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Making and Canning the BEST Salsa! Can it up Canuary!hey friends welcome back to acre,homestead my n

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Updated on Jan 18,2023

Making and Canning the BEST Salsa! Can it up Canuary!

hey friends welcome back to acre,homestead my name is becky and today in,this video we are going to be canning,salsa i happen to can the salsa in the,summer but i never got the video edited,and out to you but as part of the,collaboration with sutton's days for,january canning in january we are gonna,get this canned up together today there,are a ton of really great winter candy,projects that you can do so if you're,interested i'll leave the playlist down,in the description box and if you want,to know all the details about january i,will leave sutton's day's channel down,there so you can go check that out so,sit back relax and learn how to can your,own homemade salsa i made fresh salsa,for the first time last well i can,homemade salsa for the first time last,year and i ran out of it a long time ago,i did not make enough so right now what,we're going to be doing is making a ton,of salsa and hopefully enough to get us,through the year i have a big bowl of,home-grown tomatoes i have all different,types of tomatoes in here we have some,absolutely stunning these are big beef,we've got i think these ones are,pineapple and there's just a myriad of,tomatoes in here we also have homegrown,peppers homegrown onions and home-grown,garlic so last year the onions and the,peppers that i put into my salsa were,not home grown so this is an achievement,that we've made here today that we are,going to be adding homegrown peppers and,onions now the cilantro i have out there,is not doing super great so i went to,the store to buy the cilantro today we,have a little visitor with us we have,gizmo this is my little french bulldog,he's about 10 years old he was very,insistent on hanging out with me in the,kitchen today so i figured i'd drag his,bed out here and he could hang with us,as well last year i used the recipe,directly out of the ball complete book,of home preserving i've mentioned to you,guys in many videos this is the only,canning cookbook i have it's the only,candy cookbook you need and i will link,it down in the description box and i,followed the recipe exactly well this,year i'm going to also link how i'm,going to be making it i'm making a few,tweaks and they are approved by the,national home preservation website i'm,going to leave that website down below,because if you're new to canning i would,recommend you only start by following,the recipes exactly how they are laid,out because it's very important that you,make sure you follow the recipe exactly,so that it's a safe product to eat the,biggest tweak that we're going to be,making to this recipe is substituting,lemon juice for vinegar that is an,approved substitution by the national,home food and preservation association,you cannot substitute vinegar for lemon,juice though but lemon juice for vinegar,is okay so we are gonna be doing that we,got all of our garlic crushed i'm just,gonna leave this here because we're,gonna put it in the food processor in a,little bit i did wash my cilantro so,when we get to that it is already washed,and prepped and ready to go i have three,bunches here and so let's get to the,tomatoes all i'm gonna do to these,beautiful stunning tomatoes is core them,i can't find my parry knife right now so,i'm just gonna use this serrated knife,all we're gonna do is give the tomato a,really simple chop nothing too fancy,because what we're going to do is put,them in the food processor and we're,going to let our food processor do all,the work for us,you will see here that i do not peel my,tomatoes that is recommended so for you,i would recommend you peel your tomatoes,before you can them but i just don't do,it so do as i say not as i do,i'm not looking to completely pulverize,the tomatoes i just want them to be,pretty finely diced and that's why you,want to use a pulsing method because,that's going to get you that that's got,a nice dice to it,and we're going to put that in our bowl,whoops,we're just going to keep repeating that,process,the reason i am pureeing the tomatoes,and putting them in the stainless steel,bowl is because they are my limiting,factor i want to can all of these,tomatoes into salsa and i have plenty of,peppers and plenty of onions,and if i was to put these tomatoes,directly into my pot that we're going to,be cooking the salsa in i wouldn't know,how many times i need to multiply the,recipe to create a safe product to eat,when you're canning salsa you cannot,adjust the amount of peppers and onions,you're adding because you need to have,the correct ratio,of your acidic foods and you're not,acidic foods to make it a safe product,to water bath can i will then measure,the tomatoes from this bowl and put it,into the pot we're going to cook the,salsa in i will then know how many times,i need to multiply the recipe by and,that will give me the amount of onions,and peppers we need to add to make the,salsa,so i'm going to use my canning pot to,actually heat and cook this because it,only has to cook for 10 minutes and it's,the only pot i have that's ev

