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Grandma Gloria's Sweet Potato Pie Recipehi this is Brenda Laurie Organa and I,got another one this t

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Updated on Jan 18,2023

Grandma Gloria's Sweet Potato Pie Recipe

hi this is Brenda Laurie Organa and I,got another one this time and most,people that baked sweet potato pie,systemize the best I'll do my life this,way but I have to see my and I can truly,say once you taste mines you will never,go back,so let's get started the first thing you,want to do concerning the sweet potato,pie you never peel why because a lot of,the flavors is in the skin so if you,peel the potato with a knife before you,bought it then you boiling out a lot of,the flavors of the potato so what I'm,not going to do when I get it from the,store I wash it off even though they'd,be washed,I still wash it off because you don't,want that sand a little dirty to be in,the Baltimore and I also cuts the end,zone,this is a regular cutting knife I cut,the ends off on both sides of the potato,because you bought it on you have to,pull it off when it's hot so once you,have the potatoes ball nettles set in,the strainer because the tails carry a,lot of water and so as you can see all,this war and even more I pulled a little,bit out because I think that would be it,would be in your bed and you don't want,that,so what we gonna do once you do that you,go easily see how that's,myself you don't want to need that on,because I just want even though that's,not part of them that's part of the,skinny so that just easily come off that,way and if you see in the dark spots I,send the potato before you put it in,your bowl just pick it out I don't see,any okay skin this one the same way it's,gonna make a nice pot it's gonna make,two paths but uh sometimes it's be a,little over now what kind of dark spots,are you talking about can you long-term,was learning together when you buy them,if you don't check the real well they,have dark spots on them going into the,skin of the potato and some gold is very,deep so when you choose your potatoes,because if you do once you boil them out,you have to be doing a lot of digging so,the next thing we're gonna do it most,people don't do this some of the best,cooks don't know this technique before,you add butter before you add sugar,before yeah nutmeg and all these things,you must take out the strands what we,call that those a little bit of strings,I'm not going to the bottom nothing I'm,gonna show you how to remove stains from,your yams,anything,can you say that again because the,longer you beat the more strands you,won't get off the table,most people just keep beating and they,add something in like that but you don't,want to do that dress this off,and not know I'm going to do this about,four times well what makes me stop the,counts I don't usually to use a small I,usually make up our four five potatoes,pies at one time and so I put the rest,let me see those strands bullied let me,see the string that's a lot you don't,you don't want that in your path because,when you when you do vapor it it will,show the little strands and you cut your,pie that's something that should not be,in there so by taking out the strands,would smoother and also make the texture,better then I also met the consumer know,that you really took pride in removing,strands,since please stop now right here I will,stop right here you can't get no more,than that now if it was a bigger batch I,am gonna do it one more time to show you,is getting Nessa and that's it,no I don't work oh yeah,don't worry about that each time I'll do,it from now on it's gonna look just like,that I can choose to do this because,it's always that way I can choose to,dump it I am suicide but when you,get shot like that we will get to remove,them all but at least do it in these,okay next thing we're going to do when,it comes to pies and cakes,I do use measurements so you can know,then I can have a memory of the what I,did so my second thing I used to put in,and my butter normally be melted but I'm,not going to do it right now how much,bread was that that is strip and a half,to two pots just gonna make two piles,and maybe more,I know,and use my chute almost start off with,one cup okay one cup of sugar,I'm leaving that have just in case the,cops when I get everything in I'll taste,it and if they need more sugar then I'll,add it we start off with,now if I had done this when I had just,taken the cleaner back from Bordeaux but,it will didn't melt about now but I want,to show you this in the water I'm going,to drain this so you can see,and this is just a show how much strand,you took out of the potatoes unwanted,strands that you want you don't want to,put in your potato pie,all of these are strings that much from,two piles okay,now this look like it's going to be,little more than two paths usually I get,two eggs too high but since this a,little more I'm going to add five,eighths notes or some big potatoes so my,potatoes usually be much much bigger,than their I used to be,my face,okay say there one more time okay your,potato batter should look like cake back,if you okay if your potato backup better,it's real still it's kind of hard to,move around you gonna have a very ve

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How To: Best Sweet Potato Pie Recipe

