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Gordon Ramsay's Soup Recipes | Part Onesoups can be light and delicate or rich,and gutsy they're ver

Gordon Ramsay

Updated on Jan 18,2023

Gordon Ramsay's Soup Recipes | Part One

soups can be light and delicate or rich,and gutsy they're versatile practical,and easy to make,and for my ultimate hearty lunch i'm,making one of my childhood favorites,roasted tomato soup,beautiful vine tomatoes the riper the,tomatoes the better the soup,take the core out get your thumb and,place it half a centimetre underneath,the tip of your knife place it in and,then just twist around that's the only,part of the tomato that we're not using,red onion,and garlic,red onion because it's sweeter than a,white onion,slice your onions and your garlic,nice and fine,traditionally be making it in a pot it's,so much better to start it off on top of,the stove searing the tomatoes and the,garlic when it goes in the oven,you actually roast the tomatoes and they,don't stew there's a big difference in,flavor,be quite generous with the olive oil it,makes the soup nice and glossy shiny,salt pepper and then a little teaspoon,of cayenne just gives it that heat but,it's not as fierce as chili,take your tomatoes and just slice them,in half,and then,a little touch of sugar that's gonna,help intensify the sweetness,a little sprinkle,of aged bottled vinegar it gives that,nice dark rich acidity,to the soup,into the oven 20 25 minutes,180. to make my soup even more,irresistible i'm going to make a punchy,sun-dried tomato pesto to drizzle over,the top,now i'm making this in a pestle and,mortar because you feel,so much more in control,and you're not depending on a blade,that's whizzing around at a thousand,miles an hour,next in a dry pan toast off some pine,nuts,toast them the absolute max and then in,smell in there is incredible,parmesan,lightly grate that,this is where it starts to become creamy,extra virgin olive oil,doesn't need salt because the parmesan,is going to season it for you,and just take a couple tablespoons of,the oil that the sun-dried tomatoes are,in really helps to make that stunning,pesto,i can smell those roasted tomatoes want,them out,wow,next pour in a little vegetable stock or,chicken stock so it sits halfway up the,tomatoes,put your spoon through those tomatoes,they break up instantly bring that up to,the bowl let it simmer for three or four,minutes,i want to make it a little bit more,creamy now,cream in,give that a little stir you can keep it,rustic and you get your masher in,and you've got that nice thick,rich,chunky tomato soup,or,get yourself