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What’s for Dinner?| Easy & Budget Friendly Family Meal Ideas| July 29th - August 4th, 2019hey y'all

Kristin Stepp

Updated on Jan 18,2023

What’s for Dinner?| Easy & Budget Friendly Family Meal Ideas| July 29th - August 4th, 2019

hey y'all welcome back to another week,of what's for dinner on a monday we,actually ate at my parents house and my,dad made a pot roast with potatoes,carrots and celery he also has some,cornbread muffins fresh green beans with,bacon and some macaroni and cheese this,meal was amazing,on tuesday i tried a new recipe for a,smothered pork chop and rice bake so,first i'm just going to start by cooking,my rice i have one cup of a long grain,white rice and then i added in two cups,of water a little bit of butter and a,pinch of salt and i'm just going to let,that fully cook then i'm going to go,ahead and get started on my pork chop so,i'm just going to be seasoning both,sides with some of this creole seasoning,the recipe didn't call for this but,that's just what i felt like using and i,tried really hard not to add too much i,kind of have a tendency to do that,sometimes but this stuff can overpower,quickly so here i just have a little bit,of vegetable oil heating up in my,skillet i'm just going to add in those,pork chops and sear both sides for just,a couple of minutes and these will,finish cooking in the oven,next all i'm doing is spraying a 9x13,casserole dish with some nonstick,cooking spray and then i'm taking all,that cooked rice and just adding that to,the bottom of my pan and i'm spreading,that out as evenly as i can so then i,just took my pork chops and layered,those over the top over there to the,side you see my little mixing bowl and,all that's in there is one can of cream,of chicken soup and one cup of milk i,just whisk that together until all the,lumps were gone the only thing that i,would do different next time is season,that up a little bit i would probably,add some onion and garlic powder i think,that would make it perfect but i did add,lots of black pepper to the top and,that's going to go in the oven at 375,degrees for 25 minutes so here it is,after the 25 minutes i'm just pulling,that out and i have shredded up some,mozzarella and sharp cheddar cheese so,that's what i'm adding to the top i also,decided to add a little bit all over the,rice and also i cooked up some bacon i,used about six pieces i believe and i'm,just kind of tearing it up with my hands,and placing that over the pork chops and,that's going to go back in the oven for,a final five minutes just to melt those,cheeses so here it is straight out of,the oven i'm just topping it with a,little bit of parsley for color so here,is my plate i serve this with a side of,steamed broccoli and all this on my,broccoli is a little bit of butter,garlic salt and pepper this pork chop,and rice recipe was so so good,definitely a keeper and it's just very,few ingredients which is how i like to,cook and you can have this on the table,super fast if you prepped your rice and,bacon ahead of time,up next is our meatless meal of the week,so i decided to make some airfryer,buffalo cauliflower wings so here you,just see me chopping up a head of,cauliflower and then i got started on,the batter so to my mixing bowl i'm just,dumping in some plain all-purpose flour,and then i added my seasonings and all,that is is some onion and garlic powder,smoked paprika some salt and some black,pepper and i'm just going to give that a,quick little mix to make sure those,seasonings get distributed into the,flour well then i added in some milk and,some water and just twist that until all,the lumps were gone this was a little on,the runny side so i decided to add in,just a little bit more flour to thicken,it and that seemed to do the trick next,i'm just taking my cauliflower and,tossing it in the bowl i did this in,batches and i'm just going to take a,spoon and make sure that those are fully,coated,next i just have a wire rack placed over,top of a cookie sheet and i'm going to,add all of my cauliflower to that this,is going to allow all that excess batter,to drip off if you skip this step you're,going to have one heck of a mess in your,air fryer so here i just add it to my,basket and i'm going to air fry those at,350 degrees for 20 minutes,so while those were cooking i went ahead,and got started on the buffalo sauce so,i'm going to be measuring out one cup of,this frank's red hot sauce and i'm just,going to add that to a small saucepan,i'm also going to be using about two,tablespoons of butter i'm just going to,dump that into the hot sauce and the,recipe called for maple syrup i could,not for the life of me get that jar open,and josh was at home so i just swapped,that for some regular old pancake syrup,and i didn't measure that out and i,should have because that is supposed to,help cut down on the spice but all i'm,doing is melting down that butter and,just letting that simmer for a bit so,now i'm just adding my cooked,cauliflower to a large mixing bowl and,i'm taking my buffalo sauce and just,drizzling that all over the top now if,you guys decide to make this recipe,definitely cut that buffalo sauce recipe,in half it was way too much the,cauliflower was practically swimming in,it an

