can of tomato soup recipe

Rich and Creamy Tomato Soup Recipe | SO Easy!hey i'm john cannell and today on preppy,kitchen we're

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Updated on Jan 18,2023

Rich and Creamy Tomato Soup Recipe | SO Easy!

hey i'm john cannell and today on preppy,kitchen we're making a rich and creamy,tomato soup so let's get started to make,this recipe you need two cans of whole,peeled tomatoes onion garlic olive oil a,little butter a dash of sugar some stock,or water cream salt and pepper basil and,any other herbs that you love first off,we're gonna do some prep work grab a,dutch oven or a big pot we're gonna make,a lot of soup so you don't want a little,tiny pot that's overflowing good tomato,soup has tons of flavor so to get that,started i'm chopping up one and a little,bit extra of yellow onion just give it,like a nice chop my twins lachlan and,george are,obsessed with tomato soup today we're,basically snowed in there's like black,ice on the road it is a wintry day this,is like the perfect thing to warm you up,on the inside and get all those cozy,vibes,my eyes,onion aside now it's time for six cloves,or more of garlic you can let me know in,the comments what you would be adding to,this recipe,i'm gonna give my garlic a good smash,kind of release the oils and also,release that papery skin,give it a good mince,everything's all chopped up now we're,going to melt some butter and olive oil,in our big pot let's go open that dutch,oven up we're adding two tablespoons of,butter right into the pot along with,three tablespoons of olive oil,let's set this over medium heat,as soon as the butter is melted we can,start adding in the onion and get to,cooking my butter is melted it smells,amazing already i'm going to add the,onion and get to stirring it needs to be,translucent and softened before we do,anything else okay,still be stirring occasionally for about,eight minutes and during this time the,onions sugars are breaking down and,you're getting a wonderful like depth of,flavor added to the soup,i'm not adding the garlic yet because of,course it would really get burnt crispy,and bitter if it was added along with,the onion the onion takes a long time,for those sugars to break down the,garlic cooks and burns like that while,that cooks i'm going to open up my two,cans of tomatoes tomato soup is,typically something you make during the,winter and,winter time is not when tomatoes are,best these tomatoes are canned at peak,freshness it's a little taste of summer,in the winter or fall or spring if you,were lucky enough to can your tomatoes,that you grew this summer,this is a great time to use them adding,the garlic,in here we want to stir constantly you,do not want to have any burnt garlic in,this tomato soup two things can make,your tomato soup bitter,one would be burning the garlic and the,other one is doing something,with your olive oil i'll talk about that,later but this can ruin everything it's,so crazy cook the garlic for about five,minutes while stirring pretty regularly,you want this to be very aromatic,without burning it,just about five minutes later we're,ready to add the tomatoes in carefully,so they don't splatter on you,there's a lot of delicious juice in here,we will not waste this stir that in,the liquid we add to this soup could be,so many different things it could be,water if you want just plain it could be,chicken stock i'm using veggie stock,today there we go all the tomato flavors,out right now i'm going to add the,remaining stock which would be three,cups in total so i added like third of a,cup already,there we go i'm also gonna add a,tablespoon of sugar you could add a,little bit more if you wanted to the,sugar works with the tomatoes and makes,some magic happen a lot of the times,when you've gone to a restaurant and had,like mind-blowing tomato soup they added,a little extra sugar a little extra salt,a little extra cream i'm also adding,some black pepper,it's kind of to taste but you know,at least a quarter of a teaspoon we're,gonna bring this to a boil and then let,it simmer for about half an hour it's,gonna reduce the liquid and it just,intensify all of the flavors,then we'll talk about the consistency,and mixing and what could go wrong i am,also adding a generous pinch of salt,right now we'll add more to taste later,it's always better to add salt towards,the beginning of a recipe as opposed to,the end it gives it more time to work,its way all the way through and not just,be like a superficial taste on a couple,things once this comes to a boil we're,gonna reduce to a simmer and let that,hang out for half an hour we're adding,some fresh basil to this at the very end,but you can definitely add some of your,favorite spices to this too i'm adding a,pinch of dried thyme,a little bit of oregano you could add,any of your favorites to this and it,will be delicious or leave it plain up,to you and stir that in,now it'll simmer and infuse and just be,a little bit more delicious okay my soup,reduced all those flavors really melded,together and i tasted it and it's,delicious already we're not even done,yet the one thing is there's a lot of,texture on the soup so you have a couple,options you could use a potato ricer or,masher an

