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Updated on Jan 18,2023

Sweet Dinner Rolls Recipe - How to Make Sweet Dinner Rolls |

this recipe for sweet dinner rolls was,submitted by Allrecipes member Donna,West who commented that this dough makes,wonderful dinner rolls but can also be,used to make cinnamon rolls mix it in,your bread machine but bake the rolls in,the oven they're light soft and sweet,we're using a bread machine today but,you can proof the dough and bake it in,the oven the old-fashioned way to place,half a cup of warm water into the bread,machine pan the water should be about a,hundred and ten degrees for the yeast to,activate add 1/4 ounce package of active,dry yeast and mix it until the yeast is,dissolved then add a half a cup of warm,milk you can warm it quickly in the,microwave add one egg,and 1/3 of a cup of softened butter you,should take the batter out of the,refrigerator a couple of hours ahead so,it comes to room temperature you will,need another quarter cup of butter after,the dough Rises so be sure to take out,enough for that too next add a third of,a cup of sugar a teaspoon of salt,and three and three-quarters of a cup of,all-purpose flour,close the lid select the dough knead and,first rise cycle and then press Start,when the cycle finishes sprinkle a,little bit of flour on a clean surface,and turn the dough out onto it,divide the dough in half,and we'll each half into a 12 inch,circle use a quarter of a cup of melted,butter to spread over the entire surface,of each round and then cut each circle,into eight wedges,it's easiest to cut the round in half,then quarters and then make the final,cuts into eighths roll each wedge,starting at the wide end rolling it,gently but tightly place the rolls point,side down on ungreased cookie sheets,cover the rolls with a clean kitchen,towel and put the cookie sheets in a,warm place leaving the rolls to rise for,an hour meanwhile preheat the oven to,400 degrees once the rolls have doubled,in size bake them in the preheated oven,for 10 to 15 minutes until they're,golden,you just can't beat fresh warm rolls,straight out of the oven,you

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How to Make Grandma Rita's Soft Butter Rolls | Bread Recipes |

How to Make Grandma Rita's Soft Butter Rolls | Bread Recipes |

want a roll that stays soft for days all,recipes user Laila says these fluffy,soft rolls are made with butter and love,her grandma Rita soft butter rolls are,the perfect side dish for your dinner or,holiday feast start by pouring 3/4 of a,cup of milk into a measuring cup heat in,the microwave for about a minute or,until the milk starts to boil and climb,up the sides of the glass but do not,boil it too far so that it overflows and,you've got a milk mess everywhere been,there done that got the t-shirt add in a,quarter cup of butter and a quarter cup,of sugar and a teaspoon of salt and let,the scholars know cool until it gets,between 100 and 110 degrees does all,four and a half teaspoons of active dry,yeast and one teaspoon of sugar and 1/2,cup of 110 degree warm water in a large,bowl let's stand until the yeast softens,and begins to form a creamy foam which,should take about 10 minutes this creamy,foam is the byproduct of your yeast,reawakening or blooming without the step,your roles will be hockey pucks combine,the milk and yeast mixtures then 2 cups,of bread flour and 1 lightly beaten egg,stir the mixture with a wooden spoon,until smooth,add in the remaining cup and a half of,flour gradually mixing between each half,cup addition when the dough is smooth,and tacky you know you're done dust a,sheet of wax paper with a little bit of,flour and turn out your dough to knead,it,pull and shape into a ball and then,place in a large lightly oiled bowl,cover with a kitchen towel and place in,a warm place for 30 minutes to let the,dough rise once the dough has risen,divide it into thirds brick each third,into six evenly sized balls and arrange,on the baking sheet cover it with a,towel and let the dough rise again for,about 30 minutes bake in a 350 degree,oven for about 15 minutes or until the,top of the rolls are nice golden brown,all recipes users have eaten up this,five-star recipe for Grandma Rita's soft,butter rolls let us know if you make,them and comment what you think about,them don't forget to Like and subscribe,so you don't miss a thing,thanks for watching

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The Best Homemade Dinner Rolls You’ll Ever Eat

