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Super Moist Fruit Cake Recipe for Christmas /Simple and Easy Boiled Fruit Cake Recipefruit cake is a

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Updated on Jan 18,2023

Super Moist Fruit Cake Recipe for Christmas /Simple and Easy Boiled Fruit Cake Recipe

fruit cake is a delicious festive recipe,released all over the world this fruit,cake is a simpler and easier version of,making the traditional fruit cake,the cake is filled with loads of juicy,plumpy raisins and many other dried,fruits and it has that beautiful aroma,of spices that makes the cake more,flavorful and in this recipe the dried,fruits are boiled in liquid to soften,and plump them up before they are added,into the cake batter and so this,fruitcake is so moist even without any,prior soaking of fruits and you will,also be glad that this is one of the,least messy ways that we can make a,fruit cake we don't need a stand mixer,or hand mixer to make this cake a,saucepan and a wooden spoon are the,prime tools to make this easy cake so,let's see have to make this simple and,easy fruit cake so let's start by,boiling the dried fruits,we are going to boil those dry fruits,along with some butter sugar molasses,and some water,we are not adding the nuts into the,boiling mixture and i don't want to boil,these dried plums and dates as well they,are already very soft and juicy so we'll,be boiling these dried cranberries and,these raisins and you can use dried,fruits and nuts of your choice by making,your fruit cake or we can adjust the,measurements according to our preference,and so into a saucepan add in the butter,then sugar,and if you have molasses you can add,three tablespoons of molasses or else,you can add 3 tbsp of brown sugar adding,molasses and brown sugar can give that a,beautiful dark brown color to a cake and,also it can bring a beautiful caramel,flavor to our cake,and then adding the basins and the,cranberries and some water and take the,pan onto the stove top,and stir over medium heat and bring it,to boil,and once it start to buy simmer it for,three to four minutes,and then remove from heat and let it,cool down,a meanwhile let's prepare our cake pan,grease the bottom of the pan with some,butter and line it with a parchment,paper,and as fruitcakes need longer baking,time i'm giving an extra lining with,parchment paper to protect our cake from,any over browning,now let's prepare the flour mix we are,going to add all of these spices and,flavors and baking powder into the flour,the taste of a fruit cake is mostly from,the aroma of that cake and i want that,fresh aroma of spices to get into our,cake batter and that's why i didn't add,this spices into the boiling mixture so,add in the baking powder cinnamon powder,ground all spices salt and zest of one,orange and lemon into the flour and give,it a good stir to make sure all of these,ingredients are evenly distributed in,the flour,so now our flour mix is ready and now,add three eggs into a small ball and,lightly beat them until we get a smooth,egg mixture,and now into the next step that is to,add in all of the rest of the,ingredients into the saucepan,see our raisins and cranberries are now,big clumpy and juicy and now i'm adding,the dates and dried plums or prunes into,this,and then adding the chopped pecans and,give everything a good stir,and then adding the beaten eggs,and give it a good mix,and then add the flour mix into this and,combine everything together,and make sure there are no dry patches,left behind,and now our cake batter is ready let's,transfer this onto our prepared baking,pan,tap the pan on the counter a few times,to remove any large air spaces in,between,and now it's ready to go into the oven,fruit cakes need to be baked in a slow,oven or lower baking temperature for a,longer time so bake it at 320 fahrenheit,preheated oven for 75 to 90 minutes or,until a toothpick or a skewer inserted,into the center comes out clean we can,tint the top of the cake with an,aluminum foil after 50 minutes of baking,to prevent any chance of over browning,on top and after baking remove the cake,from oven and let it cool down in the,pan itself for 30 to 40 minutes,and then let it finish cooling on a,cooling rack,as we are not feeding the cake with,alcohol to give some flavor and always,do it to make it more appealing to your,eyes i'm brushing the surface of the,cake with some light apricot jam,and if we slice this cake on the same,day the cake may seem buttery and,crumbly and won't be that flavorful and,so it's better to wait for the next day,to slice our fruitcake,the smell taste and flavor of fruitcake,is so much better the next day and i'm a,big fan of fruit cakes and this is one,of my favorite recipes for making fruit,cake and i hope you like this a simple,fruit cake recipe hope you found it easy,to make and i hope you will make this at,home and please let me know how it,turned out for you and if you like this,video please give your valuable thumbs,up and please don't forget to share this,with your friends and family who love,fruitcakes and thank you so much for,your love and support and thanks for,watching this video and wish you a very,blessed and happy christmas,you

