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The Most Amazing Lasagnatoday on the stay at home chef i'm,showing you how to make the most amazing,

The Stay At Home Chef

Updated on Jan 18,2023

The Most Amazing Lasagna

today on the stay at home chef i'm,showing you how to make the most amazing,lasagna,you guys should know by now that when i,call it the most amazing it truly is,this recipe for lasagna is full of,authentic flavor and homemade goodness,you're gonna love it we're gonna start,on the stove with some ground beef and,ground italian sausage you'll want to,add a pound of each so we have the,italian sausage,and then a pound of ground beef,into a large pot over medium heat then,grab a spoon and start breaking up all,of your meat and get it cooking,once you've broken it up a little bit,add in,one large white onion that you've minced,up,as well as,five crushed garlic cloves,stir this in and let it all cook,you'll want to make sure you cook the,meat through completely before moving on,to the next step we're creating a sauce,and so it's all about layers and adding,things in one at a time and creating a,delicious homemade creation it does take,some time but trust me it's worth it in,the end i used a 93 7 ground beef so,that it's nice and lean and doesn't,create too much fat and you can see,there's not a lot of fat in there some,of that is liquid from the onion that,has released,but we don't want to add too much fat to,this the fat that you're getting mostly,comes from the sausage,and we're not adding in any extra fat,either so it all balances out and it,works out in the end next we're going to,start developing even more flavors by,adding in a secret ingredient one,teaspoon of fennel seed this gives it,that truly authentic feel,sprinkle that in there,follow it up with one teaspoon of ground,oregano,do a half teaspoon of salt,a quarter teaspoon of pepper,two tablespoons of sugar,half a cup of freshly chopped basil,and a quarter cup,of freshly chopped parsley,i'll stir this in real quick,those fresh herbs add in a lot of flavor,and give this pasta a fresh homemade,feel follow that up with half a cup of,chicken broth a 28 ounce can of crushed,tomatoes,15 ounces of tomato,sauce and then this is a nice secret,weapon,two six ounce cans,of tomato paste,tomato paste has such a concentrated,flavor that we're able to add in a lot,of tomato goodness in here with just a,couple of ingredients we're really,making that tomato flavor come out,strong and bold when it comes to this,sauce,then we simply start stirring it and,bring it to a simmer,you can already see that this sauce is,super hardy and meaty and it smells,absolutely amazing once it comes to a,simmer it will reduce the heat to medium,low simmering is a time for your sauce,to develop a lot of flavor the,ingredients play off of each other and,release a lot of different complex,flavors as the heat is applied to it so,you'll want to make sure that you simmer,your sauce for a good period of time,you'll want to simmer it for at least an,hour and up to four hours for a really,developed flavor now if you don't want,to do this on the stove you can always,put it into a slow cooker on high and,let it develop flavor there you'll want,to give it just an occasional stir and,if it's in the crock pot you don't need,to stir it at all but this sauce is,definitely made with a little bit of,love and look at how delicious that,looks,while the sauce is over there bubbling,and boiling i want to show you one of,the coolest lasagna hacks ever you're,going to take your noodles and put them,into the bottom of a dish and i'm just,using a 9 by 13 pan you just want to,make sure that the noodles don't come up,over the sides and then you'll take some,hot water just as hot as you can get it,right out of the tap we're going to pour,this over our pasta,you want to add in enough,to cover all of the sheets of pasta so,it looks like i need just a little bit,more it took me about eight cups of,water to cover my pasta completely now,all i have to do is let this sit and,soak for about 30 minutes after 30,minutes my pasta will be softened enough,to layer in a lasagna dish no boiling,required it'll finish cooking in the,oven it's a perfect hack to save some,time when it comes to making homemade,lasagna while the noodles are soaking,and the pasta is simmering we'll go,ahead and put together our ricotta,mixture start with 30 ounces of whole,milk ricotta cheese and kind of break,that up there,you'll add in an egg,a half teaspoon of,salt a pinch or an eighth of a teaspoon,of ground nutmeg,and then about two tablespoons,of freshly chopped parsley then you just,mix this all together,all right now we'll keep this mixture in,the fridge until our sauce is done,simmering once the sauce is done we're,ready to layer our lasagna in addition,to what we've already made you'll also,need some sliced mozzarella cheese and,some freshly grated parmesan cheese and,make sure you use freshly grated because,the stuff in the little can just doesn't,melt nearly as well and isn't even,always real cheese we're going to start,layering our lasagna,by spreading about,a cup,of meat sauce,into the bottom,of a 9 by 13 pan and i'm using an extra,deep 9 by