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- Have you tried making homemade tomato soup?,It's so easy.,Check this out.,(light upbeat pop music),(Natasha straining),Hey everybody, it's Natasha of,I'm gonna show you how to make tomato soup.,The beauty about this recipe,is it takes less than 30 minutes to make.,You can make it all year round,and enjoy either creamy or chunky tomato soup.,But either way, it is delicious,,and my husband used to not like tomato soup,until he tried this one.,And I'm craving some tomato soup, so let's get started.,Also, if you have not yet subscribed to our channel,,make sure you subscribe,if you like recipes that work. (laughing),All right, let's do this.,I like to have all of my ingredients,prepped, chopped, and ready to go.,You'll need two yellow onions.,Peel the onions, then finely chop them up.,You should have about three cups of chopped onion.,We're gonna set those onions aside and chop the basil.,Because basil can bruise and get crushed easily,,there's a special way to chop it.,Stack a bunch of fresh basil leaves on top of each other,,then roll them up into a log.,Once the basil is all rolled up,,thinly slice into thin strips against the roll.,With basil, you don't wanna go over the slices,more than once or you'll crush and bruise the leaves.,This technique isn't as important,for something like a blended soup.,But if you are gonna use it as a topping or garnish,,you definitely wanna chop your basil this way.,Now, for our last bit of prep,,you'll need three medium garlic cloves.,Easily peel a garlic clove, chop off the rough end,,then lightly smash the garlic clove,over the side of your knife.,It should be just enough to get those garlic skins loose,and they'll come right off.,Now, finely mince up that garlic and you should have,about one tablespoon of minced fresh garlic.,Now that all of our ingredients are ready,,it's time to start cooking.,I'm using a five-and-a-half-quart enamel coated Dutch oven.,You wanna make sure to use a pot that is non-reactive.,A stainless steel pot would also work great.,Set the pot over medium heat,,then add four tablespoons of butter and your chopped onion.,Saute the onions for about 10 to 12 minutes,,stirring occasionally,,and cook until they are soft and golden.,Next, add your tablespoon of minced garlic,and continue stirring for another minute,until the garlic is fragrant.,I'm using two 28-ounce cans of crushed tomatoes,with their juice, preferably San Marzano,because they do add great flavor to this soup.,Now, you can use fresh tomatoes,and make your own crushed tomatoes,,but using canned will definitely save you a ton of time.,Add both cans to the pot,,followed by two cups of chicken stock.,Also add one cup of your chopped fresh basil,,one tablespoon of granulated sugar,,and half a teaspoon of black pepper.,The sugar is important because it helps offset the acidity,,so don't skip it, but you can also add it to taste.,Stir that all together, bring it to a boil,,then reduce the heat to a simmer,,partially cover, and simmer for 10 minutes.,Now, if you like a little more texture in your soup,,you can leave it as is without blending.,Or if you like a creamy tomato soup,,you can use either an immersion blender,or blend it in batches using a high-powered blender.,Just blend until it's smooth and creamy.,And if you have any tips on how to use the immersion blender,without splattering tomato soup all over your kitchen,,I would love to hear from you.,Once your soup has reached your desired creaminess,,add 1/2 cup of heavy whipping cream,and 1/3 cup of freshly-grated Parmesan cheese.,Stir that for the cheese to incorporate,,then bring it back to a simmer and season to taste.,I find the cream and the Parmesan cheese,add a lot of balance and flavor to this soup,,but you can add a little more sugar,or salt at the end, if needed.,That's all there is to it.,Just remove the pot from the stove and serve warm.,(laughing) Ooh!,Do you know what time it is? (laughing),Taste test time, in case you didn't know. (laughing),All right, I am totally craving,this creamy, comforting tomato soup.,Now, all that's left to do is ladle it into warm bowls,,and I love these fun ones that I found with the handle.,I use the same bowls for my French onion soup,,which you have to try if you haven't already.,All right.,So, this is still piping hot.,Wow.,Okay.,And it's just such a soothing soup.,And again, if you like some more texture,,you don't have to blend it.,It's also a really good chunky tomato soup.,Okay, and then you can add whatever toppings you like.,You can do just plain croutons.,I love to add a little bit more Parmesan cheese,'cause there's Parmesan in the soup.,I like to add a little Parmesan on top,so that it melts over the soup and forms a cheesy crust,when you pull up on the spoon, ah. (laughing),It's good.,It's good, you gotta try it.,And then, of course, a little bit more fresh basil.,Okay, and then just add that as a topping.,♪ Boom, boom, boom ♪,Okay, here we go, taste test time. (l

