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How To Make The Best Sugar Cookiesit's cookie season y'all that time of,year where you're making a w


Updated on Jan 18,2023

How To Make The Best Sugar Cookies

it's cookie season y'all that time of,year where you're making a whole lot of,cookies around the holiday season is,there anything more iconic than sugar,cookies we're going to give you our,tasty tested sugar cookie recipe,complete with everything you need to,have some darn good sugar cookies this,holiday season,all right so let's get started so we're,going to make our dough first we're,going to use room temperature softened,butter listen that is not melted butter,melted butter is not the same and we go,we want a really pale color so that's,why we're using white sugar here and,this is a secret ingredient i know it,doesn't look like cream cheese but it is,cream cheese and this is going to give,us a little bit of like a savory flavor,and a little bit of tanginess as well,what we're trying to do is cream the,sugar and the butter together so if,you're feeling a lot of granules when,you stick your finger in there that's,not good we're trying to kind of almost,dissolve the sugar in the butter so,we're going to whip these together for,about five minutes they're going to be,much paler in color when we're done it's,going to be much fluffier so like you'll,see a visual change that's just whipping,in air to that butter and sugar,and then don't forget to scrape down,your bowl to make sure that you are,incorporating all the ingredients,equally,so now you can see we've got a really,great,creamed butter and sugar we're good to,go at this point we're gonna add one egg,two egg yolks,and our second secret ingredient is a,combo of extracts i think like vanilla,is pretty common in sugar cookies but we,are going to add a little bit of almond,extract as well a little bit goes a long,way it's a pretty powerful flavor but it,really adds something extra to these,sugar cookies and it's really delicious,like you're going to taste the,difference,and to that we just want to make sure,that all that liquid is well,incorporated into the butter and sugar,so once we have the liquids well,incorporated we're gonna add a little,bit of kosher salt here again not to,make it salty just to be a flavor,enhancer and balance out that sweetness,and so now we've got that in there we're,gonna add our all-purpose flour and next,goes in a little bit of baking powder,and this ingredient is our third little,secret ingredient for this recipe cream,of tartar cream of tartar is actually,what's left over in the barrel after,wine making and it's basically like just,an acidic ingredient so you're adding,this and this is going to help with a,few things it's going to give us like a,really cool texture in the end and it's,also going to prevent the cookies from,browning too much,so i'm going to fold in just to get it,started because there's a lot of flour,in here i don't want to make a huge mess,so i'm going to fold to get it started,finish incorporating it with the beaters,because it is a pretty dense mixture,there's a little bit of flowery bits,that aren't fully incorporated that's,fine,again to have like a really flaky and,snappy cookie you don't want to overwork,this mixture so you're kind of like just,incorporating the flour you don't want,to go much more than that,this dough is almost kind of similar to,like a pastry where you want to keep it,cold all the time,there's a lot of butter in here so if it,gets too greasy it's going to be really,really hard to work with and you're not,going to have really clear defined,shapes dough goes on with some cling,film and then you can use the cling film,to kind of like pull the pieces together,it's just like kind of sticky so this is,a really easy way to not make a huge,mess,so this is going to go into the fridge,and then we will roll it out in about,two hours,here are a few things you might need for,rolling out your cookies you need a,rolling pin or a wine bottle whatever,you have at your house and then,something to measure the thickness with,a ruler or our fourth little trick of,this video which we'll get to later if,you are making a lot of cookies or,you're like an avid baker they do have,these like kind of cool rubber rolling,pin thingies i don't know what you call,them like a rolling pin stoppers guards,maybe it really makes sure that you get,like that perfect quarter inch,but you have to have like the perfect,size rolling pins and you have to buy,them they're specialty so we're going to,show you a hack so the enemy of rolling,out anything is sticking to the surface,that you're working on so have a little,bit of flour nearby,as you remember we want to keep our,dough super cold so i'm going to work in,batches i'm going to put half of this,back in the fridge and only roll out,half at a time,all right so this is the trick that we,learned in culinary school you really,want an even quarter inch all throughout,to get the most even thickness you want,to press down on your dough like this,and it just kind of spreads it before,you want to get into rolling,every so often you wanna do like a,quarter turn and that's going to help,ma

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Easy No Spread Sugar Cookies