a stick blender,blitzing it like that you delays the,bottom of the pan and you get all those,amazing flavors from the bottom,that's delicious,to make my lunch extra hearty i'm gonna,knock up a deliciously gutsy version of,cheese on toast to go with my tomato,soup,whilst we have it,an absolute classic i'm gonna make a,roux 50 grams of butter three nice,tablespoons of flour and that's all the,roux is basically traditionally you,would use flour butter,and milk,but in welsh rabbit the milk is often,cheekily substituted for a stiff slug of,stout,gives it that strong gutsy flavor,i want it nice and thick make sure those,lumps are out,a nice teaspoon of dijon mustard and,then season it,nice and spicy moisture sauce gives it,that delicious intriguing flavor now,that smells amazing,almost brings tears to your eyes,beautiful,now whilst rabbit wouldn't be a stunning,welsh rabbit without rich mature cheese,soap and a great,montgomery cheddar,goes well with the beer,and drop that in,really important to put this in while,the roux,is still nice and hot because the cheese,melts,now for the bread,i prefer a good rustic country loaf that,will stand up to my hardcore topping,i want that nice crisp,base to my welsh rabbit so toast it both,sides,spread that beautiful cheesy berry spicy,mixture,just great,got a blister,and bubble and gratinate,god,a little splash alien perry,and back under the grill for 90 seconds,in one delicious,creamy roasted tomato soup it's coming,back to me all those days i had off,school i used to purposely lie about,feeling ill just to get a bowl of my,mother's tomato soup,how bad was that,but my god it was worth it,oh,now,my welsh rabbit,look at those babies that just takes,cheese on toast to another level,wow,roasted creamy tomato soup with a,sun-dried tomato pesto served with the,most amazing delicious welsh rabbit,i feel like ringing in sick,all over southeast asia you find people,cooking and eating the huge bowls of,delicious noodle soups it's a very,simple dish but the variations you get,are extraordinary different meats,different fish and even different,dumplings but what i love most about,noodle soup is the fact there's a,complete meal carbs protein and,vegetables in one big bowl of happiness,for my ultimate southeast asian lunch,i'm showing you one of my favorites,spicy clam and noodle soup followed by,sweet morish banana and coconut fritters,for dessert,first up my dessert banana fritters take,your bananas,and to get them really nice and soft,just rub,the banana sip together flour and baking,powder,sugar into the flour,then add coconut for texture and a