How To: Best Sweet Potato Pie Recipe

hey guys and welcome back to my channel,so today's video is gonna be a super,quick but delicious recipe for our sweet,potato pie so if you want to please your,family and friends this holiday season,make sure you stay tuned and get cooking,let's go ahead and get started so I,start by preparing all of my ingredients,and laying them out so here's everything,that you're gonna need - the vanilla not,really sure why I had that out but,here's everything then you're gonna go,and boil your sweet potatoes for about,45 minutes until they're nice and tender,and once they are done you just go ahead,and drain all of the water out and what,I kind of like to do is I just add a,little bit of cold water over the,potatoes and let them sit for about 15,to 20 minutes just so they're nice and,cool because fresh out there will be,super super hot so you want to make sure,that you wait a little bit before you go,and peel them okay so once they've,cooled off a little bit they're gonna be,super super easy to peel like the skin,is gonna literally almost fall off of,the potato so as you can see I'm just,peeling all of the dead or all of the,skin off and any of the like the brown,marks are just the ugly little marks,that you don't like you can go ahead and,peel those away as well or cut them off,whatever you want to do and once they're,all peeled you're gonna want to go ahead,and take them over to a fruit processor,or a blender I don't have a food,processor but I can't say that word I,don't have a food processor so I just go,ahead and blend them up in my big,blender and to make it a little bit,easier I just go ahead and chop them up,into little chunks and then we're just,gonna blend blend blend now it's gonna,be super easy to blend because they're,gonna be nice and soft but there might,be a couple of bigger chunks but don't,worry try to get rid of as many chunks,as you can but if you don't get rid of,all of them don't worry because you will,be blending again so once you have it,all blended and kind of in a puree form,you're gonna want to go in and add your,sugar your brown sugar your eggs,you're half-and-half some nutmeg don't,go overboard on the Nutmeg please and,some cinnamon and last but not least a,little bit of melted butter and then,you're just gonna go ahead and mix it up,till it's nice and smooth with no bumps,no lumps and yeah it should be this kind,of consistency not too watery but you,know a nice consistency so we just go,ahead and take the pie crust and plop,the filling into the pie crust now if,you're fancy you can go ahead and make,your pie crust from scratch but I got a,little bit lazy so I went and bought,some at the store so it's totally up to,you your preference and this is what,it'll look like before it goes in the,oven and then you just want to go ahead,and pre-heat your oven to about 350,degrees and an hour later and this is,what it looks like and so my battery,totally died and I forgot to show you,guys the finished product but I did take,pictures so here are some pictures from,it and yeah guys your family will,totally thank you you will be their best,friend you will be that cousin that,sister whatever and yeah you guys will,enjoy and that pie will be gone before,you leave trust me people will be going,back for seconds,so I hope you guys enjoyed this video if,you did give it a thumbs up let me know,that you liked it in comment below and I,will see you guys in the next video bye