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"Chef, aren't you going to teach us how to make Fruit Cake?",Then fine even though it's not part of the list of recipes I'll teach to you,so that our holiday season would be more fruitful, extra fruitful.,Let's make an Easy Fruit Cake recipe.,As usual, ingredients are very accessible.,You can find it on our local supermarket or baking supplies store,although I'm gonna be honest with you, a bit pricey but not too much,but the ingredients used for Fruit Cake is a bit pricey,but don't worry since we just make this one rarely, right?,So let's be extra happy and again fruitful, this holiday season.,Very quick to do, one recipe will produce you two cans.,This is 7x3 loaf pans.,"Can I bake it on a bigger pan?","Can I bake it on a pan that is circular with a lid on it?",On where you are happy, then bake it there.,You can even make this as cupcakes,because fruit cake is not everyone's favorite, right?,But we buy this, we bake this, we sell this during holiday,because it gives us the aroma and the feel that it's really Christmas.,So it doesn't need to be a big cake, it can just be a small loaf or cupcake,as long as you have something to eat or taste,this holiday season then it's already okay.,So first, you need to grease and line your baking pan.,I just brush it with shortening and I put it non-stick baking paper.,Then it's ready, okay?,Next, you need butter. Room temperature butter.,Brown sugar, dark brown sugar.,Molasses, eggs,"I don't have molasses, chef?",or since your recipe for fruit cake is late.,"I'm already left with nothing on grocery store.",Don't worry, you can use honey.,You can use honey as an alternative,but when it's honey, you won't achieve the very dark,color of the fruit cake or you can buy extra dark,brown sugar if you don't have molasses, okay?,You need all-purpose flour, walnuts that has been coursely chopped.,"I don't like walnuts" Then use almonds instead.,"I want the local one" Then use cashew.,It can be pili nuts if you're from the Bicol region, it can also be.,Cinnamon powder, ginger powder, this is baking soda.,This is salt and this is nutmeg.,"Oh my! I don't like it to have nutmeg","I don't like it to have ginger powder.","I'm not that fond of cinnamon",Then simply remove it,although of course, the classic fruit cake has,really spices to make it extra aromatic, okay?,and this is the main ingredient,,this is glazed fruits.,I'm going to explain this a bit, this is US glazed fruits.,When you say US glazed fruits, it's really pure fruits,that they have glazed, okay?,So you have lemon peel here, orange peel, lime peel.,It has papaya and many different kinds of fruits.,I don't really know what it contains exactly,but this is imported glazed fruits.,There's a local one that you can buy,because the imported one is a bit pricey.,It's around 400 to 500 pesos per kilo,while the local is running on 100 to 200 pesos.,You can also use that, of course.,No big problem.,But of course, the taste of the imported glazed fruits is just more premium but the choice is yours,and then of course, this is Dark Rum.,I'm just using local brand,"Oh my! Would I get drunk on that or would my children get drunk on that?",The people who'll eat that are still minors.,Don't worry because you are going to bake it.,Remember what I taught you.,When you're gonna cook it, boil it, bake it,,make it as soup or any way of cooking it,,the alcohol would evaporate itself,,It would just left it's nice flavor,so that's what you only wanted.,So this is just half a cup of dark rum.,"I don't have dark rum, what I have is orange liquor.","What I have is brandy.",Then just that one, on what's available in your pantry.,Okay?,The explanation for ingredients is quite long because of course,,I want you to understand why we put those certain ingredients.,We aren't putting that just to waste money, okay?,It has it's functions. So now, let's mix.,I'm going to put my butter, room temperature butter, into my mixing bowl,and then I put my brown sugar, your brown sugar is firmly packed.,Cram it on your measuring cup.,Okay.,You put it there and you can also put your molasses.,It's just very quick, I don't even have any mixer.,You'll not need mixer, it can be wire whisk or can be wooden spoon.,Okay, you mix.,Okay, just mix it like that.,And then I'm going to put in the eggs gradually, one at a time.,Put one egg.,Mix.,You put another egg.,"I pour all of it?" No problem.,You just really need to mix it properly.,Okay, so it's blended.,I'm going to scrape the sides of the mixing bowl.,So you just scrape the sides of the mixing bowl and then mix it again.,The mixture is really runny, right?,You just use mixer to ensure that it's smooth.,Okay, that's it.,Now, let's set this aside. Just set that one aside,and then here, I have another mixing bowl,with a sifter, I'm going to put the flour.,The baking powder.,The salt.,Ginger powder.,Cinnamon and nutmeg.,"Why do we need to use sifter on that one?",Because when you are dealing with three or more dry ingredients,,i

