a recipe for salmon patties

Salmon Patties - Quick & Easywhat can you do that's exciting in 15,minutes with your clothes on make

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Updated on Jan 18,2023

Salmon Patties - Quick & Easy

what can you do that's exciting in 15,minutes with your clothes on make salmon,patties here is all you need to make my,quick and easy salmon patties a can of,salmon a slice of whole wheat bread,some onion red pepper parsley and an egg,and that's how simple it is okay here's,how I do it,first of all I'm using a seven and a,half ounce can of red salmon this is 213,grams and I have a can already opened,and drain so drain it really really well,because you don't want too much moisture,in there so we're gonna put that into a,bowl okay there's the salmon and now you,know can salmon has bones so take a look,at this has bones and skin in there I,always remove the skin because well,first I don't like the way it looks and,also because if there's any toxins in,the in the fish its concentrated in the,skin so it's just I just don't like it,so I'm going to take it off you have to,kind of break it apart to find the the,skin and so I try to find most of it,there's a little bit there okay and,there's also a bones in here you know,the bones are soft and they're cooked so,try to leave the man you can mash them,up let's see see right here there's oh,let me find some there's bone see,there's bones right there you leave them,in there really really soft and it'll,give you a lot more calcium in these in,these patties so leave the bones in and,then mash up the salmon a little bit,with a fork and then we're going to,start to add the ingredients okay now,we're gonna add a quarter cup each of,onion you can use red onion if you want,because the the Salmons red quarter cup,of finely chopped onion and pepper and,about a tablespoon of parsley and this,all goes in to the salmon right here and,then the only two more things which is,the egg which I'll put in right now one,egg extra protein from the egg too I'll,mix this up just a little look at that,oh it's beautiful all these colors,everything in here is just so healthy,alright now we can eat we need about a,half cup of fresh breadcrumbs not dry,and I usually make that with a slice of,whole wheat bread I'm using,the store-bought Rudy's is the brand,that has a like a nice soft whole-wheat,so try to find a soft whole-wheat bread,they'll give you extra fiber for the,patties I take the crust off to keep it,nice and soft and I'm gonna make fresh,breadcrumbs in a little mini food,processor if you don't have one you can,just chop the bread up really really,fine with a knife so now this is going,to be noisy so hold on here there's your,fresh breadcrumbs one big slice about a,half a cup goes in and that's all the,ingredients now we're gonna mix this up,and shape some patties okay okay there,it's all mixed now we're gonna make four,patties it's a little bit messy just,kind of don't,I wouldn't press it down too much keeps,them nice and light just kind of shape,them and then I try to give them a,little edge like that I like them a,little bit tall with kind of a flat edge,like that there there's one second one,coming you know I actually caught some,salmon once we're on vacation in Alaska,and we ate it but we had to clean it,first that's why I like canned salmon no,eyeballs there's another one okay that's,two two more coming okay here's the last,one this whole process even with with,chopping the onion and the parsley and,everything is barely 15 minutes so,there's my four patties now what we do,is we're gonna cook them on a the,biggest frying pan you have and I have,my big pan here you preheat it to,somewhere between medium and medium-high,preheat it for about a minute and then,we'll cook the patties now we just need,about a teaspoon of olive oil just a,little bit whoops,we go kind of swish it around a little,bit and then the best way to put the,patties in is to use a spatula can I,just kind of quickly get under it watch,this quickly is better like that there's,one see quickly under because otherwise,you can kind of mess up with the shape a,little bit mess to shape up a little bit,okay quickly and with your hand put it,in there and one more okay that's it now,these are gonna cook for about five,minutes so like two when it happened its,precise so I'll turn them over in a,couple minutes and that's it,okay it's been a couple minutes you can,kind of just I would just be it's hard,to kind of look under them just flip one,over and see if it's ready because you,can keep turning them that's not too bad,I think I'll give it another you know,thirty seconds or so just a little bit,browner alright I waited a little bit,let's try the next one,and again the faster you can move,through this the better fast underneath,oh there it is look at that it comes the,next one oh the next one beautiful so,that's it I don't even know it's,probably not even five minutes I would,start checking them in about a minute,and a half two minutes turn them over,and then eat them look at these they're,gorgeous and they're all done now you,just take them onto a your serving plate,there's 1 & 2 & 3 & 4,look at these I'm telling you everything,in

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How To Make Salmon Cakes Recipe - Quick and Easy Salmon Patties