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Sweet Potato Pie

Sweet Potato Pie

who's getting excited for thanksgiving,my sweet potato pie recipe has got to be,on your table it is full of flavor,silky smooth and,that blind baked crust is crisp,throughout hey you're watching preppy,kitchen or i john canel teach you how to,make delicious homemade dishes to share,with your family and friends this sweet,potato pie will be ready before you know,it so let's get started first off bake,those sweet potatoes place them on a,baking sheet pierce the tops of the fork,and then bake at 400 degrees for about,40 minutes or until very nice and tender,now i can start my pie crust we're gonna,add two and a quarter cups of,all-purpose flour,right into the bowl of your food,processor now let's add in one quarter,cup of granulated sugar that's 50 grams,as well as half a teaspoon of salt half,a teaspoon or so of cinnamon place the,top on and just whizz it up,once it's combined we can add our cold,cubed butter in one cup or 226 grams,okay now we're gonna whiz this up,i have about a quarter of a cup of ice,water in here i'm gonna drizzle it in as,i pulse and when i see,the mixture come up and then go,i know it's,ready okay i know my mixture is ready,just by looking at it,time to dump this out you can bring it,together with your hands use our pastry,mat and just slide it together just a,little bit turn it around and repeat the,process just a couple times so now you,can form it into a disk,you can wrap this in plastic if you're,working on your counter or just wrap it,up in your pastry mat,this can go into the freezer for like 15,or 20 minutes,my pie dough chilled so it's time to,unwrap it i love the spices in here okay,what we're gonna do is,give us a light dusting of flour on both,sides,so yeah this is really hard still,i might have to give it a couple minutes,a couple minutes later my pie dough is,warm enough to roll now look at those,specks of butter i am entranced,i want to roll this to about a quarter,of an inch,it's all rolled out let's roll it up,onto our rolling pin,now we're going to transfer it onto our,pie dish,push it in and adjust this pie dish has,a huge lip so i don't really need to cut,anything extra than what the pie dish,gives me,do whatever edge you want i'm just going,to pinch mine up,you can leave it like this if you want,or you can do the little thumb finger,situation which i'll be doing for that,nice grandma look which i love,we are going to be blind baking this pie,i don't know if i mentioned that earlier,but it's a fun process where you bake it,at high heat without the filling in to,dry the crust out and get it started,because you do not want a soggy pie,crust we're going to need parchment,paper a little bit of foil and some pie,weights or beans today i'm using beans,and we're going to bake this at 4 25 for,about 15 minutes you could pull it out a,bit earlier if you see the edges getting,too golden,afterwards we'll be baking it even more,my pie crust is out of the oven and cool,enough to touch look at this do you see,that i'm so excited it also smells,amazing set that aside,my sweet potatoes have also cooled so,now we can get this started we're going,to just cut the tips off,do you see this,i'll be right back this is not sharp,okay i'm back that's my pet one of my,many pet peeves so look at that,see a sharp knife is a joy,anyways we're snipping the tips off and,cutting down the middle it's no use,having nice knives if you don't sharpen,them regularly all righty there we go so,as you can see the skin comes right off,we can just cut this into little slices,sweet potato pie gets a bad wrap because,if you don't make it properly it has all,these little fibers that get stuck in,your teeth it's just not pleasant so the,solution is to process it up,continue this process for the rest of,your sweet potatoes and some of the dark,bits on your sweet potatoes are going to,be delicious they're caramelized but,they're going to mar the color and you,don't want to have kind of like a sweet,potato pie you want it to be a beautiful,golden sunny happy color,or at least i do,okay,last sweet potato see these fibers this,is what we don't want we want to get rid,of them to the sweet potatoes i'm adding,three quarters of a cup of brown sugar,and you could use light or dark it,really doesn't matter the brown sugar,will give you,a nice depth of flavor and some more,caramel notes,one teaspoon or so of vanilla extract,now i'm pouring in two eggs and one yolk,just add them right in this mixture is,basically complete but i'm going to,finish it off with some extra flavors a,quarter teaspoon of ground ginger,quarter teaspoon of freshly grated,nutmeg half a teaspoon of cinnamon and,you go,and if you wanted to you could add some,bourbon or rum i could go up to a,quarter cup there,up too,or you could also add in some orange,zest that'll give you a nice kind of,like extra depth of flavor and it's very,aromatic last thing to add is one half,of a cup or 120 ml of cream,now for the fun part we're gonna pulse,it up,okay,this is r

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Aunt Vivian's Sweet Potato Pie

Aunt Vivian's Sweet Potato Pie

hi my name is bianca lambert and i am,cooking my aunt vivian's sweet potato,pie my aunt is the only person in our,family that still bakes sweets she's the,only person that's going to carry this,recipe over from my grandmother and just,kind of pass down those southern roots,so the way that you will know your,potatoes are done you just kind of give,it a little poke for a little stab,that's how you know that it's ready i,grew up in atlanta and my parents are,from this town in alabama called,monroeville so thanksgiving christmas,like whatever holiday you can think of,we would drive down well my grandma i,remember like she would just always have,all this food and she didn't have a lot,of money and all that but you could,guarantee,that there was going to be a spread,everything that you ever wanted she knew,all your favorites and that was her way,of showing love and i feel like that is,what southern cooking is all about it's,just a way to show love and and give,back to your family in a different kind,of way i'll say this i'm always looking,forward to this pie for thanksgiving and,christmas i might even volunteer to make,the sweet potato pie this year nobody's,probably gonna let me do it though or,they'll let me do like one and then,she'll do all the other ones,anybody makes anything good like if you,know something's really good at,thanksgiving it just goes so if you,don't get to that pie before it's gone,forget about it yeah you better get it,when you can,and people i mean we do shares very much,about community but people like what,they like we all know each other's,favorites so yeah once it's gone,that's it this is just one of my,all-time favorites it's it's the thing i,can eat i mean i can eat a whole pie by,myself so my aunt surprised me by,letting me know that she uses lemon,extract in,the sweet potato pie when she said it i,was like is she making a mistake but,it's been perfect for years so i'm sure,she knows what she's talking about,here's the thing i don't think anyone,can cook sweet potato pie like anybody,in my family nobody does it quite like,we do but hey to all the aunties and,grandmas and people out there like you,guys are amazing and i just think we're,all partial to our,family's cooking thanksgiving for us is,just like the best time of the year,probably my favorite holiday just,because it's so much about family and,food and eating and just having a good,time,it tastes so good,my aunt's going to be super proud,you

