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Favorite D.C. Restaurants | Date Night in Washington D.C.|La Vie DC Reviewwhat's up emma's nation it

Maiah and Shawn

Updated on Jan 19,2023

Favorite D.C. Restaurants | Date Night in Washington D.C.|La Vie DC Review

what's up emma's nation it's your girl,my channel,you already know what time it is your,boy sean oh uh chanel sponsoring me,because,guess what time it is,it's dinner time baby we about to go eat,something something good something,really good good good so we in the,bathroom because the lighting is best,here okay gotta get that good good,lighting and we are going to meet my,best friend and her boyfriend for dinner,it's a little couple of days,but um outfit check let me show y'all,shawn's outfit first hold on excuse the,the toilet and everything but yeah y'all,know just kind of like some like i would,say this more like watch the throne,you know kanye vibes you know before he,became yay,uh but y'all kept the simple you know,kept simple white short sleeve,pants,boots it said there's no dress code so,hopefully i don't get turned around,because i don't need that but let's see,what mike got because yeah i don't have,my shoes on yet yeah but this is,the main attraction and then the shoes,will come on when we get to the,restaurant okay,okay,yes,okay,okay,okay,okay okay,we are going to see y'all at the,restaurant,all right y'all it literally just took,us an hour,to find parking,um,i had to take my shoes off,so that i could get over to this,restaurant because reservation was at 7,15.,yeah yeah let me tell you something this,is probably the most frustrating thing,ever,because it's like,you you have to park your car,yes all the all the street parking gone,all the garages are full and let me tell,y'all something,i don't know if it's just me but live in,the north,people can't drive,like,i just don't feel like people can drive,like that because,everywhere we've been,it's like,people be dogging everybody hit somebody,bro,i'm sitting here trying to get out,i ain't heard that and yes in a minute a,minute,where's my dog at,yeah y'all bro like,man this thing annoying bro,all right y'all so me and shawn,we add love thee it's real cute out here,we on the water,and there goes chemise and devlin,okay,and we got some appetizers this is,like fried calamari fried shrimp and,other stuff i think and then this is,grilled octopus might not be getting,into that,but i'm sure we'll get into this,so,we are going to,um,show y'all what we got as our entrees,and sides and then,we'll give y'all like a full review of i,love you okay,honest real truth,hey man look,it looks good i'm about to punch down,wait you try this,i say look good i'm about to bust down,what you talking about oh,here is the lamb chops,brussels,sprouts risotto yo y'all see that lump,crab me right there,tell me no lops to me sorry i'm not,ghetto uh y'all see that lobster crab me,y'all see that lobster right there y'all,you see that big old trunk,look at that y'all see the presentation,presentation is everything when you're,eating,you want to dine but you also want to be,entertained and i think we're getting,both at the same time,so,baby what do you want to do do you want,to we are going to eat and then we're,going to give y'all a review in the car,or at the or at the hotel you might have,to light him in yeah we're going to do,it at the hotel where we actually got a,little bit of light that way you know,y'all can see it right you know,y'all know what it is but look let us,you know let's dig into this we're going,to let y'all know how we uh how we did,and we're gonna let you know what we,liked and what we did not like hopefully,you like everything,all right y'all so we are ending tonight,giving y'all our honest and true review,of lovey okay so,i had we had the lamb chops and the,lobster risotto and the brussels sprouts,and the um caesar salad yes and,honestly everything was great no,everything was like everything was,really really good it was lamb,look chops,she told me that when she said that,everybody be coming there for the lamb,chops,she wasn't playing she wasn't playing,and that risotto was lit oh we also had,a little appetizer too like the seafood,yeah it was like it was like shrimp and,calamari mixed together fried shrimp,product yeah it was good yeah it was,really really good and the brussels,sprouts were great they had like a hint,of honey on them,oh it was delicious,like i really was like happy with those,brussels sprouts the way they came out,now i will tell you all this the food is,amazing the price wasn't,so,i'm just um you know i'm just gonna i'm,just gonna let y'all know right now the,price uh you know you you can't go there,every weekend no it's not a regular not,even every month,yeah no it's not someone you go all the,time but i definitely would recommend it,if you are you know pulling a dceo go to,la vie,or lobby however they want to say it the,vibe is crazy the atmosphere is good the,food is good they give you they give you,a good amount on top of that yo look let,me tell you something,they put a lot light onto my whole,pieces of lobster in there it was good,like it was like and i'm talking about,it was it was good because usually you,know when you go to like rest