How To Make Salmon Cakes Recipe - Quick and Easy Salmon Patties

hey everyone it's natasha natashas,kitchen calm we're making salmon cakes,these are tender and flavorful with big,bites of flake salmon and wait until you,try the homemade tartar sauce let's,begin pre-heat your oven to 425 degrees,Fahrenheit and line a rimmed baking,sheet place your salmon right in the,center drizzle with olive oil and season,with garlic salt and freshly cracked,black pepper bake that at 425 degrees,Fahrenheit for 10 to 15 minutes or just,until the salmon is cooked through flake,the salmon with a couple of forks,removing any bones that you find then,set it aside and let it cool to room,temperature on to the veggies which give,these salmon cakes amazing flavor peel,and finely dice a medium yellow onion,now speed and finally dice half of a red,bell pepper place a medium skillet over,medium heat and add 1 tablespoon of,olive oil and 1 tablespoon of butter now,add your chopped onion and bell pepper,and saute stirring occasionally for,about seven to nine minutes or until,softened and golden in a large mixing,bowl combine your cooled flaked salmon,along with your sauteed onion and bell,pepper one cup of breadcrumbs two beaten,eggs three tablespoons of mayo a,teaspoon of Worchester Shire sauce one,teaspoon of garlic salt 1/4 teaspoon of,black pepper and a quarter cup of,freshly chopped parsley,stir everything together until combined,and now we make the patties my favorite,tool for making equal sized patties is,an ice cream scoop with a trigger,release form each patty between your,hands and they should be 1/3 to 1/2 inch,thick,once the patties are all formed heat a,large nonstick pan over medium heat and,add 1 tbsp of olive oil and a tablespoon,of butter when the butter is done,sizzling add the salmon cakes in a,single layer in saute about 3 to 4,minutes per side or until golden brown,and cooked through oh it is time for the,taste test my favorite part and to go,with these I made some homemade tartar,sauce and if you've never tried this,recipe I'll leave a link to it in the,description below but it is wonderful so,much better than store-bought ok so,let's do this like a lot of sauce so I,use a spoon to help me some time oh here,we go,Wow I love that these are crisp on the,outside and you've got those big juicy,flakes of salmon inside these are so,flavorful they hold together well they,come together quickly and you know what,if you're pressed for time you can,totally use the the packets of salmon,you know what I'm talking about makes,for a really quick lunch or dinner these,are delicious if you guys enjoyed this,recipe and I know you will give me a,great big thumbs up below make sure to,subscribe to our YouTube channel and,thanks for joining me in my kitchen you,know what I kind of want to do is make a,salmon cake sandwich with some tartar,sauce in between because why not so and,if you love salmon recipes make sure to,check out our most popular salmon,recipes right over there

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Fresh Salmon Cakes Recipe - Salmon Patties with Fresh Wild Salmon

Fresh Salmon Cakes Recipe - Salmon Patties with Fresh Wild Salmon

hello this is chef john from food, with,fresh salmon cakes that's right we've,done these before but we've used canned,salmon which is how i normally do it but,every once in a while i do like to,splurge and use fresh fish for this,and if you happen to be wondering what,the difference is between salmon cakes,and salmon patties there isn't any,totally the same thing in fact sometimes,i'll just call them both salmon patty,cakes which i really think your younger,guests will enjoy but anyway let's go,ahead and get started and the first,thing we're going to want to do is saute,our vegetables because he's got to cool,before they go in the mix so in a pan,over medium heat with a little bit of,olive oil,we're going to saute some finely minced,onions some red peppers,and some celery you're also going to,want to throw a nice big pinch of salt,in there so this would be your,proverbial as they say in louisiana holy,trinity and we're just going to cook,this until the onions kind of turn,translucent and soften up a little bit,which is going to take maybe five,minutes and this is what mine look like,and in fact it looks a lot more golden,brown than it really is that's actually,the red pepper kind of bleeding into the,onions so that explains it's unusually,beautiful color and at this point what,we want to do is toss in our capers and,i do want to give those a couple minutes,saute to kind of dry them out a little,bit i think that kind of intensifies the,flavor,turns up the brininess factor a little,bit so we'll stir in those capers those,were obviously well drained and we'll,cook those for a couple minutes and at,that point all you have to do is turn,off the heat and let this mixture cool,to room temperature while we prep our,salmon which is the next step so like i,said we're going to use fresh fish this,time so i have just under a pound and a,half of fresh wild pacific salmon and,yes frozen wild salmon is perfect and,all those little pin bones have been,pulled out but we do need to take the,skin off which is super easy especially,in this case since we don't care what it,looks like we're going to chop this up,so i'm going to do is cut down with my,knife like this till i hit the skin,which is very leather like it's very,tough so as soon as i feel that knife,hit the skin i'm gonna turn it flatten,that blade out and just cut right across,like that,and if you have a little tear you don't,do it perfectly or you leave a little,too much meat on the skin so what you,can always trim it up very easy to do,okay you can just go back and get,anything you missed if you want and then,once we've removed the skin we're going,to chop this up but what i like to do,before i start chopping is kind of make,some large cubes so i'm just going to,slice it across,and then turn it this way cut it in some,big chunks,and then we're going to switch to the,old cleaver,and use that to do the final chopping,until we have something that looks like,this,so basically something about the same,size you'd use if you were making,sausage and you were doing a coarse,ground pork okay so that looks good,let's go ahead and transfer that into a,bowl,and we will start adding the rest of the,ingredients,so we'll go ahead and toss in our,vegetables which should be cool by now,i'm also going to toss in some finely,minced garlic,i intentionally did not cook that with,the vegetables i want that raw in here,and then we're going to add a big spoon,of mayonnaise real mayonnaise don't use,fake mayonnaise we'll also add a nice,shake of cayenne,a big pinch of freshly ground black,pepper,we're also going to need some salt of,course,and then for our binder just a little,bit of panko breadcrumb any fine,breadcrumb or cracker crumb wool work,here i'm also going to throw in a nice,big pinch of old bay,and i said old bay not really old bay so,if there's more dust on the can than,spice in the can go get a new one and,last but not least a little touch of,dijon mustard,and at that point we can mix this,thoroughly,and as i mix this up let me state the,very obvious fact that something like,this just begs for adaptation,i mean you go asian style spanish style,italian style just lots of different,ways you could flavor this you guys are,the william blakes of your fresh salmon,cakes so use that poetic license to make,this your own but anyway we're gonna mix,that up and once that's done let's go,ahead and cover that tightly with,plastic wrap and let this chill for at,least an hour or two before we try to,form the cakes,okay we want to give those flavors time,to meld and for that bread crumb to,hydrate a little bit so if you just,can't wait you just have a wicked severe,case of the munchies that's fine you can,shape them now but you'll see if you,pull this mixture out after an hour or,two it will have firmed up nicely,and it will just be a lot easier to work,with so i'm gonna take a spoon and kind,of divide this into four sections i'm,gonna do four large cakes you could do,eight small ones