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Learn How to Can Salsa the Easy Way

Learn How to Can Salsa the Easy Way

there is nothing like a fresh batch of,salsa especially with so many taco,recipes on this channel and to make it,ultra convenient to have salsa on hand,today I'm gonna show you how easy it is,to can salsa so you can enjoy it year,round I'm using a recipe from my friends,at ball our partners for today's canning,video which have been around for 135,years the recipe by ball home canning,brand is going to make you want to keep,tortilla chips on hand year-round I,don't know about you guys but we use,salsa all the time for tacos burrito,bowls salads pretty much everything and,nothing beats the taste of fresh,homemade salsa but making a batch from,scratch isn't always as convenient as,having it in your pantry so I'm gonna,preheat my oven to 450 degrees,Fahrenheit on this baking sheet I have,my tomatoes which I'm going to roast so,they peel easily you'll see whenever you,want to make homemade salsa with all,tomatoes in your garden or during warm,weather months when they are deliciously,ripe and abundant you'll have to peel,them and roasting them my friend is in,my opinion the easiest way to get the,job done with the least amount of effort,now the tomatoes are ready they're gonna,go in the oven for 20 to 25 minutes,until the tomatoes are slightly charred,and the skins peel back while those,roasts were gonna prep these jars which,by the way I picked them up at my local,Target and they had all sorts of deals,on them which is why use ball jars for,all things like drinking water pantry,storage for bulk items like beans Coco,chia seeds and of course canning here I,have a canner filled with water that,I've brought to a simmer a canner is,simply a large pot big enough to fill,with water and the jars these jars are,clean and,since I washed them with the lids in,warm soapy water and set the bands aside,all you have to do is place each empty,jar into the water and let them sit in,there until you are ready to fill them,make sure the water is not boiling at,this time a little heat is all we need,the tomatoes are perfectly roasted so,I'm going to let them cool down to room,temperature to make them easier to peel,now there's a lot of chopping we're,never who makes salsa is involved but to,save a little time I've got a head start,on chopping the garlic and the green,onions to control the amount of heat in,this recipe you'll want to decide,whether or not you want to keep the,jalapeno seeds inside so all you have to,do is slice them in half and with a,spoon scrape out the seeds okay let's,move on to the tomatoes to remove the,skin all you need to do is peel back the,thin outer layer and discard I'm just,gonna repeat the process with all my,Tomatoes here so I'm gonna half the,tomatoes right here on my cutting board,and then with a spoon I'm going to scoop,out the seeds this helps to keep the,salsa from becoming watery first I'm,gonna put the tomatoes in this sauce pot,but I'm gonna give them a quick coarse,chop then jalapenos the green onions,garlic vinegar lime juice little hot,sauce cilantro and salt we're gonna give,it a quick stir and let it simmer for 15,minutes,over medium-high heat meanwhile I'm,gonna give this place a quick cleanup,and meet you back here oh man I wish you,could smell this place the salsa is,finished and we're ready to fill the,jars let's remove one jar using a lifter,and place it on a towel or wooden,cutting board I'm gonna fill the jar and,remove any bubbles by gently tapping,against the towel or wooden cutting,board now we check for half an inch of,head space with a clean cloth I'm gonna,wipe the rim and the top of our lid,apply the band and seal until fingertip,tight,by the way can go to make awesome gifts,so if you're growing tomatoes and have,abundance of them from your garden make,salsa and gift the salsa not just a,tomato now that all my jars are filled,with our salsa I'm going to place the,filled jars back into the canner now if,you look here I have a rack at the,bottom and the water is covering the,jars by one to two inches as you can see,the process is really simple all you,have to do now is bring the water in the,canner to a boil and then begin the,15-minute processing time this will seal,the jars and keep everything fresh,inside and ready to be devoured at,future taco nights now that the jars are,ready we simply remove them from the,counter and let them cool down on a dish,towel for 12 to 24 hours,before checking the seal be sure to wipe,down your jars and remove any food,particles to safeguard against mold now,that we're done with all the work and,there is one last step the Flex test,this is to ensure that everything sealed,properly and our salsa is ready for,storing to test it we remove the van,press down on the center and since it,doesn't lift this jar is sealed properly,everything inside is nice and preserved,tight so I can stir the way for future,taco nights fresh tasting delicious and,like you saw in the video with ball,canning jars this is a super easy recipe,you can make for years to come