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Beef Lasagna Recipe | Easy Dinner | - Natasha's Kitchen

Beef Lasagna Recipe | Easy Dinner | - Natasha's Kitchen

Hi everyone, its Natasha of and today we're making our favorite,three cheese lasagna. This is so saucy, beefy and cheesy. Plus,it's easy and better than any restaurant lasagna. We'll start with the pasta. Place,nine lasagna noodles into a pot of salted water and cook until al dente,according to the package instructions. Al dente means - firm to the bite and,don't overcook your noodles because they will still soften up a bit when you bake,the lasagna. Drain the noodles, then add cold water to stop the cooking process,and to keep them from sticking together. Usually, while the noodles are cooking,,I'll make the meat sauce. In a deep pan, over medium-high heat, add one tablespoon,of olive oil, then one pound of ground beef and 1 small diced onion. Saute for 5,minutes or until the meat is no longer pink. Add two large minced garlic cloves,and cook another minute or until fragrant, then add 1/4 cup of good red,wine and saute until mostly evaporated. And if you don't have red wine on hand,,you can substitute with beef broth. Now add 24 ounces or 3 cups of your favorite,marinara sauce, either homemade or store-bought. Season with half a,teaspoon of salt, 1/4 teaspoon of pepper, 1/4 teaspoon of dried thyme, half a,teaspoon of sugar and two tablespoons of parsley, Bring that to a simmer, then,cover and cook on low heat for 5 minutes while you make your cheese sauce. In a,large mixing bowl combine 16 ounces of cottage cheese, 15 ounces of ricotta,cheese, 1 cup of shredded mozzarella, 1 large egg and 2 tablespoons of finely,chopped parsley. Mix until it's well blended. Everything's ready and now we,can assemble the lasagna. In a deep 9 by 13 casserole dish spread half a cup of,the meat sauce evenly over the bottom and cover that with three lasagna,noodles. Now add 1/3 of the remaining meat sauce and sprinkle the top with one,cup of mozzarella cheese.,Next spoon on half of the cheese sauce and spread evenly. Repeat the process,until you have three layers of noodles. This is a good time to pre-heat your,oven to 375˚F. Top the last layer of noodles with the remaining,meat sauce and cover it with one cup of shredded mozzarella cheese. Adding the,cheese on top forms a crust that makes this lasagna supremely juicy. You'll need,to cover and bake this casserole so prepare a large sheet of foil. Also very,important to keep the cheese from sticking to the foil, poke eight to ten,toothpicks evenly over the top of the lasagna, then loosely cover with the foil,and seal the edges. Bake at 375˚F for 45 minutes, then remove,the foil and set the oven to broil for three to five minutes or until the,cheese is golden brown. Now for the hardest part, you want to let the lasagne,cool for 30 minutes in the pan for it to set and become much easier to slice and,it is hard to wait for lasagna... All right, you're supposed to wait about thirty,minutes for this to rest so that you don't eat it when it's blazing hot, but I,just can't wait anymore so I'm gonna get this party started because I cannot,resist a cheesy juicy loaded lasagna and of course take out the toothpicks. Do,your family a favor and don't leave the toothpicks in. That would result in,unpleasant situations. Oh man!... A little bit of meat sauce on that one.,Wow! Okay and you all know how I feel about garnish so we're gonna add some,garnish to this. Just a little bit of fresh parsley,,cuz there's fresh parsley inside, there should be fresh parsley on top. You know,what I'm talking about, especially if you're serving this for,the holidays. It's like the easiest thing you can do to fancy up a dish. Okay now,,we've got it. Okay, I'm gonna cut into this because I am so hungry for it so,here we go. And this is irresistible, cheesy, which means my kids love it of,course. Okay, we're gonna get the biggest piece because that is how we roll. Look,at that cheese pull! Oh,,hubba-hubba... hmm... Oh my goodness! Look at those layers. This is a loaded lasagna.,Yum yum... Okay, here we go. Enough chatter, less talk and more eating.,I'm not exaggerating when I say it, but that is the best lasagna that I have ever,tried it! It beats restaurant versions all day,long because it is so juicy and moist and the flavor - mmm... I mean, you just,cannot beat a homemade lasagna. This is delicious and it refrigerates and freezes,as well so you can make it ahead, because it makes a big old batch. This is,definitely a family favorite and a keeper of a recipe. I make this over and,over and over, because everybody loves it. If you guys liked this recipe, give me a,great big thumbs up below. Make sure to subscribe to our Channel and thanks for,watching. Before you run off, if you guys are looking for a more easy,,family-friendly recipes, check out some of our favorites right over there and,right down there and click below to subscribe. And when you do, click that,little Bell icon, so you get notifications every time we post a new,recipe. We'll see you next time.