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Easy Tomato Soup Recipe - How to Make Homemade Tomato Soup

Easy Tomato Soup Recipe - How to Make Homemade Tomato Soup

welcome back to snow dogs cooking you,guys where I can cook it so can you what,are we doing today we're making tomato,soup because every time I've ever made,tomato soup in a vlog you guys have,asked me what my tomato soup recipe is,and today is the day we're going to,share it if you guys are new to this,channel don't forget to hit that,subscribe button and click that bell to,turn on all the notifications because,next week we're gonna make grilled,cheese to go with this amazing tomato,soup let's jump into this and of course,as always we have our little kitchen,helpers wait a minute there's only one,of you where's the other one you coming,in here too how about in the kitchen,we're gonna make tomato soup not really,a whole out of this that you guys are,gonna get to snack on but I appreciate,the moral support so here are all the,ingredients we need to make this tomato,soup the first thing you're gonna need,yeah is a can of Campbell's tomato soup,now as I said earlier this is super easy,tomato soup yes start with the can of,Campbell's tomato soup don't not get to,you've tried it,I made week ago and we could mash,tomatoes and do all that but we don't,have time for that we're gonna use,Campbell's tomato soup so again one can,of Campbell's tomato soup one can of,tomato sauce you can also use crushed,tomatoes but run them through a strainer,this just makes things a little bit,easier you are going to need about a,half a cup of milk half a tablespoon of,butter a half a cup of water some salt,and pepper and some garlic powder and if,you choose so you could also add onion,powder I don't because I'm not a big fan,of onions so these are all the,ingredients let's put them all together,first put in your can of Campbell's,tomato soup get a spoon and spatula make,sure you scoop all that out of that can,next we will be adding the tomato sauce,pour in your milk pour in the whole,water and now we got to get to that,whiskey business whisk this all together,so that's about how it's gonna look when,it's all whisked together now you can,add the butter,and a little bit of pepper I don't like,to add a lot while I'm cooking it cuz I,can always add more later a little bit,of salt I did use no salt sauce so I'm,gonna add a little bit of extra salt and,then the garlic powder how much to taste,sprinkle it in that's about how much I,use and then stir all that together so,once we have this all stirred together,we're gonna turn on the heat put it on,like a medium heat you don't want to,burn it because it does have milk in it,so I'm gonna put it at a four no we'll,do four and a half and we're gonna let,it come to temperature and then we're,gonna lower it to a simmer I tried to,tell you there wasn't really much in,this that you can have but I got you a,treat a treat for you treat for you see,it's fun cooking in the kitchen cures,like I'm taking my treat this way guys,see you later this tomato soup is now,piping hot there's one more ingredient I,didn't tell you about the beginning it's,the special ingredient that perfects it,I know it sounds really weird but add a,little sprinkle of sugar literally just,a little sprinkle it takes out some of,the acidity and some of the bitterness,that can be in tomatoes sometimes it,makes it taste amazing so there is our,super-easy finished tomato soup which,pairs wonderfully with grilled cheese or,if you really want to treat boil some,noodles and throw them in there trust me,you'll love it all right now you've had,this many many many times before so it's,gonna be the same as you're going it's,not anything weird I made it just like I,always do because people have wanted,this recipe for forever I know,yeah yeah do you want tomato soup - good,lord,hmm paired with grilled cheese it's the,best right or grilled ham and cheese uh,huh,one of each there you go Memphis is over,here like I want some tomato soup please,look at that it's magically paired with,grilled cheese you want to see the,grilled cheese video though you gotta,come watch next week good combination,alright so there you have it my friends,finally homemade tomato soup let us know,down in the comments if you're gonna,make this and if you do please be sure,to tag us on our social media accounts,we hope you enjoyed today's video as,always thanks so much for watching,thanks for subscribing stay positive,dream big leaders see you again soon and,remember grilled cheese,not just any grilled cheese it's special,coming next week goodbye guys