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omg what follow e omg,follow e omg yeah follow e,who that be hell that be me follow e,what's up omg follow e,well today y'all we are going to do some,old school southern style simon croquet,so we gonna get started okay but i want,to thank all the mothers the fathers,aunties grandparents anybody that is,taking care of kids i just want to tell,you i thank you i adore you,and i appreciate you,so much for all that you,do so let's get started before people,start complaining,even though you can fast forward if you,don't like the entries and you want to,see what the food is all about,you can always fast forward okay so,i'm going to start off with the pink,salmon i have two cans of this,it doesn't matter about the name,it doesn't matter whatever you have in,your store that's called pink simon,just get you a couple of cans of pink,salmon okay,what else you're gonna need i have green,onions no i'm sorry i have bell pepper,and onions cut up in here if you want to,add a little garlic you can,okay that's optional you don't have to,if you don't want to i'm not doing it,today but sometimes i do i'm not doing,it today though,then you're gonna need a couple of eggs,i'm gonna need some eggs okay y'all,and some people use bread crumbs i don't,like to use the bread crumbs because,it dries out the croquette to me so,i'm gonna use some flour,okay and this is all purpose okay,flour so that is pretty well much,what you're gonna need so i've already,taken it out of the can,so i'm gonna move you all over here to,show you how to get the bones and,everything,out of here okay let me make sure,y'all don't need to look at me y'all,need to look at the food,just scoop the can over here a little,bit but it's basically,you just have to mush it and you're,going to mush it anyway,so just like that bone is right there,we're just gonna take that,right on out of there okay and these,little five bones they're not gonna,choke it but we just wanna get that big,bone out of there okay,and normally it'd be in the big part of,the fish,not in the little parts but in the big,part,and you just pick it apart and you can,see it,just like this big part right here,so we just don't dig that out because we,don't,want it we don't need it we don't need,it,okay,okay and you can scrape some of the,little fine pieces off i do sometimes,not all the time,because you're not gonna you're not,gonna taste them we just want to get,that little bone,right there out of them okay,and y'all i do not add any salt into,this because,it already has a lot of sodium in it so,i don't add salt,but i'm gonna show y'all what i do add,into it just a little bit get a little,extra flavor,this is not gonna take but a minute,i'll leave the skin in the skin has,flavor so we're just gonna mash this on,up and make sure,that there's no big bones in none of,these pieces,okay so we went through everything and,there you go,let me rinse my hands,okay so the first thing we're gonna do,is we're gonna get the bell peppers,and the onions and we're gonna add it,into this and y'all this chocolate right,here,is gonna be your best friend ever,if you ever purchased this okay,so you gotta add how much you're gonna,put in here,because i'm doing two cans i wanna make,sure everybody get a little bit of,somebody,you know what i mean,okay if we need to add some more we will,all right let's just get to mixing so we,can see if we got an even amount,of bell peppers and onions up in here,when we make these pad is very good,now i mean me being who i am y'all i'm,gonna add me a little more,but that's just me you add what you like,i'm giving me a big,one more handful okay maybe a hand and a,half okay,so i chopped up one whole bell pepper,and one whole onion but i'm not using,all of it okay but i just wanted to make,sure i had enough,i think that's enough right there,okay all right,so the next thing we're going to add i'm,going to add a little bit,of garlic powder,i'll say about a tablespoon,and i'm gonna add in a little bit,of,onion powder as well,just depends on how much you have and,people i am my stuff,i tell y'all that all the time i'm from,the south,i don't have to measure,i'm not a measure because i can just eye,it,and just for a little bit of some some,some,hold on y'all let me grab it,we're gonna add us a little obey leave,the big il obey,shake em up shake em up bae okay a,little obey,all right and then for a little bit of,an extra little kick,we're gonna add just a little bit of,cayenne pepper,do it to your amount of taste taster,heat okay,now while we're doing that we're gonna,go in here since we did,two cans we're gonna do two eggs,and y'all i got several videos i'm doing,today so,y'all might not see me change clothes,okay so if you need to add another egg,if it don't have enough moisture in,there,you can always add another egg due to,the fact you're adding,uh we're adding um,bell peppers and other stuff but i think,this might be moisture enough,if not i would add another egg sometimes,i do three,just depends,be

