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Pro Chef Turns Canned Black Beans Into 3 Meals For Under $9 | The Smart Cook | Epicuriousit's very s


Updated on Jan 18,2023

Pro Chef Turns Canned Black Beans Into 3 Meals For Under $9 | The Smart Cook | Epicurious

it's very soothing noise I almost put,myself to sleep doing that hi everyone,I'm Dan giusti,I'm being challenged to prepare three,delicious and affordable dishes using,and black beans,there are a lot of advantages of using,canned black beans instead of say,cooking them from dry cooking dry beans,is not the most complicated thing but,you have to soak them when you buy,canned black beans you have a product,that's already cooked properly so you,get this like super creamy Bean when you,talk about how much time and effort it,takes to prepare a bean from dry the,value is still in the canned beans all,right let's get going with our recipes,for breakfast we will be making corn,muffins with Chipotle glazed black beans,I need as much encouragement as possible,to actually eat breakfast so having,something a little different in flavor,definitely makes me more excited we are,using Jiffy corn muffin mix in a box one,thing to note the standard Jiffy Mix,actually includes lard they do sell a,vegetarian version without the larger,I'm gonna go ahead and whisk the eggs,together first fun fact about me the,first indication that maybe I would turn,into a chef was that I would go around,as a young child and tell people that I,wanted to grow up to be a corn muffin I,don't know what that means but I did,want to be a corn muffin at one part in,my life so I'm gonna go ahead and add,this in here I'll add the milk we don't,want to like mix this too much on the,package it says that this mix is going,to be lumpy so I have a muffin tin you,could either butter the actual insides,of the tin or put the like cupcake or,muffin inserts inside which we're going,to to do it does say after the batter,has been mixed to let it sit for three,to four minutes for best results I think,we're approaching that period now I'm,going to use an ice cream scoop really,if you don't have an ice cream scoop you,can use anything to do this you want to,fill up the cups kind of like halfway,you might say oh you know this is like,from a package mix it doesn't matter,like nothing beats the taste and the,smell of like a freshly baked good,especially in the morning our oven is,preheated to 400 degrees we're gonna go,ahead and pop these in they might take,15 minutes depending on your oven put a,toothpick in see if it comes out dry,while the corn muffins bake we are going,to glaze our black bean with honey and a,little bit of the sauce from the can of,the Chipotle peppers I'm gonna go with,honey to start we don't need to cook it,down much the honey is obviously already,very thick I'm taking two tablespoons,about of this sauce if you really like,spicy go ahead and add a pepper so I'm,gonna go ahead and turn this on like,medium heat as soon as it heats up the,honey will get much more fluid once once,we start to see some very large bubbles,we know that we're kind of in this point,where it's really going to create a,glaze if we do want that tight glaze so,everything stays nice and contained it,smells like really good barbecue sauce,we're seeing big bubbles when it starts,to like kind of slowly drip we know,we're at that stage or this is getting,extremely thick so I'm just putting that,to the side we're starting with reduced,sodium beans anytime that I can take,away sodium or salt in a starting,product I'm going to do it if everything,is not seasoned or less seasoned it,gives me a little more control over the,dish so I've drained this liquid off the,beans but we're going to take it one,step further and rinse these with cold,water so I'm going to just make sure,we're kind of shaking off any excess,water here go right into here and then,not stirring folding so we're trying to,just kind of coat the beans and that's,it these will now get put to the side so,our muffins are still baking and we have,our Chipotle glazed black beans kind of,cooling down to room 10 temperature,there is one last component to our,breakfast dish and that is this kind of,green condiment if you will for lack of,a better term so as a kid I used to eat,green peppers all the time as a snack,for me the green pepper is perfect it's,super simple uh we'll just take the top,off the pepper here take the bottom off,cut it like this take the seeds out now,we're gonna just chop this up pretty,small the beans themselves are pretty,small so when something even a little,smaller to go on top of that,it's like the old times seven years old,eating it like an apple you know one of,those kids everybody else was eating,like Lunchables that's how you make,friends you know Pepper's cut we're,gonna go ahead and add our chives now,that green flavor is an awesome contrast,to this like deep roasted Smoky flavor,of the Chipotle and the sauce it's gonna,add a bit of olive oil a little salt a,bit of pepper,give it a quick stir this little detail,for me kind of makes the dish it's going,to look nice from a color perspective,now that our green condiment is ready to,go we're gonna go check on our muffins,all right say what you want to say a