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Top 10 Best Restaurants to Visit in Washington, D.C. | USA - English

Top 10 Best Restaurants to Visit in Washington, D.C. | USA - English

number one,the dabney housed inside a former row,house in shaw,this romantic dining destination will,make you feel like you have walked into,an upscale farmhouse thanks to the,wood-burning hearth,open kitchen and exposed historic brick,walls,chef jeremiah langhorne has focused his,menu around sourcing ingredients from,mid-atlantic farms,and purveyors and even growing some,on-site on their patio,and rooftop garden number two,rose's luxury named for chef aaron,silverman's paternal grandmother,and his desire to provide a warm casual,and hospitable environment for guests,this venue regularly had long waits when,its doors opened for dinner seating,but now the venue offers same-day,reservations to cut down on times,the tapas menu is eclectic and features,small and family style dishes,number 3. comey,this modern greek restaurant is a,foodie's dream come true,a set multi-course tasting dinner begins,with small,light dishes and moves toward pasta,entrees and desserts,since there are no printed menus you are,told of the meal as it is presented to,you,many will add on a wine pairing to the,experience,with minimal decor the focus goes to the,food which is extraordinary,number 4. biola mare,with gorgeous views of the potomac river,and a seafood market counter to evoke a,mediterranean feel,this restaurant cannot be missed opened,in early 2014,this is the third restaurant chef fabio,turbaki has opened in the district,and it continues to be a must-go,destination for foodies,menus change daily based on fresh,ingredient availability,so be sure to check out their website,before you make a reservation,number five plume at the jefferson hotel,nestled inside the outstanding jefferson,hotel is the equally amazing restaurant,plume,traditional dishes are created using,seasonal ingredients that thomas,jefferson,would have grown on his monticello,estate the menu is small but huge on,tasty options like lacquered veal breast,bison strip loin and diver sea scallops,there is a full dessert menu complete,with coffee and tea options,number six fiola,opened in 2011 this much buzzed about,restaurant is chef fabio trebaki's first,in dc,with a modern upscale vibe this venue,changes menus every day to reflect the,freshest ingredients available for its,regional,and contemporary italian cuisine the,menu includes selections of pasta,meat fish and salads if you and yours,are having dinner in the main dining,room,guests may create their own tasting menu,featuring four or five dishes,number 7. blue duck tavern,you'll find this american fair,restaurant tucked inside the park hyatt,washington dc soft lighting,an open kitchen and unique handcrafted,wood furnishings throughout give the,restaurant a warm,contemporary feel american fare is,prepared through roasting braising,preserving and smoking the tavern has,menus for breakfast,jumbo lump maryland crab cake with,scrambled egg whites,brunch lunch suckling pig sandwich,dinner,raised beef rib dessert and wine,number eight recica,with two locations in the district this,restaurant puts a modern twist on indian,cuisine featuring small plates yet big,taste,start off with a dish made off a tawa,griddle like scallops raisin,or ragda patties or head straight to,their sigri,open barbecue menu including selections,of mango shrimp and spicy rashmi kebab,the entrees list will have you wishing,for a bigger stomach with choices like,tandoori chicken tikka,and grouper kerala curry number nine,le diplomate for a taste of france right,here in washington dc,head to this bistro which offers an,incredible comfort food menu for brunch,a premier and dinner brunch options,include breakfast favorites like steak,and eggs and spinach omelet,and entree choices including lamb,sandwich and trout almondine,dinner offers succulent hors d'oeuvres,tasty entrees,and a full wine and dessert menu try to,grab a seat outside to enjoy,conversations with friends and people,watch,number 10. thip cow,with a passion to share her lao culture,and food with the masses,chefs and luingrath opened up this,restaurant in the columbia heights,neighborhood,in early 2015. lao food is known for its,heat so be sure to check out the let's,go to the jungle,menu which showcases meals with,ingredients including chili,and sriracha sauce for those whose taste,buds prefer tame or fair,this menu offers patrons the option to,chose their spice level,i hope you found some of these top 10,places interesting,and have time to see some of them during,your next trip,don't forget to tell us about the places,you visit in comment section,do like our video and also share it with,your family and friends,and don't forget to subscribe our,channel for more videos like this