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FRIED SALMON PATTIES | Old Fashioned way to cook canned Salmon

FRIED SALMON PATTIES | Old Fashioned way to cook canned Salmon

مرحبا بكم جميعا! شكرًا لزيارتكم لمشاهدة حلقة أخرى من برنامج How Do You Cook.,اليوم سنقوم,بطهي فطائر السلمون. أول شيء سنفعله هو فتح علبة السلمون.,حسنًا ، لقد تم ذلك. لذلك ، سنقوم بفتح هذا المكان وما سأفعله هو أنني,سأضع سمك السلمون الخاص بي في هذا الوعاء مع العصير وكل شيء.,بهذه الطريقة يمكنني المرور عبر سمك السلمون الخاص بي وأخذ كل العظام ... لأنني لا,آكل العظام في سمك السلمون الخاص بي. حسنًا ، لقد غسلت يدي جيدًا الآن قبل أن أبدأ هذا.,لذا ، ما ستفعله هو تناول سمك السلمون.,أعلم أنه ربما يشعر بأنه مقزز! هل ترى هذه العظام الصغيرة هنا؟ أريد أن أحاول,إخراجهم ثم نضع ما تبقى من السمك في الوعاء والوعاء الآخر للخلط.,لذا ، هذه القطعة هنا لا تظهر أي عظام ، لذا سنضعها هناك.,ولدينا القليل من عظام الأطفال الصغار ، لذا سنضعها هناك.,وهذا يبدو جيدًا.,أعني أنه لا بأس إذا كان لديك,واحد أو اثنان أو ثلاثة من العظام الصغيرة الصغيرة التي لن تؤذيك.,لأنه لا توجد طريقة فعلاً لإخراج كل هؤلاء من سمك السلمون الخاص بك قبل طهيه.,حسنًا ، هذا يبدو جيدًا. يبدو ذلك جيدًا. أخرج هذا العظم.,وحصلت على ذلك.,وأنا أطبخ علبة واحدة فقط من سمك السلمون لأنني وزوجي,هنا وحدنا لذلك لا نحتاج إلى الكثير من الطعام. تمام.,تبدو جيدا. وأنا أحاول إخراج كل العظام. هذا ما سوف تبحث عنه.,هناك عظام كبيرة مستديرة نوعًا ما ثم لديك هذه العظام الصغيرة,مثل هذه. هل يمكنك ان ترى ذلك؟ هل ترى تلك العظام الصغيرة؟ تريد إخراج هؤلاء.,حسنًا. حسنًا ، لقد انتهينا تقريبًا من التخلص من سمك السلمون المعلب.,حسنًا ، حاول إخراج كل اللحوم بقدر ما تستطيع لأن هذه أشياء جيدة.,حسنا.,تمام. يبدو أننا حصلنا على الكثير منها ، سأضع هذا هنا.,سأشطف يدي.,حسنًا ، الآن الجزء الممتع. ها نحن ذا. سنبدأ في خلط العناصر الخاصة بنا في وعاءنا.,حسنًا ، ما سأفعله هو ، سأضيف بيضة واحدة. لدي بيضتان هنا ، لكن لدي واحدة. سأبدأ ببيضة واحدة.,الآن بيضتك هي الغراء الذي يجمع فطائر السلمون معًا. لذلك ، بمجرد أن تضيف كل شيء,وتشعر أنك بحاجة إلى المزيد من السوائل ، يمكنك المضي قدمًا ووضع بيضة أخرى هناك.,حسنًا ، لقد أضفنا بيضة واحدة الآن ، وهي عبارة عن ربع بصلة صغيرة مقطعة ومقطعة ناعماً.,ثم هنا لدي نصف كوب من دقيق الذرة. لدي فنجان من دقيق الذرة هنا.,لكنني سأضيف القليل في كل مرة ، لذا سأضيف نصف هذا فقط.,هناك نذهب. وسأقوم بتضمين ملعقة كبيرة من الدقيق.,والآن سأضيف الملح والفلفل.,أتمنى لو كان لدي بعض الفلفل الأسود ليس لدي أي شيء.,مزيج الذرة الفلفل هذا جيد ولكن ، آه ، نوع من أه ،,خشن. حسنًا ، هذا ما حصلنا عليه الآن ، لقد أضفت بشكل أساسي 1/4 كوب,من دقيق الذرة وملعقة واحدة من الدقيق ، وربع كوب وليس ربع البصل,المفروم ، ناعماً. إذن ، ما سنفعله الآن ، سنقوم بتسخين أيدينا وسنذهب,إلى هناك. لقد غسلنا أيدينا ، ونحن على ما يرام ، وسنبدأ فقط في الاختلاط.,سنقوم بخلط كل ذلك. أنظر لهذا؟ كيف تندمج تلك البيضة مع دقيق الذرة وذلك,الدقيق وكل هذا النوع من الطعام في بعضهما البعض؟,نعم ، ها أنت ذا. فقط استمر.,تمام. أحب أن أتأكد من أن كل شيء جيد هناك. الآن ، أشعر نوعًا ما,أنه قد لا يكون كذلك ، لا أعرف ما إذا كان مثيرًا بدرجة كافية.,قد أضيف بيضة أخرى. سنضيف بيضة أخرى ، القليل من دقيق الذرة ،,وأعتقد أنني سأترك ملعقة كبيرة من الدقيق الآن أكثر,قليلاً من الملح ، والآن سنذهب هنا ونحن ' إعادة خلط هذا.,من الأشياء التي نسيت أن أفعلها ، نسيت أن أشعل موقدتي ، فقد يكون التسخين المسبق.,حسنًا ، يبدو أنه مختلط جدًا. اسمحوا لي أن ألقي نظرة على الاتساق.,أوه نعم ، هذا جيد حقًا. لذلك ، أعتقد أن هذا يبدو جيدًا في الوقت الحالي. سأقوم بخلطها,أكثر قليلاً. تمام. حسنًا ، سآتي إلى هنا ، وسأشطف يدي وسأعود حالًا,. نظرًا لأنني لم أقم بتسخين المقلاة ، فسأبدأ الآن.,ها هي مقالي مع شحمي. سأرفع الكاميرا قليلاً ،,حتى تتمكن من رؤية ما أفعله. سأقوم بتشغيل,موقدي وأتركه يسخن. الآن ما أضعه في مقالي ، أضع,زيت الزيتون البكر الممتاز في مقالي. اممم ، ليس عليك أن يكون لديك زيت زيتون بكر ممتاز. يمكنك استخدام,زيت الكانولا والزيت النباتي. ام. يمكنك استخدام الشحوم مثل أم ، كريسكو. أم ، أو أي شيء تحبه حقًا.,لذلك ، بمجرد تسخين المقلاة الخاصة بي ، سأوضح لكم كيف أصنع فطائر اللحم وأضعها فيها,وأبدأ في طهيها. سأعود حالا! حسنًا يا رفاق ، شحمنا جاهز للانطلاق. نرى أنه بدأ,في التدخين قليلاً ، لذا ، ما سنفعله هو أننا سنخفضه,قليلاً قبل أن نحصل على الفطائر هناك. تمام؟ سنقوم بتحويله إلى وسيط ،,أقل بقليل من المتوسط. لذلك ، هذه هي الطريقة التي سأصنع بها فطائر الفطائر. عادةً ما أمسك كرة صغيرة,بهذا الحجم تقريبًا. حول كرة الجولف ، ربما أكبر قليلاً. وأقوم بتدويرها في يدي,قليلاً ، وبعد ذلك ، بدأت في تكوين كرة صغيرة. لذا ، ما سأفعله هو أن أخفض,موقد الفرن أكثر قليلاً. لذا ، فأنت تريد أن يكون لديك فطائر بهذا الحجم تقريبًا.,حسنًا ، سأقوم بوضع ذلك في مكانه هنا ،,أرأيت؟,لقد وضعت هذا للتو في المقلاة.,المعذرة ذهابا وإيابا. أنا فقط أه ، ما زلت أتعلم هذه الكاميرا وكل قدراتها وما,إلى ذلك. حسنًا ، ما سنفعله هو أننا سنستمر في صنع,الفطائر.,حسنًا ،,دعونا نجمعها معًا,، انظر ، انظر كم يمكن للمرء أن يصنع؟,يمكن للمرء أن يصنع الكثير من الفطائر. لذا ، إذا كنت ستطعم أسرة مكونة من أربعة أو خمسة ،,أقترح استخدام علبتين ، لأن الأطفال سوف يأكلون هذه. هم يحبونهم! أنا أعلم أن أطفالي يفعلون ذلك.,لم أجربهم على أجدادي حتى الآن ، لكن الوقت سيحدد ما إذا كانوا سيحبون,ذلك أم لا. سنخبرهم فقط أنها فطيرة دجاج أو شيء من هذا القبيل ونرى ماذا يفعلون. تمام.,حسنًا ، سأحصل على واحدة أخرى هناك. ضع ذلك في المنتصف.,سأغسل يدي. سأعود حالا.,حسنًا ، أنتم جميعًا. الآن ، أريدكم جميعًا أن تروا,فطائر السلمون تطبخ.,وجه الفتاة! آسف شباب! أستمر في التحرك. لذا ، ها هم ... فطائر السلمون