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কম খরচে রিচ ফ্রুট প্লাম কেক|Christmas cake recipe without oven|fruit cake recipe without oven bangla

কম খরচে রিচ ফ্রুট প্লাম কেক|Christmas cake recipe without oven|fruit cake recipe without oven bangla


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Christmas Cake Recipe - Easy Fruit Cake that's beautifully moist!

Christmas Cake Recipe - Easy Fruit Cake that's beautifully moist!

Now I know it's nowhere near Christmas yet and normally in our house all talk,of Christmas is banned until at least December, but November really is the,right time to make your Christmas cake and I'm going to tell you why.,Packed with fruit and then fed with cherry brandy this cake is going to be,the most delicious Christmas cake ever. Now we start with a large pan and to,that we're going to add 175 grams or 3/4 of a cup of unsalted butter,,next in goes 210 grams or a packed cup of light brown Muscovado sugar then 400 grams or 2 and,2/3 of a cup of mixed dried fruit, 200 grams or a cup of glace cherries that,have been roughly chopped, 100 grams or a cup of dried cranberries the zest and,juice of one orange,,the zest of one lemon and about 120 ml or 1/2 a cup of cherry brandy.,Heat on a medium heat until that comes to a gentle bubble and then we're going to allow,that to simmer for about 10 minutes just stirring occasionally.,After that 10 minutes is up we're going to take the pan off the heat and leave it to cool,slightly and then we'll preheat the oven to 150 C or 300 F.,Now we want to line a,20 centimeter cake tin with a removable base so I've cut a couple of strips of,bacon parchment here and that's gonna lie on the sides of the tin it needs to,be higher than the sides of the tin so an inch and a half to two inches higher,than the sides and that will help to protect the cake and stop it from,burning in the oven, and then to line the base of the tin we're going to cut out a,circle. Take a large piece of baking parchment and fold it over once then,again and finally for a third time and then place the point of the parchment in,the center of the baking tin and then we're going to cut following the line of,the edge of the baking tin and unfold it and that should give you a perfect,circle.,Line the sides of the baking tin first and then place the center circle,inside.,We're gonna add in 85 grams or 1/2 a cup of ground almonds and then give that a stir.,Then add in 3 large eggs and stir together,,and finally we're going to add,in the dry ingredients.,We need 200 grams or a cup and 2/3 of plain (all-purpose),flour, 1/2 a teaspoon of baking powder, a teaspoon of mixed spice, a teaspoon of,ground cinnamon and quarter of a teaspoon of ground allspice.,Spoon the mixture into the lined baking tin.,That's going in the oven for 45 minutes and then after 45 minutes we're going to,turn the oven down to 140 degrees C or 275 F and cook for a further hour to an,hour and a half until the top of the cake is a lovely dark golden brown and,then inserted skewer comes out clean if it looks at the top of the cake is,starting to darken too much you can just place some foil on top.,Once cooked want to remove the cake from the oven and make ten to twelve holes all over it,with a skewer.,Whilst it's still warm we're going to spoon four tablespoons of,cherry brandy on top.,Leave the cake to cool in the tin then remove from the tin and wrap in a double,layer of baking parchment and then a layer of foil and place in an airtight,container at room temperature.,Feed the cake with two tablespoons of cherry brandy every week right up until,a few days before you want to marzipan and ice the cake and that's why we make,the cake in November so you can give it a good few feedings for a deliciously,moist cake with a rich flavor.