The Best Homemade Dinner Rolls You’ll Ever Eat

dinner rolls are actually a super sexy,super satisfying and honestly like one,of the better parts of a big banquet,meal it's a very easy introduction to,dough and introduction to bread but,dinner roll is basically like your,fourth utensil right so you have your,fork your knife your spoon and then you,have your dinner roll and that's what's,going to help sop up all like the really,best parts of your dinner so respect it,there's a bunch of different types of,flour out there you've got the whole,wheat that has the bran in there you've,got almond flour all these different,gluten-free options nowadays we're going,to use all-purpose when you're starting,out making bread all-purpose is a great,one to start with because it is so,refined it's very predictable it's going,to give you the result that you're after,yeast,so there's like three standard ones you,can get in the us around the world,they're called different things in,different places you have active dry,you have instant nice and you also have,fresh here we have all the different,tests for yeast to see what would the,result be in the bread could we really,taste or see a difference in the rising,in terms of speed how big the dough's,got all of that so we bloomed the fresh,and the active dry we did not bloom,through rapid because it is not,recommended to do so we all use the,exact same amount of ingredients we use,the flour from the same bag but all of,ours were different levels of soft the,instant was super hard the active dry,was kind of the mama bear of them it was,like kind of the in between the fresh,was like super soft so because we want,to have a little more control over our,dough we wanted to use active dry so to,wake it up we're going to put it in a,liquid and the sugar and butter are,going to act as food for these to make,our blooming liquid we're going to start,with some warm milk we're going to add a,little bit of warm water,and melted butter to that we're going to,add sugar sugar is going to be the main,thing that's going to give our yeast,some food to really quickly start to,work,in goes our yeast we're going to stir it,to make sure the granules can evenly,dissolve,and be mixed in evenly with all those,ingredients so we're going to leave that,for about five minutes,and it should,look something like this if you don't,see anything close to this you should,throw everything away and start with,some new yeast your yeast might be old,or dead,so once you've bloomed our yeast we're,gonna set it off to the side,and goes the flour and the salt and,we're going to super quickly incorporate,the salt into the flour again so it,doesn't like hit a huge block of salt,when the yeast goes in,we're going to add an egg to this dough,that's going to further enrich our dough,it's also going to give us a little bit,of color a bit of extra flavor and a bit,of,add it to our bloomed yeast mixture and,then just quickly as you can pour it,into the flour i'm going to use the same,knife just to hydrate as much of the,flour as quickly as i can so once i'm,getting it to a roughly kind of shaggy,dough i can pour it out of my bowl,without making too huge a mess onto a,clean floured surface and really start,to make this into a dough,the stove is definitely on the water,side so you want to keep a little bit of,bench flour and that just means a little,extra flour around to add to your dough,as you go to make it a little bit easier,to work with and so that it's not too,wet,the cool thing with bread is that wetter,is better unlike pastry which you want,to be on the dryer side so it's pretty,fun to work with it's pretty easy to,work with as well but if it's really,sticking to your hands or to the surface,all you need to do is add a little bit,more flour and it'll be much easier to,work with and depending on like how old,your flour is how big your egg is i mean,there's so much that's going in here,you're probably going to need more flour,than you think before you go too far get,all these extra bits off your hands from,when you first start rolling because no,matter what like you're gonna have a,little bit of those scraggly bits on,your hands so get those off and start,incorporating those into your dough,early so that you don't have like big,scraggly bits later on again because,you're going to be kneading for a good,10 minutes or so those will pretty,easily be incorporated into the dough,but if you wait too long then you'll,just have like a big chunk so kneading,this is one thing that i think people,tend to under do almost always so if,you're doing this by hand i promise you,it's like almost impossible to over,knead if you are using a stand mixer it,is possible and what will start to,happen and it will kind of fall apart,it'll just turn almost like liquidy and,that means that you've just overworked,the gluten and you over needed it but by,hand trust me you're probably underneath,it what i like to do is i like to roll,the dough on top of itself and then push,it out,rotate fold it over itself

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Parker House Rolls - Classic American Dinner Rolls - Food Wishes