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Mattie’s Kitchen | How To Make Salmon Croquettes: Easy Salmon Patties Recipe

Mattie’s Kitchen | How To Make Salmon Croquettes: Easy Salmon Patties Recipe

we are for sure family a welcome back to,automatic kitchen coming from the,cloister family I'm here in North,Carolina this is my daughter Hannah,outside I was going to cook up some,salmon get ready to make her subscribe,sound like ok I chose to use red salmon,rub the blender pink because that's kind,of like the way to taste better sell me,using this cost a little bit more but,pink would do the same thing there's,just a difference in the taste I'm using,3 cans of this we already started with,one click and I'll take it out and,sometimes they have a volume you know,you have to take the bone out of it but,if you get to pick the boner I'm going,to so soft they are ready and you will,never even know it,shut them up I chopped them up a little,bit see the bones of these,here's the ingredients that I use,vegetables I don't you know some people,I don't look like you I said before you,probably hurt and say this I'm gonna use,all that all they can if I use garlic,it's gonna be fresh stock in the best,when I use this out is a fresh so i'ma,start with some onion look onion in here,I'm not chopping but really fine so you,know haven't kind of fine let me use,some red peppers no matter what's in,order cuz I'm gonna put them all in here,I'm just start with the red put a little,red pepper in here I'm gonna put a lock,on peppers doesn't make it really tastes,good and you know couples is so good for,you it cleans you out really good so you,should I use peppers and all type of,peppers for onions but everything I cook,that's out there what really fun,here's some green now this is the best,one the bell cup of the green stuff I,think they make a taste of this onion,look I use these investments are they,good for you okay so boy I use the red,royal with its red salmon and put them a,green peppers my yellow couple my orange,pepper and my red cup and some onion,together so now I'm gonna put my face,back my eggs I'm gonna put the eggs in,here because you need eggs to make it,hold together that's what the egg does,compose it together them up a little bit,you know you don't have to beat it up if,you want to but I don't do it sometimes,sometimes if I'm gonna hurt a duck for,the Aged and I used to wait for it and,get them mama take some saltines for a,goose saltine crackers like the saltine,cracker did it'll never taste you can,also use breadcrumb and the breadcrumbs,and a crack was just trying to hold it,together so you can cook it that's,taking demands like this bag is enough,and then when you use your crackers and,stuff it'll give you more to give you,more time you know more salmon spread a,little bit it's less it's so simple but,if those couples got put in it make it,taste okay you know you when you're,doing some of you ideas you should use,some gloves because it's easy to put it,together with gloves and I'll put a,little salt all I use a little salt,cuz you're gonna read neatness Alton and,and a sound I don't,I'm gonna put a little tapping because I,don't really need more you don't need my,song in it for just a little tap and,pepper make it taste good and this was,seasoning I don't put no garlic because,I got all these peppers and stuff in it,and the top of all powers no cos honey,is so good for you they tell me kind of,make it look pretty so I use it you know,I just use a little bit just a tap on it,put it in there to get the flavor I,started with the on I put onions in here,all the four types of bell peppers and,just read the orange the yellow and the,green,I put on a salt and pepper here and just,a little honey so I'm gonna mix it up,and outside I'm gonna mix it up see if I,needed it more crack or anything I'm,doing that no you said you always use,gloves and you know when you're doing,this because it's easy to get together,now look at me she bloody they're both,peppers and stuff in it does that pebble,in it when I cut up a crime to these,things this thing's gonna be so you know,you probably never seen them cook like,this but this is Madden recipe right,fool when I put it in in a skillet I,don't want it you know having right,there's kind of whip I don't wanna you,wanna fry them I don't want to take I,don't wanna break up and some people,taking bacon but I don't like that face,and I like math a bit right that's,really you could I eat myself,you wouldn't believe it I take me some,biscuits hot biscuits and some syrup and,God knows would be so good but that's,what you call country,I like the man I should get back four or,five out of this how those three lacan's,I had make sure you of darkness make,sure this job they make them make sure,they're smooth because when they're not,smooth sometime they break up,okay one down stuck good on the one down,okay I'm making a second I like it a,while here I said 500 you can't say what,she won't get out cuz I bet you it's,called how you make them big these,people my family think they'd like to,eat - I'm making kind of fat keep some,time when you won't happen make you feel,better,and you kind of smooth

