you're really good at it,i've weighed some things,how many cookies do we need,i don't know yet but i think a lot i,actually wish i was i want to play let's,place bets like what's a lot 20 no we,need weight 30 way more than 30. i,honestly think i'm gonna need like,100 cookies,yep the one with two zeros and one one,yes that one hundred okay hold on some,of the oh there's still some here no,that's your pile i think it's my pile,okay okay thank you for your help or hon,i'm not gonna talk over the water,do you mind not washing your hands while,i'm talking to the viewers oh sorry,now i'm gonna place my cookie dough onto,trays and get them ready to bake so this,is how i like to do it i like to take a,cookie dough ball i like to break it in,half,and then,press it on the other one now i like to,judge up my cookies by adding a few,chocolate chips to the top so this way,when they bake,they always

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What food used to be good but they changed the recipe and now it sucks?

What food used to be good but they changed the recipe and now it sucks?

r slash askreddit what food used to be,good but they changed the recipe and now,it sucks,all canadians ought to agree when i say,everything at tim hortons,i remember the glory days when they used,to make their own donuts in house,their sandwiches and coffee used to be a,lot better too,it's not even canadian owned anymore but,they've made themselves out to be some,kind of shining beacon of canadiana,i'm glad that people seem to be,realizing how bad they've become,ritz crackers for some inexplicable,reason,maybe around five years ago the crackers,went from being nice and firm and,dippable to nowadays easily crumbling to,bits with even the lightest dip,the flavor too is noticeably less,buttery than it once was maybe they went,on the cheap with whatever oil or,shortening they use,okay it's not just me who notice they,are more crumbly,half the chocolate in the uk since,cadburys got bought by craft,duck craft i used to eat cadbury,religiously,cannot stand it anymore to the point,that i gave away all easter chocolate,was cadbury,ugg i used to think it was just because,i grew up,when i was a kid cadbury's dairy milk,was my most loved chocolate,and getting a cadbury's easter egg was,like winning the lottery,then as an adult it just became men it's,okay,about on par with every other generic,no-name chocolate,like i said i thought i just grew up and,didn't like it anymore,then i found out about the buyout and,the ingredients change,my local chinese place changed owners,that was my spot for 15 years,then bam new owners new chefs,haven't been back since it's been five,years,my wife gets annoyed when we walk past,because i always bring it up,this has just started to happen where i,live the local place here just changed,ownership because the owner died of old,age,they're trying out new and exciting,recipes that appears to be to just,soak everything in fry grease for about,10 hours before cooking,pillsbury cookie dough in a tube about,eight months ago the package advertised,great new recipe it was not great call,me a grouchy old man,but i full on wrote a letter to the,company telling them i didn't like it,and i would not buy it again,unless they changed it back i wrote a,letter about marie calendars changing a,frozen food recipe and they sent me a,coupon for a free one and by the time i,went to use it the recipe had changed,back it was weird,they listened though i must not have,been the only one to complain,breeze used to be the best for store,bought ice cream,but now it's just a crappy mess of what,it used to be and is now considered a,frozen dessert since it's anything but,what it used to be,i also remember wendy's burgers being,much better than now,chips ahoy i'm not sure if it's because,i'm older now,i remembered as a kid they used to taste,so good and cookie-like,now it just tastes like a rock of sugar,with chocolate in it,this goes double with the chewy chips,ahoy i was never a fan of the normal,ones,but a decade plus ago the chewy ones,were hard to pass up,nowadays they taste like unsweetened,crap discs,don't know what happened but subway used,to be ducking delicious,but now their food tastes artificial and,doesn't have the same flavor,panera has greatly disappointed me they,changed up all their,started calling it artisan and charged,two bucks more,and it sucks the food is disappointing,and the service,at least out my way is worse than the,shitty fast food joints being staffed by,dumbass kids,everything panera does is bad bland,coffee,dull salads soup from a bag stale bread,they're horrible cadbury creme eggs,i bought one a few years ago and could,have sworn it was old stale,because the creme inside was nearly,crystallized and it tasted horrible,but nope it was just a new recipe they,were using for them,never had one since i lived on a steady,diet of meatball subs at subway in the,late 1990s,they changed it completely by 2001. it's,unrecognizable,that is the reason i stopped going to,subway back in the day,it was my go to then after not going for,a while i went back,got a meatball sub and couldn't even,finish it,honeycombs the cereal not actual,honeycombs,i swear it used to have an actual flavor,to it sort of reminiscent of honey,even but now it just tastes sweet sort,of like if someone replaced your malto,meal with cream of wheat,still obviously the same kind of thing,but with a flavor missing,they actually changed it back honeycomb,was my favorite cereal for a long time,and then they released a new flavor a,while ago and i completely stopped,buying it,then they had boxes saying it's back and,i tried it again and it's the same old,flavor i'm,used to pizza hut they're still fatty,pizza but something definitely got low,quality over time,if today someone was able to make,something that tastes like their pan,pizza from the 80s,i'd cry tears of joy burger kings,chicken nuggets and fries,they used to be the best now they are,cheap,and bk changed their nuggets like three,times in a few short years,which sucked i felt they