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Gordon Ramsay's Roasted Tomato Soup

Gordon Ramsay's Roasted Tomato Soup

beautiful vine tomatoes the riper the,tomatoes the better the soup take the,core out get your thumb and place it,half a centimeter underneath the tip of,your knife place it in and then just,twist around that's the only part of the,smart oh that we're not using red onion,and garlic red onion because it's,sweeter and a white onion slice your,onions and your garlic nice and fine,traditionally be making it in a pot it's,so much better to start it off on top of,the stove searing the tomatoes and the,garlic but it goes in the oven you,actually roast the smartest and they,don't stoop and it's a big difference in,flavor be quite generous to the olive,oil,it makes the soup nice and lovely shiny,salt pepper and then a little teaspoon,of cayenne just gives it that heat but,it's not as fierce as chili take your,tomatoes just slice them in half and,then little touch of sugar that's gonna,help intensify the sweetness a little,sprinkle of aids or vinegar gives that,nice dark rich acidity to the soup,it's given 2025 minutes 180 to make my,soup even more irresistible I'm gonna,make a punchy sun-dried tomato pesto to,drizzle over the top now I'm making this,in a that's the mortar because you feel,so much more in control and you know,depending on a blade that's whizzing,around at a thousand miles an hour,next in a dry pan toast off some pine,nuts,toast of the absolute max and then smell,in there is incredible parmesan lightly,great there this is where it starts to,become creamy extra virgin olive oil,doesn't need salt because the palmers,hands gonna season it for you and just,take a couple tablespoons of the oil the,sun-dried tomatoes were really helps to,make that stunning pesto I can smell,those roasted tomatoes on out Wow,next pour in a little vegetable stock or,chicken stock so it sits halfway up the,tomatoes,put your spoon through those tomatoes,they break up instantly bring that up to,the ball,let it simmer for 3 or 4 minutes want to,make a little more creaming out cream in,give that a little stir you can keep it,rustic and yet your mash are in and,you've got that nice thick rich chunky,tomato soup or do yourself a stick,blender,blitzen's are that you plead lays the,bottom of the pan and you get all those,amazing flavors from the bottom hmm,that's delicious,to make my lunch extra hearty I'm gonna,knock up a deliciously gutsy version of,cheese on toast to go with my tomato,soup,Bosh rabbit that's so classic,we'll make a roux 50 grams of butter,pretty nice tablespoons of flour that's,all a roux is basically traditionally,you would use flour butter and milk but,in Welsh rarebit the milk is often,cheeky substituted for a stiff slug of,stout gives it that strong gutsy flavor,on it nice fake make sure those lumps,are out there nice teaspoon of Dijon,mustard and then season it nice and,spicy be moist as your sauce gives it,that delicious intrigue and flavor,now that smells amazing almost brings,tears to your eyes beautiful now whilst,rabbit wouldn't be a stunning Welsh,rabbit without rich mature cheese so on,a great montgomery cheddar goes well,with beer and top that in really,important to put this in of the roof is,still nice and hot because the cheese,melts now for the bread I prefer a good,rustic country loaf that will stand up,to my hardcore topping want that nice,crisp base to mobile shredder so toast,it both sides,spread a beautiful cheesy berry spicy,mixture just great a blister and bubble,in great innate little splash lien,pairing and back under the krill for 90,seconds in one delicious creamy roasted,tomato soup it's coming back to me all,those days I had off school most of,purposely lie about feeling ill just to,get a bowl of my mother's tomato soup,how bad was that but my god it was worth,it whoa,now I'll wash rabbit yeah look at those,babies I just take the cheese on toast,to another level,Wow roast this creamy tomato soup with a,sun-dried tomato pesto served with the,most amazing delicious Welsh rabbit,that's all I bring in sick