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Lasagna, SIMPOL!

Lasagna, SIMPOL!

one holiday favorite is lasagna we are,making lasagna today,so i'm here ready to assemble my lasagna,but before i got to this point i had to,make two of my sauces my meat sauce,and of course my bechamel sauce so here,is how i made this,so we're doing a very classic very,simple straightforward bechamel and i'm,starting out with butter just a little,bit over um,1 4 cup so if you use that amount of,butter you also need that amount of,flour so that's very easy to remember,and firstly we will melt our,butter,and we will add our flour so what we're,making here is called a roux,so that will be our,thickening agent and it's a good time if,you want to add aromatics you can,actually add your aromatics here so for,example i want to add garlic,i can add garlic you know cook the,garlic here,saute saute you have to cook it for at,least a minute or more so this is a,bland roux,you want it darker just cook it a little,bit more to get a blunt color,but it's very important your flour is,cooked you have a pasty consistency,and now you will add your milk,room temperature milk or better,watermelon little,the flower absorbs so much,of the milk the madame is thickening,so just remove that and now i will just,use my,whisk,so we will use this bechamel sauce for,our lasagna we're making a lasagna,and i will just add laura leaf,i can add an onion and i'll just add an,onion so i can just remove it just to,add flavor,pinch of nutmeg,very nice very rich we will let that,simmer to thicken a little bit,you can season with salt and white,pepper,that's a very nice very,classic,white sauce yeah,we will melt the cheese in our,white sauce i'm using here this one's,mild cheddar yeah very nice,automatic making cheese sauce yeah,so if you want to add like pimiento,whatever,do it,for your nachos for your burritos or,whatever,adding a little bit of parmesan cheese,not too much around,three four tablespoons and there we have,it,our very nice cheese sauce and here it,is another kitchen secret for you,so we're doing a very classic ragu or,meat sauce of course with tomatoes and,ground meat and a lot of vegetables and,we will start off with you know my,pressure cooker is already adding about,1 4 cup of olive oil and butter and very,nice butter we're combining the two,what i will do now is,kind of pressure cooker to develop all,the flavor we have to saute our,vegetables what will we do,start with the carrots,yeah celery,so everything when it cooks it's going,to like,mash up and thicken the sauce so we,don't really want to select the bits and,pieces of vegetables later on,so i like to really saute it until it's,tender,i will also add my herbs here i'm going,to use some oregano,thyme you can use whatever,herbs or spices you want to add,gyanpalang it's very aromatic,so if we don't saute it properly we,won't be able to get as much flavor as,possible no so sometimes in this,question,ingredients,but also the manner of your cooking will,help you develop the flavor of your dish,technique is very important so look at,that very nice,add my beef my ground beef,with some fat yeah,so usually,i'd let's say like,a little bit of sirloin and a little bit,of brisket yeah,my counting,so my beef is partially cooked and now i,will add my tomato paste for that,richness now and i will add a little bit,of sugar so the sugar is not to make it,sweet it's just to,balance the,the flavor but also i want it to sear,nose it will caramelize a little bit,as i cook my beef now i will add my,laura leaves,i will add also my little bit of,chili flakes it's optional but alamo if,there's a little bit of,spice masa rapture it brings out the,flavor much more,and etosha guys this is another,secret no,that when i cook my meat sauce,i will add two things that you won't,expect number one is patisse,choose a good quality patie,and but my participate italian alamo you,italians use some sort of a papis called,garuno before when they cook it's,fermented twice the same thing nice,fermented,fish yeah and another thing we know no,pinoy but yes they also cook with a lot,of vinegar,and italians so i'm adding vinegar so,adding vinegar just white vinegar,because sometimes we forget that young,acid young thing,asim,also makes food more delicious and now,it's time for me to add my,tomatoes so i'm using cantu meat ocean,you can use whole or,i thought this is diced tomatoes two,tomatoes,if it's whole you crush it though and,mix it all together and i will add beef,stock,so instead of you don't want to use,vinegar you can use red wine as well but,i like to use white wine better than red,wine for this but,vinegar does the job,good enough musty pizza and that's it,though i will just cover this up and let,it cook for,45 minutes to an hour,and i will,come back to it later,under pressure,so we're releasing some steam not some,but all of the steam so that we can open,our pressure cooker safely,and now i'm ready to take a peek into my,it looks so good yeah and it's so,delicious but,we're not yet done i thought i will just