Easy No Spread Sugar Cookies

hey bakers john canal here and today on,preppy kitchen we're making the perfect,sugar cookie these are so easy and with,the addition of one ingredient they,become a magical treat do you see this,edge it is,just,vertical it didn't become a glob it,wasn't frustrating to work with,it only needed like a few minutes in the,fridge to chill and that was just so i,wouldn't get my fingerprints on it to be,honest all right let's get started first,off i'm adding four cups or 480 grams of,all-purpose flour into my bowl and,there's a sifter here too so it makes,everything really easy half a teaspoon,of salt,1 3 of a cup of cornstarch this is the,stuff that's gonna make it not spread it,also makes your cookie kind of like,tender and crisp at the same time not,chewy though,so if you like a chewy sugar cookie this,is not for you but,if you want your cookie to not spread,out and become a glob this is for you,so sift this all out,okay whisk it all up,set it aside,and now it's time for the butter and,sugar,into the bowl of my stand mixer fitted,with the paddle attachment i'm adding,226 grams or one cup of unsalted room,temperature butter,let's give it a quick cream,and then add in 1 cup or 200 grams of,granulated sugar,mix it up until it's nice and light and,fluffy and just right,you can give the bowl a quick scrape,down not,not necessary but it helps,all right let me show you what light and,fluffy means because i always read that,in recipes but some people are like what,does that even mean,this now the butter has become a lighter,color so much closer to white and,it's really fluffed up a lot it's,got air pumped into there and the sugar,is totally mixed in it's not dissolved,but it's mixed in now we're going to add,in two room temperature eggs one at a,time room temperature eggs incorporate,way more easily and they're always what,you want in baking except except for,certain pastry things but there's a,whole other story,let that first egg incorporate and then,add the second one in,alright definitely scrape that bowl down,one more time,and mix it up,now i'm going to add a couple teaspoons,of vanilla in just,eyeball that out and mix it up,you could have also used almond extract,lemon zest the world is a oyster here so,many different flavorings to use add the,flour in in one big batch making sure,not to spill too much,i call that a success mostly he says,still,now let's mix that up on low to start,off with,okay now i think it's ready,yeah,but,take a moment,move all that flour into there and,scrape the bowl down one more time,yes you could use a scraping paddle,attachment i actually have one i got so,many recommendations to buy one,but i will tell you they really make,everything fly up into the air while,also mostly scraping the bottom you can,tell me in the comments if you've had a,similar experience or there's a magical,thing i'm missing but the tea towel,works great,all right almost done,there we go,so here i want you to see this,cornstarch works some magic,this dough,is like play-doh almost it's not,sticking to my fingers even though it's,room temperature,and really if you wanted to you just,like,toss it into the oven right now and it,would be fine,however,this no chill dough will get chilled,just so i can have nice clean shapes cut,out,you know like right now like yes that,cuts out nicely but it'll cut out nicely,and handle nicely so you can transfer,them around once it's chilled,okay thank you magical cornstarch right,now we're going to roll this out and,then chill it,dump that dough onto a sheet of plastic,wrap i don't know if you can see it but,it's here,let's push it together,now i'm going to roll it out between,two layers of plastic this only needs,like 20 minutes in the fridge,the only thing is that you don't want,any of this dough to dry out in the,fridge so it needs to be all covered by,plastic,into the fridge just lay it flat and,we'll be right back with a swap out my,swap out was on the counter for like,five minutes so it could warm up just a,bit i actually made it last night so,that's why it had to be there for a bit,longer dust that surface really well i'm,using a pastry mat by the way so it,doesn't eat direct work on the counter,let's place this out,you can see it cracked a lot because i,placed it on some some bottles there was,no room in the fridge so it was all wavy,when it came out and then it cracked,flat,let's flower the rolling pin and get to,work,can you hear that they're trimming trees,next door and by trimming trees i mean,completely cutting down a 50 year old,pine tree,and on a similar note george doesn't,feel like taking a nap,on my last q a which you can click up,here for i learned that some people,didn't know this is my house they,thought it was a set but it's actually,where i live and the babies are,and the tree trimmers work around so,errant noises here and there,so i'll be cutting out a few different,shapes circles my favorite and pigs i,was looking for a non-holiday cookie,cutter and this is what

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රසම රස ෂුගර් කුකීස් ලස්සනට ගෙදරදීම හදමු|Sugar Cookies in Sinhala|Christmas Cookies in Sinhala

රසම රස ෂුගර් කුකීස් ලස්සනට ගෙදරදීම හදමු|Sugar Cookies in Sinhala|Christmas Cookies in Sinhala


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Royal Icing Cookies BTS BT21