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Easy Fruit Cake Recipe Demonstration -

Easy Fruit Cake Recipe Demonstration -

hi,i'm stephanie jorski of,today we're going to make an easy fruit,cake also known as a boiled fruit cake,or even a war cake and this is what it,looks like,this cake has a wonderfully moist,texture,it's flavored with ground cinnamon,ground ginger,and cloves and it's full of lots of,dried,and candied fruit now to start,the name boiled fruit cake is pretty,uh apt here because we are going,to boil our some of our ingredients,so you will need like either a medium or,a large saucepan,and then first put in one cup which is,240 milliliters 240 grams of just water,i'm using filtered water and then,i'm going to add one cup 200 grams of,light brown sugar,if you're using the measuring cups and,you're not weighing your ingredients,which i do recommend weighing your,ingredients,put your brown sugar into your measuring,cup and kind of pat it down because,brown sugar is pretty soft so just put,that in there,and then tablespoons 55 grams of,butter and then just cut your butter,into,cubes like that so it'll melt faster,and you can use either salted or,unsalted butter,and then for our spices i'm using one,teaspoon of ground cinnamon,one teaspoon of ground ginger and then,depending i know clothes we're using,some ground cloves,some people do not like cloves so you,could just leave it out,i'm going to say somewhere between a,quarter and a half a teaspoon,if you love cloves which i do you could,use a half a teaspoon if you're kind of,like,not so much you could cut it back to a,quarter or like i said just leave it out,and then a half a teaspoon two grams i'm,using a fine kosher salt,put that right in there and then,for our dried fruit,um when i i got this recipe from my,cousin many years ago and you will need,two cups which is 300 grams of dried,fruit now she just used,raisins and so you could use the,dark or the golden raisins but,over the years i've kind of changed it,up a bit so what you want is the two,cups 300 grams,total of your dried fruit but you could,use just like one,type of raisin two types of raisins or,like what i'm using is,some dark some golden i'm using some,currants and i'm also using some dried,cranberries you could use dried cherries,you could just cut up some figs,or dates or you know maybe some mango,really have fun with it and just choose,the fruits that,you like lots of fruit,what i love about this recipe you know,you have the traditional,fruitcake that you have to make way,ahead of time,and then brush it with alcohol we're not,there's no alcohol here so good for the,kids,and what's great about this you can make,it and just store it maybe overnight,you don't have to store it for weeks,so which is really last minute fruitcake,so now what i'm going to do is put this,over medium,heat and just bring it up to a boil,so you can see it's coming up to the,boil,so now i'm going to redu whoops reduce,my heat,i want it like a gentle boil not like a,real,vigorous boil and what i'm gonna do is,set my timer,five minutes and we're gonna boil gently,boil our fruit,for five minutes you can stir it every,once in a while,okay so our five minutes is up and take,that,off the heat,what's really great when you do this is,the the water mixed with the sugar and,the spices is going to,to make our for our dried fruit really,plump,and flavorful so it's a great,idea to do this so now what i do is i'm,just going to put the cover on the pot,obviously this is really hot we can't,add the rest of our ingredients yet,so i'm going to let this cool down to,lukewarm to the touch,you know that could take depending on,your kitchen a little bit i find about,an hour,so we're going to do that and then when,we come back we will make,our batter so our dried,fruit mixture i let it cool for about an,hour,and it's lukewarm to the touch so now we,are ready to make the rest of our batter,so,first preheat your oven to 350 degrees,fahrenheit which is 180 degrees celsius,and then you will need a loaf pan this,one is eight and a half,by four and a half by three inch,deep so that's twenty one and a half by,eleven and a half by,ten centimeters now you could uh,just spray your loaf pan with one of,those nonstick sprays but what i've done,is just,melted a little bit of butter and then,with the pastry brush,and brush the bottom and the sides make,sure it's well greased you don't want it,sticking,okay get those corners,and then what i like to do is take just,a small piece of parchment,put that down that makes doubly sure,doesn't stick,and then i'm just going to give it a,light brushing of the butter,so it doesn't stick to the bottom of our,cake,okay there we go so now,have your mixture in a large bowl we,don't need an electric,stand mixer or hand mixer just going to,do it by hand,so what i have here is one and a half,cups which is 195 grams of all-purpose,flour,plain flour to that i'm adding one,teaspoon five grams,of baking soda and just,whisk those two together okay that's,that,and then another bowl i have two large,eggs have your eggs at room tem

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The World's Easiest Fruit Cake