Parker House Rolls - Classic American Dinner Rolls - Food Wishes

hello this is Chef John from, with Parker House rolls,that's right I'm going to show you how,to make America's most popular dinner,roll and also one of the oldest dinner,roll recipes in fact when this was first,published the internet was actually,printed on paper and bound in books and,people's Instagram pictures had to be,framed and hung on the wall oh yeah you,kids have no idea but anyway these are,very simple to make and everybody and I,mean everybody loves a Parker House role,so with that let's go ahead and get,started with this rather Rich dough,which is going to start with some warm,milk,and then we'll also do an equal amount,of equally warm water,at which point we'll sprinkle over one,package of active dry yeast,and we will let that sit there getting a,head start for about 10 minutes,during which time we'll pull the rest of,our ingredients together,and those will include two large hole,eggs,and then we'll also want to toss in a,touch of sugar,and of course a little bit of salt,followed by a very generous amount of,melted butter,all right we're gonna do an entire stick,and then what we'll do is take a whisk,and give this a very quick mix before we,add in the last ingredient,which is going to be some all-purpose,flour and that's going to be it for our,dough ingredients and we will lower our,dough hook in and we will need this for,about five or six minutes,until it pulls together into a nice ball,of dough,and because this is a very rich mixture,with the eggs and the butter do not be,surprised if you have a little bit of,dough smearing on the sides of the,bubble,okay hopefully that eventually pulls off,but if it doesn't just use your spatula,scrape it down and keep kneading it,and what we're shooting for here is,something that's very soft and smooth,and supple,and fairly elastic,and when it's done it hopefully looks,and feels something like this,which is going to be a lot easier to see,when I eventually get it off the stand,mixer and transfer it onto my work,surface,okay so if everything goes according to,plan this is what we should end up with,and man does that feel good,okay it almost feels too good,and then once we do have a Supple,softball a dough like this we'll go,ahead and place that back in our Bowl,which we've lightly buttered and we will,cover it and we'll let that rise for a,couple hours or until it doubles in size,and as you might know Rich doughs take a,little longer to rise,so if after two hours you don't think,yours is done let it go,but after a couple hours mine was,looking really good,which means we can transfer it onto a,work surface and we will press out all,the air with our hands which in the,business we call degassing,and once we have that pressed into some,kind of uniform shape we will attempt to,divide it into 24 equal pieces which you,can do by eye but to get them exact go,ahead and use his scal and divide by 24.,but regardless once each portion is cut,we'll go ahead and roll that into a ball,on the table,cupping it with our hand like we always,do to get a nice smooth surface and we,will transfer those onto a Silpat line,baking sheet at which point we could,just proof these and bake them and have,round dinner rolls but let me go ahead,and show you how to work this into a,more traditional Parker House roll shape,and to do that we will roll each ball on,a lightly floured surface into an oval,about five inches long or so,and then what we'll do is brush butter,over the surface and simply fold it in,half and by the way for filming purposes,I'm using this plate to butter on,so I don't get butter where I'm going to,roll the dough,so just in case you were wondering,but anyway like I said we'll go ahead,and fold that in half,and that for me is the simplest way to,form these but there are countless other,ways and if you do an image search,you'll see what I mean all right some,people like to roll these up with the,seam on the bottom whereas other people,like to fold the top over past the edge,still others that take the opposite,approach and only fold the top over,halfway so that the two pieces sort of,separate as it bakes but as you can see,I like to fold mine perfectly even which,I think gives these a nice uniform shape,plus produces the perfect shape and size,to make little sandwiches with the,leftover meat we usually serve these,with,and as you can see if you roll them the,same size I do 24 should fit very nicely,on a sheet pan,and by the way if you want a taller,fatter roll just don't roll yours out as,large and flat as I am all right make a,smaller oval and then fold it over and,you'll have something a little thicker,that will bake up a little taller,and that's it once that's been,accomplished we will cover these with a,towel and we'll let them sit in a warm,spot for about an hour or until they,just about double in size,oh and quick production note it got,totally dark while I was filming this so,if you notice that the lighting changes,and the Shadows get more severe that's

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How to Make French Bread Rolls | Bread Recipe |

How to Make French Bread Rolls | Bread Recipe |

all recipes member Joe submitted this,recipe for French bread rolls to die for,saying it's easy to make and the dough,can be made in a mixer bread maker or by,hand let's begin by pouring one and a,half cups of warm water at 110 degrees,into the bowl of a stand mixer with the,dough hook attached add in one,tablespoon of active dry yeast and two,tablespoons of white sugar,stir the yeast mixture well and then let,it stand for about 10 minutes until it,becomes creamy then add in 2 tablespoons,of vegetable oil,along with one teaspoon of salt,and two cups of bread flour,mix the dough until the ingredients are,just blended and then a half a cup at a,time add in the remaining two cups of,flour until the dough pulls away from,the sides of the bowl,lightly flour a clean work surface and,turn the dough out knead the dough for,about eight minutes or until it's smooth,and elastic,lightly coat a large bowl with oil place,the dough in the bowl and turn it to,make sure it's lightly coated with the,oil cover the bowl with a clean damp,cloth and let the dough sit in a warm,place until it's doubled in size which,should take about an hour while the,dough is rising,lightly grease two baking sheets once,the dough has risen punch it down,turn it out again onto a lightly floured,surface,divide the dough into 16 equal pieces,form each piece into a round ball,place the dough balls onto your prepared,baking sheets leaving at least two,inches between the balls cover them with,clean damp cloths and let the rolls rise,until they've doubled in volume about 40,minutes while the rolls are rising,pre-heat your oven to 400 degrees once,the rolls have doubled in size bake them,in your preheated oven for between 18,and 20 minutes or until they're golden,brown all recipes member Joe also,suggests that the rolls can be brushed,before baking with one beaten egg white,mixed with 1 tbsp water if desired once,baked the beaten egg white gives the,rolls a nice professional Baker's look