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I can eat this vegetable soup every day! It's so delicious that everyone keeps asking for it!

I can eat this vegetable soup every day! It's so delicious that everyone keeps asking for it!

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Rich and Creamy Tomato Soup Recipe | SO Easy!

Rich and Creamy Tomato Soup Recipe | SO Easy!

hey i'm john cannell and today on preppy,kitchen we're making a rich and creamy,tomato soup so let's get started to make,this recipe you need two cans of whole,peeled tomatoes onion garlic olive oil a,little butter a dash of sugar some stock,or water cream salt and pepper basil and,any other herbs that you love first off,we're gonna do some prep work grab a,dutch oven or a big pot we're gonna make,a lot of soup so you don't want a little,tiny pot that's overflowing good tomato,soup has tons of flavor so to get that,started i'm chopping up one and a little,bit extra of yellow onion just give it,like a nice chop my twins lachlan and,george are,obsessed with tomato soup today we're,basically snowed in there's like black,ice on the road it is a wintry day this,is like the perfect thing to warm you up,on the inside and get all those cozy,vibes,my eyes,onion aside now it's time for six cloves,or more of garlic you can let me know in,the comments what you would be adding to,this recipe,i'm gonna give my garlic a good smash,kind of release the oils and also,release that papery skin,give it a good mince,everything's all chopped up now we're,going to melt some butter and olive oil,in our big pot let's go open that dutch,oven up we're adding two tablespoons of,butter right into the pot along with,three tablespoons of olive oil,let's set this over medium heat,as soon as the butter is melted we can,start adding in the onion and get to,cooking my butter is melted it smells,amazing already i'm going to add the,onion and get to stirring it needs to be,translucent and softened before we do,anything else okay,still be stirring occasionally for about,eight minutes and during this time the,onions sugars are breaking down and,you're getting a wonderful like depth of,flavor added to the soup,i'm not adding the garlic yet because of,course it would really get burnt crispy,and bitter if it was added along with,the onion the onion takes a long time,for those sugars to break down the,garlic cooks and burns like that while,that cooks i'm going to open up my two,cans of tomatoes tomato soup is,typically something you make during the,winter and,winter time is not when tomatoes are,best these tomatoes are canned at peak,freshness it's a little taste of summer,in the winter or fall or spring if you,were lucky enough to can your tomatoes,that you grew this summer,this is a great time to use them adding,the garlic,in here we want to stir constantly you,do not want to have any burnt garlic in,this tomato soup two things can make,your tomato soup bitter,one would be burning the garlic and the,other one is doing something,with your olive oil i'll talk about that,later but this can ruin everything it's,so crazy cook the garlic for about five,minutes while stirring pretty regularly,you want this to be very aromatic,without burning it,just about five minutes later we're,ready to add the tomatoes in carefully,so they don't splatter on you,there's a lot of delicious juice in here,we will not waste this stir that in,the liquid we add to this soup could be,so many different things it could be,water if you want just plain it could be,chicken stock i'm using veggie stock,today there we go all the tomato flavors,out right now i'm going to add the,remaining stock which would be three,cups in total so i added like third of a,cup already,there we go i'm also gonna add a,tablespoon of sugar you could add a,little bit more if you wanted to the,sugar works with the tomatoes and makes,some magic happen a lot of the times,when you've gone to a restaurant and had,like mind-blowing tomato soup they added,a little extra sugar a little extra salt,a little extra cream i'm also adding,some black pepper,it's kind of to taste but you know,at least a quarter of a teaspoon we're,gonna bring this to a boil and then let,it simmer for about half an hour it's,gonna reduce the liquid and it just,intensify all of the flavors,then we'll talk about the consistency,and mixing and what could go wrong i am,also adding a generous pinch of salt,right now we'll add more to taste later,it's always better to add salt towards,the beginning of a recipe as opposed to,the end it gives it more time to work,its way all the way through and not just,be like a superficial taste on a couple,things once this comes to a boil we're,gonna reduce to a simmer and let that,hang out for half an hour we're adding,some fresh basil to this at the very end,but you can definitely add some of your,favorite spices to this too i'm adding a,pinch of dried thyme,a little bit of oregano you could add,any of your favorites to this and it,will be delicious or leave it plain up,to you and stir that in,now it'll simmer and infuse and just be,a little bit more delicious okay my soup,reduced all those flavors really melded,together and i tasted it and it's,delicious already we're not even done,yet the one thing is there's a lot of,texture on the soup so you have a couple,options you could use a potato ricer or,masher an