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How To Make The Ultimate Lasagna

How To Make The Ultimate Lasagna

- It's cheesy, comforting and indulgent.,A truly great lasagna can turn,a bad day into a really good one.,Here is our recipe for the ultimate lasagna.,(vibrant music),When testing, we wanted to figure out,what was really worth spending our time on,and where we could take shortcuts,but still get the most incredible recipe.,The sauce, this is definitely a place,where you wanna give it the most time and love,because it is the star of the dish.,A lot of recipes call for a bolognese,,which is a thick and creamy meat sauce,or a marinara, which is actually just a simple tomato sauce.,However, we found a hybrid,of the two gave us something really delicious.,For ours, we're using a combination of meats:,half a pound of ground sirloin,because it's more tender and flavorful than ground chuck,,half a pound of pork sausage for complexity and savoriness,,and our secret, prosciutto.,It adds so much flavor and keeps the meat tender.,We'll combine these in a bowl,and shape them into five or six large shaggy meatballs.,We're making them into meatballs,so they slowly break down in the sauce over time,,essentially brazing it to keep it really tender.,Then add olive oil to a large pot over medium-high heat.,Once the oil is hot, we'll brown our meatballs.,This just takes about a minute on each side.,Make sure you do this in batches,,so you don't overcrowd the pan.,Searing the meat locks in moisture,,and all those little brown bits,at the bottom of the pan will,actually give our sauce a ton of flavor.,This is called the Maillard reaction.,We'll set those aside, reduce the heat,,and then we'll add in our onions and salt.,Let it cook until it's translucent.,It only takes about five or seven minutes.,Then we'll add in garlic, fresh thyme,,fresh oregano, red pepper flakes,,and another one of our secrets, crushed fennel seeds.,These guys make the sauce pop and offset its richness.,I like using fresh herbs just,because I think they have more flavor,,and they're a lot more aromatic than their dried variety.,I like to crush the fennel seeds with a mortar and pestle,,but if you don't have one, a knife works great too.,Saute these just until fragrant.,Oh, my God, it is smelling so good in here.,I just love the smell of that garlic.,The next thing we're gonna do is add tomato paste.,It thickens the sauce and gives it a deep, rich flavor.,Make sure to stir this frequently,until the color turns a dark red.,This usually takes about three to four minutes.,This is about the color we want.,Now it's time to deglaze our pan.,We're using red wine, because who doesn't love red wine?,But seriously, it has great flavor.,You can also use beef stock or even water if you prefer.,You just need some type of liquid,to scrape up all those flavorful bits,on the bottom of the pan,,so they go into your sauce.,Cook this until almost all of the moisture is evaporated.,In French cooking, this is called au sec.,It's time to add our tomatoes.,We're adding both whole San Marzano tomatoes and passata,,which is also known as strained tomatoes.,San Marzanos are grown in volcanic ash,,which makes them rich, tender, and not overly acidic.,Passata tomatoes are strained of their seeds and skin,,making for a deliciously smooth sauce.,We'll add these to the pot.,And this next part might sound weird,,but we're actually gonna add a whole carrot.,The carrot will absorb acidity from the tomatoes,and add sweetness to the sauce.,But don't worry, we'll remove it later.,Next, add butter.,This is a secret from Italian legend Marcella Hazan,,and we agree.,You cannot skip it.,It makes for a velvety rich sauce that cannot be beat.,And finally, add in your meatballs,and two teaspoons of salt.,Bring this to a boil, then cover and reduce to a simmer.,Let it cook for about 1 1/2 to two hours.,The longer it cooks, the more flavor it will develop.,Once the sauce has thickened,,discard that carrot and use a potato masher,to crush those meatballs into small pieces.,You can season it more to taste here,,and if the sauce isn't sweet enough for you,,just add a teaspoon of sugar.,Then stir in fresh basil leaves.,We like to use fresh,because it adds brightness to the rich sauce.,My grandmother always told me to hand tear it.,I have no idea why.,But if you're in our family, you do what Betty says.,Now it's time to make the bechamel sauce.,We tested making the lasagna with a ricotta,,a bechamel, and even a bechamel ricotta.,Ultimately, we liked the creamy base of the bechamel best,because it kept the lasagna moist,,and it was super easy to spread over the noodles.,We'll start by melting our butter until it starts to foam,,and then we'll add in our flour.,Let's cook this until we don't see any lumps,but the roux hasn't browned yet.,This usually takes about three minutes.,Now we're gonna slowly add in our milk,and keep whisking until it's evenly incorporated.,Then add in the salt,,garlic powder and nutmeg and keep whisking.,You'll know it's done when it's thick enough,to coat the back of a spoon just like