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The Best Canned Black Beans Recipe | How To Cook Canned Black Beans | Episode 246

The Best Canned Black Beans Recipe | How To Cook Canned Black Beans | Episode 246

hey guys welcome back to my channel in,today's video I'll be showing you guys,how I turn these basic canned black,beans into a delicious being recipe so,for this we are going to be needing some,olive oil and you are going to be,needing one onion and I have some water,I'll be using and I'll be using a little,bit of real Jamaican curry powder and,for this recipe I am using four canned,black beans and you are going to be,needing some salt and pepper to taste,please check the description box where I,will list everything I used in this,video so let's get cooking guys all,right so to get started I always make,sure I wash the top of the can just run,it under some cold water okay,and first you want to make sure you,shake the pan which I should have done,before I try opening it and I'm going to,open it half ways because we are going,to dump this water out I normally do,this over my sink but just because I,want to show you guys what I do I'll be,showing you guys right here so you guys,can see everything so I'll fill the,inside with water shake it up and try to,drain that slimy liquid that the cans,usually have in so I'm going to do that,for both of them or that both for off,all four and then I'll come back and,show you guys how I cook it up now you,want to go ahead and turn your stove to,medium high and I'm gonna go ahead and,grab a couple tablespoons of oil and add,in your onions we are going to fry the,onions,few minutes and we don't want them to,run at all we just want them to be sense,okay,again we are not looking for any color,and our onions at all so I will give,that back try and come back and pretty,guys do not add the bean all right as,you guys can see so now I'm gonna go,ahead and add um the canteen I did end,up leaving a little more liquid than the,other but that thick liquid on the,bottom is always going to be there,because we do what seems to be a little,thick once it's done cooking okay and a,lot of water you put in depends on how,many cans of beans you are cooking so,I'm going to cut like a cup and a half,of water into this one just because I,want the water to cover the beans and,now I'm going to put like a teaspoon and,a half of curry powder and I'm going to,put a little bit of ground black pepper,and you guys of course you can do this,with with fresh black beans you can cook,your black beans and then follow the,simple steps once that's cooked but I,know because of this corona thing going,on most people right now have canned,beans at their house so I just wanted to,come and show you guys an easy recipe,that you can use cooking canned black,beans or can any beans for that matter,okay,so now I'm going to let that boil and,once it starts boiling I'm going to turn,the heat down a little bit just so it,can simmer for a good 20 minutes until,that soup is nice and thick okay,alright guys my beans are cooked as you,can see if you don't tell anyone these,are canned beans no one will know I made,this video because I know the average,patient especially normally wouldn't go,to the store and pick up some canned,beans but I just want to show you that,you can make a delicious semi-soft wah,from canned beans and it is absolutely,delicious okay and obviously as you can,see I didn't use any monkey none of that,stuff and it's still delicious hopefully,you guys will try this recipe again,since I know most people have canned,stuff at their house right now you can,eat this with some white rice you can,make some leggy mos2 chicken whatever,you want to eat it with okay so please,don't forget to subscribe to the channel,share this video with everybody you know,and also don't forget I am doing that,giveaway that video that giveaway will,close on Tuesday this week Tuesday,coming so make sure you enter so you can,win an airfryer and as always thank you,guys so much for watching I love you,guys for watching please stay safe you,guys see you on my next video bye bye

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How to make canned black beans | EASY and flavorful black beans recipe