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6 Pro Chefs Make Their Favorite 5-Ingredient Soup | Test Kitchen Talks | Bon Appétit

6 Pro Chefs Make Their Favorite 5-Ingredient Soup | Test Kitchen Talks | Bon Appétit

today we're in the test kitchen making,five ingredient soups it's a perfect,food soup oh it's like a hug in a bowl,five ingredients are more than enough to,make a satisfying soup but the trick is,to make strategic choices each one needs,to really bring something compelling to,the table looking so spicy and hot and,delicious I can't wait to dig in,my five ingredient soup is clam chowder,reason being clams shellfish of all,types have tons of flavor so as far as,ingredients go it's one that brings a,lot to the table very very quickly and I,think it's one of those soups that's,like a very simple fast cooking amalgam,right of like just a few core,ingredients so I'm just getting the heat,in there I'm just starting with a splash,of water just so none of the clams kind,of singe against the bottom of the pot,I'm just gonna cook them until they,start to open and I'm going to pull them,out as they open,they're gonna cook further in the,Chowder so like there's not really a,danger of you under cooking them,necessarily if that makes sense you know,different clams take different amounts,of time to open shellfish much like,using a uh mandolin don't get greedy you,know if one is taken just a little too,long to open all the other ones are done,give it a minute after that minute you,know what,don't bother it's just not worth it so,this one you know is like mostly open,this one like what are you up to buddy,you're not the biggest clam in the bunch,we were just gonna say this one,isn't going to make it,clams are done I'm gonna pick the meat,out of the shell discard the shells and,I'm gonna pour the liquid through a,strainer just to reserve one thing that,clams do not have is fat right this is,slab bacon part of why I use lab bacon,for this is you can really control the,cut on it pre-sliced bacon is almost,always too thin slab bacon tends to be a,good bit drier easier to slice and we,have these nice thin lardon shapes which,are going to retain some of their chew,and bounciness in the Chowder I need to,give the bacon a bit of a head start in,terms of rendering before I put my,onions in the Bacon's really giving me a,head start on Flavor here so starting to,get some Browning lowering the Heat and,just going to let it sweat out render a,little bit more gently just because I,don't want it to create,super dark Fawn that's going to be,picked up by the clam liquid and water,and cream and turn it into like brown,clam chowder this is the strained clam,juice doesn't look quite like water I,mean obviously like it doesn't really,have any viscosity it's just slightly,opalescent,it's clammy it's salty I'd say we're,pretty good here like it's golden and,it's somewhat crisp but there's still a,little bit of texture still a little bit,of chewiness to the lean and the fat,onion,taking off just a few tablespoons of the,Bacon Fat I can always introduce it,later and now I'm going to sweat out The,Onion I don't want it to Brown really,it's probably going to pick up a little,bit of that fond just get it soft Yukon,Gold potato gonna throw some water in,there we're gonna simmer the potato,until it's tender I'm just going to get,the heat up a little bit,little cake tester slide right through,that's beautiful reintroduce the clams,reintroduce the clam liquid give a big,splash of heavy cream a grind of black,pepper,just looking at the consistency also,bacon can go in and we can reserve some,bacon for topping the bowl I haven't,added any salt to this whatsoever,I could use a pinch,so just want to boost the heat a little,bit make sure that kind of simmers,flavors meld okay I'm gonna take this to,the Bowl one of the things I also really,like about Yukon Gold is if you're,looking to thicken the Chowder but you,don't necessarily want it to taste,creamier you can Mash just a few pieces,of the potato and just kind of stir it,in and adjust the consistency that way,and this is where a little extra bacon,really does wonders,crack black pepper boom done five,ingredient clam chowder,for something that's like clams potato,cream bacon Etc it's like surprisingly,light,it's very satisfying bacon so clutch,cream so clutch honestly that is like,full-on delicious we work within the,constraints and I think we we nailed it,my soup is a kimchi chicken which is,kimchi stew so it's something I grew up,having all the time the version that I'm,making today is a nice kind of blueprint,from which you can really go off and use,you know whatever meats or proteins that,you have what would I do without the,scallion honestly I've said this in,every episode my favorite allium it is,so versatile separate greens from whites,and you could just keep it chunky the,whites were going to just chop our mints,and that will serve as the aromatic base,this is just your standard Little Pork,Chop that you can find in any,Supermarket I prefer it with the bone in,you can even use a little bit of ground,pork if you don't have little pork chops,or pork tenderloins cut around the bone,and it's okay if you ha

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French Onion Soup | Basics with Babish