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Quick Dinner Rolls Recipe / Soft and Fluffy Dinner Rolls in 4 simple steps

Quick Dinner Rolls Recipe / Soft and Fluffy Dinner Rolls in 4 simple steps

these quick dinner rolls are pillowy,soft and they are light and fluffy and,they have a rich buttery smell and,flavor the recipe is very,straightforward and we can make these,super soft dinner rolls with only seven,basic ingredients another good thing,about this recipe is that we can make,fresh a homemade dinner balls in less,than two hours and in this quick recipe,we don't need to wait for that double,proofing and so we can save a lot of,hard time so today let's see how to make,these quick a soft and fluffy dinner,balls in four simple steps,so to make these dinner rolls we'll need,some flour some milk egg and butter to,enrich our dough and some salt and sugar,to enhance the flavour and some yeast as,a leavening agent so as the first step,let's start by preparing our dough it's,so easy to make this dinner ball dough,into a ball we need to add all of these,ingredients and mix everything together,so let's add milk which is not too cold,or not too hot just a slightly warm,because east always need a sweet and,warm and we're meant to bloom up so,let's add some sugar and then one,teaspoon of yeast he refused instant,east you can use active dried yeast as,well and then I'm adding one egg and,some softened butter he refused very,soft butter so that it will be easy for,us to blend everything together and then,add some salt and give it a good stir to,mix everything together,and now let's add in the flour into this,and we can use either bread flour or,all-purpose flour to make these dinner,balls bread flour can give more alight,and soft a dinner rolls as they contain,more protein and hence more gluten,stamps but here I've used all-purpose,flour which is more conveniently,available for most of us so just combine,everything together using a wooden spoon,to form a shaggy massive door and now,let's transfer this on to a clean work,surface and if you are using a stand,mixer then it will be so easy for you to,make the bread dough but if you are,kneading the dough by hand you may find,the dough to be a little sticky in the,beginning at this stage we may get,tempted to add more flour into this but,don't do that,just continue to knead for three to four,minutes and you will see the texture of,our dough changes and it will not stick,to your hands,adding water will loosen the protein,structure which we help to create a more,lengthy gluten stance the water will be,absorbed into the dough in about of,minutes of kneading and you will get a,softer dough and we need to knead a,dough until we get a very soft and,elastic dough that springs back when,pressed on with your fingers and they,are no longer sticky and we can also,check the gluten development or the,doneness of our dough with the,windowpane test that is to pull a small,portion of the dough and stretch it with,your hands and it should stretch to form,a very thin sheet without tearing if we,are using bread flour it is so much easy,to attain the stage but if we are using,all-purpose flour then it will take a,little longer needing time to get to the,stage,now our dough is ready for the second,step that is to divide and shape the,dough I rolled the dough into the shape,of hello so that we can divide the dough,into equal pieces here I'm dividing it,into 15 equal pieces or if you want to,be more precise each of these balls is,about 40 grams and we don't need to,stress over this step but the closer,they are in similar size the more even,they will rise and break,and now let's a shape our rolls so,flatten each of the dog peas and then,tuck in the edges towards the center and,then roll it into the shape of a round,ball and place these smooth balls onto a,prepared baking tray as my baking tray,is not non sticky I've placed the tray,with some butter and then placed a,parchment paper on top so that it will,be easier to remove their bowls from the,tray after it's been baked,and now our rolls are ready for the,third step that is to prove their walls,so cover the tray with a plastic film,and and let them sit and rise in a warm,and we are in rent for 60 minutes,and after one our our dough balls have,risen well and now I'm going to give,Anna cause to make them more appealing,to her eyes when they come out of the,oven,egg wash can give that beautiful shine,and golden-brown color to our rolls when,they are baked I prepared this egg wash,just by blending together one tablespoon,of milk and one egg until they form a,smooth mixture,and now while holes are played et go,into the oven so bake it at 375,Fahrenheit preheated oven for 18 to 20,minutes or until they are golden brown,on top,and when they are done take the tray out,of the oven and remove their bowls from,the baking tray and place them on a,cooling rack and I love them to cool,down for a few minutes before serving,and nothing can beat that smell and,flavor of those freshly baked homemade,dinner rolls and you can see our roles,are pillowy soft and they are light as,cotton and these are one of the best,inner rolls I've ever had and I love,this re