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in today's video i will be showing you,how i make my homemade salsa and also,for canning to use it during the winter,hello everyone and welcome back i'm so,glad you joined me today,we are going to be making some salsa so,i hope you enjoy this video,and hopefully you get some tips along,the way as well so we're just going to,dive right on into starting with the,tomatoes of course,um now i got these locally so these are,farm-raised,tomatoes and they're really good we had,a couple already,i'm just fresh eating they're super good,so i'm just gonna go ahead,and just dump them all in the sink and,we're gonna start washing them,and also cutting out all the bad spots,and,of course the top and the bottom,where the stem is just you know just,cutting out everything that we don't,need,in our salsa and this does take a little,bit of time,but just turn on a podcast or some music,to listen to,and it goes by pretty quickly so i'm,gonna go ahead and wash these,um while i'm cutting them but i'm also,going to give them a,second wash um after i'm done,with this wash just to make sure,everything is clean,and ready to go now one thing i did want,to mention at the beginning of this,video,if you've never done any canning before,just please please be careful,there are some things you know you can,burn yourself,cut yourself just be careful um and,yeah protect your skin at all times,because trust me,you can get burned um i have already and,yeah just be careful i'm going to keep,saying that throughout the video,because i do not want anyone to get hurt,and then once that is done i'm going to,go ahead and get a big,pot of water on the stove this is for,scalding,the tomatoes and then once it's nice and,high it doesn't have to,quite be boiling um this was plenty hot,here but anyways we're going to drop in,the tomatoes,again just be careful this is hot water,you don't want to get burnt,so just keep your fingers and your skin,out of the way as,you um yeah just carefully drop the,tomatoes,in and then we're gonna keep them in,this water,just a couple minutes it doesn't take,long at all until the,tomatoes are scalded and you can tell,once they're ready to come out,i'm just going to test one here and just,make sure that skin comes off,really easily and then that kind of,tells you when they're ready to come out,and some of the skin kind of is a little,cracked and yeah starting to come open,so yeah it just only takes you know a,couple minutes or so it doesn't take,long at all,so this process goes pretty fast,so we're just going to go ahead and take,all those tomatoes out,and then we'll put some,more tomatoes in,and then i'm going to put these,scalloped tomatoes into the sink,um now again these are really hot and,sometimes they're,yeah too hot to peel uh right away,so you can leave them sit you know for a,couple minutes,or so if you want to just to let them,cool off a little bit,and in the meantime the second batch of,tomatoes was ready to come out so i'm,going to get those out,and then put another batch in,and then we're just gonna go ahead and,skin all the tomatoes,and this process is usually fairly easy,um,yeah if they're scalded long enough the,skin will come off,um really easily so next we're going to,start chopping,and i have this chopper here i'll try to,link it in the description box below,because i just,really love using this for salsa it,makes a nice,chunky salsa so if that's the style of,salsa you,like this works great for,everything that you are chopping up so,we're going to start off here with the,tomatoes,and just get get them all chopped up,and then once we have this little,container full we're just going to dump,it,into the little measuring cup over to,the side and that way we can measure out,how many tomatoes we have,and then we're just going to keep,chopping and keep dumping,until we have the right measurement,for our recipe and by the way,speaking of the recipe i will try to,link the recipe,in the description box below for you if,you want to try it out,i did go ahead and just pre-cut all the,tomatoes in half,this just helps it to slice a little,easier and better,without the juice squirting all over the,place it does make a mess,either way but yeah i just kind of,wipe as i go kind of clean clean the,countertop up,here and there as i go just to keep the,mess down to a minimum,i did have a few extra tomatoes that i,didn't need for my salsa,so i'm going to go ahead and put all the,extra tomatoes in the vitamix,and it was just the right amount to make,a couple,quarts of tomato juice so i'm going to,just blend it up,really well and yeah you have some fresh,tomato juice you can use it um yeah or,can it,so there you have it,all right and then next we're gonna,start with the onions,um doing it the same way just chopping,it up here in this chopper,now i do think you can get a smaller,square size chopper like the insert here,so if you want to do your onions and,peppers a little smaller,you can do that but mine doesn't have,the smaller one,