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Old Fashion Southern Sweet Potato Pie: Step by Step recipe #sweetpotatopie #dessert

Old Fashion Southern Sweet Potato Pie: Step by Step recipe #sweetpotatopie #dessert

what's up youtube it's your girl tam,bams and i'm here to show you how to,make my,famous sweet potato pie just stay tuned,and don't forget to hit the subscribe,button,so for today's recipe you're gonna need,one teaspoon of nutmeg,one teaspoon of cinnamon,a half a cup of white sugar,1 cup of brown sugar,1 stick of butter,two eggs,one can of sweetened condensed milk,one teaspoon of vanilla extract,and eight sweet potatoes small sweet,potatoes make sure you clean off your,sweet potatoes clean them off really,good get any dirt that may be on them,completely off before placing them into,your pot,place those sweet potatoes into your pot,you're going to completely submerge them,into water,i'm going to add about a tablespoon of,butter this is not included in that one,stick,this is just to help the cooking process,if you want to do it you can you're,going to place that,pot onto the stove on medium high for,about 30 to 45 minutes or,until it's completely cooked,all right so you have to make sure that,a fork or a knife like me goes,completely,through your sweet potatoes every single,one of them completely,through like butter,see that straight through now they're,done,so your sweet potatoes are fully cooked,you're going to place them back into the,strainer rinse them off with cold water,what you're not going to see me do but,this is what i recommend take those,sweet potatoes put them back into the,pot and submerge them in cold water and,let them cool down before,pulling the outside layer off trust me,because i tried to do it almost burn my,hand,okay guys you're going to begin the,peeling process make sure you get that,thin,layer that's right up under the peel get,that off get them completely off mines,is doing well because i cooked them,really good and i recommend you do the,same,so it make the peeling process really,easy,and then you're going to place them in,the bowl and start to mash them,mash them up really good and then you're,going to use your hand mixer,to get all those little strings that are,in the sweet potatoes,out i think i did about three rounds of,this to get all the strings out because,you want this to be,creamy and smooth you're gonna add your,ingredients the nutmeg,the cinnamon go ahead and mix that up,and then you're going to add the brown,sugar,and white sugar and mix it up as well,make sure you get the corners of your,bowl,everything mixed up really really good,guys make sure you mix it up,good you want this to be really really,creamy so,the better the mix the better the pie,the creamier the pie the better the mix,so you're gonna mix that all up and then,you're gonna add your sweetened,condensed milk here we go,yay baby,mix it mix it,go ahead and mix that up and then you're,gonna see how it changes up into that,sweet potato pie color it's gonna be,don't it look beautiful y'all let's,already get in there,all right you're gonna add the one,teaspoon of vanilla abstract,and you're gonna see me do this twice,that's because i can only find a half a,teaspoon so,y'all i did not add more i literally did,exactly what i said i was gonna do,melt down your butter and pour it into,your bowl as well mix that up,mix it up really good and then you're,gonna add,your two eggs,you see the transition between every,ingredient to just the,the texture gets smoother as we go,through this,all right here we go we're back in the,mixing mix it up,mix it mix it mix it,make sure you get the sides of the bowl,don't forget that part you can take,another spoon and just go ahead and,scoop,so after you taste your sweet potato mix,you're going to go ahead and pour it,into a pre-made pie crust,and to be honest i did this and this,ended up being,three so either you can make two deep,dish,or you can make three small ones,with this recipe so after you filled,your pie crust,go ahead and take a spoon and smooth it,out i use a reference point inside the,pie crust so i know not to overfill,i recommend doing the same then you're,going to take them and place them in the,oven,at 350 degrees for about an hour and 15,minutes,please check within an hour just to make,sure they're not,cooked and then once they are cooked,then you're complete you're going to,take them out and let them,sit for 30 minutes before cutting this,is how your sweet potato pie pasha look,thanks for watching make sure you like,comment and subscribe see you next time