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all right back again with the new recipe,ghost recipe,and all right good morning a beautiful,people if you watched my previous video,that was yesterday actually,so right now as i promised continuing to,film this day immediately why is that so,because i filmed last video just because,i,was pretty sure that my macro is gonna,change so i wanted to film that just for,you to see what was my calories and,everything so i immediately gonna post,on the screen the color is over for the,first week of the prep and the macros,and we actually dropped some weight uh,not somewhere but like four pounds on,those macros,so today this morning i did a check-ins,again i didn't weigh myself last two,days because it wasn't in my home and uh,everything's supposed to be like,consistent same scale same spot same,time usually and everything like that so,i didn't weigh myself but i said the,check-ins and we both think that i,definitely drop a little bit even more,so from today calories are higher but i,just texted to uh to alex my coach i,asked him can i because i didn't weigh,myself can i still eat today maybe the,same calories and macros so i can weigh,myself in the morning faster and tell,him exactly,where i'm at right now so i still wait,for response but until then i'm gonna,let you know what are the new markers,because here by the gaming new macros,and everything is gonna be on the screen,right now,uh in honest opinion that's already a,pretty decent amount for me uh,to like be really comfortable what i'm,eating and still that's probably my,maintenance even probably lower we're,still gonna,probably from next week we're already,gonna be in three and a half thousand,calories at least but it's already a,decent amount where i can eat a lot of,food and still enjoy all the food and,everything carbs are pretty high fats,are way higher than i usually eat and,protein is a little bit lower than i,usually eat but i like the schedule and,everything as i said it's a slow reverse,diet so basically today again i'm going,to show you a full day of eating a,little bit different because yesterday,was a rest day and today we have a back,with a biceps or triceps i'm not sure,about that also i'm gonna talk further,more how my split looks like right now,we have five workouts throughout the,week two rest days and we have five,times of 30 minutes of a cardio still,mostly because digestion nothing special,nothing a lot of cardio and everything,because i'm still dropping the weight so,i kind of do like a lower cardio not so,much but anyways welcome to the new,video guys i just came in alphaland uh,it's eight in the morning so we're gonna,have a breakfast so i'm gonna show you,the first meal of the day uh everything,is gonna be rolled while i'm talking so,the for the savory stuff some protein,and everything is gonna be from the mega,fit meals also one of my favorite meals,a surf and turf which is basically lean,beef shrimp and we have some vegetables,and since i'm most likely when i come,here in the morning i work out after my,breakfast which is basically like hour,and a half after that's why we have a,cream of rice as well with that in the,cream of rice we only have a salt we,only have a stevia and some cinnamon and,that's going to be the first meal of the,day also with that i'm going to drink a,pre-workout from a ghost so we have a,two scoops of a legend pre-workout we,have one scoops of scoop of a size and,two scoops of a pump,and right before the workout i'm gonna,eat one rice crispy calories and macros,is gonna be listed right now on the,screen so you can see that's basically,gonna be my prerequisite meal uh no one,is here today to film me the workout i'm,just gonna lead you like day in life and,showing you the bills again and then as,i said as i promised next video is fully,gonna be like me explaining you,a little bit more about everything and,soon enough alex my coach is gonna come,here so yeah you can see the check-ins,you can see the progress everything uh,how my,whole journey gonna look like so far so,good i can't lie i'm being consistent,i'm eating like up to six meals per day,so enjoying that part so anyways i'm,gonna indulge into my cream of rice and,a mega feed meal we can also have some,photo shoots today and stuff like that,so i tried to keep this video brief and,show you mostly the food and the new,macro setup that we have right now so,whoever is new,for the beginning subscribe like share,for the algo and see you in a couple of,moments,sounds like a plan so tomorrow we will,get your fasted weight and then,depending on what we see there we will,depend whether or not we are going to,transition to the new macros which,chances are we will right we want to,start to push some food a little bit,higher and use that to supplement our,training as well currently preparing for,the workout it's kind of like 10 a.m uh,now i'm drinking that pre that i already,showed you uh ghost lifestyle 20 off,also when you're watching this video i,had a giveaway i'm gonn

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Twin Telepathy Cake Challenge!!!

Twin Telepathy Cake Challenge!!!