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Making and Canning Fresh Chunky Salsa - Complete Walkthrough

Making and Canning Fresh Chunky Salsa - Complete Walkthrough

tomatoes peppers onions garlic that can,only mean one thing and that's that,we're making salsa using some of the,vegetables from my garden harvest for,the year and subsidizing it with some,produce from the market we're gonna be,making and canning a whole bunch of,chunky salsa we're gonna go ahead and,get started by getting some water,boiling so I can peel these tomatoes and,chopping up these vegetables you can use,pretty much any yellow or white onions,for this recipe I use Spanish onions I,would however avoid using red onions for,salsa most salsa recipes call for green,pepper if you prefer red or orange bell,pepper you could use that but I think,green is the best in salsa for both,taste and color,I like poblano peppers because they've,got a good flavor and just a little zing,you can omit these or use any other type,of hot pepper if you want more heat,I had just a few jalapenos because I,like a little bit of heat but not too,much,use as much or as little garlic as you,like I want some garlic flavor but I,don't want it to be overwhelmed with,garlic taste,I'll finely chop about four or five big,cloves,it's very easy to overdo it on the,cilantro so err on the side of caution,unfortunately you have to buy this big,old bunch even if you only need a little,I'm using roma tomatoes for this and I,trim a tiny bit off both ends if you're,using a round tomato you'll probably,only need the core out the top to remove,the skins i blanch the tomatoes this,involves putting them in boiling water,for just a couple minutes and then,plunging them into ice water for another,few minutes after you do this the skin,should just fall right off,next I roughly chopped the tomatoes into,chunks they'll break down a lot while,cooking but chopping them a bit first,helps the process along,now to end all the vegetables together,my recipe calls for about five cups of,onion though I tend to use a bit more,because I like a lot of onion this,probably came out to at least six cups,next is the green pepper again the,recipe calls for about five cups,then the poblano peppers and jalapenos I,used to play blah nose and three,jalapenos because this is a mild salsa,recipe if you want more heat replace the,poblano with more jalapeno Serrano,habanero or whatever else you like then,the finely chopped cilantro two or three,tablespoons is plenty and then the,garlic,now it's time to cook the salsa,basically I heat the salsa to boiling,and then reduce the heat to simmer for a,while I usually do about twenty to,thirty minutes but you can do more or,less depending on how watery your,tomatoes were to begin with and what,consistency like your salsa to have time,for a quick disclaimer this recipe like,most salsa recipes calls for some,vinegar and many of them call for white,vinegar white vinegar is what I almost,always use this time I happen to be out,of white vinegar when I made this and I,decided to try some apple cider vinegar,I had on hand instead in hindsight,I do not recommend this not only is the,flavor completely wrong for salsa but,apple cider vinegar is much less potent,than white vinegar so adding one cup did,not nearly give the acidic bite I wanted,but if I added more it would have given,it even more of that wrong flavor this,salsa is still good but it's got a very,subtle sweet overtone to it and none of,that acidic brightness so again go with,white vinegar about one cup for a batch,this size,before wet canning I always sterilize my,jars with steam by putting them upside,down over a couple inches of boiling,water for a few minutes and as always,boil your lids for a couple of minutes,this both sterilizes them and softens up,the rubber gasket just a bit,for certain foods you need to increase,the acidity a little to make extra sure,that it's safe and shelf-stable for,things like tomato sauce and salsa this,is commonly done by adding lemon juice,or some citric acid depending on how,much vinegar you add to the salsa you,may not need to do this but citric acid,doesn't really add any taste and I have,plenty of it on hand so I added 1/4,teaspoon per jar for pints you would use,1/8 of a teaspoon,now to fill the jars be sure to leave,about a half inch of head space,after the jars are filled use a scraper,tool such as this to take care of as,many bubbles as you can work it around,the wall of the jar as best you can to,try to dislodge any bubbles or trapped,air,once the jars are filled and D bubbled,be sure to wipe the rims very thoroughly,with a damp paper towel we don't want,any food residue getting between the jar,and the lid,use a magnetic grabber tool like this to,pick up the lids and place them on the,jars,now just put on the rings and remember,not to over-tighten them,processing time is 20 minutes four,quarts in fifteen four pints so that,means after putting the jars in the,canner and turning the heat up to high I,start my timer only once the water is at,a full boil when the timer goes off I'll,turn off the heat and remove the jars,within a couple minutes a