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Healthy Tomato soup Recipe | Using Campbell's Condensed Tomato Soup

Healthy Tomato soup Recipe | Using Campbell's Condensed Tomato Soup

sí,hay un aviso el compacto venta en el,tiempo si se cose y no avisan más estáis,antonio su nuevo perfil para la vida,para ellos cuando quiere ser muy,beneficioso domingo son una bici silicio,es más ahora para el evento,el vino 3,golfos en el dáil rachel by también se,han cometido sports extranjeros de,crisis en breaking and bai auxiliante,sabina ni la mandioca y ningún botón,ayuntamientos o quizás águila donato,mito que se más madeline mansour nunca,está guay nataine ang lee coffee with,this world war and war wounds soltará,detalló,e,sí,m,i,a,no,ah,e,hoy,todos,a miley con seis países y,chile,racing,apriete pocas semanas estará ocupando de,todo inquiete que en game

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Restaurant Style Tomato soup | टमाटर का सूप | Easy Tomato Soup | Chef Ranveer Brar

Restaurant Style Tomato soup | टमाटर का सूप | Easy Tomato Soup | Chef Ranveer Brar

If you ask the entire population of India,That whenever I say soup...,What is the first thing that pops up in your mind?,Then I will get just one single answer!,Tomato soup!,Am I right?,There is something magical about this soup!,Because everyone keeps searching for the perfect tomato soup recipe!,Right?,Are you ready to solve the mystery of the perfect tomato soup?,Because I'm going to solve it today!,The main difference between Shorba and a soup is that..,Whenever you're you're boiling ingredients, you prepare a stock of those ingredients.,Basically, shorba is generally always thinner!,Soup on the other hand, can be thick as well as thin,And whenever you're cooking soup, you are simply focused on solely cooking the soup. ,But whenever you're boiling lentils, if you remove the lentil stock and give it a tempering, it can be called as lentil shorba.,If you remove the meat stock while cooking meat, give it a tempering, then it can be called as meat stock shorba!,So whenever you're cooking a soup, you're solely cooking a soup,But while cooking any dish, you can use its stock water to make shorba out of it!,Welcome! I am Ranveer Brar and to cook tomato soup you'll need...,Tomatoes!,I really love doing this!,Otherwise, it's alright,But I really love doing this!,What is that saying?,How can a Punjabi chef cook without taunting you?,Everything should go on along with the cooking, right?,So the tomatoes we need to cook tomato soup are roughly chopped like this,Alright?,My first love story with tomato soup started in an Army mess,I've lived most of my life with my aunt and tomato soup was a standard dish in an army mess,Or if guests were coming home or if there was a party, tomato soup was always served.,And I absolutely loved the taste of tomato soup because of that!,After that I joined my catering college!,And after joining the college, ,I was introduced to a French tomato soup known as Crème de tomates,It was a creamy tomato soup!,That's how a tomato soup should be like but I did