How to make canned black beans | EASY and flavorful black beans recipe

hello my name is Couture and welcome,back to the channel so today I am going,to show you how to make a recipe that,literally got me through all of my years,away at college black needs now I'm not,talking about these psycho black beans,where you have the dry facts you gotta,soak them got a boil and for at least an,hour and then flavor um no we don't,attempt it,I'm gonna show you how I sauce up a can,of black beans,we're gonna put some easiest spices in,there comes together in a matter of 15,minutes you can put it on some white,rice incorporate it into your bowls with,potato whatever kind of meat you have,veggies it's multi-purpose I promise you,and it's delicious so stick with me and,we're gonna make it to make this recipe,here you're going to need 1/2 a teaspoon,of dried oregano half a teaspoon of,ground cumin and a 1 bay leaf next take,1 small onion I am using half of a large,onion and give it a thin slice grab 2,cloves of garlic and mince it as finely,as possible I'm running the back of my,knife against the garlic to sort of draw,out some of the garlic and juices and,help to get it nicely minced take a,small handful of cilantro and chop it I,have about 2 tablespoons in total next,grab some olive oil and put a few,swizzles in your pan I have it set to,medium heat then go ahead and add in,your onions and a little sprinkling of,salt to help draw out the moisture and,sweetness from those onions and let it,sweat till it looks like this next grab,those 2 cloves of garlic that you minced,and add it to the pan as well as the,cumin doing this will sort of help to,wake the cumin up and draw out its,flavor so here I go with 1 can of black,beans,I'm using reduced-sodium black beans,because I like to be able to control the,amount of salt in my beans add the rest,of those spices the cilantro the oregano,bay leaf and then fill that same can,that you you that came with the black,beans,halfway with water and add that in and,that's pretty much it you're going to,let this sit at medium-low heat for,about fifteen minutes let it bubble away,and it'll end up looking something like,this,now you can either stop at this point,but if you want your beans to be a,little bit thicker like I like them you,can,protip take your spoon and sort of smush,the that sounds weird but kind of smash,the black beans against the side of the,saucepan just trust me it's delicious it,helps to create a little bit of a,thicker sauce and give the black bean,sort of gravy somewhat some you know,help thicken it a little bit give it,some you know some body yes yeah some,richness and body thank you for bearing,with me so at this point my beans were,totally done look how rich and delicious,these black beans look I added in just a,little bit of salt because it like I,said it was already partly salted from,the can and then I added in a squeeze of,fresh lime juice this I like because it,really adds some brightness to the black,beans and makes it taste even better and,that's it I ate my black beads or some,right rice and plantain,I invite you to do the same and of,course if you enjoyed this recipe please,give this video a like and subscribe for,more we'll see you in the next one

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How to Make The Best Black Bean Burgers

How to Make The Best Black Bean Burgers

Today on The Stay At Home Chef,I'm showing you how to make Black Bean Burgers.,Black bean burgers are a great option if you're vegetarian,,trying to cut out a little bit of that red meat,,or just need a healthy burger option.,To start you'll place half of a red onion into a food processor,along with 4 cloves of garlic,,and this is optional,,but I like to add in 1 or 2 chipotle in adobo peppers for a little bit of heat.,Then we'll go ahead and pop the lid on and pulse this until it's finely chopped.,Alright, next we'll move on to our black beans.,You'll need 2 fifteen ounce cans of black beans, or about 4 cups.,You want to drain off all of that liquid that comes with the black beans,,and then you'll just want to rinse these off.,Then we'll add those black beans into the food processor as well.,Then we'll pulse it once again,,and it's okay if you leave some of the black beans whole if you want a little bit of texture,,or you can mash them all up into little bits.,Then we'll transfer this all to a large mixing bowl.,Next you'll need some binding agents,so we'll add in 2 eggs and 1 cup of plain unseasoned breadcrumbs that'll help hold this all together.,Then you'll want to season it with 1 1/2 teaspoons of ground cumin,,3/4 teaspoon of salt ,,and 1/2 teaspoon of black pepper.,Then we'll stir this all together.,Kind of mash those eggs in until everything is well combined and the ingredients are evenly distributed.,Now you can always switch things up and add in different spices.,I like the cumin because it pairs really well with the chipotle for kind of like a Mexican flair.,You could also do like Italian seasoning...,really, anything will work... just experiment.,Next I'm gonna use 1/2 cup measuring cup to scoop out some of that black bean mixture.,Then I'm gonna use my hands to shape this into a nice little patty.,You should get about 6 patties depending on how big or small you made them.,Now there's no shrinkage with these like there is with traditional beef patties,,so make sure you make your patties the exact size that you want for your bun.,Now at this point you can pop them in the freezer,and freeze the ones you're not going to use today for later use,,or we can cook them up.,Then there's three options for how to cook these.,1) You can cook them out on an outdoor grill.,Just make sure it's well oiled so they don't stick.,2) You can bake them in a 400 degree oven for 10 minutes,,flip them halfway through, or,,3) today I'm gonna cook it in a skillet on the stove,,so I'll add in just a little bit of olive oil to cover the bottom of the pan,,or you can use vegetable oil,,and then just add in your patties,,and we'll cook these for about 5 minutes per side.,So after about 5 minutes just give them a gentle flip.,Then you'll want to gather together some of your favorite toppings,and you are ready to eat!,Be sure to subscribe, like, and follow, and check out the rest of my videos,,where you can find hundreds of restaurant-quality recipes,you can easily make at home,,and yes I just talked with my mouthful!