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The Best Homemade Salsa Recipe, Mexican Restaurant style Salsa Recipe, Basic Salsa

The Best Homemade Salsa Recipe, Mexican Restaurant style Salsa Recipe, Basic Salsa

hello everyone welcome to some things,cooking method one today I'm gonna show,you how to make the best salsa recipes,will have some smoky flavor and this is,exactly how you get it in restaurants in,Mexico and in the US I love this salad,because it is nice and juicy and,extremely refreshing and now let's begin,our process so for this recipe guys we,are going to need four juicy ripe,tomatoes finely diced and we are going,to add them in a large mixing bowl,followed by one medium sized onion again,finely diced and guys if you do like my,recipe please do subscribe and click on,the well icon to be first to watch my,future videos and it's free so why wait,and now let's proceed 1 green chilli,finely sliced and guys if you do find a,fresh jalapeno then do add half of it,but I did not so I added 1 green chilli,and now let's add 4 cloves of garlic,finely chopped up followed by 1/4 cup of,fresh Danya which is cilantro and let's,mix everything together let the,ingredients get to know each other and,once we have mixed everything in I'm,going to add the garlic powder which is,easily available in all of the grocery,stores but just in case if you can't,find one you can easily replace it by,adding four more cloves or finely,chopped garlic and now let's just add,about 1/2 teaspoon of this garlic powder,followed by some salt to taste and let's,mix everything in once you add the salt,the onions are going to start sweating,and that is exactly how we want our,salts are to be like and now let's keep,our bowl in a refrigerator for a to cool,down so while our chopped salsa is,cooling down let's move on to the next,stage where I'm taking 4 more juicy ripe,tomatoes and landing them on top of a,griddle along with two dry,red chillies now you can add more,chillies if you wish if you can handle,the spice and now let's draws to the,chillies till the time they start,changing the color and once they start,looking like this a little bit on the,darker side it's time for us to remove,these chillies and put it in a bowl and,keep it aside for cooling down meanwhile,let's continue roasting our tomatoes and,let's keep blackening them this is what,is going to give our Tomatoes our salsa,that nice roasted flavor that is exactly,how they do it in the restaurant and,once the tomatoes are nicely roasted,like this it's time for us to add them,in the blender we are going to blend,them only after 10 minutes or once they,have come down to room temperature,meanwhile let's not forget to add the,roasted dried red chili after removing,the stem guys if you wish you can always,remove the seeds of the red chili which,will reduce this heat in this salsa but,I like my son son nice and spicy so I'm,going to keep the seeds in and give it a,nice blend after blending look at this,this is looking absolutely gorgeous so,let's add in our blended smoky salsa,along with our chopped salsa this,combination is just totally the maca I'm,telling you guys it is absolutely,amazing and guys I love my salsa with a,little bit of Tang so I am going to add,a juice of half a lime over here if you,wish you can always chop up some lime,veggies and keep it on the side along,with the chips but I absolutely love the,taste of lime in with my son so I've,added it and now I'm giving it a nice,mix and I'm going to keep it in the,fridge for the next one are and once my,salsa is nice and chilled I have removed,it in a bowl and served it along with,some nacho chips and I'm going to take a,big bite out of this and I'm going to,try it out right now,hmm it's so juicy guys it is so so juicy,just absolutely fantastic it does have,this my smoky flavor out of this would,make this recipe make it today don't,even wait for the weekend I do let me,know what you think about it also that,this recipe if the starter has to be,tastes even better the very next day,also like the flavor you only get to,know each other and they really make,those are saving much more flavorful and,hotels if you haven't subscribed do so,right now as well I know you see my,ticket