French Onion Soup | Basics with Babish

basics with babish and my website basics,with babish comm or brought to you by,Squarespace head there now to check out,all the recipes from the show kitchen,equipment lists and more get 10% off,your first Squarespace order by visiting, slash babish from,websites and online stores to marketing,tools and analytics Squarespace is the,all-in-one platform to build a beautiful,online presence and run your business,okay so as you may have imagined French,onion soup requires a large sum of,onions I have here three pounds of,Spanish onions which should be enough to,yield about four servings of soup to,prep them we're gonna start by cutting,them in half pull the poll meaning root,to tip then slicing off the roots and,the tip and then we're going to remove,this part the basal plate or stem as it,can be a little bit tougher than the,rest of the onion once we got that out,we're going to begin thinly slicing,these onions pole to pole which is sort,of like cutting with the grain of the,onion which is gonna give our slices,more structural integrity so they can,survive the low and slow cook then we're,just gonna rinse and repeat with the,rest of our onions make sure that your,knife is nice and sharp or bust out your,favorite swimming goggles because,otherwise you're gonna cry like you're,watching your favorite Pixar movie for,the fourth time now on to the stock,ideally we want to use homemade beef,broth but if you don't happen to have,any there are some steps we can take to,soup up the store bought version did you,hear what I did there I've got six cups,of high-quality store-bought beef broth,to which I'm going to add some aromatics,all the usual stock suspects some fresh,parsley a few sliced carrots some fresh,thyme sprigs a handful of halved garlic,cloves two dried bay leaves a sprinkle,of peppercorns and a clove or two of,cloves in order to place this guy on the,back burner and let it simmer for about,an hour just enough time to caramelize,our onions and do a large heavy Dutch,oven we're gonna drizzle a couple,tablespoons of olive oil let it heat up,for about a minute and then dump in our,onion slices it's gonna look like way,too many but do not worry these will,cook down significantly and now begins,the process of slowly caramelizing the,onions over medium heat keeping them,moving pretty constantly scraping down,the sides of the pot no adding sugar no,shortcuts just good old-fashioned,caramelization now at this point we're,gonna remember that we have a perfectly,good Parmesan cheese rind in the fridge,which is going,play real nice with our beef stock you,know that your onions are ready to go,when they are soft and jammy and,fragrant and they have left a beautiful,deep golden-brown sticky fond on the,bottom of your pot now we're just gonna,add about two tablespoons of flour to,the mix this is gonna add some body to,our soup down the line cook that for one,to two minutes before it's time to,deglaze I'm gonna start with one cup of,dry sherry which I'm gonna use to scrape,up all that good stuff off the bottom of,the pot once the alcohol is cooked off,it's time to add our strained broth to,the party then we're just gonna let this,guy simmer for five to ten minutes to,let the flavors get to know each other,before adding some optional umami,boosters I like to add a little splash,each of fish sauce and soy sauce which,is not gonna make this taste fishy or,soy Yee but rather only serve to deepen,our rich meaty flavors and there you,have it a delicious French onion soup,but French onion soup is just not French,onion soup without a whole bunch of,bread and cheese melted over top so for,our Clutton we're cutting up some nice,thick slices of day-old French baguette,which we are going to toast additionally,we're going to hit them with a generous,drizzling of olive oil and of course a,generous sprinkling of kosher salt and,freshly ground pepper go ahead and toast,these at a 40 degree fahrenheit oven for,an up 5 minutes until they're tested you,know like toast then for one last big,old boost of flavor we're going to slice,a clove of garlic in half and give these,guys a little garlic rubdown this is,just going to inform the taste buds of,garlic without overwhelming the delicate,flavors we've worked so hard to,cultivate in our soup one last,opportunity to check for seasoning,kosher salt and freshly ground black,pepper as necessary and then we're gonna,simply ladle this stuff into some,broiler safe crocks fill us at the,bottom rim and then I'm going to hit it,with a layer of shredded Gruyere cheese,then a pair of our baguette toasts and,then a whole lot more cheese as much as,you can fit out there,then this guy's headed under a preheated,broiler for 3 to 5 minutes until golden,brown and bubbly the final garnish of,chives adds a little bit of flavor and,some much-needed color contrast and then,it's time to dig in and annihilate the,roofs of our mouths blow on it all you,like and II ain't gonna help ya you are,about to lose y

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Easy Vegetable Soup Recipe | Beyond Easy!

Easy Vegetable Soup Recipe | Beyond Easy!

