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Best HIDDEN GEMS in Times Square, NYCtimes square one of the world's most  visited destinations and

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Updated on Jan 18,2023

Best HIDDEN GEMS in Times Square, NYC

times square one of the world's most  visited destinations and it's just  ,full of tourist traps today we're gonna change  that narrative and show you some hidden gems  ,all within a 10-minute walk of fear  you do not want to miss this trust me  ,there's more fake monks and tourists  out right now time square's back  ,inside the m social hotel is a really amazing  view of times square that many people don't  ,know about it's at a bar called beast and  butterflies and you've got to check this out,oh this is nice it's actually a nice hotel all  right i've been to a lot of rooftops in new york  ,city but i have to say this view is unique i  can't think of too many where you were just  ,staring straight on to times square and you have  all that noise all that hustle and bustle and  ,we're sort of away from it we're protected from  it but we can hear it it's kind of like being a  ,top of the rock but at a bar let me find it let me  find it up there's times square okay that's a lot  ,of people i see it i have to say the stereotype at  hotel bars isn't always the best quality cocktails  ,broadway breeze right here  wow this is actually very good  ,this is whiskey based with oktoberfest  beer in it if you want to have one of those  ,surreal i'm actually in new york city  moments stand right here with a drink,or many drinks they just opened up the entire  kitchen for us this is actually really good wow  ,they come up here like beer i'm gonna  get a little fancier lobster roll oh yeah,um i wasn't actually expecting this to  be so good this is my job to hang out  ,on a rooftop bar eating lobster rolls  looking at times square i should have  ,put this when i was in third grade like this is  the career i want teacher wouldn't believe me,ready,our next hidden gem is right  here what's that picture,one of the best hidden gems in all of new york  city not just times square is underneath this  ,great on broadway between 45th and 46th streets  99.9 of people and all these people posing for  ,photos they don't realize they're walking over  an art piece which was installed in 1977 by an  ,aural artist named max newhouse it's called times  square and there's a humming sound it sounds like  ,i'll show you if you walk by here it kind of  sounds like an alien is playing a xylophone and  ,it's actually pretty surreal because it's drowning  with all the other sounds of the city the sirens  ,the cars honking all the people yet every  time i pass by i always notice it normally  ,i just ignore this it's like i never thought it's  actually some synchronized type of uh hum or music,like a part of a new yorker's  cool club for knowing this fact,it's just a consistent wow,inside the herald square district shopping  court is some sushi that you need to try  ,the best spots in new york are hidden  in the back of little markets like this  ,we like to put cream cheese and everything deep  fried everything and we have a secret sauce  ,people from sao paulo actually they ordered hot  philadelphia it's hot not because it's spicy yeah  ,because it's deep fried this is the only spot in  all in new york city you can find this yeah i've  ,actually never seen sushi like this before this is  a roll uh the big road right yeah with uh salmon  ,creamy cheese inside rolling in panko pancake  is a japanese food on the top have scallions  ,and sesame seeds and this secret sauce yes all  right try i'm excited for this i love sushi,hot sushi now i see it it's hot  ,i should say this sushi is really good for winter  too it's like sushi with like a latin flavor to it  ,in brazil we have the biggest japanese community  out of japan brazilians kind of make their own  ,way to make sushi with brazilians tasty and  black mix we're less than a 10-minute walk  ,from one of the busiest places on earth and  we're in this little hidden alleyway enjoying  ,one of the only places in the area you can find  brazilian sushi very new york kind of thing to do,right across the street from the main public  library is a staff roast the art shows foundation  ,library open this july on the top floor is  one of the best free views of new york city  ,that a lot of people don't know  about all right guys seventh floor,wow this is so cool,this is a one million dollar view and  i can't believe we didn't know about  ,this it's pretty chill you can come here with  your computer and more with this amazing view  ,i recommend coming here at night because you get  the view of the skyline with all the lights on and  ,it's much quieter with the street traffic down  here straight down there empire state building  ,summit ov right there newest attraction in new  york absolute definition of a hidden gem here  ,absolute definition birdland is a new york  institution and a shrine to jazz history  ,this needs to be on more tourist radars as  he's just a few blocks from times square  ,during the pandemic birdland was in danger of  being closed and fans from around the world  ,helped raise four hundred t