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Incredible Top 10 Most Popular American/USA Foods || USA Street Foods | Traditional American Cuisine

Incredible Top 10 Most Popular American/USA Foods || USA Street Foods | Traditional American Cuisine

the first thing that comes to mind when,you think of american cuisine are,classics like burgers,fried chicken hot dogs and pancakes like,many things american,the cuisine also has influences from,elsewhere german,british italian dutch french and,caribbean are only some of the cultures,that have contributed to the food that,is now considered typically american,here's a roundup of popular american,foods that you will find across the,country,today we know about top 10 most popular,traditional american dishes which is you,need to try,let's begin,number 10 buffalo chicken wings,although created in the 1960s these,fried chicken wings doused in a cayenne,vinegar hot sauce,buffalo sauce are ubiquitous bar snacks,buffalo chicken wings was first served,in the anchor bar in buffalo,new york and are now one of the most,popular bar foods,number nine tater tots yes,we love french fries too but for an,american variation on the traditional,thud you have to try tater tots,these grated potato mini balls which are,cylindrical in shape and fried with a,crispy exterior are found in breakfast,spots,fast food joints and diners,number eight hot dogs nothing,compliments a summer cookout for a,baseball game better than an,all-american hot dog,although the creation is credited to the,german charles feltman,who used buns to serve german sausage,hence also referred to as frankfurter or,frank,to save on plates it was polish,immigrant nathan handworkers hot dog,stand nathan's on coney island that,turned the hot dog into,a national icon there are regional,variations of it for example,new york style with ketchup and relish,and chicago style,served on a poppy seed bun with,absolutely no ketchup,number seven apple pie you've probably,heard the phrase as american as apple,pie and it's not without reason,probably the most iconic of american,foods apple pie was first introduced in,the states by british and dutch,immigrants,however over the years it's been,transformed into a distinctly american,food experience,typically served with a scoop of vanilla,ice cream,number six bbq ribs barbecuing food has,been one of the country's oldest,traditions and has now evolved into an,art,with barbecue fanatics and lovers all,over the country partial to their,favorite styles,but whether you like kansas city's,hearty offering memphis wet ribs or,north carolina's vinegar base,one thing we can all agree on is that,barbecue in america is definitely,something that brings out a lot of,passion,number five reuben sandwich,the classic corned beef swiss cheese and,sauerkraut sandwich is synonymous with,american delis,there might be debate about whether this,was invented in nebraska by a grocer,named ruben kulikovsky,or perhaps the brainchild of arnold,rubin the german owner of new york's now,closed reuben's delicatessen,who came up with it in 1914 but either,way,this sandwich is an american staple,number four biscuits and gravy a,southern favorite,the original biscuit was brought to the,country by the british and the sawmill,gravy was created as a cheap and filling,breakfast option in the food strapped,colonies of the south during the,revolutionary war,the biscuits are traditionally made with,butter or lard and buttermilk,the country gravy with meat drippings,and usually chunks of fresh pork sausage,and black pepper,nowadays biscuits can be found with all,sorts of ingredients,bacon and chive combination is a popular,one,number three meatloaf comfort food at,its best,most american households will have a,family recipe for their version,typically it involves ground meat and,seasonings made into a loaf shape either,using a loaf pan or hand shaped,roasted and then topped with sauce or,just ketchup,meatloaf will usually take americans,right back to their mother's kitchen,number two grits the first time you try,grits,you probably wonder what the heck it is,for those who grew up eating grits,southern us it's something they can't,live without a dish made from coarsely,ground corn kernels,grits can be extremely versatile,typically found in savory versions,they can also be made sweet a classic,dish is shrimp and grits but grits are,also a popular breakfast item,in place of oatmeal any which way they,are extremely satisfying,number one hamburger the popularity of,the hamburger and cheeseburger in the,usa is indisputable,traditional gourmet fast food with bacon,sliders with green chili juicy lucy,style,the list of variations and toppings is,infinite,if there is one food that we had to pick,burgers have to be the most american of,them all,thank you so much for visiting our,channel in this video,which foods most love to eat let me know,in comments section below,we try to always sharing new and,exciting videos for you,don't forget to subscribe our channel,for supporting to us,see you very soon in next video tell,them bye