hey i'm john cannell and today on preppy,kitchen we're making an easy delicious,vegetable soup so let's get started,first off gather all your veggies we're,gonna grab a big pot out of here out of,here i'm using a dutch oven today but,like any large pot will do really well,we have some chopping to do first if you,are short on time,you can go to the supermarket and buy,mirepoix it comes in like little,canisters or little containers and,that's the totals time that is a total,time saver i'm going to give my onion a,nice chop smaller bite-sized pieces one,thing i want to say about this recipe it,is so,forgiving this is like one of those,classic recipes where you go into your,fridge see what's available and you just,put it in your soup so today i'm using,some veggies but i'm going to give you a,ton of substitutions and i want you to,feel free to just explore and play with,some flavors on your own as well you can,let me know in the comments if you have,a favorite combination of veggies in,your soup i love a lot of garlic in my,soup i want six garlic cloves at least,and i do want to say use fresh garlic,and i always peel it myself buy your own,garlic don't get it in those cans or,containers it has a very different taste,in my opinion,give them a smash that helps you release,some of the oils and the garlic give,that a good chop a little mincing,so i grew up with soup in the house it's,like the snack that i love having just,to like grab a bowl warm some up and,veggie soup is one of the favorites that,we'd have in our household celery's,gonna add a ton of flavor to this,however a lot of you have texture issues,with celery and the stringiness of it,it's gonna get cooked down but if it,bothers you just chop it extra fine so,it's really gonna melt away into the,soup you're not gonna have like some,weird celery moments in the summer we,grow celery in our garden and it's very,interesting it takes a lot of water to,get it to have any kind of,characteristic like this where it's just,big and poofy if you grow them like a,normal veggie and just water them,sparingly they're super stringy and,fibrous three carrots these look nice i,might just run them under a bit of water,no need to peel them larger pieces are,going to get halved or even quartered,and the rest of them will just get cut,into beautiful little carrot moons don't,go too thin on the carrots i like to,have some texture in my soup and they,will just like totally melt if they're,too thin that is more than enough prep,work for now into our pot i'm going to,add about three tablespoons of olive oil,i want this to be nice and hot before i,add my onions you know it's ready once,it's dancing in the pan my oil is nice,and hot grab my onion,that's the sound i want to hear i also,want a big wooden spoon so let's stir,that up,this is on medium high heat and i really,just want to see this onion become,translucent and begin to brown a bit,it's going to be about 10 minutes of,occasional stirring so in the meantime,peel those potatoes you have more prep,work to do you can use a lot of,different types of potatoes for this,just steer clear of rusted potatoes,they're a little bit powdery russet,potatoes are great for making mashed,potatoes if you only use some of those,russet potatoes and yukon gold together,for a good mashed potato these potatoes,have a thin skin so honestly you don't,even have to peel them but brian is not,a fan propane is very hot so did not,need anywhere close to 10 minutes for,this vegetable soup is one of those,things that's just so comforting and,cozy but it fills you up it's warming,and it doesn't make you feel like too,full or like you have to take a nap it's,just like you're ready to go and take on,the day and if you have your own take on,vegetables so if you let me know because,i'm all ears adding cream is super,popular you can add cheese to this as,well but we're doing a classic veggie,soup today,all right i'm adding in my carrots right,now because this soup is coming along,also the celery little stirring,also the garlic all these flavors are,going right in here we're going to stir,this for about five minutes stirring,occasionally just don't let the garlic,burn if it looks like things are burning,turn the heat down but you could have,some like caramelized delicious moments,in here and just adds more flavor now i,can get back to my potatoes i'm giving,them like a nice chop for little,bite-sized pieces i don't want a giant,mouthful of one vegetable i want a,combination of many things happening,whenever you make soups you don't want,to be standing around with nothing to do,so just stage the prep workout like if,you wanted to be maximum efficiency chop,the onions up first while the oil heats,up pop those in there and then stir,occasionally chop up everything else for,the mirepoix meaning the garlic the,carrots and the celery then while that's,in here make the potatoes all nice and,chopped up this soup is begging you,begging you for some herbs so at least,add som

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Creamy Chicken Soup with Vegetables | Hearty & Nutritious Fall Recipes