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How to Cook Special Lasagna

How to Cook Special Lasagna

Christmas is just around the corner, It's the season for delicious dishes and recipes,May it be "Noche Buena", Christmas parties or Family reunions,How are you doing? I'm Vanjo Merano and Welcome to Panlasang Pinoy!,and today we'll be cooking Christmas Lasagna,here are the ingredients we need for this dish:,ground beef or "giniling na baka",Ground Italian Sauge, this is a "nice-to-have" ingredient, meaning it's optional but will surely have the best result.,No Boil Lasagna which we could cook together with the sauce without boiling,if you will be using the traditional Lasagna, make sure to cook it first depending on its package instructions,shredded mozarella cheese,ricotta cheese,these 2 cans here are diced tomatoes,tomato paste,parmesan cheese,onion,parsley,fresh basil,Italian seasoning,minced garclic,and Knorr Beef cubes,aside from these we'll also be needing Olive Oil,sugar,ground black pepper,salt,and water,and here is the complete list of all the ingredients and their measurements,If you're ready, come and join me as I cook.,preheat olive oil in a cooking pot,once hot, place our ground beef and ground italian sausage,you may either use extra virgin olive oil like this, or ordinary olive oil will do,if no there's no olive oil available, ordinary cooking oil will do,distribute your cooking oil in our pot,put the ground beef and the ground italian sausage,cook until beef turns into light brown,It is important to mix this while cooking so that it would separate,I usually let this sit for 30 seconds, mix and then let it sit again until light brown,fold, like this, then spread,for me this is the easiest way,upon folding you may notice the bottom part cooked,once cooked, spread the meat,It is important for the beef and sausage not to stick together,let the bottom part be cooked then repeat what we did earlier,as you can see our meat changes it color,so now we can add our onions and garlic,here goes the onions,this is our chopped yellow onion.,Let's mix this,then add the garlic right away,this is our minced garlic,the way that we are cooking this is different from the traditional stir fry method where we cook the onions and garlic first,in this case we started to cook the beef first,let it cook until the onions softens, about 2 - 3 minutes,let it cook uncovered,see, onions are cooked just right,after 3 minutes, we may now add our diced tomatoes,these are canned diced tomatoes,this two cans totals to 29 oz,so we'll just have to add this here,Let's mix this,and then add a little bit of water,If I haven't mentioned earlier, what we are cooking is the meat sauce of our lasagna,here goes our water,we'll just have to let this simmer,once it simmers we may now add our Knorr Beef cubes,I'm using this for a more beefy flavor of our lasagna,let us just mix this,and we may now add our parsley, fresh basil and the Italian seasoning,here goes our fresh parsley (finely chopped),here is our fresh basil,and our italian seasoning,Stir,Mmm~ this already smell good,continue cooking our meat sauce,so that we could extract the flavor more,cover then adjust heat between low to medium,bring to boil for 40 minutes,after 40 minutes, let us now add our tomato paste,here goes our tomato paste,this tomato paste adds flavor to our lasagna and helps thickens our meat sauce,scrape everything,see,ok,Let us just mix this,as you may notice, the sauce started to thicken,all we have to do is season this with salt, sugar and ground black pepper,put some sugar,a little bit of salt,and ground black pepper,mix well,and then cover,simmer for another 5 minutes,cool after 5 minutes. Set aside,We'll be mixing all the cheeses we have, afterwards we may start assembling our lasagna,this is our ricotta cheese,all we have to do is mix all the cheeses that we have,this is our shredded mozarella cheese,pick up everything,and then add our grated parmesan cheese,Mix well so that we could easily apply this later,we are doing this for effiecientcy,after mixing, we may now start assembling our lasagna,now, it's ready, we can start assembling the lasagna, sauce and this cheese in a baking pan then we'll bake this afterwards,at this point we should have prepared our oven, preheated at 375 F,We'll start off by putting our meat sauce in our baking pan,this should go to the bottom layer,scoop,this smells really good,I bet this lasagna really taste good. Just the meat sauce alone, this really smells good,then spread this all over the pan,next to this is our lasagna,for the mean time, we won't be putting any cheese after this meat layer,there you go,so we can now layer our lasagna,and then continue to our second layer,this is now where we will be adding cheese,this is the cheese that we had mixed,we'll be adding cheese layer here,spread the cheese,and then we'll be adding our meet layer on top of this,there you go, lets just spread this a little bit more,ok. let us now add another meat layer,There you go. Let us spread this again,let's add a little bit more so this woul