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How to Make Salsa

How to Make Salsa

if you love chips and salsa then you've,gotta check out my homemade salsa recipe,and if you like this video don't forget,to hit that like button and subscribe,hey you're watching preppy kitchen where,i john canel teach you how to make,delicious homemade dishes to share with,your family and friends this sauce will,be ready in just a couple minutes so,let's get started,first off we're going to do just a,little bit of prep before we toss,everything into the food processor or,blender if you're using that i'm going,to have these tomatoes you could also,quarter them just remove the stem part,that's not delicious,i'm using roma tomatoes for this these,are like reliably good even if tomatoes,aren't in season but you could,definitely use your favorite tomatoes,instead when i get my hands on them i,love using heirloom tomatoes all right,these are basically prepped i'm using,half of a red onion for this it's about,half of a cup cut it in half,remove the base,and then just give it like the quickest,of chops that's good your salsa needs,some heat we're going to use two,jalapeno peppers for this again it's,kind of up to you these are like,reliably pretty hot but you can use very,hot peppers if that's your jive,jam,jam,jalapeno jam jalapeno jam's delicious,it's on the blog,okay we're just taking off the ribs,which have the stems and kind of like,the not delicious part of the pepper,i'm filming this on a sunday which at,our house is taco night not tuesday i,will have delicious fresh salsa for my,tacos i'm very excited about this,brian do you want to tell them what you,put on your tacos,ketchup,can you believe that let me know in the,comments if you're a guest or if you,think it's delicious,i'm curious,these jalapenos are pretty spicy i can,smell it,two jalapenos prepped the last thing i,want is a smattering of garlic i think,my recipe calls for three or four cloves,i'm using five or six,that's how it feels,so just cut the end off give it a smash,get the paper off that's all you have to,do so easy,no mincing today when i lived in l.a i,used to buy elephant garlic which has,these massive cloves and made it so easy,because you'd only ever need one or two,for a recipe and there's less prep work,but i cannot find it here,i'm using two limes for this recipe i,love myself so to be really acidic and,just bright give them a roll really,quickly just to release those juices and,i'm going to juice them directly into,the processor,give it a slice it smells so good,already all right that's all my prep,except for the cilantro i only use one,full bunch i love cilantro in this i,don't know how people eat food if,they're not cilantro people some people,naturally taste it to be soapy like,brian,all right just to remove the stems from,your cilantro,this can get set aside we're going to,use the leaves it's on to the food,processor,my mom's from mexico and she and her,sisters would always have fresh salsa in,the house this is like a standard red,tomato salsa but you can make so many,different kinds let me know in the,comments if there's a salsa you'd like,me to show you i think maybe tomatillo,would be fun that's one of her favorites,so the thing about tomatoes is they are,amazing in the summer but the rest of,the year they're kind of like bleh i,like to use canned tomatoes in my salsa,just because like in the winter time,it's impossible to find good tomatoes,i'm using whole tomatoes for this and,i'm not going to use the juice i don't,want the salsa to be too watery people,always think that fresh is better which,is mostly true but for tomatoes,these are packed at the peak ripeness,for tomatoes and they're also the type,of tomatoes that might taste delicious,but not travel well,these tomatoes have to be like you know,packaged and hang out in the grocery,store for a while so some varieties of,tomatoes have a ton of flavor but just,aren't viable for being in your produce,counter,that's the last the tomatoes don't throw,that juice away it's delicious in like,pastas and everything else so that's for,later now we're just going to add the,ingredients in one thing i want to say,is if you like your salsa to be on the,chunky side you might want to pulse,everything else and then add the,tomatoes last i think i'm going to do,that today because i don't want it to be,totally uniform like it's been pureed,we're starting off with the garlic and,onion going right into the processor,those jalapenos can go in too i'm going,to give this a really quick pulse,head start,juice of two limes and you go,all the lime juice in there,the boys are obsessed with this book,called dragons love tacos um it's about,dragons not liking spicy salsa but they,do like tacos,anyhow,i can't wait for george and lachlan to,see this like is it spicy,because they like to pretend they're,dragons they don't like spicy salsa,okay that's a lot of flavor i love it,to up the heat i'm adding half a,teaspoon of chili powder,sprinkle it in,one teaspoon of ground cumin,i'm also going to add a sprinkl

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Homemade Garden Fresh Salsa Canning Recipe