Creamy Chicken Soup with Vegetables | Hearty & Nutritious Fall Recipes

hi lovelies we are celebrating the,arrival of soup season with some of my,all-time favorite soup recipes and when,it comes to comfort food today's recipe,is the very best it's my absolutely,amazing creamy chicken and vegetable,soup and it's full of good for you,ingredients that your entire family will,love,now i don't know about you guys but in,my house cold season has arrived with a,vengeance my kids have been sick,basically constantly since september so,this soup has been on heavy rotation,because it's really really comforting if,you're not feeling well,the best part is it's actually really,really easy to make and you can do all,of your prep during your sunday meal,prep so come monday or tuesday night you,can just throw it all in a pot and it's,ready in less than 30 minutes what is,not to love,now of course this soup like most of my,soups all starts with a nice big soup,pot heating up on the stove if you don't,have a nice big soup pot like this i,highly recommend asking santa for one,it's one of those kitchen tools i simply,could not be without you should also,keep in mind that while you can get,these very expensive versions there's,also much more affordable ones for,example this one i think was less than,fifty dollars i'll link a couple options,in the description box below if you're,interested in picking one up yourself,so to my pot i'm gonna start by adding,some butter so i've got this heating up,over medium-high heat and i'm just going,to let that butter melt down,you don't want to use butter in this,recipe it's totally fine a little olive,oil or some vegetable or canola oil will,totally work here but you guys know how,i feel about butter right,butter makes everything better,come on especially when you're not,feeling well you got to have the butter,just as soon as that butter is melted,i'm going to get in here with some onion,some celery and some carrots all classic,soup ingredients and i just want to let,those cook away for maybe three or four,minutes just until they start to soften,up and you'll notice that celery turns,nice and bright green,in addition to all the sickness we've,been battling in my house my sweet baby,cold just turned eight months old and,he's cutting all four of his top front,teeth right now,so there's been a lot going on we're a,little sleep deprived and i like to,think that this soup is extra comforting,for him too oh yes he loves this soup as,well,all right just as soon as your veggies,are nice and soft like mine are here,we're gonna go ahead and add some garlic,to this and with my garlic guys i am not,holding back i've got two,big cloves headed in here when you're,talking about cold fighting soups you,definitely want to add as much garlic as,you can tolerate,also it smells amazing in the pot,we're just gonna let that garlic get,nice and hot and bothered for another 30,seconds or so before we go ahead and add,some flour to this,i'm using flour in this recipe to give,me a nice rich and creamy texture but,what i want to do first is sort of cook,off that floury flavor so i'm just going,to let my flour cook up stirring it,constantly for another minute or so,then i'm gonna go ahead and add some,potatoes to my pot adding potatoes to,this soup makes it a lot more filling,and hearty you know sometimes you have a,bowl of soup and then you're hungry just,an hour or two later the potatoes really,help to sort of fill you up same thing,with the chicken and the extra veggies,that go in here,so i've got two large potatoes cut into,a nice small dice and i'm also going to,be adding my broth at this point so i,like using low-sodium chicken broth in,this recipe but it's really up to you,whatever kind of broth you like you,could also do this with vegetable broth,if you wanted to totally up to you,depending on what you have on hand,i'm also gonna go ahead and add my,chicken to the pot so i'm using some,boneless skinless chicken thighs here,and i'm actually going to be adding them,whole and then what i'll do is let them,cook completely take them out and chop,them,if you wanted to do this with chicken,breasts you totally could or if you had,leftover cooked chicken you absolutely,have the option to add that in here as,well,when it comes to seasoning this soup you,really have the option to use any sort,of dried herbs you want here but i like,keeping things simple and classic with,just a nice sprig of fresh thyme i find,you get really really gorgeous flavor,that way,and at this point i'm just gonna pop a,lid on my pot and bring this mixture to,a boil,just as soon as it's reached a boil you,can reduce your heat to medium and let,this cook away for maybe 10 or 15,minutes that's really all it takes for,those potatoes to get nice and tender,and that chicken to be fully cooked,through,all right friends it's been about 15,minutes and you can see lots of yummy,things are happening here our chicken is,fully cooked and so are those potatoes,so now it's time to get our chicken out,of the pot and we're gonna give it

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French Onion Soup - You Suck at Cooking (episode 152)