not like it at all!,I used to always think about the chef who cooked tomato soup in the army mess,At that age, I went back to that chef to ask him for his tomato soup recipe,I had to remind him who I was,So his recipe of tomato soup that was served in the army mess, ,I'm going to show you that recipe today!,It is inclined more towards India and less towards France!,First, add the tomatoes,In oil, ,Use very little oil. ,Now add some red chilli powder into this tomato soup,Just a pinch of turmeric, ,Add turmeric to enhance the colour. ,Then add ginger and some garlic cloves,Add black peppercorns,And then this is chef's secret ingredient, ,Some black cardamom seeds. ,Salt, ,Water, ,Add enough water to make sure that tomatoes are covered. ,It is important to make sure that you don't overload it with water. ,Otherwise, instead of cooking tomato soup, you'll end up cooking tomato lassi and you'll say, "Ranveer, you did not tell us!",Use less water into it because the soup is supposed to be thick. ,If you don't eat garlic and onions,,You can simply add ginger or you can skip it as well. ,This is the soup base!,After cooking it in a cooker, we'll make a puree and strain it to make a soup base.,It's time to make croutons now!,For that...,Remove the sides and cut it into cubes like this!,Take a pan, ,Add some butter and oil into this, ,Pour some oil to prevent the butter from burning,It should have a buttery flavour. ,As soon as the butter melts, ,Add bread into it. ,You can deep fry it as well but it won't taste good that way,Because when you toast it on a slow flame in butter,That's when it starts tasting amazing!,Keep these buttered crotons aside. ,Add some herbs into it. ,Some tomatoes have released water, ,And we had added some water as well,So we're done making a base for the soup,,It has the flavours of tomatoes as well as the spices that we added into it. ,And most importantly, it has the flavour of black cardamom seeds!,Pour some oil, ,Butter is very important whenever you're cooking tomato soup,We're adding onions primarily for its sweetness and body,You can replace it with sugar as well and you can make the soup thicker by adding less water into it. ,Stir fry the onions in butter,Cook it for another 5 minutes. ,When the flavours of butter and onions are thoroughly mixed with each other,Then, we'll blend it, strain it, finish it and we'll be done with our tomato soup!,And done!,Don't focus on the taste of the prepared mixture, simply prepare a base by grinding and straining the mixture. ,Let's start blending it!,This part is very important because the flavours will start blending with each other!,It will blend the black pepper,,Ginger,,Onions,And add some coriander stalks.,Here you go!,Beautiful!,The benefit of cooking the tomatoes in a pressure cooker is that there is very little wastage.,So cooking the tomatoes for 2-3 cooker whistles is very beneficial!,The flavours of coriander, ,Ginger ,All of these flavours are getting infused in

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Canning Roasted Garden Tomato Soup With Linda's Pantry