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Rosemary & Honey Pull-Apart Dinner Rolls - Holiday Dinner Rolls Recipe

Rosemary & Honey Pull-Apart Dinner Rolls - Holiday Dinner Rolls Recipe

hello this is chef john from,,with,rosemary and honey pull apart dinner,rolls that's right when those fancy,holiday meals roll around you can't just,put any kind of roll on the table you,have to make something special and these,are kind of special and if you thought,these were too complicated or hard to,make well think again these are actually,quite simple to make and here's how you,do it so we're going to start by putting,one package of dry active yeast in the,bowl of our stand mixer and then we're,going to pour over a quarter cup of very,warm but not too hot water all right as,you know if it's too hot it will kill,the yeast so just give that a stir and,we're just gonna let that sit there for,about 10-15 minutes and what will happen,is it will start getting foamy and thick,and you know that the yeast is alive and,it's all good in the microorganism hood,okay so we're going to set that aside,we're going to go over to the stove,where i'm going to have you over low,heat melt some butter in some milk so,put the heat on low and just let it sit,there until the butter almost melts just,like that and then just turn it off all,right we just want that tepid just,barely warm again if it's too hot you're,going to kill the yeast so just set that,aside we're going to go back over to the,mixing bowl and we're going to look to,see if the yeast is alive and mine is,see how it's kind of thick and foamy and,bubbly that means the yeast is living so,to that we're gonna add some honey it's,gonna give the rolls a little bit of,sweetness i usually put about a,tablespoon if you wanted a little,sweeter you could put two tablespoons,we're also gonna throw in some salt and,some finely minced rosemary all right,not a ton rosemary is very strong so be,careful not to overdo it and then we're,going to dump in our flour but not all,of it like 75 percent of it and why not,all of it because i'll explain in a,minute and then finally dump in your,warm milk butter mixture we're going to,throw that on the mixer with a dough,hook because we're making dough we're,going to give that a mix and it's going,to be way too sticky to form a dough but,that's good because what we want to do,is just gradually add flour until it,just pulls away from the sides so after,that initial mixing you can see it's,super sticky and way too wet i'm gonna,dump in flour about a quarter cup at a,time i'll let it turn for a minute i'll,scrape down the side and i'll keep doing,that until this happens until the dough,has absorbed enough flour where it just,barely pulls away from the sides it's,still very soft it's still very sticky,but there is enough flour in there that,this will pull together into a dough,ball once that happens you're gonna let,that knead for about six minutes until,you have a very elastic and again soft,slightly sticky dough all right when you,pull it out of the bowl it should be,slightly tacky but not enough where it's,going to stick to your fingers if it,does add a little more flour and eat it,more but that's perfect right there i'm,going to douse that with some olive oil,a good amount,i'm going to make sure it's totally,coated we're going to cover that with,foil and put it in a warm spot for about,an hour and a half to two hours until it,doubles in size and you'll know because,it'll be like twice as big all right so,that's looking good for me that was,about an hour and 40 minutes we're gonna,dump that onto our cutting board now,you'll notice i don't have any flour,down because that dough still has a good,amount of oil on it so it's really not,that sticky if you're scared you can rub,a little bit olive oil on your board in,your hands and what we're going to do is,we're going to form that into a,rectangle but only to help us portion,these dinner rolls if you want you can,just start pulling off pieces and making,the balls but i find it easier to make a,rectangle then i'll cut it in equal size,strips and if i cut each strip into the,same number of pieces i know each of my,rolls will be basically the same size,all right so nothing too complicated it,just helps you portion and of course at,this point i will note you can make,these any size you want as long as,they're the same size so they bake the,same and then once your dough is,portioned you're simply going to take,each piece and form it into a small ball,and how you want to do this you want to,fold the four corners up underneath,itself so you're keeping a nice smooth,surface and you're pulling and pinching,that dough towards the bottom so the,seams will be underneath and the top,will be a perfectly smooth sphere and,just as a side note sometimes when i'm,doing this balling i will also do a,little bit of shot calling but that's,only if i have time all right once those,are all balled up we're going to,carefully place those on a lined baking,sheet we want nice neat rows and columns,and you'll notice they're almost but not,quite touching and this is very critical,if you want the pull apart effect