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How to make easy delicious black beans *using canned beans*

How to make easy delicious black beans *using canned beans*

hi guys this is policy night and today,I'm going to be making a special recipe,because a little someone it's very,special request ins its recipe and I was,in complete shock that they didn't know,how to make this but first let me take,you over the ingredients,but remember tomorrow bottom method it's,not so much about the actual ingredients,in making this thundersense just you're,gonna need Tomatoes cilantro garlic red,onion the bean of your choice that I,washed and rinse water or a ton of cumin,salt oil and if you want to get a little,bit crazy or if you have you can use any,oil product to enhance the flavor but,make sure you don't add any more salt,because they do carry lots of salt so be,careful with that,so to my hot pan I'm adding a teaspoon,of olive oil and right away throwing in,my sofrito,everything but the garlic because,remember garlic burns,now remember you want to make sure you,flavor every layer on this dish so salt,I'm not using any boyo products so,that's why I'm adding salt or generous,amount of salt what a come on black,beans and cumin go hand-in-hand they're,perfect for each other,and just let that go and I'm not adding,any bacon or sausage so when you don't,add any like meat product in order I,think the secret for the beans to make,the most wonderful beans ever is cooking,the sofrito the base of it as long as,possible as long as you can,the longer you cook the better the beans,are going to taste so now that my soul,fleet though is basically mush I cooked,it for exactly five minutes I'm adding,the garlic just literally cook it for 30,seconds because right now immediately,we're going to throw in our beans and,the water,now my secret to black beans is if,you're using a can of black beans the,amount of water is fill it all the way,to the top and that's how much water you,need because my beans are gonna go on on,high and as soon as I see that half of,the liquid is gone I'm gonna reduce the,temperature and keep mushing it my black,beans have reduced the liquid by half,and at this point this is when I mash,them up just enough to thicken it ups,like as much as I can just mash it up,the more the thicker you want the more,you mash it but I like this texture and,I'm just gonna leave it on high till,it's nice and thick and then I'm gonna,season it takes it it may keep salt I'm,gonna add any salt and I'm gonna eat,this over some rice because how can you,go wrong with beans and rice now that my,beans are a nice creamy and done I,actually did an add salt at the end I,thought it was a neat song but I have to,do it justice and serve it over some,rice I mean come on to try to not ruin,it because I do we need a picture,mmm I can eat this every single day just,like this I mean you know me you know,nothing make this and I promise you you,will love this it's so good I didn't,take more than 20 minutes I promise and,this recipe works well with any being of,your choice

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Easy Cuban Black Beans | Frijoles Negro Cubanos | Cuban Recipes | Made To Order | Chef Zee Cooks

Easy Cuban Black Beans | Frijoles Negro Cubanos | Cuban Recipes | Made To Order | Chef Zee Cooks