Homemade Garden Fresh Salsa Canning Recipe

hey everybody welcome back to,my wings of refuge i'm so,excited today one of my absolute,favorite things on earth is,salsa and so i,have 24 tomato plants planted,most of which are romas i do have some,beef steak and i also have some,cherokee purples or blacks or whatever,and so um i have here,my tomatoes and we're gonna get ready,with a batch today,so these beautiful tomatoes you see here,most of which are the romas,but i also have here one of my beautiful,cherokee blacks i think they're blocks,and so what i'm going to do now these,are all,washed and ready i'm going to cut them,in half uh cut the tops off of them,if there is a bad spot or anything some,of them you know have the little,cracks in the tops i'll cut that part,off i'm going to cut them in half,and i'm going to lay them on a baking,sheet and we're going to broil them in,the oven,just until the skins start to char just,a little bit so we can take the skins,off really easy,to make a fire roasted salsa,so our tomatoes are fresh out of the,oven and they're beautiful,and lightly charred so i've let them,cool for a few minutes and now all i'm,going to do is go through and peel,all of the skins off and,we'll be ready to get,ah much started these come off,really easy and i'm putting the,tomato right inside the blender,or the food processor,hey,okay so all of our tomatoes are,blended up really well they're chopped,in the food processor and i have them,ready i did,weigh them and i have about six pounds,here of tomatoes,for five pounds of tomatoes,you would usually use anywhere from,three to five,onions so i have six pounds uh this,really doesn't matter it's all,to taste at this point so i'm going to,use four onions so i'm just going to,dice them up a little bit and i'm going,to put them in the food processor and,let them,blend really well and dump them into my,tomatoes,okay so next we want to add garlic,i like a lot of garlic some people say,three to five cloves of garlic,it's garlic to taste i like a lot of,garlic,don't judge me,so next we're going to add cilantro,fresh,beautiful cilantro again it's to taste,so some people don't like the taste of,cilantro some people absolutely love it,i love it and so i'm going to add it to,taste i'm going to add it to taste,i'm going to chop it up a little bit and,i'm going to add it to the garlic in our,food processor,so our next ingredient is jalapenos,different people will add different,peppers you can add your favorite pepper,if jalapenos are too spicy for you you,can add poblanos or bell peppers or,something else of that nature i like,jalapenos if you're a little afraid of,the spice you can also take the seeds,out,but i'm going to cut these up dice them,up and also put them in my food,processor,right now in the food processor i have,my garlic and cilantro,i'm going to add the peppers the,cilantro doesn't blend really well,unless you mix it with a few other,things then it'll blend really good,it smells divine and so here i added the,cilantro in with our jalapenos,and also the garlic and so i'm going to,now add them into our,onions and tomatoes,now we're going to give it a good stir,and we want to be able to taste it,before we,consider it finished,it's already looking fantastic and it,smells,so good now it's time to sample it and,see,what else needs to be added,okay so i am ready now to,turn up the heat and we're going to heat,this for about 30 minutes,it's really not too liquidy so i just,want to make sure it's really good and,hot,piping hot while my jars here are going,to be boiling too because i want to give,them,at least 15 minutes boiling time,and that way they'll be nice and,sterilized,and we'll get them out when it's really,hot and do a proper,water bath canning system so don't you,worry,all those tomato skins that came off of,our tomatoes,we're not going to let them go to waste,i'm going to lay these skins out,nice and thin layers on a dehydrator,sheet and i'm going to dehydrate them,on a low temperature in my dehydrator,anywhere from six,to 18 hours until they're nice and,crispy,and then we'll turn them into some,beautiful,tomato powder,okay so we've got our peels and the,dehydrator,we have our water bath canner is,starting to really bubble in there so,i've turned the heat on for our salsa,and i'm going to bring it to a boil,and i'm going to let it then simmer for,about,15 to 20 minutes our salsa is starting,to,boil we'll let it rumble a little more,and then we'll cut it back,just a little bit to keep it at a light,simmer for about 20 minutes,we also have our lids here,we're just going to keep them on a,medium heat just a very light little,bubble that's all in these we just want,them to stay nice and hot,and ready to go on our jars make sure,it's nice and,piping hot we'll be ready to pour it,into our hot jars,okay so it's been time,for our salsa it's nice and hot our,jars have been ready for some time now,so i'm just going to get my jars,out and while they're nice and hot i'm,going to fill them,with a half i

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AUTHENTIC MEXICAN SALSA recipe | THE BEST SALSA EVER | RED salsa recipe | AMAZING salsa recipe