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How to make a Sweet Potato Pie from scratch

How to make a Sweet Potato Pie from scratch

hey what's up everybody I'm Jody and,today I'm gonna be showing you how to,make a sweet potato pie from scratch,closely associated with the,african-american community and southern,regions sweet potato pie is a staple of,the soul food cuisine this recipe calls,for about 10 or more individual servings,of sweet potato pie not only is this pie,a traditional holiday southern classic,but is absolutely delicious so without,further adieu let's get started shall we,here is about what you'll need to make a,sweet potato pie and we're gonna get,started with our ingredients first you,will need three large sweet potatoes and,along with that you're going to need two,large eggs at room temperature 12 ounces,of evaporated milk at room temperature,sugar all purpose flour unsalted butter,and for your flavorings you need some,vanilla extract cinnamon nutmeg and,allspice to bake your sweet potato pie,you will need a 9-inch round,deep dish pie pan fitted with a frozen,pie shell now I do have a recipe video,on how to make pie crust from scratch,and I will have the links to that recipe,video at the top of the comment section,and in the description box and there we,have it let's get straight to it pre,your fire to medium-high heat,in a large pot at the ports of water let,this come to a simmer,add your three large sweet potatoes,cover with lid make sure you leave it a,little open for some of the air to,escape and let this simmer for 1 hour in,20 minutes it's been about 1 hour and 20,minutes now to tell if these sweet,potatoes are done you should be able to,insert a fork into each sweet potatoes,easily turn your fire off here we have,an ice water bath now this is totally,optional this is one quart of water with,some ice now I'm going to take these,sweet potatoes and add them into the ice,water bath and I'm gonna let this sit,for about 10 minutes so these sweet,potatoes can cool off okay here we have,a sweet potato now you should barely be,able to peel this with your hand now if,you don't want to do that you can just,take a butter knife and scrape the skin,off of the sweet potato now we're going,to remove the strings out of these sweet,potatoes to mix you will need a hand,mixer now we're going to start by mixing,this for 40 seconds,and as you can see here those are the,strings from the sweet potatoes,you're gonna rinse that off in your sink,now you want to make sure that you have,a little small mesh strainer fit it in,your drain of your sink to catch those,strings scrape down the sides of your,bowl and you're going to repeat this,exact same process six times or until,all of these sweet potato strings have,been removed like how you see here now,let's make our sweet potato pie filling,here I have two large eggs at room,temperature add that in there mix this,on a medium-high speed until combined,scrape down the sides of your bowl here,I have four tablespoons of melted,unsalted butter add that in there mix,this on a medium high speed until,combined,scrape down the sides of your mixing,bowl add 3/4 cup of evaporated milk at,room temperature mix this on a,medium-high speed until combined,scrape down the sides of your bowl now,it's time to sweeten our sweet potato,pie filling add 1 and 1/2 cups of sugar,mix this on a medium-high speed until,combined scrape down the sides of your,bowl now it's time that our flavouring,in our spices add 1 tablespoon of,vanilla extract 1 teaspoon of cinnamon,1/8 teaspoon of nutmeg and 1/8 teaspoon,of allspice now you want to be careful,with the spices because if you add too,much you'll overpower all of your,ingredients in your pie mix on a,medium-high speed until combined,scrape down the sides of your bowl,now this last ingredient is optional add,1/4 cup of all-purpose flour now this,will be used as a thickening agent and a,binding agent for your pie filling mix,on a medium-high speed until combined,scrape down the sides of your bowl and,our sweet potato pie filling is ready,taste your sweet potato pie filling to,see if it's at your desired taste if you,want to add a little bit more elaborated,milk sugar vanilla cinnamon nutmeg or,allspice you can do so at this time pre,your oven to 350 degrees add your,prepared sweet potato pie filling into,your frozen pie shell using the back of,a spoon spread your sweet potato pie,filling around your pie shell as evenly,as possible to make the filling more,evenly shake your pie pan slightly this,is optional if you want to protect your,pie crusts you can add a pie shield onto,your pie crust now it's ready to be,baked place into a preheated 350 degree,oven bake for one hour and 10 minutes,remove your sweet potato pie out of the,oven after baking on 350 degrees for one,hour and 10 minutes if you tap the sides,of your pie pan and if your pie slice,lead Eagles in the middle or if it,doesn't jiggle at all our pie is done,now I also want to show you this at the,bottom as you can see that's a nice,golden brown color and that lets us know,that our pie crust has been cooked,thoroughly