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All You Can Eat HOTPOT Buffet Tour of New York PART 1

All You Can Eat HOTPOT Buffet Tour of New York PART 1

Hey, it's Mike Chen,Awhile ago I did a video where I went and tried out and reviewed a lot of all you can eat hot pot restaurants in San Francisco,And after that video came out a lot of you guys messaged me asking me to do the same thing for,New York City, so I thought go around New York City, and eat at a lot of all-you-can-eat hot pot buffets,Let's do it,So we're going to go to a lot of the all-you-can-eat hot pot places in the city,and we're going to go try them out and like before we're going to review them based on five things: meat quality,,quantity of ingredients, the sauce bar, the broth and the service and we'll rank each of these five,criterias from one to five, five of course being the best, and because there are so many all-you-can-eat,hot pot places in the city, I don't think one video is going to cover it,So we're going to make it a series. All right guys. Let's go hot potting.,Our first stop is 99 Favors out here in Flushing.,I'm starving. I had a reservation at 8:00. It's 8:16, and there's still a bunch of people ahead of me,I'm about to munch on this bamboo. I mean pandas do it right?,This is actually bigger upstairs than it is downstairs,Thank you. Wow, look at how big that table is,Here, the hot pot is $22.99 you get a dollar off if you are a VIP,I don't know what it takes to be a VIP, but a dollar seems a little low,If you want to get Korean barbecue it's $25.99 you want to get them together is $30.99,And here you can either get a big family-style pot and have three flavors three broth,or you can get a big pot with two broth or you can get your own mini little pot,Here you don't mark anything on a slip of paper you just,Tell your server what you want and she'll put it into the iPad,Now that I pretty much ordered everything on the menu let's check out the sauce situation,This sauce bar it's actually really complete,It has all my favorites: the chive sauce, sesame sauce, Chinese barbecue sauce and hot oil,Sauce number one,and one really simple,three part sesame one part chive sauce,It's soup base testing time and I'm going to start off with the tomato,It tastes like ketchup. I was really anticipating that because in San Francisco,I had a two middle soup base that tasted really good,But this one really just kind of tastes like ketchup,This looks amazing,This is the pork bone broth,so I'm going to take a little bit of meat with my broth,The pork bone broth has a lot of porky and herby flavor to it,but it is kind of bland,Herbal Broth. This is actually really good,This is my favorite broth so far,It's very herbal-ly there's definitely some Chinese medicine in here. I fare it's really good. Finally the spicy broth,It's really spicy. Wow this broth as you can see has a lot of stuff in there, and it does taste pretty good,This is Mike my server here. He's dissecting the shrimp,You must have got an A in science class; all my shrimp has been beheaded and he's deveining the shrimp right now,That's some great tableside service. I of course opted for both the hot pot and barbecue,I can never resist that and this is my favorite fatty beef brisket,And they mixed in some kind of spicy sauce with it as well. Usually I like these with a little bit of salt and vinegar,and sesame oil,That's heavenly,the brisket's nice ratio of lean and fatty meat,It's not sliced as thin as I would typically like but the quality of this meat is undeniable,beautiful char on this brisket and the fat just melts. On this side,this is duck and,whenever I see duck on a BBQ you gotta get it. Duck is marvelous barbecue and look at all that beautiful duck fat,Mmm. I love barbecue duck and my conch is ready. I'm really excited. I love conch so much,I love conch because of its crunch. Okay, that's stupid. I'm sorry I'm sorry.,It's so good; not too much seasoning on that. Short Ribs,It's not the most tender short rib you'll ever have, but hey, it's an all-you-can-eat buffet; it's flavorful enough,Alright guys I feel really bad right now because during this meal time I've been neglecting,Someone and I feel really bad because well, I love that individual and for it to feel neglected by me I feel horrible,I need to make up to it. So let's pay the hot pot some attention like I said really delicious broth,Let's go ahead and add some lamb and add some beef. About ten seconds in and it's done. Let's try the meat,You are able to tell that it's all you can eat hot pot buffet meat,I mean, it's not the most tender beef or lamb,But the meat is sliced really thin and its able to soak up a lot of the soup,And that's soup really adds a lot of heat to the meat. My favorite thing to do is go tell the fried dough,-- that soak up some delicious soup,That's a beautiful bite. This is the cow tongue. A lot of people might not like this.,But I love it. It's really lean, really delicious meat. Dip that in my sesame oil and salt,Guys for the first time in a hot pot buffet,I'm feeling a little bit overwhelmed because look at this I have a stack of BBQ meat here,