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hey guys hey guys welcome to our channel,my name is philamon and i'm michele and,today is a very special day today is our,five year it's our anniversary,anniversary five years it felt like ten,years,but it's really been only five years,five lovely lovely years five years one,child one house,one car two jobs two jobs my man got two,jobs,yeah i knew something black yeah,um okay,so so,we are spending the weekend to,staycation in our backyard washington dc,um two nights,at the wharf where are we at,intercontinental intercontinental,that's what it's called intercontinental,yeah,somewhere here i don't know,intercontinental let's give it a second,yep yep that's it intercontinental if,you know you know what that means uh so,yeah two nights we dropped off the,little one at her,grandparents so not my parents,michelle's parents,and next time we'll drop a little one,off at my parents we got options we have,to share you know uh so that way one,doesn't feel like oh no they don't want,to have her spend the night at our place,that just means we have to do more,vacations more staycations yes for sure,okay you know if the coin is right,that's fine i'll get it,hey,dosh,no don't do those i lost money,anyway,so tonight i made us dinner reservations,yes we did at a restaurant on the wharf,that we haven't yet to try it's called,naraya and it's a japanese restaurant,yes i hope i'm pronouncing it a japanese,steakhouse restaurant like japanese no i,feel like it's more like sushi sushi,okay i don't know i guess we'll find out,and you guys will see with us all right,so without further ado,naranja,see ya guys other narayana,nayaraya,narayana narayana yacht,restaurant,all right guys we are back from now yeah,yeah,yeah,dinner was delicious as always that bill,was high very high expected,you know five years you had to do it,expected we ended up having a dessert,called something,matcha masoo it was a spin on tiramisu,but instead of like the coffee it was,green tea matcha yeah oh whatever that,is again,it was good,it was good,the top layer was a little weird it was,like powdered matcha but everything,under like the cream and the ladyfingers,and stuff was really good i would get it,again,um,our meals i thought was good we started,with two different sushi rolls so we had,the,shrimp shrimp tempura then we had the,something the business time which was,king crab yeah it was both were good the,king crab one was deep fried so it was a,hot sushi roll yeah yeah and then the,shrimp tempura was regular um it was,kind of weird a little bit well not it,was different,typically sushi is like a standard size,circles these were like they were huge,onion ring size yeah because,you couldn't be cute eating it like i,felt like i had to take two bites,minimum for each and it kept breaking it,apart very easily,it was cute aesthetically but it wasn't,really,phil what did you get for your meal,uh for my meal great question i had the,duck,and foie gras,am i saying you're right liver,yeah frog we found out it was i mean it,was like fat and stuck but they fattened,the ducks,to get their livers i guess,tasty i don't know i had the chilean sea,bass but i actually liked phil's,mail better than mine i like hers better,than mine i like seafood in general,so next time we'll swap yeah we'll swap,i mean we shared so i wonder so,chilean sea bass,other other type of sea basses,anyway dinner was great i think we're,off to a great start to celebrating our,five year anniversary the show for sure,the bill came in a very cute little,container thing that i'm sure is,some type of traditional japanese,probably i thought it was a scroll but,it wasn't,it wasn't a scroll it distracted us for,a moment but then when we pulled the,bill out yeah i was not distracted,not at all it's very high bill it's okay,it's it's it's all right,it's all right,um food was great i don't regret,sometimes you know you'll,continue sometimes you know you'll spend,money on food and then you feel bad,after it because the food is just like,yeah this was good this was good food so,even when the bill came i was like,okay that's fine it was a great meal,like i don't regret going at all so,um,we did,plan on going out after i don't know if,we and we are,it's now,what time is it,almost eight o'clock,um it wow seven 7 59.,we will go out cause,we'll take a nap,and then maybe go out tomorrow morning,no no no for breakfast not for like an,hour,two hours because the night is young,but we're not,oh man,you know we have such high expectations,but,i think rest is the number one,priority,um but you never know i might surprise,you you might go out,i don't know what's happening but let's,be honest yeah we're with you though i'm,tired as well i'm sorry we can just,watch some tv and go to bed by 8 30 and,then get up tomorrow at 8 o'clock,because we are morning birds now,we can walk out,okay i don't work out on vacation i told,you that already,also i don't work out anymore it's not,period so okay not gonna happen not,gonna happen but

