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Amaranth Recipe for Breakfast | Breakfast Recipe for Weight Loss | Easy to Makethằng chơi chắc như p

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Updated on Jan 18,2023

Amaranth Recipe for Breakfast | Breakfast Recipe for Weight Loss | Easy to Make

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Weight Loss Salad Recipe For Dinner - Amaranth & Microgreens Salad - Healthy Salad Recipes

Weight Loss Salad Recipe For Dinner - Amaranth & Microgreens Salad - Healthy Salad Recipes

hey guys! I am nisa homey and welcome to welcome back to my channel today I'm sharing a,winter weight-loss salad recipe which is perfect for dinner or as a protein,packed nutrient-dense vegan meal for lunch. it's easy to make filling and full,of fiber. the nourishing ingredients in this salad not only helps you in losing,weight but also boosts your immunity strengthen and nourishes your body and,helps in the absorption of vitamins and minerals. this filling and colorful,protein and calcium rich vegetarian salad is a complete meal and a perfect,weight loss meal for those with thyroid issues, PCOS issues, and diabetes. before,getting started with the recipe let me introduce you to microgreens, which I,grew at home. these are garden cress, garden cress is also known as I aliv in,Hindi if you are interested to know more about microgreens, their benefits, and how,to grow them please watch the video till the very end I'll be explaining in,detail after the recipe. now to make this salad first you need to soak 1/4 cup of,amaranth seeds for at least an hour. for those who don't know amaranth is,technically a seed and not a grain and it is a good source of protein, calcium,,iron, potassium, and fiber. please do check my previous video on amaranth to know,more about its health benefits and amaranth is also known as a rajgira in,Hindi. once the amaranth seeds are soaked, place them on a strainer and,rinse and wash them and keep it on the strainer so that the water is drained,out. in my last video many of you wanted to know whether amaranth is quinoa!!,quinoa and amaranth are entirely different seeds from different plants,I have already shared many recipes with quinoa along with its health benefits,please do check my channel for the videos. the links will be updated in the,description box below. to cook amaranth, into a saucepan add in 3/4 cup water, add,in 1/4 TSP pink Himalayan salt and switch on the flame and allow the water,to come to a boil. once it starts to boil add in the,strained amaranth seeds and give it a stir and once it boils put the,flame on the lowest and cover with a lid. after 15 minutes open and stir so that,you can make sure that the seeds are not sticking to the bottom of the pan. again,cover and cook for another 5 minutes and after 5 minutes you can see that the,seeds are cooked and has absorbed the water. now give it a mix and cover and,turn off the heat. keep it covered for another 5 to 10 minutes and this is how,it looks once it is cooked now you can cook double batches of amaranth cool it,,and store in fridge so that you can use them in salads. meal prepping really,would save time. like, if you have some cooked amaranth in your fridge it will,be much easier to make this salad. now amaranth is low in carb and high in protein,it's a good source of protein for vegetarians also note that adequate,protein intake helps in thyroid health. so if you are dealing with thyroid,issues try to include amaranth in your diet especially in the winters. now into,a large plate I'm adding in 1 chopped tomato, 1 medium sized chopped cucumber,,2 small carrots grated, 1 medium red onion chopped, 1 tbsp black raisins for that,subtle sweetness, 3/4 tbsp pumpkin seeds for that extra selenium, magnesium, copper,,antioxidants, and zinc plus they are also very good for your thyroid health.,1 tbsp cashew nuts for some healthy fats, copper, and iron you can also use almonds,instead of cashew nuts. the dry fruits also gives a light sweetness and crunch,to the salad. now if you don't have dry fruits you can also use a handful of,pomegranate seeds like I have used in my previous weight loss salad recipe. now,make some space in the middle and add in the cooled and cooked amaranth.,now very gently and carefully cut the tender microgreens and wash them lightly,and place it over the cooked amaranth. the microgreens I am using our garden,cress this actually makes this salad a powerhouse of nutrients, vitamins, and,minerals, growing your own microgreens and adding them raw in salads makes your,salad a complete nutrient-rich meal. let me also mention that I like to create,nutrient dense meals for you guys and I hope and pray that my recipes not only,helps you to have a healthier lifestyle but also nourish your body and yes, you,won't find recipes like this anywhere on the internet. now if you don't have,microgreens at hand you can use organic herbs like basil, parsley, mint, or even,cilantro which is also known as coriander leaves. let's make the dressing,for the salad. now note that you can make this salad oil free but it is best to,add some healthy fats like organic extra virgin olive oil or virgin coconut oil,as healthy fats helps in the assimilation of vitamins and minerals. so,,into a bowl add in one teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil though I use a virgin,coconut oil in most of my salad recipes I found extra virgin olive oil,compliments well with this salad and takes this salad to the next level. Squeeze,in half a lemon 1/4, a t