The World's Easiest Fruit Cake

hey guys as you can tell it is the,festive season and i've always liked the,idea of a fruitcake at christmas but,i've never liked the fruitcake cause,they always put stuff in it i don't like,this fruit and nuts that i never liked,so i decided you know if i want a,fruitcake i'm gonna make my own put my,own fruit my own nuts in it my favorite,stuff,i gave it a try and it came out,exceptional and you know what it's got,to be the easiest fruitcake in the world,so let me show you how to do this,okay let's start with our favorite fruit,nut mixture and this is a combination of,fruit nuts that i've chosen like mangoes,cranberries walnuts,just absolutely incredible i just went,down to the bulk barn or you can pick it,up in your local grocery store,and that's the beauty of this recipe you,can choose your own favorite fruit nuts,that that's what really turned me off of,a fruitcake is some recipe told me i had,to put this and that in stuff i didn't,even like but it's your call this time,okay let's add these tasty little devils,to a saucepan sorry about the clunk,there,followed by two cups of water,and believe it or not two orange pico,tea bags,now i'm using tea bags so you can use,orange pico or you can use earl grey or,the tea of your choice,so we'll just set this onto the stove,and we'll bring this to a good boil and,that's the other great thing you don't,have to use tea i love the tea mixture,but you could use brandy or your,favorite alcohol leave it sit and soak,for a while i mean even a few days if,you like,and it just comes out so tasteful and so,moist and beautiful now we got a good,boil happening here i'm going to give,this a stir around just get that tea,steeped in there a little bit,let's do it gently so you don't,break the bags you can use a tea ball,too if you want,but this smells really good guys oh my,goodness,so i'm just gonna kill the heat and let,it soak for five or ten minutes because,i'm in a hurry i mean you can leave it,soak a lot longer,now we've soaked for a few minutes so,i'm gonna give this a drain,and of course pull those teabags out you,don't want them in there you ink,and i'm going to reserve the liquid,because i am going to use it,and i'm going to let these nuts cool,down before i add them to my dry mixture,otherwise i'm going to start cooking the,cake before it gets to the oven,now we've cooled down here and it still,smells incredible i'm going to add our,cake mix,to the mixer,now as you can tell i'm using a box cake,mixture here and some people may say,well what's he doing,i mean for a couple of bucks why,reinvent the wheel and it's just as good,and it does it actually does a really,good job i'm using betty crocker and uh,and it's a golden keep to make you know,keep the cake mix as neutral as possible,if i like betty crocker you can use,duncan hines betty crocker i used to go,to school with her boy could she skip i,remember i'll forget it anyway let's,continue,crack in,four eggs,now the recipe actually calls for three,but i'm adding four because i want this,really moist,three quarters of a cup of oil now the,recipe calls for half but i'm adding a,little bit more because i want it moist,half a cup of milk and this is just two,percent,and half a cup of that mixed fruit and,tea,and we're just gonna go ahead and mix,this up now i'm using a stand mixer here,but you can use you know a hand mixer or,a whisk whatever you have on hand,and this doesn't take that long to mix,maybe a minute or two at the most,and you can see there are no flour,there's no flour residue in here so we,are good to go,now we're just going to add in our fruit,nuts,now a little trick here is to take an,additional cup of dried fruit nuts and,simply add it to a mixing bowl,along with a tablespoon of flour,and just kind of mix this up,and that way all the fruit and nuts,don't float to the bottom of the mixture,and you end up with one place in the,cake it just kind of dis distributes,evenly,all right i'll just go ahead and add,this to the mixture,then we shall just fold this together,yummers yummers yummers,all right let's add this to our loaf pan,here now i'm using a loaf pan you can,use a cake pan too if you wish,and i'm going to fill this about three,quarters full because we're going to get,a bit of a rise here,give it a little tap,tap tap and i've lined this with some,parchment paper too just so it doesn't,stick,now we are going into a 350 degree,fahrenheit 180 celsius preheated oven,for about 40 minutes,after 40 minutes my friends we are done,so let's do the old,toothpick test,and it comes out clean so that means,our cake is done so i'm just going to,let this cool down a little bit,now we are cooled off i'm just going to,lift this out,and i can tell guys it's going to be,moist because of just the density the,weight of it,and it smells incredible and that's the,great thing about the parchment paper it,just lifts right out,okay let's cut into this guys and see,what we have,oh just look at this and i can just feel,it it's moi

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Best Ever CHRISTMAS FRUIT CAKE Recipe | Mortar and Pastry