>> I need to think really hard.,>> Because the loser cannot eat their cake.,>> Hey guys it’s Karina. >> It’s Ronald from,>> SIS vs BRO!,And today we are doing Twin Telepathy Cake Challenge!,This going to be exactly like the slime challenge.,We’re going to be using our twin telepathy skills and sense!,What the other person's pick.,If they get they're right then, they get a point,but if they don’t then, the other person gets the point.,>> All righty.,>> So let’s begin.,Rock paper scissors.,>> Who’s goes first?,Tan tan tan tananananan!,Rock paper scissors shoot!,>> Oh yeah. I go first.,Go first. I go first.,Okay guys, round number one!,We’re going to be picking our cake flavor.,We got vanilla, Milka. I love Milka.,And we got some Oreo.,>> Okay.,>> I’m going to be picking so, all right.,Which one do I want?,I want this one.,>> I want this one. >> All right.,Yeah!,I got Milka, you got Oreo.,I got the point! >> Oreo is better!,Well, the original Milka's better,but the Oreo cake is 100% better.,I’m going to have all those crunchy, awesome stuff,and you’re going to be in the corner with your Milka, so lonely.,>> But Milka’s delicious and I get the point.,All right.,So we’re going to put these to the side because we don’t want you!,>> Get away!,>> And we’re going to bring this in.,And we’re going to dump this inside.,>> Ooh la la.,>> I can smell it through the package!,>> Mine smells like a package.,Can I smell yours? >> Yeah.,>> Oh wow. Can you smell mine?,>> Eww. >> It smells like a package.,>> All right. But I need to dump this in.,Wait Ronald. This is the flour.,That’s why you couldn’t smell anything.,That’s your Oreo.,Can I smell?,>> It smells like package.,Oreo doesn’t really smell like anything.,>> But Milka smells delicious.,All right. Let’s open this up.,>> But Karina, I have a question.,Are you going to be smelling or eating?,>> Both.,>> Ooh.,Oh! I didn’t realized this was going to be flour.,I thought it’s going to come with the cake.,>> No?,All right. Let’s dump in our cake flour.,3, 2, 1!,>> Already went!,>> All right.,Hmm. Mine looks good already.,I want to smell this.,That smells so good.,>> Mine smells like dark chocolate.,>> Oh my God. I got flour up my nose!,>> Mine smells like dark chocolate and I hate dark.,>> Guys look. We chose something different,but looks pretty much the same,so we’re on a good start.,>> Ooh la la.,>> Round two!,Now we're going to be decorating the inside of our cake.,>> Oh yeah! >> So we got some chocolate chips.,We got some Chips Ahoy!,And we got some raisins.,I mean raisins can be kind of good.,But they’re not very good in the cake.,They just don’t suit the cake life.,>> All righty.,>> Rock paper scissors. >> Who’s going to choose?,Rock paper scissors shoot!,> >Yes!,>> Okay. >> Okay. Don’t look.,Look away. That one.,>> Okay.,That one.,>> Yes!,>> I got a point! I got two points!,>> I knew you’re going to pick this.,I knew you’re going to pick this.,>> What if I didn’t pick it?,What would you do? >> I don’t know.,All right!,Now we’re going to add our Chips Ahoy.,This looking very similar so far.,>> Yes. But mine is just better.,Chips Ahoy.,I want to try one.,>> I haven’t smelled this in so long.,I am going to have to eat one like right now.,>> I thought they’re bigger?!,>> No, these are mini.,>> Oh.,>> Eew.,>> They’re good.,All right. >> Okay time to dump.,>> In you go.,All right. I’m going to add one more pack of this.,>> I’m going to add all the packets to this.,That’s a bit too much, but okay.,There we go. >> Imagine this is not activator.,So I don’t ruin my cake.,>> All right. That’s enough for me.,Round three!,We got some baking containers.,We got some, a muffin tray.,We got this circular cake tray,and we got this square, a rectangle one.,>> Uh-huh. >> All right.,>> Rock paper scissors.,>> Who’s going to choose?,Rock paper scissors shoo!,>> All right!,What you going to pick?,>> What are you going to pick Ronald?,>> I’m thinking. I’m thinking.,I also hear something in the background.,That one.,>> All right. I’m going to pick,that one.,>> Yes! Yes! Yes!,>> I was going to pick the muffin tray!,At least I’m making a cake.,It’ll be easier to decorate I think.,Yeah.,>> So I got one point happily.,And Karina got two points sadly.,>> I like big butts and I cannot lie.,And no one can deny. Lick my b--,>> Demonetized.,>> So guys! Ronald has the muffin tray.,And I have the cake tray,,but before we add our cake flour inside here,,we got to add some more ingredients.,We got to add some butter, we got to get some eggs.,And in Ronald’s case, water.,All right.,We’re going to add the butter first.,>> All righty.,>> All right. 3, 2, 1! Plop!,>> My cookies are sticking on!,>> I just did like that. I was like whoop!,>> And now it’s time for the eggsies.,All right.,>> And… plop!,>> Plop!,>> All right. Now you can add your water Ronald.,>> 3, 2, 1. Dab dab dab.,Water is pouring.,Okay guys, now it’s time to mix our cake up.,But we’re going to be using these machines.,>> Ooh, It’s heavy.,>> All

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