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Mixed Daal with Amaranth Seeds Recipe / Show Me The Curry

Mixed Daal with Amaranth Seeds Recipe / Show Me The Curry

hi welcome to show me the curry calm I'm,hit oh I'm Volusia and today we're going,to show you how to make mix dal with,amaranth you know this was just taking,your simple dal to another level you're,adding in different types of dolls,you're adding in amaranth which is a,very it's it's something that just kind,of blends in with the other flavors and,it is super super nutritious so amaranth,is also called Vegeta in Hindi and this,is what it looks like they're tiny tiny,little seeds and it's almost like,khuskhus or poppy seeds and they're that,small but it's got a host of health,benefits it is one of those things like,quinoa which is a complete protein,complete set of amino acids in there so,it's really healthy it's got four times,as much calcium as week two does and,it's just filled with a lot of nutrients,and vitamins so these are the dogs that,we are choosing to use now again you can,combine those and have a different kind,of combination that you want and,something that you know all the red the,dolls kind of cook at the same similar,times so we're using quarter cup toor,dhal quarter cup lentils with skin if,using quarter cup of chana dal quarter,cup of green moong dal so that is one,cup this is a quarter cup so total one,and a quarter cups so we're going to,combine all the four dolls and just wash,it make sure it water runs clear the,amaranth we're also going to wash but,we're going to wash it separately and,then just kind of filter it out in a,strainer or a very fine sieve to let all,the water run out so we have a washed,and drained dolls in a pressure cooker,and we're going to add the washed em run,and this is three and three-quarters cup,of water and a little bit of salt just,going to mix it turn on the stove to,about a medium high and close the,pressure cooker and let it whistle for,three times before turning it off so our,pressure cooker was sold three times and,we allowed the pressure to go down all,by itself and let's take a look,the dolls and amaranth,perfectly cooked it still got a lot of,texture that's exactly how we want it,let's start working on the seasoning now,in a pan over here on medium heat I got,one tablespoon of oil heating up guide,and half a teaspoon of mustard seeds and,I'll then to splutter 1/8 teaspoon of,tea or appetito for a teaspoon of,healthy turmeric powder and 1 spring of,credit are or Kylie we're now going to,add in half a cup of onions chopped 1,tbsp of garlic minced 1 tablespoon of,ginger mix and green chilies let's take,so to have the onions cook really fast,and what's that you took for just a,couple of minutes until I get a little,bit of color perfect we're going to add,in one chopped tomato and they're going,to cook it just for about a minute you,don't want to over cook the tomatoes you,want to be able to see their color and,not get too mushy,here that looks done,I'm going to lower the heat now and,we're going to transfer the cooked our,into receive me increase the heat again,you're just going to allow to come to a,boil you can also adjust your salt at,this time it's come to a boil you're,going to turn off the stove you're going,to squeeze some fresh lime on it and,we're going to add some fresh cilantro,and it's ready,so doll is ready and how fabulous does,that look it's got so much color and so,much texture going on in there it's not,just your bla everyday doll so,definitely looks so good,so let's give it a shot mmm yummy mmm,this is one of those dolls that it's,it's not pasty mush each of the little,ingredients in there you can actually,taste and you can actually feel she's,awesome you know when you're biting into,moong dal you know when you're biting,into masu though it's a I mean it's just,fabulous and you know the amaranth of,course is there but again it kind of,blends in so beautifully it's so small,it kind of blends in so you get a,goodness without the you know the the,power punch but if you do want that you,can always up your amount of armor on,that you put in there I mean it's just,fabulous it's a great one that I hope,actually feed to my kids so that they,don't know what else I've added into the,doll hahaha,sneaky means absolutely if you liked,this video and you'd like to see more,from us please don't forget to subscribe,don't forget to tell your friends and,family all about us so enjoy your mixed,doll with amaranth and join us again on,another episode of show me the curry,calm adding a pinch of spice to your,life

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AMARANTH 3 Ways: Popped, Stovetop & Instant Pot!