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My Boyfriend Rates my Summer Outfits, Washington DC Favorites, & 20-Course Anniversary Dinner

My Boyfriend Rates my Summer Outfits, Washington DC Favorites, & 20-Course Anniversary Dinner

hi guys my name is peyton starting if,you're new here and if you're a,returning subscriber you know i already,love you,so today i'm back for another day in my,life i'm,still in washington dc but today joe has,an off day my boyfriend joe plays,baseball here and he never has an update,literally ever during the season,so we're taking advantage of today this,video is in partnership with princess,polly so i'm going to have joe rate my,outfits in a second we're going to,choose what i wear today,you'll really like this video when i did,it like this concept last time so we're,gonna do it again,and joe's gonna be the star of the show,like he loves to be so this morning we,just woke up,like very leisurely it's actually like 1,00 pm right now,we're gonna go to lunch and we're gonna,go shopping today and then later tonight,we're gonna go to a,restaurant that i've been trying to go,to for so long it's this amazing sushi,restaurant here in dc so we'll take you,along obviously,so let's get into joe writing my outfits,okay so we're going to do a princess,polly clothing haul,i do want to note that princess polly,offers free express shipping on us,orders over fifty dollars it's a two day,shipping princess poly also has after,pay for u.s customers,and my discount code xx payton,all caps is gonna get you 20 off site,wise i always use my discount code i,actually,use it way too much i make all my,friends use it,all right wow okay,keep that in mind at least take this,string off your shirt jeez i can't take,you anywhere,gosh all right ah,i'm gonna need you to exercise your,personality,okay what are you doing me i'm hungry,you need to grow the personality within,the ramifications and i'm going to allow,you to have one,so i want you to keep in mind we are,going to lunch and to go shopping that's,where this outfit is for,yeah that's what the outfit we're,choosing is,well i'm looking directly at it you're,like well we're gonna go,to have lunch okay this is a part of it,this is a conversation,joe's learning how to do it too anyways,oh my god,what do you think of this outfit give me,a little rating tell me,you know your thoughts your first,thoughts,my first thoughts are i like,i like it no there's a hair thing on,your shirt,i like it i honestly thought this was,what you were wearing today,already so i was like wow okay contest,so he approves i've got this little uh,top on,this looks more expensive than it is,highly recommend great for the boobs got,a little crop action going,i love that this is kind of like,whatever this is,a little bee the back is cute and i love,the little bows,these jeans fit really well okay good,luck chocolate,ready so give me a rating i'm gonna give,this for daytime lunch activities i'm,gonna give this like a number,okay so it's perfect for that okay next,outfit,okay so next i have this kind of like,little jumper sweater crop thing,and then these shorts they're a little,bit longer which i like,i feel like whenever i wear like the,short shorts i feel like it's kind of,like,not age appropriate for me at this point,you know what i mean like 35,also i do want to know real fast this is,extra soft like this is way softer than,i thought it was going to be,okay now you're back um,i like this i feel like i like the,sweater more than i like your shorts,yeah boys don't like i don't see boys,loving these shorts but these are like,super trendy,and girls love them i read them all the,time so what do you rate this,um i'll give this one an eight i know,you like it,you like it because i like it i like it,because that means we get to eat lunch,okay so joe's actually seen this outfit,before um i wore this yesterday we went,to go get coffee and food so,another pair of like the longer shorts,these have that asymmetric,waist that i really like this top i love,i feel like it's super versatile i can,wear it with,jeans like this a mini skirt i feel like,it will dress down an outfit,or i could just like wear it with a,casual outfit all right what's your,rating my friend,what do you think about this outfit give,us some details,um i'm gonna go with,an eight and a half i like these shorts,better than the other shorts,okay i think there's a little just a,little flare at the bottom,three and a half yeah,this is next i got this cute little,dress um i would probably wear like a,sticky bra with this,why is this not focused on me because,i'm the star,it has this almost like bustier effect,which i really like the adjustable,straps here i think this is like the,perfect summer dress,i love this and you could dress it up or,down you'd wear sneakers or you could,wear like,cute heel or something okay what do you,think i like it,this is the last one obviously not for,like today's activities but i didn't,want to try it on and show y'all because,i,love this dress um i could,maybe get a sized up one i don't know i,kind of like the underboob,this is cute for like a wedding a,wedding yeah,it looks baby bad well if i sized up one,let's say i didn't have as much