Canning Roasted Garden Tomato Soup With Linda's Pantry

well hi guys,welcome back to linda's pantry and this,is round two,of tomato soup for this year i know a,lot of you have been communicating that,you want to see,every canning video any canning video,i do and so today i'm gonna bring you,look at all these this is a full-size,sheet pan,and um this is tomatoes out of the,garden i can't waste them and they're,ready to go they're beautiful they're,delicious,i'm eating them every day that i can and,it's time to make soup again i i want,this for all year so,i'm going to canned tomato soup like,i've said in previous videos,i still have marinara and stewed,tomatoes from last year so i don't need,those kind of products,i've got um pasta sauce coming out the,wazoo so,we want tomatoes tomato soup coming out,of the wazoo,the difference between this one well,i don't even have room for onions on,this tray this is going in a 400 degree,oven,i've drizzled olive oil i have a whole,bulb of garlic,i'm going to sprinkle some salt and,pepper on here and it's going to be,phenomenal i'm going to roast it until i,can slip the skins and they've kind of,blistered a little bit,it makes for the best soup so the oven,roasted tomato soup,the twist on this one is i'm going to go,out and cut,some celery out of my garden it's ready,i'm gonna get these onions roasting and,uh we're gonna,actually i'll probably saute the onions,and the celery down,in a pan and that will cut out a step up,roasting because these will be in the,oven,about an hour guys if you want to come,along for the rest of the video stay,tuned because i'll be,pressure canning some more tomato soup,it's so good in fact,i i've got a jar pegged for tomorrow's,lunch i,i can't stay out of it it's delicious,everybody,is envious when they come in the break,room and go what are you eating,the only thing i wish i had is some more,basil okay guys,so here's my my biggest bundle of celery,um and i'm just i've washed it but some,of this stuff is kind of stubborn,so i get in here with the paper towel,and wipe it out now organic gardening,you know and i will tell you the earwigs,and the potato,bugs love these but,this is a pretty small bundle of celery,that grew out there all season but it's,gonna be so,full of flavor i mean the aromatics from,this,is amazing it's gonna make this soup so,good so i'm,really thankful that i have this but i,don't know that i'll,take up the room and use the water for,celery i don't know that that's a good,use for my space,if you know what i mean so one of those,big onions,was not any good,so i got out two small onions and i'm,gonna saute these,in my soup pot,a lot of times i will roast the onions,and,um the other well the garlic is roasting,but,i'm just going to saute these off with,some more olive oil,and get the celery softened as well,celery is wonderful with tomato and i,absolutely love celery now if you're not,a celery fan,don't don't hate on me it's just,it's just soup okay so we're gonna cut,up this celery too,let's see how i mean this is crisp,look at that i better taste one just to,show you,look how delicious that celery looks,wow,uh oh i might take that back,the difference between homegrown celery,and,store-bought is night and day,i'm going to go out and get the tops,because i think i want more aromatics in,my soup,oh my goodness that's those are,delicious i still don't know if it's,worth it,just take up all that space but here we,go,so we're gonna get this sautee and i'll,bring you back,okay so i am here i've got my pan,heating up and i've got about,maybe a tablespoon of olive oil we're,just going to saute,look at all that onion love onions,they're so good for you let's get these,all,in the pan that's probably,four cups of onions but there's a lot of,tomatoes on that,sheet pan so well those are,caramelizing getting all good and happy,and i like my tomato soup very savory,i don't i don't like to put any sugar or,i'm not,if i wanted to make the campbell soup,tomato soup version,i might do some you know a little pinch,of clove,or something but,do you have you in the right position,i got you as good as i can okay,i'm back to my camera so if you guys,like this,better than on my phone let me know in,the comments section,okay celery and i went and grabbed some,tops,this is all gonna get blended down in,the soup,but oh it's gonna be aromatic,and absolutely delicious,okay i'm gonna add a little bit of salt,and pepper gotta layer the flavors i,already salt and peppered the tomatoes,a little bit not much just enough to,sweat it down a bit,um a little pepper about a teaspoon,there you go and,i've got a little bit of this i love,this seasoning,it's called total seasoning um and it's,got cilantro and garlic,it's just really good i'm gonna add,about a teaspoon of that,all right so as soon as this is done,sweating down and,the onions are you know translucent,um we'll be ready to add our chicken,stock,and when the tomatoes are ready we'll,slip all the skins and,put them in okay i thought i'd better,get you up to speed,

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How to Make the Ultimate Cream of Tomato Soup