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Pumpkin-Shaped Dinner Rolls – Food Wishes

Pumpkin-Shaped Dinner Rolls – Food Wishes

hello this is chef john from food wishes daikon with pumpkin dinner rolls that's,right have you ever been eating a batch of freshly made dinner rolls and thought,to yourself these are really good but I wish they had taken longer to make and,look like little pumpkins well probably not but after watching this video that,could actually happen and while it is true these are a little more,labor-intensive those looks of wonderment and smiles on your guests,faces more than make it worthwhile so with that let's go ahead and get started,with this very simple dough and that'll begin with some warm milk okay not room,temperature not hot somewhere in between and then over that we will sprinkle one,package of dry active yeast plus a tablespoon or so of honey all right,exactly how much depends on how sweet you want these but generally a holiday,dinner roll should have a little bit of sweetness to it and then we're also,gonna want to add a generous amount of melted butter,preferably from cows and a grass for a living and then we will go ahead and,give that a quick stir before finishing this up with our flour and as usual we,will hold a little bit back so we can knead that in later all right if you,only remember one thing from this video it's that you should never add the,entire amount of flour call for in a recipe and then last but not least we,will add our salt and that's it we'll go ahead and take our most experienced,wooden spoon and start stirring all this together and we will keep stirring until,we formed almost a dough alright so we want everything to sort of pull together,but it's still going to be way too sticky to knead which is exactly what we,want because what we'll do when it does reach that stage is go ahead and,transfer that onto our work surface onto which we sprinkled the rest of our flour,and we will start kneading which is not going to be easy right away since this,is so sticky but as that dough picks up the flour on the surface it will become,less sticky and smoother and more elastic and if everything goes according,to plan eventually we will end up with a very soft fairly elastic but not too,sticky dough and by the way if your dough is picked up all that flour on the,surface and it's still sticky just sprinkle over some more and then keep,sprinkling until it's just right and one of the great clues you've added in,enough flour is that the dough will stop smearing and sticking onto your fingers,and the surface which is exactly what's happened here and at,this point we should be able to shape this into a ball of dough that holds its,shape and stays nice and round and sits up nice and perky and when we give it a,push with our fingers that dough springs back so that is looking just about,perfect and once that's been accomplished we'll go ahead and transfer,that into a lightly buttered Bowl and then we'll cover it and let it sit in a,warm place for about an hour and a half or until it doubles in size and then,while we're waiting for that to happen the other prep we could do would be to,cut some pieces of string about eight to ten inches long and we're gonna need,four per roll and once those are cut will transform into a bowl and toss them,in a little bit of vegetable oil and we just need enough to coat and I have no,idea why I poured so much in all right because if you're tossing these in the,oil is flying out of the bowl you added too much but anyway we'll go ahead and,coat our pieces of kitchen string and some oil at which point we'll simply set,those aside until we're ready to bind our balls of dough and then assuming our,dos risen we can go ahead and proceed to the next step,and by the way I forgot to mention I did butter the foil to cover this with just,to prevent sticking but anyway what we'll do is go ahead and,deflate our dough and then transfer to our table and sort of press it down into,some kind of uniform shape and thanks to this dough having so much butter in it,we probably don't have to flour the surface but if for whatever reason yours,is sticking go ahead and then once this was pressed down I went ahead and split,it in half since this recipe is gonna make twelve,portions but to make the filming a little easier I'm only gonna do six and,actually save that other half for some Danish experiments and then what we'll,do once we've cut this into some hopefully equal sized pieces is roll,each piece into a nice round ball and we do that by cupping our hand over the,dough and then we just sort of press it lightly and use a circular motion and if,you do that for about 10 or 15 seconds you should end up with something that's,beautifully round and relatively smooth so I did that all six of my portions at,which point we're gonna cover these and let them rest for 15 minutes and if you,don't have a bowl you could use a kitchen towel or some like the oil,plastic wrap and then once our dough has rested for about 15 minutes we can,proceed to tie it up and to accomplish that we will place,four pieces of string

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