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DC Vlog: Baby's 1st Swim & 3rd Wedding Anniversary Dinner!

DC Vlog: Baby's 1st Swim & 3rd Wedding Anniversary Dinner!

Levi's first swim it's too cold,well the kaliciak's view of the house,again,this is officially at the first weekend,of summer 2016 we're going swimming,today,it's gonna be Levi's first time in the,pool so even if it got him this diaper,cover it's really cute it has Turtles on,it hopefully it's easy to put on it's,got a lot of snaps and stuff yeah I,think the snaps are just really to,adjust the sizing okay to make sure that,he's sealed and coop gets out into the,pool yeah oh nice great fit and we've,got a rash guard for him too actually,it also has a turtle on it little dude,you've got your swim diaper on how do,you feel Levi look at my boys you got,your rash guards on and your swim,bottoms okay are you ready to swim if,you are don't move or say anything,perfect let's go you're about to begin,our family swim adventure part one,that's not a huge pool but you can't,actually swim in it that's cool,oh and first-come-first-serve look at,this,Tim glow Levi headquarters right here,what do you think mister what do you,think he's like I'm not sure you'll love,it mom's gonna do sunscreen sunscreen,you can find on Amazon it thing baby,can they protect your skin okay baby,yeah you are flexing here on my chest,Levi's first swim the waters a bit cold,so it's pretty sure he's not gonna,approve what do you think buddy - cool -,cool better huh,how you like save me mom,feeling much more comfortable out of the,water right Jeff yeah first swim ever,many foods did you have me buy the best,part was getting out wasn't it yeah well,it was a great first time we're very,proud of you,we're so proud of you,loves are both nothing now so I'm going,to edit here we go sleepy,daddy still sleeping daddy's just,weeping I won't wake him up though I,know he's really tired go play okay,hey daddy hi babies you're still tired,so cute,Levi's getting in the zone to keep,getting CP again,Oh,it's always tricky maneuvering the,stroller but I'm very good at it,well the cuddle evolutions,yeah,Tim and I got some special prints and,Levi's got a vegetable tray,plastic bin back synagogues approval we,didn't back so good,whoa no leftovers whatsoever,time for dessert,so many ice cream delivery chairs crazy,he's getting tired I'm getting sleepy,peppermint ice cream with brown,we keep waiting for our uber to go back,home that leaves a great image,thank you,guy is asleep he is celebrated out 8:00,p.m. and we are as per usual exhausted,you could just go to sleep right now,like Levi just passed out been me for a,year or something yeah this great day,first Saturday of summer 2016,okay thanks for a great day anything you,love you too see you later,go team

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Welcome to Park Row, the UK's first DC-inspired restaurant experience