Royal Icing Cookies BTS BT21

التثليج الملكي بأسهل طريقة BTS BT21 Royal Icing Cookies,135g سكر ناعم (Powdered sugar),- 145g زبدة غير مملحة (Unsalted butter) - 1/2tsp ملح (Salt),- 1 بيضة (Egg) - 1tsp خلاصة الفانيليا (Vanilla extract),320g طحين لجميع الاستخدامات (All purpose flour),برد لمدة ساعة (Refrigerate for 1 hour),4mm~ 6mm,اخبز في 175 لمدة 20 دقيقة (Bake at 175℃ for 20 minutes),- 180g سكر ناعم (Powdered sugar) - 1tsp عصير ليمون (Lemon juice), 1 بياض البيضة (Egg white (42g)),ملون غذائي (Food coloring),ماء (Water),Thanks for watching~

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The Best Sugar Cookies to Decorate with Royal Icing (No Spread!!)

The Best Sugar Cookies to Decorate with Royal Icing (No Spread!!)

hey guys welcome back,so i get asked a lot what cookie recipe,do i use,and how do i actually make them and bake,them so today i'll share with you,the recipe that i use which is actually,from lila loa and it's her vanilla 2.0,recipe,which is linked down below in the,description of the video,and i'll show you my few tweaks that,i've learned over the years,to make my recipe more suitable to,myself and have great reviews from my,customers and my friends and family that,eat my cookies on a regular basis,so let's get started,okay so what we'll need today is,measuring cups specifically one cup and,a half cup,and then you're going to need your,spatula and a teaspoon,so then we're going to have our paddle,attachment with our,mixer if you don't have a kitchenaid,stand with a paddle attachment,you can use your regular mixer and then,switch over to the dough hook when we,get to the dough part so we're going to,start with our butter which is at room,temperature,well mine is almost at room temperature,so i've chopped it up a bit,and then i have my brown sugar as well,as my white sugar,we're going to dump it all into the bowl,to start with all together,now i just want to talk about brown,sugar in the recipe,this is why i really like this recipe,because it includes brown sugar,i feel like there's so much more flavor,that comes from it versus just,all white sugar or even some recipes,that call for powdered sugar,it's all personal preference so it,doesn't really matter but like i said,i like the way that the brown sugar it,sort of caramelizes in the oven and it,gives it some great flavor,so here we are we're just seeing,everything being dumped into the bowl,and then we're gonna proceed to put it,into the mixer,so i have a kitchenaid mixer here with,the paddle attachment,if you don't have one no worries just,use your regular mixer but like i said,further down you will have to change it,to a dough hook,if you have one because the dough does,get pretty stiff this one can handle it,but usually the smaller mixers they have,a little bit more trouble when the,dough gets a little too tough so i'm,just going to start at low speed here,just to incorporate my butter and sugar,so we don't have things flying out,everywhere,and i'm going to crank up this bead a,few notches just to get it going and to,whip up that butter and sugar together,we just want to make it,more creamy and cohesive so we'll let,that run for a couple minutes until you,see that the texture has changed,you can see it's still looking crumbly,now but in a little bit,um it'll come together and just remember,every once in a while scrape down your,bowl i find especially with these,mixtures,the bowl is pretty deep and so you want,to just make sure that you're getting,everything out of the bottom of there,so again i'll just turn my speed back up,it's on sort of,just under medium nice and medium low,and then once you start to see the,the batter coming together there it's,kind of creaming together,the color lightens just a little bit,then you know you're ready for the next,step,so i've got my eggs here and i'm just,going to add some vanilla to my eggs,if you do have real vanilla it helps the,flavor comes through a lot better,if you don't know worries imitation,vanilla works just as well and,so there's one more thing that i like to,add to this recipe that isn't called for,in the original,and it's to add butter flavor from,lauren's,it's an emulsion and so it's quite,strong,and it doesn't lose the flavor in the,oven like some other,let's say extract so it really brings,out the butterness,and the buttery flavor of the cookies,and it really complements well with the,brown sugar,so this is a little extra step if you,have this or you can find it usually at,michael's or a local,you know cake or craft stores and if you,can add it,i assure you it tastes great so i'm just,gonna add the eggs,the vanilla and the butter emulsion all,together i usually try to add one egg,mix it in a little bit and then add the,second one,and again we're gonna sort of cream the,butter the sugar and the eggs all,together now,and every once in a while just check,your bowl make sure you scrape down the,side so that everything is getting mixed,in nice and,and good you can see here my batter has,lightened us slightly in color and so,everything's nicely mixed in,it's looking good so we can move on to,the next step,just going to scrape my bowl down one,more time just to make sure everything's,in there there's no sugar stuck in the,bottom and we're ready to go,so i've measured out my flour and i just,gonna add some salt and some baking,powder,to it now i just want to talk about the,baking powder usually people like to,leave it out completely or just put a,tiny bit the recipe only calls for about,a quarter teaspoon i believe,i actually like to put a full teaspoon,in there people worry about spread if,they add baking powder,but the thing is baking powder makes,your cookies sort of taller instead of,wider so,i do like to