AMARANTH 3 Ways: Popped, Stovetop & Instant Pot!

hey guys it's Maddy and today I'm going,to show you three different ways to cook,amaranth,anyway thanks so much for watching I,really hope you enjoyed learning three,different ways to cook amaranth and also,please feel free to subscribe I'm making,new videos every week I'm bringing you,vegan recipes and whole food plant-based,recipes to make that home and with that,I'll see you guys next time bye

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Healthy Salad Recipes | Amaranth & Quinoa Salad Bowl (Plant Based Recipe)

Healthy Salad Recipes | Amaranth & Quinoa Salad Bowl (Plant Based Recipe)

hi guys welcome back to my channel in,this video i'm going to share with you,two simple salads that's perfect for the,summer time,so this recipe was actually inspired by,the best before date on this pack,as you can see it says the 30th of june,2020 and we are now in july,so i knew i had to like use up this,amaranth,and amaranth is actually the seeds that,you,find in kalalu so if you haven't checked,out my,last video about how to peel clean and,cook callaloo i'll link that,here now and yes so it's just the grain,of the callaloo really,and it's completely coincidental that,i'm actually doing these videos back to,back but,the amaranth grain will be the first,grain i'm using,in one of the salads to cook the,amaranth add the grains to a saucepan,with some water and a bit of veggie,stock to season,you could always just use sea salt as,well if you prefer,and this is what the cooked amaranth,looks like,i left this on the cooker a little bit,longer than i wanted to while i didn't,leave it on the cooker too,long i turned off the cooker but i left,the saucepan on the hot plate so it,continued to cook for a couple,more minutes and here i'm just trying to,get rid of the,excess liquid by passing it through a,sieve but if you follow the timings i'm,going to list,in the recipe you should be fine and you,wouldn't need to,you probably probably still worth doing,this step anyway,so i'm just going to try and get rid of,some of that excess water and then i'm,going to use the grain,in the salad,to flavor the salad i made a really,simple dressing using just four,ingredients so i've got maple syrup,cayenne pepper dijon mustard but i do,prefer whole grain mustard,so you can use either and the juice of,a lime and i'm going to use this salad,dressing for both,salads,back to the amaranth and this is what it,looked like after leaving it to drain,um it is still quite clump like,it clumps together a lot more than,quinoa so this is the quinoa,and the quinoa is a larger grain and it,is less i don't know is it starch that's,making it,combine together let me know in the,comment section what's making the,amaranth grain,gel like together in a different way to,the amara to the quinoa,so these are the two grains i'm going to,use in the different salads,and these are the salad items i'm going,to add to both salads you just need to,make sure everything is finely chopped,to assemble this salad i added the,cooked amaranth to a bowl with all of my,salad items,so i had grated carrots finely chopped,radish cucumbers green onion,and i use the de-seeded tomato,now i think i did a bit of parsley as i,add some parsley as well,and lastly go in with that salad,dressing,and there's no rules when it comes to,which salad items to use just use the,ones that you like,and how much salad items again just be,free with this it's your salad,and so if you want more cucumbers go,with more cucumbers,i decided to de-seed the tomato because,i didn't want it to make,this wet and soggy so if you,notice a lot of the salad items i did,select were,dried ones that wouldn't make my salad,soggy,and there i'm adding more to my more,cucumbers,and i think i added some more radiation,as well yeah some more radish,so it's your salad just be free with it,and add it to,add whatever salad items you want to add,and this is a really nice salad that you,can take and have for lunch,maybe at work or if you're going back to,school soon you can,do that as well,and for the second salad it's just using,the same ingredients,pretty much except i'm using quinoa in,this salad instead,and i did use red bell peppers instead,of the tomatoes,one thing i will say just just be,mindful with the green onions i did use,a lot of green onions in this one,so it was a bit sharp but just if you,keep an eye on how much green onions,you're adding,everything else should just blend,together beautifully,this is the completed salad let me know,in the comment section which one you're,going to try,and if you haven't subscribed to my,channel please do hit the subscribe,button,and the notification bell and i will see,you in my next one,and i've also got some pictures just to,show you the two salads at the end

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Rajgira Upma | Amaranth Masala Upma | Easy & Healthy Breakfast Recipe | Ruchi