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Carla Hall's Sweet Potato Pie | Food Network

Carla Hall's Sweet Potato Pie | Food Network

hi i'm carla hall and today we're,talking pie i'm going to be making a,sweet potato pie you're going to be,making it with me i love sweet potato,pie it is a holiday classic we're going,to have some fun so you're going to want,to have your oven set at 350 degrees,you're going to want two sticks of,butter cubed,in your fridge you also are going to,want to have five tablespoons of butter,out you don't have to cube that just sit,it out it needs to be at room,temperature and,let's get out two eggs,so the first thing that i do for my,sweet potato pie,is i bake sweet potatoes these are going,to bake until they're soft it's going to,take about one and a half to two hours,because you want to make sure that you,can actually press them in there if,they're soft all right,let's go in,you ready let's make some crust,first thing we're going to do we're,going to take a third a cup of water,a half teaspoon of fine sea salt it's,fine salt because i want it to be able,to dissolve and a tablespoon of sugar,because i'm making a pie i want my pie,crust to be a little sweet that's why i,use the sugar and we're just going to,stir that,so that can start to dissolve,and we're going to put it in the fridge,it's really important for everything to,be cold for your pie crust,now let's measure the flour,all of the attention to detail is really,important so let's make sure that our,flour is aerated so i'm going to take my,spoon,and aerate my flour you can do this with,a whisk,if you don't have one of these canisters,for your flour just dump your flour in a,bowl so that you have space,to whisk it or to aerate it with your,fingers if you do have a sifter,sift your flour before you measure it,okay we need two and a quarter cups of,flour so i'm going to spoon,my flour into my measuring cup,careful not to tap it down because all,the work that we just did by aerating it,we undo it by tapping don't worry about,piling it up it's fine,okay,and then we're gonna get a straight edge,just i have this offset spatula if you,have a knife if you have a bench scraper,okay measuring,it's that easy,and it makes a big difference,let's do the quarter cup,it's okay if you make a mess,ready,well,all right so flour's in there and let's,grab our butter,they're nice and cold,into the flour,now let's toss the butter,into the flour and then break apart any,pieces that are stuck together we want,to make sure that,each butter cube,is all,tossed,in the flour,this is the cutting process now instead,of doing it by hand and you know,sometimes you can do it by fork,sometimes you have that cutting tool,sometimes you can make pie crust in the,food processor which by the way you can,do this in the food processor i happen,to like it in the mixer because i feel,like i have more control and i can see,what's going on,okay,this last piece we break that apart you,see that if i didn't break this apart,and toss in the flour,this exposed piece of butter would then,stick to the paddle and we don't want,that,okay let's get our paddle,let's put that on,that's all set now i'm going to grab my,water,all right everything is all dissolved,if your salt hasn't dissolved then take,your spoon and just stir it again,all right we're about to do this,all you need to know how to do right now,is turn on,the mixer,not on high,just on medium speed,all right so now what's happening,our butter is starting to get cut into,the flour and we're going to take this,water,and we're going to dump it all in at,once,how easy is that,so now you see what's happening the,butter is starting to mix into that,flour,and as soon as it all comes together,we're going to have those pea sized,butter pieces and then it's going to,come together and then you're done,okay,uh-huh,three,two,one,you see that,okay we're gonna lift this up,look at that,we take this,off the paddle,okay let's just get this out of the bowl,all of our bits,okay look at this,this is actually enough for two cross so,we divide it in half,and,we're going to make two discs,the reason i'm going to make these round,is because,i'm going into a round pie plate and i,don't want to have to work so hard if my,pie plate is square or rectangle then i,would change the shape of the dough,before it goes into the fridge,all right so here's,one piece of plastic,all right two pieces of plastic,now the reason i do,this double,pie crust,because if you're doing a pie let's say,like an apple pie and it's a double pie,then one's for the top and one's for the,bottom,place that there,place that one there,and we're gonna wrap it,and then i use the plastic wrap now,to press down and bring,my pie crust together if it didn't come,together,plastic wrap is your friend okay let's,wrap that,and you can see,those bits of butter,which is exactly what you want to see,the reason that you want everything cold,is because there is water and butter,when the butter goes into the oven that,water creates steam and that's what,gives you your flakiness,okay,all right this goes in the fridge it has,to go