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Easy Cut Out Sugar Cookie Recipe | Wilton

Easy Cut Out Sugar Cookie Recipe | Wilton

hey guys it's tracy from the decorating,studio here at wilton today i'm going to,show you how to bake delicious roll out,sugar cookies that bake flat and hold,their shape and you don't need to chill,the dough for hours before baking so,this recipe is a time saver by the end,of this video you'll know how to,successfully bake and store your rollout,sugar cookies you can find the link to,this recipe in the description box below,as well as a list of ingredients and,supplies you'll need,before we begin don't forget to,subscribe to our channel and click the,notification bell so you don't miss out,on any of our videos,let's talk about butter consistency to,get flat cookies make sure your butter,is at room temperature it should not be,too soft or melted if your butter is too,soft the dough will be soft and it could,spread while baking and if it's too cold,you'll have little solid bits of butter,in your dough you should be able to,press into the stick of butter and,easily make an indent it's firm but not,cold lightly softened is what you want,to look for if you're using the,microwave to soften be sure not to melt,the butter also be sure to use real,butter margarine and butter spreads will,give very different results now let's,get started by making the cookie dough,preheat your oven to 350 degrees,fahrenheit use a stand mixer with a,paddle attachment to cream your butter,beat two sticks of unsalted butter and,one cup of granulated sugar until fluffy,and fully incorporated if there are any,unwanted pockets of butter they will,melt during baking and cause the cookies,to spread next beat in one egg a cold,egg will keep the dough nice and firm,then add the extracts half a teaspoon of,almond extract and two teaspoons of,vanilla extract mix until smooth,now for the flour measuring your flour,incorrectly is one of the biggest cookie,baking mistakes out there if you're,measuring flour by scooping your,measuring cup into the bag of flour you,could be using as much as 30 percent,extra flour in your dough that's going,to make your cookies dry and tough so,don't scoop the flour or pack it in just,spoon it into your dry measuring cup,check out our video on how to measure,ingredients properly in the description,box below,add three and a quarter cups of,all-purpose flour one teaspoon of baking,powder and half a teaspoon of salt into,a bowl and stir,cookies made without salt will have a,flat flavor and may taste overly sweet,if you live in a high elevation area you,may want to experiment with decreasing,your baking powder add the flour mixture,one cup at a time mixing after each,addition properly mixing the dough will,ensure the cookies don't get tough be,sure to scrape the bowl at least once,along the way as a dense poorly aerated,paste can build up along the sides left,unattended those denser areas can streak,the dough and cause it to spread,unevenly as the sugar cookies bake,the cookie dough will be thick and once,it mixes into a nice ball you're done,mixing test the dough it should be a bit,sticky and holds shape but doesn't stick,to your finger do not chill the dough,divide it into two balls then into a,rectangular disc two inches thick this,will keep the dough from falling apart,when rolling the rectangle shape will,help you cut more cookies out of each,rolling flour the surface to roll the,dough use a rolling pin with guide rings,or use guides on either side of the,dough such as lollipop sticks or doll,rods an eighth to a quarter inch thick,set two of the same size doll rods or,sticks on the counter on either side of,the cookie dough and roll over them,sprinkle a little flour on the surface,and on top of the dough but be careful,too much flour can make the cookie,tougher and cause dry spots that trap,air you can roll the dough directly on,the counter on parchment paper or wax,paper taped to the counter or between,two sheets of parchment or wax paper,sometimes air can get trapped in the,dough so roll gently gradually thinning,rather than pressing too hard dough will,soften as it sits and cause spreading,and dough can dry out and cause,crumbling if it sits uncovered too long,cut the dough immediately after rolling,if rolling on the counter before cutting,the dough slide an offset spatula,underneath this will loosen any sticky,patches and prevent delicate shapes from,tearing as you lift them out,it also removes the extra flour that can,sometimes accumulate around the dough,dip the cutter in flour before cutting,this will keep the cutter from sticking,to the dough and ensure a clean cut cut,starting at the edge of the dough rather,than in the middle this will help you,get the most out of the sheet of dough,press evenly on all the edges of the,cutter slightly shake or turn the cutter,and help it release,if you will be moving the cookies from,the cutting surface to the baking sheet,cut close together to get the most out,of the roll use a small offset spatula,or a cookie spatula to move the cookies,from the rolling surface to the ba