Hey, everyone and welcome back to Made To Order-  A La Orden. I'm Chef Zee, and today we're making  ,Cuban Black Beans but the easy way. Now I already  have a recipe here on my channel where I show you  ,how to make Cuban black beans but that recipe  is slightly different because I show you how  ,to make it from scratch which typically takes  anywhere between a day and a half to two days  ,unless you have a pressure cooker. Now in that  recipe, I added chorizo which makes that just  ,super delicious, but a bunch of you have asked  me to show you how to make it the easy way. So  ,here we are and bonus this recipe is actually  vegan friendly so for all my vegans out there,  ,I told you that I got you! Now these beans are  always in heavy rotation in my house because  ,they're one of my favorites, and I do hope you  like it. So hang in there so that you don't miss  ,this. We're going to kick things off by adding  some olive oil into a pot followed by some minced  ,onions and some minced green peppers. Now you can  use a variety of different green peppers. I like  ,to use a mixture of cubanelle peppers and bell  peppers. We're gonna mix it together for a little  ,bit and now we're gonna add our sopita, which is a  chicken bullion cube but feel free to use regular  ,salt as well. Now whenever you add some kind  of salt or some kind of sopita to your onions  ,and peppers while they're sauteing it's gonna help  them sweat and become translucent. Now we're going  ,to add our black beans. Now this is my easy Cuban  black bean recipes which means that I'm using  ,canned black beans, and I like to keep the liquid  in there because it's going to give it a vibrant  ,and a rich dark color. Now I do have a recipe  of how to make Cuban black beans from scratch  ,so feel free to check that video out. Now whenever  I make my easy version of this recipe it's normal,  ,because I'm in a rush and I'm craving black  beans and I just don't have time to make them  ,from scratch. I also like my Cuban black beans on  the thicker side so I'm now going to add one cup  ,of water along with some regular oregano, black  pepper, some cumin, a tiny bit of tomato paste,  ,which is going to go a long way, some bay leaves,  and some cilantro. Now I'm going to mix that all  ,together until it's well combined and breaking up  the tomato paste a little bit and we're gonna let  ,this do anywhere between 20 to 40 minutes. And  it honestly depends on how thick you like your  ,Cuban black beans. Now nothing makes me more  happy than some thick black beans over a bed  ,of white rice. It is honestly one of my favorite  things to eat in life. Now once it reaches your  ,desired thickness we're gonna add some mashed  garlic and keep in mind and pay very close  ,attention because this is my secret weapon and my  secret ingredient. I like to add the garlic at the  ,end because it's going to give it a vibrant  flavor. If you add it at the very beginning  ,then you risk cooking out all that awesome and  delicious garlic flavor and who wants that? Now  ,I also like to give it a quick taste test just to  make sure it's good on things like salt, oregano,  ,and cumin. If you want to adjust any of those  flavors, then now is the time. My beans happen  ,to be perfect and on the money so now I'm going to  add some red wine vinegar and some brown sugar and  ,these two ingredients is really going to balance  out the rest of the dish and it's going to bring  ,the dish together. So we add it, mix it all  together, and if you want your Cuban black  ,beans to taste absolutely phenomenal then let it  cool and then reheat it or have it the next day.  ,So there you guys have it - my recipe for making  Cuban Black Beans! Say hi to me on social media  ,and don't forget to come back next week when  I have an all-new video. Buen provecho, guys!

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How to Make Restaurant-Style Mexican Black Beans

How to Make Restaurant-Style Mexican Black Beans

Today on The Stay At Home Chef I'm showing you how to make,Restaurant-style Mexican Black Beans,These are just like the black beans you get from your favorite Mexican restaurant,and guess what?,They're also super easy to make.,To start you'll need 1 yellow onion.,You really only need a small one.,This one is a little big so,maybe we won't use the whole thing, but we'll cut off the ends and then dice,I like to go for a fairly small dice so that these blend in well with the beans,You'll also need to mince 3 cloves of garlic,and you'll need some spices as well so get those ready,along with two 15-ounce cans of black beans,and you want to make sure that you do not drain them,You actually want all of the liquid that's in with the beans,so once again, DO NOT drain them.,Next we'll head on over to the stove,Get 1 tablespoon of cooking oil heating in a skillet over medium-high heat,Then we'll add in all of our diced onion and get that cookin',Saute these for about 5 to 7 minutes until the onion is soft and translucent,Then once those are soft you'll add in your minced garlic,you'll need 3 cloves, minced,and get that cooking as well,Garlic burns really easily so you really only need to,cook it for 60 to 90 seconds to get the best flavor,Spices can also release their flavor with heat so add in,1/2 teaspoon of ground cumin and,about 1/4 teaspoon of cayenne pepper to give this a little kick,and let that toast as well,Then after about 30 seconds we will pour in,our 2 (15 ounce) cans of black beans,that once again are not drained,Now a lot of times restaurants will add in some lard,because honestly, fat has a lot of flavor and it makes this super delicious,I'm going to skip that to make it a little healthier but you,could always add in some lard or shortening or butter if you want that,added creamy fatty goodness,You'll want to let these cook just enough to heat the beans all the way through,about 2 to 3 minutes,Then you'll want to salt these to taste,I'm going to start with about 1/4 teaspoon,but the amount of salt you add depends on whether or not,you used low sodium black beans,Super simple, super easy to make and it goes great with any Mexican meal,I will garnish mine with a little bit of freshly chopped cilantro,but we are ready to eat!,Thanks for watching!,You can find the full written recipe in the video description.,Be sure to subscribe, like, and follow and check out the rest of my videos,where you can find hundreds of,restaurant quality recipes you can easily make at home.,See you later!

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BLACK BEAN SOUP is a vegetarian soup that's SO DARN good!