Rajgira Upma | Amaranth Masala Upma | Easy & Healthy Breakfast Recipe | Ruchi

Want to have a gluten free, protein rich bowl of breakfast?,Have Upma!,Confused?,Hi guys! This is Ruchi Bharani, welcome to 'Rajshri Food',and let's begin with the recipe,for Amaranth or Rajgira Masala Upma.,So let me start with explaining the process,of how to cook the Amaranth.,So I have some whole Amaranth here,and it looks like Poppy seeds only,and it's really really healthy.,So what you need to do is soak this for about six to seven hours or overnight,and then after you finish soaking it,you need to pressure cook this.,So in a pressure cooker,put water at the base,put the Amaranth with water in a container,cover it and take about five to six whistles.,So after, it's cooked, it looks like this.,Let's start cooking.,So heat a pan,,into this, add in around one and a half tbsp of Oil.,If you wish, you could even use Ghee for the Tadka.,Once the Oil is nice and hot,into this, add in a tsp of Mustard seeds,,a tsp of Cumin seeds,,Once the two of them splutter,add in a few Curry leaves.,Next add in, one-fourth tsp of Asafoetida,,two green Chillies finely chopped,,one piece of Ginger finely chopped.,Stir-fry all these ingredients for a few seconds.,Next add in,one small Onion finely chopped.,You can use variety of Vegetables in this Upma.,If you want to use some green Peas, finely chopped Carrots,,finely chopped French Beans, you can go ahead and use them.,Also add in, half a Capsicum finely chopped.,Sauté these two ingredients for about two minutes,or till the Onions soften.,And now into this, I am going to add in the spices.,So add around three-fourth tsp of Turmeric powder,half a tsp of Red Chilli powder,,one-fourth tsp of Garam Masala,and next I am going to add in the hero ingredient that is the Amaranth.,So let's add in,the pressure cooked Amaranth, I have taken about three-fourth cup.,Amaranth is naturally gluten free,and it's a high source of Protein and Fiber,and also aids digestion.,Mix all these ingredients properly.,Cook this for two minutes,and now into this I am going to add in,two tbsp of roasted and coarsely ground Peanuts,,Salt to taste,,Coriander leaves,,Give this a final mix and it will be done.,Just before removing it from the flame,squeeze in half a Lemon.,And this is done, turn off the flame.,Time to plate.,Garnish with some Peanuts,,and some Coriander Leaves.,A bowl of nutritious breakfast is ready,So please do give this a try,and this portion serves two.,Let me know how it turned out,and catch me every Monday on 'Rajshri Food',I will see you soon. Bye-Bye.

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Amaranth Porridge 2 Ways: Sweet & Savory

Amaranth Porridge 2 Ways: Sweet & Savory

Amaranth is an incredibly nutritious and versatile food,and in this video I'm going to share a few ways that you can make it for breakfast,Lately I've been loving amaranth bowls,for breakfast whether sweet or savory. I feel like it gives me so much energy,and it really keeps me satisfied for hours and hours,Amaranth is treated like a green but it's actually a teeny tiny little,seed so it's a pseudo-grain similar to quinoa,In these teeny tiny little seeds is a whole lot of nutrition,About a cup of cooked amaranth gives us about,five grams of fiber gives us about nine or ten grams of protein,thirty percent of your recommended daily intake for iron,and iron is an incredibly important nutrient for energy,and it's also a great source of magnesium,Magnesium is another critical nutrient we use it for our immune system it's,great for helping us our body to manage stress and,if you have chronic headaches or migraines or even chronic PMS,Those could both be signs of low magnesium so,ensuring that you're getting enough in your diet can be helpful in those issues,This is a very versatile grain so you can do a few different things with it,You can pop it, you can make it a little bit more like a dry grain,or you can add extra water to the pot,and make it more like a porridge similar to oatmeal,You can make it either sweet with some fruit or savory with some veggies,Cooking amaranth is simple simply add one cup of amaranth to a pot,along with two and a half cups of water bring this to a boil then cover and reduce the heat to low,You'll let the amaranth cook for about 20 minutes or so,until all the liquid is absorbed,Once it's done you'll see that it develops this really thick porridge-like consistency,For a sweet and fruity amaranth breakfast bowl you can use whatever,fruit that you have on hand Here I'm using some nectarine plums and,blueberries but you can really use whatever you have like kiwis,orange slices or bananas and then I'm going to add some crunch with a little,bit of sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds,For a little healthy fat and nice color I'm adding some shredded coconut as well,and then to take this fruity breakfast bowl to the next level,I'm adding a generous swirl of cashew butter on top,For our savory amaranth breakfast bowl we're going to chop up some,grape or cherry tomatoes red onion avocado then toss that with a little bit,of pumpkin seeds sunflower seeds salt and just a touch of olive oil,If you want a little bit of extra flavor you can throw some dried oregano on top,as well you can then pour that on top of your amaranth bowl

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Using Mexico’s Most Ancient Grain: Amaranth