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How To Make Sugar Cookies With Claire Saffitz | Dessert Person

How To Make Sugar Cookies With Claire Saffitz | Dessert Person

i'm not a cookie decorator why are we,doing this video who's got time for this,i feel like during the holidays it's,just like do you really want to spend,your time doing this i don't know i want,to start over i don't like this one it's,a cookie that i'm decorating that i,don't like,hey everyone i'm claire staffords,welcome to my kitchen we're up at the,cabin shooting a batch of episodes and,today i have an episode that is perfect,for holidays because i am showing you,how to make a very basic sugar cookie,and a couple of tips for decorating if,you want to kind of get into the holiday,spirit with some royal icing and some,sprinkles and so i'll show you,everything you need to make holiday,cookies,so,you will need the cutter of your choice,i have,a fluted round cutter a heart it was,just like random ones that i grabbed,what i don't recommend are cutters with,very very elaborate shapes with lots of,little skinny areas it just means that,they'll bake unevenly and be very,breakable so a heart,round these are really easy they're easy,to handle they won't break i'm using a,stand mixer to put together the dough,but it's very doable by hand so i have,all-purpose flour granulated sugar one,egg some almond and vanilla extracts you,could use one or the other kosher salt,baking powder and two sticks of butter,i'm using,i'm using like a very flavorful rich,butter because that's the primary flavor,here so you want to use something high,quality,so two and a half cups of all-purpose,flour and this doesn't make like a huge,quantity,you could double this if you need to,like make a lot of cookies,because it's a small amount of baking,powder i'm being very precise it's 3 8,teaspoons so i have a quarter teaspoon,measure here,so it's a quarter plus an eighth or half,of this,i actually add a full teaspoon of kosher,salt because again there's like very few,ingredients here and,you want salt to bring out the flavor of,everything especially the butter,okay so pretend this is a whisk just mix,all this together butter goes in,this is room temp so i've just let this,been sitting out,i've left this been sitting out i've let,this sit out,i don't know so then,sugar this is three quarters of a cup,it's not a particularly sweet cookie and,it's just the right amount of sweetness,plus keep in mind that you're adding,oral icing which is essentially only,made of sugar so that obviously adds a,lot of sweetness,so turn that on,and i'll crack my egg one large egg,and i would say that this particular,cookie is kind of a cross between a,shortbread and a more traditional sugar,cookie which has more leavening in it as,a little bit lighter but it also is the,kind of cookie that does not really,spread as it bakes which is what you,want because you want it to hold its,shape so that the shape that you,cut out using your cutter is the shape,of the cookie after it bakes i would do,two teaspoons vanilla and then if you're,adding almond extract i would do a very,small amount like a quarter teaspoon or,less,because the almond is very strong if you,wanted to incorporate more flavors into,the cookie you could add like a little,warm spice you could add a little,cardamom for example you could also do,some citrus zest to just give it like a,little more character but i think,because we're using good,you know high fat butter i like the kind,of plain,flavor of just the butter cookie,so i'm creaming this together but i'm,not creaming it,like i would as if i were making a cake,because when you're creaming a cake you,want to incorporate a lot of air because,that's going to help give the cake lift,but i'm not looking for an airy cookie,so you really just want this,well combined and smooth but it does not,have to be super light,i'm going to add my egg and vanilla,same thing with a hand mixer,so i'm going to add my flour and i'll,just do it all at once,and kind of pulse it in,with a sugar cookie you really do want,to mix very little because you want to,keep a very tender texture,so here's our dough,you can see it's a very very stiff dough,and generally speaking the stiffer the,dough that means the higher the,proportion of flour and the more flour,the more,assurance you have that your cookies,will hold,their shape,in the oven as they bake but we still,want to chill it so you need to let the,dough rest a little bit so i would chill,this for at least an hour but i have one,that i made already so i'm just going to,get this into some plastic so just make,sure it's well mixed i'm going to try to,actually just wrap this up in some still,pad and see what happens even though,it's a firm dough it's still kind of,soft and so it would be really too soft,to roll out but i have a swap so i'm,going to grab that dough and then give,you some tips for rolling out dough,evenly to prevent it from sticking so,you can cut out nice clean punched out,cookies,i'm going to work with just half the,dough at a time because what you don't,want to do is let it warm up because,then it will start to get very