BLACK BEAN SOUP is a vegetarian soup that's SO DARN good!

- If ever there was a vegetarian soup recipe,that is both humble and dazzling,,it's this black bean soup.,Now it's humble because it's made from pantry staples,like black beans and broth that are relatively cheap,and budget friendly.,And it's dazzling because it's loaded with veggies,and spices that give it this incredibly layered flavor,with kicks of spice and earthiness.,When my mom was visiting me last week,,I reheated some leftovers of this super recipe for her,but I didn't jij it up with all of the toppings,so I don't think she was overly impressed.,But then she took a bite of it,and she said, "Holy smokes, this is amazing,and it's so much better than I thought it was gonna be.",And I think that's the reaction,that you guys are gonna have as well.,So let me show you how to make it.,To get started,,you'll create a mirror pot base for the soup,,which includes one red onion, two ribs of celery,and one carrot,and you'll just dice all three of those items,into equally sized pieces.,So while I'm dicing those up,,let's talk about the different variations,of black bean soup.,If you guys are big travelers like I am,,you might have had black bean soup before,either in Mexico, Spain, Cuba, Puerto Rico,or other spots in the Caribbean or Latin America.,It's a staple recipe in many countries,though you'll often find slight tweaks,to the flavor and texture.,Meaning some black bean soups are spicier than others,and some are fully blended and creamy,while others are chunky.,And where does my black beans super recipe fall,on that continuum?,Well, I'd say it's probably somewhere in the middle.,It has a good amount of flavorful spice,but it's not hot spicy.,And I blend a small portion of the soup,for a mix of both creamy and chunky textures.,But this is one of those soup recipes,that after you've made it a few times,,I'm sure you'll start tweaking it to your liking.,So after the mirror pot base is done,,you'll then de-seed and dice one jalapeno pepper.,You can use a small spoon to scoop out the seeds.,I sort of just shimmy it down the inside of each half.,Then slice and dice the jalapeno up,because this pepper wolf saute along with the other veggies,,it actually has a fairly soft and muted flavor at the end.,So honestly, don't worry about it being too spicy.,But if you'd like a more powerful spice flavor,,you could always swap this with serrano peppers,and even add a second one if you'd like.,And the last veggie to prep is garlic.,I've got four good sized garlic cloves today,which makes me happy as I love garlic.,But if yours are on the small side,feel free to add another one or two.,So just give those a bash with your knife,,remove their outer skins,and then take the garlic along with the chopped veggies,over to the stove.,Now here's the main ingredient in this soup, black beans.,I'm using three cans of black beans today,but you could also use dried and cooked black beans.,It's up to you,if you're using canned black beans as I'm doing,,just make sure to fully rinse them in a fine mesh sieve,or colander until the water runs clear on the other side.,And once the water has stopped dripping from the bottom,set them down by the stove as well.,To cook the black bean soup,,add two tablespoons of olive oil,to a large pot over medium high heat.,Dump in your bowl,that has the onion, carrot, celery and jalapeno pepper,and then a saute that for four to five minutes,,stirring it frequently until the veggies have softened.,Add the garlic to the pot,by mincing it straight on top,and add your dried spices,which includes two teaspoons of cumin,,one teaspoon of dried oregano,,one teaspoon of ground coriander,,one teaspoon of kosher salt,and a little dash or pinch of cayenne pepper,for just a little extra kick of spice.,And then stir all of that together,until the garlic and spices are toasted and fragrant.,Toasting the spices like this,before adding the liquid to the pot maximizes their flavor,because the dry heat helps to release the spice's oils,and that results in a final soup,that is bolder and more complex in flavor.,All right, onto the beans.,Add the rinsed and drained beans to the pot,along with three cups of vegetable broth.,You could also use chicken broth,if you're not trying to keep this vegetarian or vegan.,And I prefer low sodium broths as well,so that I can better control the sodium content.,Give that a stir, bring it to a boil,,then reduce the heat to low, cover the pot,and let it simmer for 15 minutes,so that all of those delicious flavors and spices,can meld together.,Now at this point, you have a couple of options,on how to make this soup creamy or creamier.,You can take one to two cups of the soup,by just scooping out this amount,and then adding it to your blender,and then blending it up for a minute or so,until it's smooth and creamy.,(soft music),I know it looks a bit like sledge here,but you have to believe me when I tell you,it is the tastiest sledge you've ever had,and that little bit of blended soup gives you a cr

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