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How to make Jamie’s Lasagne | Jamie Oliver

How to make Jamie’s Lasagne | Jamie Oliver

Hi lovely people! Okay we are going to make the most delicious lasagna al forno,Right a classic, people love lasagna and I want to give you a really solid recipe,that will take care of you, your family, your friends, and give you deliciousness,every single time. We're gonna do a lasagna al forno with a meat ragu, okay,let's start with the meat and let's start with a smoked pancetta,So just finely slice the bacon, so in the pan we go everyone knows that good,things happen when you smell a nice bit of smoky bacon. Then what I would suggest,is putting in your bay leaves in with the garlic, so as that's frying off I'm,just gonna take the leaves off the rosemary like that. This act of making a,ragu I love the ritual of it, so now we go in,with the carrots, the celery, and the lovely red onions. Okay so the veggies,have had about five minutes and if you just push the veggies to one side, let's,introduce the meat. So in with the pork first, normally my favourite cut is minced,shoulder of pork and then beef. Then we break up the meat, let the water and,moisture cook away and then we'll get colour on that minced meat. So there you,go lovely people, we've had a nice 10 minutes of frying a nice little,seasoning of salt I'm gonna be quite generous with pepper, and then a lovely,old-school spice nutmeg. So you want to grate in about half a nutmeg, so at this,stage in the game we're gonna go in with two glasses of red wine, small glasses,So we go in with the lentils, you will never tell the difference between the lentil,and the meat right, it becomes like one so the lentils have gone in then some nice,big fat plum tomatoes fill up your tins with water and pour this in like that,right we're gonna let that sit for about an hour and a half. So look the ragu has,been bubbling away beautifully for about an hour and a half, and it's gonna carry,on cooking for a little bit. I'm gonna make a white sauce, I'm gonna put 50,grams of butter in a pan, I want to take it up a little bit. So I've got a lovely leek here the,flavour you get from leeks it's so beautiful, so in the sizzling butter,Now I'm going to go in with 4 medium heat tablespoons of flour stir that in, and,then in with a litre of milk so that will come to the boil,and then I'm simply gonna blend it until it's smooth. I'm gonna angle the pan like,this, get it deep in there. The great thing about that is it will amplify the,flavour as well as give you that lovely silky consistency. So look in here we're,gonna get cheese happening, so of course cheddar cheese is not traditional,in an Italian sense, but I actually tend to use cheddar,when I make my lasagnas regardless, just because I like it. So bit of parmesan goes in,now and then the curveball, the smoked mozzarella you can get it in the,supermarkets have a look for it it's there. Don't overuse it you know, be,subtle with it look at that guys come on.,So look how gorgeous, gooey and stringy that white sauce is it's gonna be amazing.,So now is the time to build a lasagna, so at this point in time what I,do do is just look at my ragu and because it's been cooking down and,because everyone's pans are a little bit different, you might just want to add a,little bit of water so it's kind of not too dry, okay.,So first up, we'll take 2 nice ladles of our ragu into here, take our,little bits of pasta I prefer to use the fresh ones. Then we go in with a little,bit of the white sauce,and keep repeating until you run out of ingredients.,So look this is the last bit of white sauce and then we'll finish it with a last little kiss of cheese,That my friends is gonna be an amazing lasagna. So in the oven it's going to go,for about 40 minutes / 45 minutes at 180 degrees Celsius (350 Fahrenheit),,and that will be a fine dinner for a bunch of fine people.,So let's cook it,So good! Oh come on! Come and have a look at this, so there you go it's,just cooked into the most beautiful thing, normally I would let this sit for,5-10 minutes just to let the pasta sort of relax and then you get a nicer little,slice, but I can't be bothered to wait, I'm too excited,Come on, you can do this,Yes, yes, yes,Phwoar,So we can sit here romanticizing and talking all day, or we get some knives,and forks and get stuck in. I like the ratio between the pasta and the ragu,The white sauce oozey, stringy, but full of flavour more,flavour than a normal white sauce give it a go,So guys what you waiting for,get the recipe, get shopping and get cooking, and enjoy a humble delicious,comforting lasagna go for it get stuck in.