French Onion Soup - You Suck at Cooking (episode 152)

french onion soup also known as frenyan,soup is a soup from France where the,main delicious ingredient is cheese,we're going to start by chopping up and,off-putting amount of onions you want to,cut them around a quarter of an inch,thick if you're in France using the,metric system you'd cut it at,.000635 kilometers thick keep your cell,phone nearby so if one of your buddies,walks into the kitchen and sees you,crying you can grab it and say I'll do,anything if you just take me back that,way they won't think the compounds and,the onions are causing your lacrimal,glands to become irritated like a,weakling you'll need around two pounds,of onions which is this much onion for,scale now don't throw out that perfectly,good onion paper instead whip up a batch,of paper mache paste and make a,beautiful onion skin Bowl I also went,back and made the Cook transparent,version of the paste and I have to say,this one's also going in the garbage now,we're going to caramelize the onions,which is a long slow painful necessary,process of turning the onions and of,worms we'll start by adding butter to,the pot in France you're legally,obligated to use at least two,tablespoons of butter anytime you turn,on an appliance we'll also add a,tablespoon of olive oil for fat,diversity our heat is on medium low and,we're going to be careful not to crowd,our pot with too many onions so they,don't steam which will cause it to take,way longer to cook but this is the pot I,have so I'm going to crowd the onions,and we're just gonna see what happens,two pots we're gonna let these cook,covered and Wang jangle them every five,or six minutes this very slow process is,how you draw out that delicious caramel,flavor along with this half teaspoon of,sugar which will Wang jangle in time and,patience is how you end up with one of,the most iconic French Foods oh your,iconic too croissant oh yeah your iconic,too baguette oh yeah you're iconic too,croak miss you now we're gonna separate,a couple tablespoons of thyme leaves one,thing you can do is hold the top of the,thyme branch and strip downward to get,the leaves off this doesn't work if you,go in the other direction if there's,some flimsy bits in there that's okay,just keep your flimsy bits out of it for,once another thing you can do is feed it,through a small hole and then pull it,through but one thing you want to avoid,is saying something like wow this soup,sure does take a lot of time if you're,not mentally and physically prepared to,be a father meanwhile things are just,humming along at the old onion reduction,facility here although that's a pretty,vigorous bubbling so I'm I'm going to,turn that down even more and that's a,lot of liquid so I'm leaving the top off,a lot we'll also get preparing the,gruyere in by dismantling it into shred,shapes and we're getting into some real,onion color acceleration now that's,progress people now we're going to,forage for some old crusty bread the,crustier the better this is perfect now,we'll further crustify it by slicing it,up and throwing it on a pan then into,the undo at gundos on broil for a couple,of minutes then a little flipsy Doodle,and back in then our crust circles are,complete the onions are usually cooked,until they're very dark but some chefs,say the Deep flavors develop long before,the darkness I say I'm hungry and these,are turning into mush so here comes the,vermouth you can also use Sherry or wine,or even some kinds of vinegar this helps,deglaze but also saves time since you're,eating soup while having to drink,simultaneously while the original recipe,calls for your onion chopping tears as,the broth we're going to go ahead and,use beef broth for this one and just,pour that in and now we'll add in that,Thyme and salt and pepper pepper pepper,to taste and now you just cook it until,it tastes amazing maybe 40 minutes maybe,just taste it to trace the origin of,french onion soup we must First Look,Back to the days of the French raw onion,sandwich during the bread shortage of,1726 water was added to make the,sandwich taste more full one night,Alexandra to say left his watery onion,sandwich on the radiator and fell asleep,for the night when he awoke much to his,astonishment his wife let him know she,was divorcing him for leaving his,sandwiches all around the apartment in,that same century French onion soup,became popular in cafes around Paris now,we'll spoon that soup into the special,bowls with the built-in handle that are,about to collect dust for years because,you'll never make this again put in some,floating crust discs drown that with,shredded gruyere then back into broil,for a couple minutes until that cheese,is boiling and there we have our,delicious French onion soup I crowded,the pot the onions fell apart they,didn't get dark enough it's still tastes,incredible for real but I encourage any,french chefs to let me know what I did,wrong in the comments and I equally,encourage any non-chefs pretending to be,chefs to also speak up so that it will,dilut

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