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Old Fashioned Southern Sweet Potato Pie (My Old School Way)

Old Fashioned Southern Sweet Potato Pie (My Old School Way)

hello everyone yes it's about that time,our holidays are approaching and I have,some recipes to share with you all so,stay tuned for my holiday recipes,hello everyone hot dog doing on this,nice beautiful day today we're making a,southern sweet potato pie y'all yes my,way and here are our ingredients,thank you,here I'm showing you some of our,ingredients I'm only using two of the,eggs and with this pie crust I'm Gonna,Bake this pie crust for like five to,seven minutes and before I bake it I'm,gonna poke holes in it so it won't,accumulate air bubbles this step is for,the ones that loves a crispier pie crust,here I'm showing you how I prepare my,potatoes to boil I cut them in half and,the little long tips I cut off and I'm,gonna let these boil for about 20 to 25,minutes if your fork is able to go,through them easily they are ready here,we are removing our sweet potatoes from,our pot and we're gonna let these cool,you can also use baked potatoes,since our sweet potatoes have completely,cool now we're going to peel the outer,skin of the sweet potatoes and I'm going,to show y'all exactly how to peel them,here I'm showing you as you can see,there is a light colored yellow,what you're going to do you're gonna,remove that part that is where the,strings are and some of my viewers was,kind of worried about the screens and,they're a sweet potato pies this is one,way to remove them is to remove their,light colored outer part of the potato,make sure to remove the skin first and,then you will be able to see it much,better and remove them I'm going to,continue to peel my potatoes and then,I'm going to be right back,okay since all our potatoes are peeled,now I'm cutting them into smaller pieces,now it's time to add the remainder of,our ingredients,here I'm adding our sugar,our melted butter,and we're going to mix these and I,usually mix these until we get all the,lumps out of our potatoes because we,want a smooth sweet potato pie,here I'm showing you the beaters which,does help remove the strings here I'm,testing our sweet potatoes for the,sweetness I've already added one half,cup and I'm going to add another fourth,cup because it wasn't sweet enough it,all depends on the potatoes some sweet,potatoes are sweeter than the others and,if they are you can use less sugar like,I always say make this recipe yours here,I'm adding some vanilla extract,thank you,and lemon extract,and now I evaporated milk,and now we're going to mix these,ingredients in,foreign,ground cinnamon,two eggs,foreign,now we're going to well mix these,ingredients give it a good mix and then,we're done with our filling,as you can see that our filling has,gotten really smooth and that is what,we're looking for,okay now we're gonna move on to our next,step,this is our pre-baked pie crust letting,y'all see our pie crust and y'all can,see the holes that I had put in there,the holes keeps the Packers from puffing,up as it pre-bakes,here we are adding our filling to our,pie crust,I can smell the aroma of the pie filling,before I even put it in the oven and it,smells so so good,try not to overfill your pie crust,sometimes you may have just a little,left over,what we're gonna do next is place a pie,into a preheated,350 degree oven for one hour and 10,minutes,while we're waiting for our pie to bake,I want to do this quick shout out to,miss Sherry rug for this beautiful gift,that you have given me Miss Sherry I'm,gonna hang this in my kitchen so,everyone can see it and thank you for,your love gift and your card may God,bless you and your family love y'all,letting you all know if you have sent me,mail are going to send me mail uh I I,will not be getting it I am having,problems with my P.O box mail so please,don't send me anything so make sure to,comment me or email me and I will give,you an alternate mailing address okay,y'all let's get back to our sweet potato,pie okay y'all I just removed our pie,from the oven and I'm gonna let this,completely cool letting you know I did,place it on a wire rack and we're gonna,let it cool and then we're gonna be back,with a final result,okay y'all we are back let's cut into,this sweet potato pie y'all this pie was,so delicious and my family really,enjoyed it y'all I hope y'all enjoyed,cooking with me as much as I enjoy,cooking with you all hope y'all enjoy,this recipe don't forget to like share,and subscribe to our Channel and please,don't forget to hit that notification,Bell so y'all can get our new and,upcoming videos and to all our new,viewers and subscribers you are welcome,welcome,to our Channel okay y'all as always I'm,gonna say y'all have a blessed day and,bye bye for now love y'all stay safe and,be blessed more holiday recipes are,coming soon we are at home cooking with,Miss branded D so welcome,from its brinity and our family,that's a hit

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