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How To Make The BEST Salmon Patties Easy Quick Recipe

How To Make The BEST Salmon Patties Easy Quick Recipe

hey everybody what's going on it's your,girl,just t i'm back at you guys again,check it out i got a nice very easy,tasty recipe for y'all,we're going to make some homemade salmon,patties,or salmon croquettes whatever you want,to call them but i call them salmon,patties right,so we're going to go ahead jump on into,this video get started,you're going to definitely need some,salmon right so i actually bought some,salmon,in the can now the one that i have right,here it's going to be skinless and,boneless,now you can find it in the can and the,bigger cans as well,and it may have some um skin and bones,on it so if you,if you actually buy that can then you,want to make sure you take the skin off,and go through with the fork and take,the bones out,so i'm going to be making about four,salmon patties so i have two,um cans of um pink salmon that i'm going,to be using so i'm using two of these,cans,so i should get about four patties out,of them so let me show you guys what,they look like right here this is what,it looks like,let's see that and see this is skinless,and boneless so there's no bone or skin,and you're going to want to drain your,salmon,when you open up your pan make sure when,you open it you drain out the liquid out,of it all right,also going to be needing some bell,peppers and onions so i have,a small about a half of a small yellow,onion,i also have about a half of a green bell,pepper,and one half of a red bell pepper all,together don't give us some nice flavor,you're going to need one egg for this,seasoning wise i'm going to use my,sassoon and a lot of people in my own,comments always ask me you know what is,sassoon so i'm going to put it on in,here right now,that's that sword that's and you want,the box to look like,that color up at the top can you guys,see that yeah so you want it to look,like that,all right so that's what the sass style,looks like you're also going to be using,some,off going to use that i don't use the,laurie seasoned salt anymore guys it's,really salty,i'm also going to be using some adobo,thigh goya,i love this seasoning i'm going to be,using some garlic powder,some black pepper as well,all right so now we gonna go ahead and,just oh also i forgot,gonna need some type of breading you can,either use bread crumbs,or you can use toast um anything that,you want,to act as a binding agent i'm going to,use some saltine crackers that's what my,mom used to use with saltine crackers,a lot of times the older people back,then use saltine crackers and they also,put a little honey in it,no i ain't putting the honey in it,because i don't want to sweet all right,so you need like a half a cup,of bread crumbs so what you're going to,do is,you want it to break this all up in here,i'm going to break it all up,which fork or whatever i'm going to,getting in there in a minute with my,fingers so,make sure your hands are clean because,you don't have to get them dirty or you,can just,wear some gloves you know but i'm always,good i don't mind getting a little dirty,i'm gonna get my crackers i'm gonna use,one cup,so i'm just gonna break these up,because usually i would just eyeball,this but i'm really trying,to measure stuff for you guys so,you get a couple of these crackers in,here you want to break them up,really really small and i'll show you,guys once i,break these all up,just want to crunch them up,i said you're going to need about a cup,now if you don't have,um sauteing crackers you can always use,um bread crumbs you can use,a slice of bread one slice of bread,would be sufficient that's all you would,need too,for like about an eight ounce can of,salmon,in the can,just gonna get a couple more,i've been wanting some of these so bad,y'all and i'm gonna make these,i'm gonna have like four side dishes i'm,gonna have some white rice and some corn,and if i do get four of them i'm gonna,save me two of these so i can make for,breakfast with some grits,my stomach patties and grits oh my gosh,definitely definitely a nice breakfast,so that's what i'm aiming for,to having some for breakfast so,hopefully on those two cans,i can get you at least four four patties,out of,let me see if you can see i'll just kind,of break them up,you see that,you guys can see but you just want to,crunch them up with your fingers,i'm going to do a couple more kind of,like i said i'm trying to hit a cup,this is good right here,so i'm gonna go ahead and crack my egg,got one egg,i'm gonna go ahead and do that like a,little slicer,that that in here,i'm gonna go ahead and put my vegetables,in here that i have,those bell peppers in the onion,let's get that all in there,got my husband's standing over here,looking on the side he don't even like,sandwiches,let me know,can you guys see yeah you can still see,so we're going to go ahead,and pour in those saltine crackers,in a minute like i said you don't get,your hands dirty because um,got to get in here and mix it up so now,with the seasonings,i'm going to try and measure for you,guys,so i'm going to