AUTHENTIC MEXICAN SALSA recipe | THE BEST SALSA EVER | RED salsa recipe | AMAZING salsa recipe

you may be wondering what this is for,today's recipe I brought out my,multi-hit they actually my pig shaped,monk I hate them I don't know sometimes,I feel like it looks like a dog what do,you think let me know down in the,comment area okay welcome to my kitchen,my name is Rosanna and today I will be,showing you how to make a very simple,easy and authentic homemade Mexican,salsa this is a family favorite it has,always been present in our table and I'm,so excited that I get to share part of,my roots and my culture today all right,so let's get started let's get the salsa,going okay so I will be showing you how,to make two types of salsas it's,actually more of a different technique,for these but they're both incredible so,the first one we're going to do we're,gonna be cooking our tomatoes in hot,boiling water I'm just gonna add - as,you can tell my tomatoes are kind of,large so if you have smaller Tomatoes,just add another one and my husband got,me these beautiful jalapenos growing up,my mom used to tell me that this meant,that your jalapeno is hot if you want,less heat you may want to find jalapenos,that don't have all these little veins,in here but I love heat so this is,perfect for me,and I'm just gonna go ahead and add one,to your water you don't have to add,anything else just let everything cook,well,okay so for your second salsa I'm gonna,be using a comb and we use this to heat,our tortillas if you don't have a comb,and make sure you grab something that,you're not attached to because it is,gonna get a little bit of stains some of,that char in there it can get really,hard to take off so you can actually use,a pad if you don't necessarily have a go,model but just make sure it's not,something you're attached to so we're,just gonna add three Tomatoes a jalapeno,because my jalapenos look very very hot,a quarter of a red onion and also I'm,gonna add four garlic cloves,now watch your garlic cloves they Brown,really really fast okay so your garlic,should look nice they cooked already so,here's how they're gonna look just take,them out these cook really fast,see this one be a little bit longer,we're gonna take our garlic out finally,just let everything else keep cooking,and just keep turning it around us and,ease it our tomato still need to cook a,little bit longer but the jalapeno and,onion are good to go,these look soft and ready to turn into,salsa okay so back to our pan these are,also perfect they are soft and the skin,of the tomatoes is starting to peel,itself so let's remove from the water,also I would like to invite you to,subscribe like and share our videos and,don't forget to click the notification,bell so you're notified every time,there's a brand new recipe alright guys,now that our tomatoes are nicely cooked,I'm gonna show you two ways that you can,make your salsa the first one is with,this beautiful milk I hit it like I've,told you before this is just very,authentic to our culture this is where,we make our salsas and tends to be a,little chunkier but it gives us such a,great flavor to be honest I don't even,know where the flavor comes from if it's,the rock but I I can tell you it makes a,difference if you are an adventurous,person and you like to try new things I,definitely encourage you to try making,it in a multi-hit that's gonna rock your,world,the second way because this is probably,not as friendly as learning in a blender,cuz imagine if you had to like mash for,a big crowd it's just way too much work,so I will be showing you a second way,with a blender which is a little more,friendly and it still comes out,delicious so let's do the first way now,first add two garlic cloves and start,pressing down with your rock to start,breaking down your ingredient,by the way when mashing my garlic I get,this very similar smell to roasted,garlic it's wonderful once it is well,mashed move on to your jalapeno if the,stem gives you a little bit of a hard,time and it doesn't want to come out,easily you can just simply remove it,with a knife when pressing onto your,jalapeno make sure that you do gently to,prevent any juices from squirting out,abruptly and you can also add your salt,at this point this recipe brings so many,memories I still remember my mother,making fresh tortillas on a chimney made,from clay our fire was fueled by,hand-picked Mountain wood she would take,a tortilla and turn it into a taco shape,add some queso fresco and top it off,with salsa and was instill as the best,add your Tomatoes one at a time and,press down as well you can remove some,of the chart if you want but the more,you leave the smoke here your salsa will,taste don't worry it's not an,overpowering taste,keep pressing gently but firmly you,still want to get through your tomato,with enough force to break it up and get,everything incorporated once the salsa,is done traditionally we like to add,finely chopped onion in cilantro then,with a spoon finish mixing up if you,don't like the idea of raw onion in your,salsa you can just leave it out,

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