Welcome to Park Row, the UK's first DC-inspired restaurant experience

hi i'm james bulmer i'm the founder and,ceo of park row i'm obsessed with,storytelling and imagination together,with the warner brothers themed,entertainment team we've been able to,bring this dc experience alive here in,london the moment you cross that,threshold into the restaurant we want,you to believe you're in the movie set,yourself the actor,the actress,leading a double life enjoying the night,life at park row the immersiveness is we,don't break the fourth wall everyone,believes they work for oswald cobblepot,or selena kyle,or at the monarch theatre here in gotham,city you arrive in wayne manor greeted,by alfred and a grandfather clock at 10,48,opens a secret door and you descend down,into our world,of gotham city,the first area pennyworths a wonderful,area grounded in the history of alfred,the faithful butler of bruce wayne where,you'll find our cantilever whiskey paw,using mechanics of weighing the glass it,pours the perfect 50ml every time,so you pick up the glass,take a sip and the arm will descend down,and keep refilling your glass,next you move through to the iceberg,lounge the centerpiece of park row owned,and operated by oswald cobblebot there,is a giant central bar with a penguin,with billowing smoke coming off the,bottom of it,the whole space is driven towards the,juxtaposition of hot and cold the deep,blue bunkets set the stage for the live,music venue that you're about to sit in,the villainous undertones of the iceberg,lounge here you'll find such favorites,that oswald would have enjoyed himself,the rose gallery our own personal art,gallery owned by selena kyle catwoman,seven of the most famous paintings that,were stolen and never found have been,forged by our master forger and hung in,this very space one of the most famous,paintings we have the blue boy on the,left hand side of the bar created by,thomas gainsborough is a beautiful nod,to one of the original batman movies one,personally the joker loved,this in our world is the blue boy,cocktail lift the painting off the wall,you pour the cocktail and the blue,beautifully drains from the blue boy,outfit a little bit of fun for the dc,fans in the centre of the rhodes gallery,we're levitating a molecule of liquid,using ultrasonic technology it's a,world's first and here we find ourselves,in old gotham city our late night bar,a villainous hangout owned and,frequented by some of gotham city's,worst villains,late night drinks will be inspired by,these characters,poison ivy bar our sophisticated bar,made from science and beauty where some,of the most elaborate cocktails are made,and finally the monarch theatre the,first person you meet is chuckles the,clown,you're given your gotham dollar,two-faced coin which you insert and he,will look deep into your soul and decide,whether you are light or dark which will,also be the welcome drink you have,before the double doors fling open and,you enjoy what is a three hour,gastronomic experience floor to ceiling,projection mapping complements exquisite,fine dining eleven courses,matched food and drink that take you,through the narrative of the heroes and,villains of gotham city,i've been very fortunate to be joined on,this journey by some great people kim,woodward the first woman to exact the,savoy 13 years at ramsay is overseeing,the main restaurants,the key is to give the super fans those,layers they can peel back in this dish,here we have a wonderful story about the,joker and how he poisoned the gotham,city harbour waters to create the joker,fish so here served wrapped in our,gotham city gazette is our beer battered,fish and chips,theatricality in wonderment is all,important to us here at park row and,this dish akisma rose is my favorite,it's that moment where we get to tell,the story of the death of martha wayne,in a dish a vanilla custard tart,textures of raspberry and rose,complemented with a lychee ice cream,and the dish is finished with a,hand-dipped rose into liquid nitrogen,before it is crushed on plate,we worked extensively with some great,scientists who gave us what would be a,mass appeal fear,here we are sat in a forest,held hostage by a character most famous,in gotham city,the base constituent of his fear toxin,was the aminata muscaria mushroom,in this chapter the smoke,encapsulates the room dives you into,darkness when the lights rip here,here it is the mushroom right in front,of you for us this is our mushroom,parfait pork jelly top served with a,seeded almond brioche,dr jonathan crane,avondale is known as the scarecrow,descends you into darkness,you