How to Make the Ultimate Cream of Tomato Soup

a great cream of tomato soup doesn't,have to come out of a can you can do so,much better and i'm going to show you,this easy recipe that starts with,a can this is not pre-made cream of,tomato soup these are canned tomatoes,whole tomatoes packed and juice and,these are really going to be the,backbone of our tomato soup recipe,that's packed with tomato flavor so i'm,using two 28 ounce cans of whole,tomatoes packed in juice and the first,thing that i want to do is drain these,now i'm going to work on these one at a,time and you're going to want these to,drain over a measuring cup because we,want to collect all of that beautiful,tomato juice remember this is packed,with tomato flavor so now this is the,fun and squishy part i'm just going to,break these open with my hands and get,rid of any seeds that are in there and,then as i do this all that juice that's,inside is also going to drain down into,the measuring cup as i work with these,i'm going to move them over to a rimmed,baking sheet that i've lined with foil,all right these last little solids from,this first can,and now i just want to press through,any of that pulp that's in there,all right that's looking pretty close to,drained so now i'll dump in the second,can again this 28 ounce can of whole,tomatoes packed in juice and the same,thing i'm going to seed these let the,liquid drain and then we'll move on,all right so that is looking good we,need about three cups of tomato juice,for our recipe so i'm going to let this,finish draining and just put this off to,the side,and now let's get back to those tomatoes,we're going to oven roast them and,really draw out their sugars and,caramelize them we're going to help that,process along with a little bit of brown,sugar,now cream of tomato soups that come out,of a can are almost like candy but this,really is not nearly as sweet we're only,using a tablespoon and a half of brown,sugar in total for this recipe,so i'll just pack a tablespoon and then,what i like to do is just put it in my,hand here and start sprinkling it,over,the tomatoes,all right these are ready to go into a,450 degree oven right i'll put these on,the upper middle rack and we're going to,leave these in here for 30 minutes,they're going to start to caramelize and,get a little bit dried out looking not,going to look like too much but it,almost has the flavor of sun-dried,tomatoes,all right you can see the color on those,that's all the caramelization of the,brown sugar and the natural sugars in,the tomato and a little earlier i did,say that they taste a bit like sun-dried,tomatoes,no they're way better than sun-dried,tomatoes sun-dried tomatoes are just,dried these are dried and caramelized,while these are cooling we're gonna work,on the rest of our soup very easy to put,together we're using shallots here they,have a little bit of a softer bite than,onion and our recipe calls for four,shallots now i think there's two,shallots in each of these,yup see we got a double shallot here,piggy backing on there we thought you,could sneak in so we want to finely,mince the shallot all in all a shallot,measures about three tablespoons of,minced shallots so for four shallots,we're looking for about three quarter,cup of minced shallots,all right so let's get cooking now i'm,going to add four tablespoons,of unsalted butter to my saucepan,and i'll put this over medium heat i'm,gonna melt the butter and wait till it,gets to the point where it's just,foaming,butter is melted that means it is time,for me to add the shallots all right,last little bit there,so i'm going to add even more tomato,flavor with a shot of,one tablespoon of tomato paste and we're,going to add a little bit of warm spice,now you have to be careful with the type,of warm spice that you add to your,tomato soup things like cinnamon or,nutmeg you can taste wrong but this is,just allspice it's got a beautiful,balance it's not too overpowering and,really we only need about a pinch i call,that a tip of the paring knife,measurement,so we're going to cook all this together,let me just mix in that tomato paste,once it's mixed in i'm going to turn the,heat down,to low put the lid on it i'm going to,let this cook until the shallots have,softened that's going to take between 7,to 10 minutes,all right let's take a look at what's,going on,in our saucepan oh smells amazing,and you can see that color beautiful,shallots they're nice and soft,all right so we do have some fat in the,pan we're going to use that to create a,roux i'm going to add in two tablespoons,of all-purpose flour and since we want,to use the room more for thickening,rather than to add flavor we're only,going to cook this for about 30 seconds,just so that it loses its raw flour,taste,now that the flour is just moistened a,bit we're going to whisk in the first of,our two liquids and this is one and,three quarter cup of chicken broth,now we didn't want to add too much more,chicken broth to this because then it,tastes like chicken and tomato soup and,we want

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