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All You Can Eat JAPANESE WAGYU BEEF & Tempura OMAKASE in New York

All You Can Eat JAPANESE WAGYU BEEF & Tempura OMAKASE in New York

so,i heard rumor of this all-you-can-eat,wagyu,beef buffet in koreatown new york city,then the last time i saw ikea wacky,buffet was in japan so,i gotta go investigate this is all for,science,so this is the place that has the,all-you-can-eat wagyu,steak and there's a few options you can,choose from you can either do,the 99 option which would be all you can,eat five to six cuts of meat where you,can do the 135 dollar option,eight to ten cuts of meat where they,have a a five,course menu that is also has the all you,can get included in here as well,so i am choosing the more expensive all,you can eat meat menu,in the first few cuts i'm going to ask,for whatever comes with the 99,menu because honestly in my opinion a5,wagyu,once you get to the really good quality,as long as it's a5 wagyu you're not,going to,taste that much difference between the,cuts because it's going to be so,marbled and buttery because you know,unlike the girl from food wars i don't,have,god tongue and to pair with my meat just,some hot tea,very good hot tea and my tools that i,have at my disposal look at that knife,tongues a spatula,and because this is a korean place,scissors and while i'm waiting for the,ragu to arrive a huge thank you and,shout out to surfsharkvpn,for sponsoring this video and for,supporting my channel all these years if,you guys have not looked into a vpn,service yet i encourage you very much to,do so especially nowadays everyone's,traveling more you're connecting to all,sorts of different wi-fi these are all,great opportunities for people to steal,your personal information,whenever you're typing something into,your search engine or chatting about a,brand or a product with a friend or even,sometimes even talking about it,that product where brands start popping,up all over your phone your social media,everywhere that's your personal,information being stupid so what a vpn,is it's a virtual private network and,what surf sharp vpn does is that it,encrypts and secures your personal,information,before it goes over the internet that,way people you don't want having access,to your personal information they won't,have access to it also subtract has,something called heclock id so whenever,someone's trying to access something,like your email,you're gonna get notified right away,plus if you're into tv shows and movies,who isn't and you're sick of watching,your own netflix where you're out of the,country you're trying to access your,crunchyroll with your hulu account,actually nowadays there's hbo plus,there's there's so many services you,want to have access to you can actually,use surfsharkvpn to make a netflix think,you're in south korea and you'll have,access to all of south korea's video,library or you're overseas and can make,hulu think that you're actually in the,us,so you can actually have access to your,account so if you want to give this a,try go to my link,down below use my promo code mikey chen,you're going to get 83,off your order and three extra months,for free plus you can try it out for 30,days if you don't like it,get your money back something beautiful,just walked in the door,these are from the ribs this is from the,back i think,this is the tri-tip this is the,tenderloin this is like the wing of the,tenderloin these three,cuts is what i'm paying extra for today,and the daily cuts will change,well daily if you got the 99 deal these,would be,the cuts which i mean it still looks,tremendous like this freaking piece is,just,glorious this thing looks like it's been,chilling on the couch stuffing its face,with potato chips and,ice cream that's how fatty and marbled,it looks and this is just,a work of art look at that it's like a,landscape snow painting let's eat,the first piece is ready this is the,short rib oh,yes that's just like blinded by this,white out here short rib gonna add a,little wasabi for a slight,kick some salt,as well,you get 90 minutes um you got to,maximize your time,you can ask them to cook multiple pieces,at once on the grill this way you can,eat and go to the next piece the thing,with wagyu is even if you try to eat a,lot there's going to come a limit where,you're going to hit the word,in chinese it's called meat which is,like it's just way too greasy,so remember to chase it with a lot of,these veggies,but this is tremendously good i mean,miyazaki wagyu,any form of a5 wagyu,it's just butter,i love it there's a little bit of salt,this piece here has a great trouble,flavor to it,oh everything is so good and this onion,onion's gonna be delicious later on too,i can't believe i finally found an,all-you-can-eat wagyu buffet,outside of japan so far i'm loving this,place i don't know if you guys remember,that first of all you can use wagyu,video i made in japan,where i only had like a few rounds and,they only gave me 60 minutes so got to,maximize the time,this truffle salt is great by the way,that's so delicious,but salty are amazing that was,definitely a leaner cut,so it's got more of a beef flavor to it,yeah and