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Diners Road Trip

Diners Road Trip

thằng chơi chắc như partan nên phải hay,thẩm giáo bảo và trả lời sàn miền than,taxi

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10 Easy And Fancy Dinner Recipes • Tasty

10 Easy And Fancy Dinner Recipes • Tasty


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Go Through the Entire 19-Course Tasting Menu of a Michelin-Starred Barcelona Restaurant

Go Through the Entire 19-Course Tasting Menu of a Michelin-Starred Barcelona Restaurant

my name is tony i'm a waiter here in a,restaurant disputa it's very hard work,basically your job is keeping up with,their rhythm these guys are so inventive,and so creative they always have a new,dish,the rhythm and the passion for the work,it's contagious it was super hard,working and an enormous profession uriol,is above all a free spirit he's,amazingly creative and mateo was,extremely organized he can do so many,things at the same time i mean i'm,simplifying a lot they're very complex,much,the first time i heard about these three,chefs to open the up shop in in caracas,i think that was about three years ago,and obviously they opened up here in,barcelona and everyone's talking about,it i mean for me i think it's really,nice that there's this kind of,restaurant which isn't on the main,michelin-starred restaurant strip here's,the tasting menus that we've prepared,for today it's very important for us for,the locals to to feel welcome as well,because i think many restaurants,sometimes don't pay attention to that,and as you can see we have a longer menu,a shorter menu we have a special menu,we've prepared for today choose,whichever menu you prefer,trust you i think on okay whatever you,want to bring out excellent choice okay,sometimes these tasting menus you spend,four hours sitting down,having 30 dishes,i'm very interested in communicating,cuisine i think you can communicate a,lot of values through gastronomy and,that's what i'm currently working at,we have a solid base of mediterranean,because we were born here and it's in,our dna but we don't feel constrained,it's fluffy it's frozen,i mean these guys are an encyclopedia of,techniques,you,it is serious food there's a lot of work,behind it but you're not supposed to,take it too seriously,there you go well that's the whole thing,it's very buoyance tricking you into,believing it's something,and then once it's in your mouth it's,something completely different they call,it in spanish it's a,it's like snow snow it's like eating the,snow flavor,i do not know how they do anything of,what they've brought us,it's another level,we're going to continue with the,appetizers this one we call it enjoy,olives or dis fruta,what we suggest here is that you eat,with the spoon you have next to you this,one here and you start with the green,one you continue with the black one and,when you once you finish with the black,one immediately after you just lick this,little spoon that has essence of,tangerine blossom green blue and black,okay you start with the green one,thinking that it's a real olive,but when you put in your mouth you,realize it's not an olive and it bursts,in your mouth it's a different technique,this is um the traditional the white,chocolate um,but not sweets,high technique great background working,in michelin star restaurant stuff,bringing it down to the people taking,away so much fussiness take away two,mats of the technique and like just,trying to make it as natural as possible,oh this is basically like my fire of,this restaurant,tell us let's see here we have an egg,yolk that's in tempura,and underneath the egg yolk you'll find,there's a mushroom jello it's very,important you eat the egg yolk in two,bites taking the first bite you turn it,so the liquid doesn't follow the egg,yolk you can just finish it off eating,the mushroom jello with the spoon you,have next year it's part of our style to,go quite fast but if you don't like the,rhythm we'll drop it down a notch my,mother showed me she'd be scolding me i,pigged out here,our macaroni and carbonara now i'm gonna,add a carbonaro foam and as you can see,the macaroni are transparent that's,because they're made of gelatin so we'll,just mix it together just slightly not,too much because if not the foam will,lose all the air we have some cured,salmon with cauliflower and vinegar and,the seaweed salad here we have some,porcini mushroom dumplings with some,pine nuts,very hot,with johan i mean you could tell that he,was extremely excited,he's listening to how you recommend to,eat the things and he understands the,importance of eating the dishes properly,all right,mmm,light they're taking everything forward,the chocolate olive oil and salt thing,because it's unobvious,but giving it this perfect appearance of,a pepper,very rare to find a waiter who can talk,so comfortably,and so knowledgeably about the food that,he's presented,rub your hands and you smell your hands,so everything you eat from now on will,taste of this very smoky whiskey it was,amazing i i like working especially for,people that are in the business and you,could tell that they know their stuff,well,no problem like you,when somebody who's in the business,appreciates your food and appreciates,your job it means a lot,it's laid back it's down to earth it's,mediterranean it's true to its its,location to its region in the world,it's true to the where the chefs are,from and most of the cooks i suspect you,know i think this place has pulled it,off really well,foreign