Best Ever CHRISTMAS FRUIT CAKE Recipe | Mortar and Pastry

halo ah uh How the wings with engkau,Kau Tetap Ku,Kau Tetap Ku,Ia tetap tak sampai ke,Hai sahabat barunya tetep seneng,dan kamu tahu,I Heart You,halo hihihi hohoho The Wedding sweet,bikin memrise horrifying sweet baby,b-king ringtones wynne

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Simple Fruit Cake Recipe

Simple Fruit Cake Recipe

I'll come back to my channel today I'll,be teaching you how to make a simple,fruit cake so first of all you're meant,to secure reasons for this recipe you'll,be needing one touch cup of room,together with a half top of reasons so,all you need to do is point you want,touch cup of rum into a plate thing,add the raisins soaked and set aside so,now it's hard for me to measure out my,two cups of flour then afterwards I'll,be adding my 1 teaspoon of baking powder,into the flour I'm using all-purpose,flour for this recipe so now it's time,for me to add my 1 teaspoon of ground,nutmeg into the flat as well then now,you have to stay all together but if you,don't have none nutmeg you can just use,the Nama not make then grate it into the,flock,then stir and set aside as well so now,it's time for us to see I'm going to see,just once because this is fruitcake is,not meant to be too fluffy so now I'm,going to point my flying to the sift,then I'm going to save everything into,the food,now receiving my drying regions that is,the flour the baking powder and the,ground nuts making into a bowl so now,I'll have to set it aside then I need,three eggs for this recipe I'll have to,crack the eggs then it is lightly with,effect so now we are going to measure,out emoji I'm using 200 grams of magic,for this recipe scope the mod really,enjoyable the memnoch simple make sure,everything in plans then stop treating,you have to do this just making your,magic to the light that is too soft to,leave after making it salt add your one,cup of light brown sugar then you want,teaspoon of missed fruit flavor that is,what I used for this recipe,now I'm going to mix everything,thoroughly,so I'm premium now I'm premium for like,25 minutes because I'm using a hand,mixer so it's kind of slow but it at all,hours isn't a table mixer it should be,faster so after priming and when you,notice now yo mister is light and fluffy,then you add your eggs gradually keep,mixing keep mixing then add eggs,gradually keep mixing then after adding,all the eggs you have to keep mixing,just make sure link operates well into,the disco as you can see my mystery is,getting fluffy then now I have to scrape,the sides of my bowl just to make sure,everything it's early,so I have to mix just a little beads now,it's time for me to start adding my,flower so keep adding in your flour,gradually as you can see that's what I'm,doing right and you mix then you keep,adding and you keep mixing to everything,ain't a stinky a mixture that we still,the whole flat enters into the mixture,it makes it for why your dreamed is make,sure you reduce the speed of your mixer,now I'm using low speaking to mix so I,still have something on it okay this is,the last batch then have parody Dino get,mixing make sure you mr. Lee that is,what I'm doing now,as you can see our butter is kind of,ready but not that lady it's not,complete now I'm adding my suits raisins,point everything into the mixture,so because it's a simple fruitcake you,don't really need to soak your reasons,for long now I'm going to scrape the,sides of my bowl I'm going to make sure,I stayed the mixture very well with,spatula know using my mixer anymore I'll,have to finish the walk with my scapula,so now I'm trying to make sure that,everything blends ok I'm about preparing,my pan all you need to do it just add,lead to my dream to the pan then use a,pastry brush to circulate it all around,the pan then afterwards I just sprinkle,a little flour inside the pan then make,sure it goes round then knock off the SS,so now my pan is ready now I'm scooping,my fruitcake butter into the pan,is about to heat the oven so make sure,skipping all the batter into this pan,I'm using a seven inch baking pan so now,I'm slipping in my batter then I'll have,to smoothen the surface at this stage,you can add any toppings none I'm adding,some cherries on tree just to give it,that a color blend so now I have to,spread it then top my pack on a hot,surface so now we're ready to be I'm,going to bake for 1 hour because this is,pretty to take some time I'm using one,bread and fifty degree centigrade to,bake now Wow our cake is ready so I'm,going to lift my pan so you see why it,looks like so it's time for us to put I,needed to see my simple food cake looks,like actually this is a light food cake,so now this is just a slide can you see,this I hope after watching this video,you can be able to bake your own simple,food cake it's just so easy to bake now,our cake is ready thanks for watching,and if you've not subscribed to my,channel make sure you do that now,subscribe to my channel please please,subscribe let my videos they share my,videos as well thanks back

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