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Eating at Anthony Bourdain's FAVORITE Restaurants in New York City

Eating at Anthony Bourdain's FAVORITE Restaurants in New York City

in honor of the late anthony bourdain the  legendary tv host and chef will be eating  ,at his favorite new york city restaurants you  know this is gonna be good i don't have a co-host  ,today and i need somebody who was as big a fan  of bourdain as i was hey ben you like bourdain  ,i've only seen pretty much every single  episode of this show so i guess you can say i  ,admired a guy new york city is the best city in  the world in fact it's the center of the world  ,if you live in another city you may  think you live in a city but you probably,is this an omen from above bourdain telling us  ,to go down the stairs to hopki some of new  york's best spots are underground like this  ,this is one of new york's oldest  cantonese restaurant opened 1968.,pick a booth over here i don't think this  place has changed at all since bourdain  ,filmed here it looks like it's stuck in  time two bowls of the pork wonton soup  ,the egg rolls sweet and sour pork  and one order of pork fried rice  ,you might be wondering why did i order the most  americanized chinese options possible and bourdain  ,orders all the foods that he used to order with  his parents in the 1970s when they came from new  ,jersey uh let's see we gotta have the wonton  soup gotta have the egg roll pork fried rice  ,and sweet pungent pork i just realized how much  pork bourdain ordered in that episode wonton with  ,pork egg roll with pork sweet and sour pork pork  fried rice as bourdain once so thoughtfully said  ,pork is my favorite vegetable this chinese  staples right here sweet and sour pork,whenever i shoot my chinatown videos  i usually won't order this but  ,it's taking me back to a good  place i like jordan's thinking,it's been four years since bourdain left us  and now you're eating one of his favorite meals  ,i do what i do and i love it because of  him and i think this is the least i can do  ,yeah for my idol just have at least what he  had let's see if it's actually pretty good,it's very comforting what's your favorite  episode anthony bourdain ever made i can't  ,just watch the philippine episode without  crying i've seen it like three or four  ,times every time i watch it it's like it  just really hits the spot he captured that  ,in a way that none of these travelers you  know like ever did on tv so and i can see  ,why he liked hop key now this spot is open till  four o'clock in the morning and i've heard it's  ,a raucous party late night never been here love  the vibe love the old school decor there's barely  ,any decorations this is it like you want like  the chinatown manhattan experience going to a  ,basement like this i think it's a pretty good  idea i think so and if you want to complete the  ,bourdain experience just grab a bottle of beer  we should charge over the bourdain tour yeah,ambition is the incentive that makes purpose  great and achievement greater keep it simple  ,the more you say the less people remember words to  live by i might have that tattoo in mind over here  ,upper east side not exactly known as  a culinary mecca there is however one  ,shining light one temple of cuisine which i  visit every time i come to the upper east side  ,on bourdain's first show  a cook's tour he filmed at  ,papaya king it was a cute little segment  i think it's perfect for this video if new  ,york city had a smell it would be papaya cake  one sauerkraut one onion and two papaya drinks,red onions mustard,oh i love his papaya drink actually never ordered  it here before ooh my blood sugar just went up but  ,it was worth it it was worth it i mean you  can't go wrong with this as new york as it gets,did you know that papayas promote  heart health and male fertility  ,like i said it's very new yorker just  someone's getting arrested out there by  ,the way oh go ahead continue what do you  think of the papaya drink i'm wondering,why i drink i think it's very refreshing i'm more  of a coconut drink guy but i never realized papaya  ,could just be a repression when you get down to  it it's not about the dog or the drink it's about  ,home and papaya king is new york brewing through  it's a classic it's like you know red wine and  ,beef uh you know white wine and fish and papaya  drink with a hot dog from the king to the queen,anthony bourdain liked pastrami queen so  much i have an old instagram post where he  ,said straight off the plane 10  a.m the joys of travel are many  ,but sometimes there's no place  like home hashtag pastrami queen,can i do one pastrami on rye with mustard i'm  going to share yeah how are you going to share  ,yeah thank you so much i've actually never tried  dr brown's cream soda before i'm doing this we're  ,going to eat like he ate it kind of tastes like  beer chocolate i'm i'm struggling to find the  ,words if you go to any restaurants wherever you  are in the u.s and it's got some new york theme  ,to it this is one of those that they definitely  try to get a hold of and i'm a simple man with  ,simple tastes pastrami never g