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4 Million Subscriber Special: American Vs. Full English Breakfast

4 Million Subscriber Special: American Vs. Full English Breakfast

you know they say breakfast is the most,important meal of the day and i don't,really know if that's true or not,scientifically i'm not sure it is there,is one complication we need to figure,out here the full english breakfast or,an iconic diner american breakfast is,there a true winner,hold up one second we have a very,important announcement we recently hit,four million subscribers,that's four times what we had a year ago,so as a very important thank you we,brought in a bunch of you guys into a,discord and we got into video chats with,random people left and right and we,surprised people with free kitchenaid,sand mixers you know those really good,stand mixers that i'm always using and,you guys are like oh gosh i don't have,one i'm literally giving them to you,what's up man i heard you ditched your,girlfriend for this i'm scared man this,was my first relationship since,do you cook a lot yeah i do do you have,a stand mixer you usually need the dough,in your hands dude okay well then i got,you covered we have one coming your way,hit up vikram and i'll get you a stand,mixer wait do you guys require my credit,information no no i don't believe that,i'm talking to you,what's up man you got a question or any,burning questions you ever want to ask,me i know you're all about chef and i,was wondering if you played guitar and,like what's your top three songs to play,funny answer i used to play all the time,now i'd like barely play anymore i got,to the point where i was able to play,the whole song of holy diver and that's,where i like stopped i was pretty good,at it it wasn't bad do you do you cook a,lot by chance yes i do i'm in love with,your butter chicken recipe if are you,ever planning on making bread or,anything like that like would you want a,stand mixer for that man that's like an,amazing thing for you to offer i i don't,know how to do that it's already done,it's done you can grind your own meat,you can do all the things you need to do,with it you can have the whisk,attachment all the things,i love it are you using a stand mixer,what are you using i'm waiting one for,my birthday waiting for one for your,birthday well if they haven't gotten it,yet i can get you one right now you want,it of course okay done it's done oh my,god i love you can you like give me a,cup of tea papa kisio,do you have do you have all the,equipment you need you're all set up you,got the stand mixer oh yeah bro i spent,so much money watching you oh i'm,sorry hey hey what's up man so i've been,i'm 22 and i graduated nothing related,to cooking at all now i'm making fresh,dough what what would you say the next,step in terms of advancing your food,keep pushing yourself buy more cookbooks,look at the weird cookbooks get new,equipment do you have all the equipment,do you need do you have like you have,the stand mixer that i use all the time,we got one but uh i don't know i don't,know if it's the same one you have the,stand mixer that i use all the time bro,like oh dude my wife loves baking we,have two standards wow two stand mixers,you're always complaining oh josh we,can't afford it look it's okay if you,can't afford to stand mixer but i'm,trying to give some away this dude had,two who am i supposed to give it to so,we spent about two hours doing this and,i was shocked by the amount of people,who had a stand mixer were very bummed,out about it so we gave away as many as,we could but you know a lot of you guys,kept saying you had one that was a lot,of fun like i said if you're not on the,discord please the description go there,click on it join the discord we'll do,more of these thank you so much from the,bottom of my heart four million i cannot,express to you how much it means to me,the team everyone involved so with all,that said let's make this darn recipe,okay so today we are making breakfast,two different ways we've got the full,english alexa i'm not talking to you,shut up,i'm not even being it's a robot just,right off the bat i have a feeling i may,lean more towards the full english only,because there's more options but i'm not,sure yet i have to make it i have to put,it together and do all the right things,bring them together two plates one,gentleman and one,mouth so with all that said let's,make this shall we all right folks this,is a true showdown an all-american,breakfast versus a full english,breakfast minus the black pudding though,because not everyone loves it feel free,to add if you wish now let's begin with,the all-american of course we have to,talk about bacon very simple get the,thickest sliced bacon you can find and,for about two to four people you can,place four to eight slices on a baking,sheet lined with aluminum foil pop that,into a cold oven then set it to 450,degrees fahrenheit and set a timer for,20 to 25 minutes now once your timer has,gone off your bacon should be a,beautiful golden brown and cooked,perfectly if it's not crispy or dark,enough then just leave it in there and,tell well it is up to 10 more minutes,then pull