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Gennaro’s Family Lasagne

Gennaro’s Family Lasagne

hi lovely people of foodtube I am on my,home and my garden and I'm gonna show,you how to make family lasagna so simple,everyone can make 80s delicious we will,feed the whole family I love it,first of all what we're gonna do we're,gonna make a white sauce all-russia melt,we're gonna use it under grams of,unsalted butter just back to this butter,lovely 88 or grams of a flour and cook,the flour little bits make sure they're,all melty nice because do you don't want,to get the taste of a flower come on,look all the ramps let's go fantastic,then you got 1 liter of milk inside keep,stir it make sure that all the lamps,everything is dissolved it just keeps,turret you need 100 gram of a Parmesan,cheese you can use other cheese as well,I like cheddar cheese as well I love it,actually then I'm all inside pinch of,salt,Pepa very very important because for me,peppers is as far as pies okay,nutmeg you need about Cordoba nutmeg,yeah look at that it's really give the,extra flavor now then you swap with a,whisk get whisking it how about 10,minutes maybe 11 or maybe 12 also check,your plate make sure it's not too high,make sure that'll stick underneath this,is why you stir them all the times the,white sauce is done you can see is,picking up them not making the function,given up fantastic Liv,let's have to put the lasagna together,now I have some lasagna sheet Fantastico,we need no ice ragu which I made this,one early on if you don't know how to,make ragu click it on the side that is,perfect - Raghu you can make it I just,started a little bit over the ragu sauce,right underneath now we start to put the,lasagna shitty we have to cut it because,that is too big then again you get a,fantastic of ragu make sure you cover,everywhere it is so important nice a,little bit of a bechamel or white sauce,everywhere,nice mozzarella use your ends Parmesan,cheese just create a nice parmesan,cheese how simple a this it's this it's,enough to feed all the family I can see,the other side they are waiting for this,lasagna come on let's beat him up cover,Raghu come on this is quick let's put,some mozzarella inside parmesans oh look,look at our beauty come on,I Spit a mozzarella everywhere parmesan,whoa few seconds maybe nice and Lavinia,file close it now you put them in the,oven temperature 182 35 to 45 minutes,this one is going to be cooked inside,this wood fire oven go,oh my mind the perfect family lasagna,let's serve it to the family who's angry,Harry comes Oh even the small one,yes so what did it first you wanted a,Coney one yes a little bit Farabi,okay,this is the family lasagna,do you subscribe it is free who's,enjoying it Alleluia this recipe was,adapted from my book Gennaro Italian,year it has lots more lovely dish for,you and your family to enjoy too let me,know what you think do you lovely people,and don't forget subscribe on my channel,and let's all enjoy a food Tube channel,I love you all back

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