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hey lovies welcome back to my channel so,in this video i'm going to be coming to,you guys let me see if i can fix the,light in hold on,hey lovelies welcome back to my channel,so in this video i'm going to be coming,to you guys with,my two-year anniversary blog okay,so i've been vlogging all week for you,guys but i'm just gonna break it up into,like separate vlogs,i'm pretty tired honestly like alcohol,is just not for me,i don't know if i'm getting old or what,i exercise all that but i,still be so drowsy every time i drink,last night it was jasmine's birthday,dinner when i say i wasn't even drunk,y'all,like i was drinking but i wasn't drunk,like,i wasn't like you know it's levels,but i'm just so freaking tired i,probably take a nap,i got like two hours it's before jordan,comes to get me,and yeah we have a cute little day plan,for our two year anniversary,so i had to get some rest so i could get,my energy together you know,enough rambling i'll see you guys in my,next clip,oh,this is so nice,so nice thanks babe,all right now you got to open up yours,wanna turn on the lights off you redo it,huh got a full body mirror,yeah this is good lighting,you want makeup in there hey baby let's,get the presents out the way,he tried to play with me,i love you so much,another one thank you all right,you said it don't really matter no,it's really small in that bed okay,there's some more earphones no not,headphones sometimes what,it rings real bad,is that what's that,you see the babe i ain't even look on,the other side,oh this definitely is this necklace that,you want to give me,is it no this crazy i don't like,this,i wish i could wear it at night i can't,wait,for my birthday yeah that's why i bought,it because it go with your birthday look,oh it's like a choker it's like,layered, going there i got ice eyes on you,don't smash my chin,no you already saw it it's just the,sparring of her,is this the spider just go ahead,all right now i love this i know you,know i love it yeah,i really really wanted something from,them,i had to go on yellow website and get,that,the grilled website look at this yeah,it's been stupid hard,all right this is for you like i said at,my bed i forgot the card i was running,around all day trying to do this you,press record yes yes yes,all right all right no first oh yeah,beautiful,beautiful roses but i could have brought,you a bag but i didn't,what there's he won't make a lot of,money off this,jordana,i knew you needed to do your sketches on,stuff for your brand and i know you,wasn't buying that,come on now i'm done,i'm about to cry i knew you wasn't going,by,it was going to take a while for you to,right this,is so sweet thank you,no problem baby no anything for you um,yeah okay guys so we're at the ocean,prime right now,it's our two-year anniversary as y'all,know but,this is my first time being at this,restaurant so i'm really excited,to try something new i know it's gonna,be fire,so i'm really looking forward to it and,yeah jordan picked out this spot of,course but,about to eat good have a great night,a great night yeah see y'all when the,fool gets here,whatever i want give whatever i need,they were all really good what would you,rate it look at him,ocean prime is um,nine out of ten i hope y'all can hear,rick,i was saying nine out of ten 10. 8.59,8.59 just because i wish they had more,entries that were like up my alley,that's the only reason but like,as far as how good the food was she just,wants pasta,everywhere we go with that i don't get,pasta and mortons i don't get pasta eggs,what is that replacement,didn't get pasta yeah,they didn't have as many like selections,as i would like,but as far as like the taste of the food,is definitely not out of here,definitely so we're just waiting on our,dessert now and they're giving us a,complimentary one for our anniversary,that was really nice of them can't wait,one more food,full yeah we're gonna show y'all when,the,jungi's here is there no that's not it,all right,okay guys so we back from ocean,okay guys so we back from ocean prom,he's irky he just took some pictures so,he's kind of over me right now,but it's time for some away,that's the glass i can't finish before,we first leave because,what was more important me being on time,when we getting late,no because he would have been in my ass,if i was taking all day i was on time,so our anniversary is coming to an,end it's like it's still early though,it's like 10,ten ten pm no it's eleven oh it's still,early,it's 11 p.m we just gonna finish i'll,bottle them away,yeah go watch a movie all that good,stuff,so i might vlog a little bit in the,morning but if i don't,then i'm gonna end the vlog off here i,hope you guys enjoy,and happy anniversary to us,i'll see you guys in my next video,you bothering me

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