Using Mexico’s Most Ancient Grain: Amaranth

y el amaranto podrá ser pequeño y ligero,pero ha sido fuente de energía tanto,para guerreros aztecas como para,astronautas gracias a su resistencia a,los cambios del clima su adaptabilidad a,cualquier entorno y su alto nivel,proteínico las semillas del amaranto son,de las pocas que han germinado fuera del,planeta tierra sin embargo en méxico fue,domesticada y es utilizada hace más de,5000 años del amaranto aprovechamos todo,sus semillas su tallo y sus hojas es,rico en aminoácidos y es considerado por,la fao como el mejor alimento vegetal,para consumo humano además con este,ingrediente se puede elaborar sopas,panes tortillas ensaladas pastas botanas,y hasta bebidas,estamos en san andrés zautla aquí en,oaxaca vamos a conocer a tres mujeres,campesinas y nos van a contar cómo,cultiva en estos amarantos de forma,agroecológica somos el grupo semilla y,llevamos cuatro años trabajando con el,amaranto yo decía el campo no pues sí,para eso está el súper para eso está el,mercado y jamás en mi vida yo me imaginé,todos los esfuerzos que hace un,campesino para que llegue eso a la mesa,decía que estábamos locas por eso,andábamos en el campo es otro nos gustó,el campo y de lo locos está hecho el,mundo es fáciles dijimos me casé me fui,viví mi vida en ciudad sabía de la,existencia del campo sabía del trabajo y,de la importancia que tiene una vez,regresando acá pues como quien dice que,regreso a mis orígenes encuentro lo que,me gusta como lo explicarían la,agroecología que en qué consiste y,nuestros abuelos ya lo trabajaba es la,soberanía alimentaria que es no utilizar,químicos para que tengamos un buen,cultivo y una semilla limpia,gabriela también cultiva amaranto y nos,enseñará la tierra que trabaja desde,hace 10 años estas notas tienen ahorita,la edad de 85 días para hacer este acto,y después de que las cortas de abril a,que paz después de que se cortase tienen,que poner a secar para que ya ya seca,que se separen primera segunda segunda,en calidad vamos a dejar esto estoy,claro una vez más,venimos a santacruz aquí en oaxaca a,conocer a las mujeres del grupo alegría,de la vida aquí transformar el amaranto,en muchos productos nos van a decir cómo,lo hacen y dónde lo comercializan,hola buenas tardes marialita hola buenas,tardes como está,vamos a ver unas galletas de amaranto,unas galletas con amaranto cuando empezó,a hacer esta receta con amaranto pues,empezamos en el 2000 en el 2010 para,transformar tres productos actualmente,tenemos 14 productos conecta me va a,dejar cocinar pero me dijo que me tengo,que poner un gorro entonces si bien,mientras nietos yo nosotros hacemos una,para que tú vayas viendo más,puedes cortar ok,cuál cree que es la importancia de que,se consuman estos productos pues primero,los nutritivos que es el amaranto todo,además que utilizamos pues el cultivado,aquí en las comunidades de etla de,manera agroecológica nuestros productos,no le ponemos conservadores y aparte de,del beneficio a nuestros organismos,nosotros como transformadoras queremos,que el productor tenga un precio justo,por su producto para también incentivar,lo a que siga produciendo,estamos en pochote un mercado de,productos locales y orgánicos aquí nos,vamos a reunir con el chef producto,castellano del restaurante origen lengua,jaca y vamos a comprar algunos,ingredientes para los que nos va a,cocinar el rato,pues mira que estamos con rossi está,comprando para tu normalmente bienes y,compras en mercados productos locales,en realidad la filosofía un poco del,restaurante es hacer eso no si decimos,que es comida agua que ya no tradicional,como tal pero es mucho enfocada al,producto que se produce en el estado lo,que realmente pues este endémico del,estado no que sólo crece aquí que,nosotros con el restaurante pues también,es lo que buscamos siempre no calidad en,el producto precio justo pues tratos,directos con los proveedores no hay,intermediarios no hay agroquímicos,entonces este es el futuro realmente de,nuestra raza humana si quieres verlo así,de esta manera el tener conciencia de,las prácticas de la tierra y de todo lo,que tenemos que hacer nosotros como,consumidores y esto pues el comercio es,lo que ayuda a que se mantenga rosita,con eso no,lo que teníamos,vamos a ir a comprar un ingrediente más,si amaranto que usted es un ingrediente,que se utiliza muy poco pero el,contenido nutrimental que tiene y la,versatilidad pues a mí me gusta mucho,usarlo hacer otras cosas que la gente,vaya aceptando y también encuentre en el,amaranto una aplicación más más versátil,no porque pues yo creo que nos estamos,perdiendo de mucho al noja al no,consumir este amaranto en realidad,bienvenida pasarles pasarles bueno pues,ya estamos acá dentro de la cocina de,origen si me dijiste vamos a un platillo,con amaranto es una combinación ahorita,de ingredientes de temporada la,composición de este básicamente es,tomate ajo cebolla un poquito de ciertas,troceadas y por las almejas para que vea,un aporte de proteína pero la base es el,amaranto esté reventado este que,

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