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My Husband's Favorite Food❗ Quick and Easy Chicken Breast Dinner! #224

My Husband's Favorite Food❗ Quick and Easy Chicken Breast Dinner! #224

3 gjoks pule.,2-3 lugë miell.,3 lugë gjalpë ose vaj vegjetal.,Ngrohim paraprakisht tiganin.,Skuqini deri në kafe të artë në zjarr të fortë për 2-3 minuta.,4-6 thelpinj hudhër.,kthejeni dhe skuqeni për 2 minuta të tjera.,Kripë piper.,Ulni nxehtësinë në mesatare.,1,5 lugë gjelle gjalpë ose vaj vegjetal.,3 lugë mjaltë.,1 lugë gjelle salcë soje.,1½ lugë gjelle uthull molle ose uthull vere.,Lëreni salcën të vlojë dhe zvogëloni zjarrin.,Ziejini derisa salca të trashet, duke e kthyer rregullisht gjoksin e pulës.,150 g lakër të bardhë.,Pendët e qepës së pranverës.,150 g lakër të kuqe.,1/2 qepë blu.,1 piper zile.,1 kastravec.,1 karotë e vogël.,1 mollë e ëmbël dhe e thartë.,Lëng 1/2 pjesë limoni.,1 domate.,3 lugë salcë kosi.,1 lugë majonezë.,1 thelpi hudhër.,1 lugë çaji mustardë.,Kripë, piper i zi.,Një darkë e shijshme me gjoks pule dhe perime është gati!,Faleminderit për komentin, shikimin dhe LIKE!

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welcome everybody to this episode of,matt's rad show we're outside of,mickey's diner in st paul minnesota,we're gonna check out this amazing old,historic diner it's been in movies,there's all kinds of history to this,place it's one of the oldest diners,historic diners in america,and it's still standing it never closes,it's open all the time so let's take a,look at this amazing diner today on,matt's red show,36 west 7th street st paul minnesota,this is mickey's diner,an absolute treasure in saint paul,minnesota,it's been open for 24 hours a day 365,days a year and all at the same location,since 1939.,it's listed on the national register of,historic places,so,it was fabricated in 1937 in new jersey,by the jerry o mahoney diner company it,was shipped by railcar and put in this,location to open its doors in 1939,the company fabricated around 2 000 of,these types of diner cars for various,diners between 1917 and 1941,though very few remain today and even,fewer in the same location unaltered and,still running 24 hours a day,so,used in many movies jingle all the way,mighty ducks,as well as i believe some other ones,let's go inside for a bite to eat,the diner itself is only 50 feet long,and 10 feet wide,and has been family operated for three,generations,i don't think they work anymore but,kind of cool to be able to choose what,songs we play here,saint paul's 24 hour post,some delicious stuff on the menu here,their pancakes are amazing here,good stuff,mickey's has been visited by numerous,celebrities including arnold,schwarzenegger bill murray woody,harrelson lily tomlin liv tyler the,beach boys new kids on the block and,jimmy fallon just to name a few,it's been featured in movies such as,jingle all the way and the mighty ducks,and of course it's been featured in,numerous travel channel and food network,shows,so,little history of the place here for you,good stuff to check out read,arnold who's here,look at all the famous people,oh,my chili,yummy their chili is so good here,i recommend getting the chili,behold it's beauty,i got a small burger and some fries this,is what came,an entire plate,and a big bowl of chili,i think i'm gonna be full after this,yummy,the back room area they got the jingle,all the way poster,downstairs they got a bathroom down,there,one of these old,tell you your weight and give you a,something rather kind of thing,let's see it still works,oh whoa which still works that's not,good,thanks guys appreciate the hospitality,and the dinner,good stuff appreciate it,see you later,delicious,dinner at mickey's diner,good stuff,never been to mickey's diner you've got,to do it,so good,thanks for stopping by mickey's diner,with me today thanks for watching this,episode of the master at show,do,you

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