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Classic Salmon Patties Recipe

Classic Salmon Patties Recipe

we're making salmon patties today but,i'm gonna give you my take and add a few,more things to it plus we're gonna make,a tasty sauce to dip these in,so delicious i know you're gonna love,this recipe,salmon patties became popularized during,the great depression back then a can of,salmon was only 5 cents it was,affordable and accessible and an awesome,source of protein but also back then all,they would put in there is eggs and some,sort of flour cornmeal or saltines which,is what we're going to use in this,recipe and a bunch more good stuff we're,first going to start off by making that,sauce sound good let's cook in a medium,sized bowl i have a half cup of creme,fraiche you can use store bought i have,a great recipe on my website as well if,you can't get a hold of this then sour,cream will absolutely work,next we're going to add a half cup of,mayonnaise to the bowl with the creme,fraiche i also have a great recipe for,homemade mayo if you want it and now,we're going to add in one tablespoon of,finely sliced fresh chives and two,tablespoons of finely diced fresh dill,if you don't have fresh dill you can use,one and a half tablespoons of dry next,one finely minced garlic clove we're,gonna squeeze in the juice of a half,lemon and add some really good citrus,notes to this sauce the next thing we,want to do is season it up well with,salt and fresh cracked black pepper then,using a whisk combine everything until,it is mixed together now the sauce,should be a little bit thick and a,little bit runny so you can sort of pour,it on there this is perfect consistency,it's too thick add a little milk if it's,too thin add a little bit more,mayonnaise we're gonna set it to the,side in the refrigerator really quickly,this sauce will be good covered in the,refrigerator for up to seven days and it,would be awesome on just about any,shellfish or fish recipe would probably,be good on chicken or even pork as well,that's why i made a little extra for,some other recipes okay now for the,salmon patties i have one large red,onion but we only need about a fourth of,it so we're going to slice off the ends,then we're going to slice it in half,take off that outside peel and then,we're going to slice one of the halves,in half again and then using that we are,going to small dice it you definitely,want to small dice this you're not going,to want large big chunks in your salmon,patties one it makes it hard for it to,hold together and but also you don't,want an onion forward tasting salmon,patty next a red bell pepper i just,slice off the outside around the pith,and the seeds on the inside then slice,off the end and then we are going to,small dice these as well and just like,the red onions you don't want big chunks,of red bell pepper in there and the,reason i use red pepper is i don't know,it just tastes so much better than green,bell peppers you could also use yellow,or orange get some of that sweetness,goodness out of there we're gonna add it,right to the bowl with the onions and,then next we're gonna add in two finely,minced garlic cloves you know me going,straight through a garlic press my,friends,and now what we want to do is zest up,one lemon i'm gonna be using a fine,zester or a microplane be sure to give,it a few knocks to get it off the,microplane because there's a lot of good,zest up in there,and then i'm going to squeeze in that,lemon get all that juice out of there,sometimes i use my other hand to catch,the seeds well no seeds this time,perfect,and now what we want to do is add in two,tablespoons of fresh chopped dill you,can use one and a half tablespoons if,you only have dry the next thing we're,going to do is add in four thinly sliced,green onions,and now i have three eggs and using a,fork or using a whisk whatever you have,just whisk this together until,completely combined like you're making,scrambled eggs set it to the side,now for the crackers i'm going to be,using one of those long sleeves in the,saltine box it's the perfect amount take,those and add them to a food processor,put on the top and then what i like to,do is just pulse it on high speed you're,essentially wanting to break these down,until it becomes like a meal so very,very finely finely chopped up and the,food processor is a great way if you,wanted to you could add it to a plastic,zip bag and hit it with a mallet a few,hundred times set it to the side now i,have one and a half pounds of fresh wild,caught salmon if for some reason you,don't want to use fresh salmon or you,don't have access to it but you do have,access to canned i definitely recommend,using any wild caught canned salmon plus,each canned salmon is,14.75 ounces that's gonna put us four,ounces above this pound and a half what,you will need to do is add in a,tablespoon of the liquid from the can i,know you're going to drain it save a,little tablespoon to the side add it in,there you'll be totally good this recipe,work okay here's what we do next let's,transfer that fresh salmon right down to,the cutting

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