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Easy Homemade Lofthouse Cookies

Easy Homemade Lofthouse Cookies

if you like store-bought lofthouse,cookies you're gonna love my homemade,version and if you like this video don't,forget to hit that like button and,subscribe hey you're watching preppy,kitchen where i john canel teach you how,to make delicious homemade dishes to,share with your family and friends these,cookies will be ready before you know it,so let's get started,first off we're measuring out two cups,of flour that's 270 grams,for leavening i'm adding a quarter,teaspoon of baking soda and half a,teaspoon of baking powder,half a teaspoon of salt and if you're,using a fine grain salt use less,one tablespoon of corn starch i'm doing,an optional sift,you never know when there's some weird,nonsense in the flour or whatever other,ingredients so it's always a good idea,to sift,grab a whisk,whisk it up,now we're grabbing that stand mixer you,could always just use an electric mixer,for this recipe or even do it by hand if,you're very,into ambitious,bowl of my stand mixer with a fat paddle,attachment i'm adding half a cup of,butter that's 113 grams should be room,temperature and unsalted although if,you're using salted butter just,remove a quarter teaspoon of salt,from your recipe i'm going to give this,a really quick cream and then add the,sugar,1 cup or 200 grams of granulated sugar,mix that up until it's light and fluffy,and don't be afraid to scrape the bowl,down,whenever you're mixing less than one,full cup of butter in a stand mixer you,really have to scrape it down because it,kind of presses it against the wall of,your bowl,once your butter is all mixed up we're,going to add in one large room,temperature egg,one and a half teaspoons of a nice,vanilla and a quarter teaspoon of almond,extract this is optional but it really,gives that cookie a little bit of extra,flavor that i love,these cookies are going to be so soft,and melt in their mouth thanks in part,to sour cream this gives them just a,really wonderful cakey texture that,makes them like even better than a,regular sugar cookie okay i'm measuring,up one quarter cup of sour cream and it,should be room temperature-ish not ice,cold we're gonna mix this up until it is,nice and homogeneous we want it to be,totally mixed in with no pockets of sour,cream here or there,loft house cookies are something you can,get at the supermarket but they are so,much better homemade you're gonna fall,in love with these cookies mix that sour,cream in we're gonna add this flour,mixture in right now and do not over mix,it in fact i would say mix until almost,combined and i'm going to finish it off,with my spatula so i can have it just,perfectly mixed,so my batter is totally mixed in,and as you can see it's fairly soft,we're going to want to firm this up by,chilling it before we cut it out so they,look nice and pretty before that we're,going to give it a head start with a,quick roll,all right we're going to transfer the,dough out onto a sheet of either,parchment paper or plastic,put another piece of plastic or paper on,top,and just flatten it out into a disk this,is in a chill for about an hour and if,you want you can actually give it a head,start with a little bit of a roll,pop this into the fridge it'll firm up,pretty quick,after some much needed chill time i'm,going to flour the surface of my counter,i'm using a pastry mat today it just,makes clean up really easily easy,i'm gonna add a little bit more flour to,the top and roll this out to a quarter,of an inch thick that's super easy if,you're using a roller with bumpers like,this,i bought it on a lark and i've actually,grown to love it,okay,i'm going to use a two and a half inch,circular cutter,to get some nice cookies out of this you,can make them a little bit smaller or,bigger it's totally up to you,transfer the cookies to your parchment,paper lined baking sheet,cut all your cookies out and then you,can just re-roll the scraps and cut more,or save the dough for later in your,freezer,into the oven 375 for eight to nine,minutes or until the bottom of your,cookies are just starting to turn golden,my cookies are out of the oven and,cooling in the meantime we're going to,make an easy buttercream frosting for,the top,add one half of a cup or 113 grams of,unsalted butter into your mixer we're,going to cream it up first,if you want to add a little pinch of,salt that's totally up to you,as soon as it's cream buff we're going,to add two cups of powdered sugar about,240 grams we're gonna mix this up on low,and while that's going we can drizzle in,about two tablespoons of cream or milk,along with one teaspoon of vanilla,once your buttercream comes together,it's ready to enjoy except we're going,to color it pink,today i'm using pink food coloring you,can use,anything you'd like even raspberry juice,would give you the same color,so funny because on the inside it's,beautiful and pink on the outside is,completely white,scrape that bowl down,transfer it to a piping bag you could,just smear buttercream on top but for a,really neat look i'm using

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