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48 HOURS IN NEW YORK ft. Best Restaurants, Swingers Club, Pizza Cocktails & Rooftop Beers - NYC ★

48 HOURS IN NEW YORK ft. Best Restaurants, Swingers Club, Pizza Cocktails & Rooftop Beers - NYC ★

sorry,hey I'm Jesse behind the camera is Will,and together we are top jaw when we,first started doing our tours around the,world and he always wants to come to New,York it's taken us three years but we,are now here in NYC and it has been a,trip of a goddamn lifetime we have been,to high-end restaurants holes in the,wall we eat a little cocktail bars,speakeasies Sun rain everything this,film has a lot let's get stuck into it,at the Ludlow hotel where we're staying,where we're loving your delicious,peoples peeled for our brand new machine,coffee grinders,I didn't know the table was right there,for our brand new collaboration stubble,and Co rucksacks first Common wins,foreign,spot we've been hitting up every day,since we've been here New York coffee,roasting has been served here in,Manhattan how many have you had since,you've been here uh sick sick sweet it's,that cool casual Coffee Spot good,workplace a lot of people reading in,here it's that popular New York like,film Vibe you know,and also a big old camera,time for brunch baby oh yeah,we're in West Village for Dante this,place has been here since 1915. this,neighborhood was a very Italian,neighborhood since then it's had a very,exciting life it won world's best bar in,2019 and when you see inside it's not,exactly what you'd imagine the world's,best bar would look like it's not a dark,streamlined cocktail bar no no very,welcome isn't it and it's exactly the,sort of place you bring someone that you,love oh I get it yeah you love me yeah I,mean you wouldn't take someone here to,dump them though it's way way too,romantic for that,foreign,we've got a partly drunk spicy Fresca uh,apparently there's one rule for me and,not for will I'm not allowed to eat or,drink anything before it's filmed but,we'll add so this is a mini Martini gin,vodka Bitters and olives,super aggressive this time of day,that is delicious I like that with the,lime remember those things when you're a,kid and you'd like pop them one way and,you throw it on the floor and they go, it's the baked eggs in some xenos,tomatoes and a basil oil on top,without having a Tiramisu,Frost Club,so Dante has been superb honestly world,class I should finish up by negronis but,when in New York gone you'll have an,absolute belting Burger it's exactly,well what we're about to do,Emily it's Square Detroit style pizza,and it's Burgers which some say are the,best in New York or real world we're,gonna sit outside in this West Village,one I apologize if I look like a Krispy,Kreme donut but it's pretty humid out,here oh yeah you ask a lot of New,Yorkers where the best burger is they,might send you to Peter Luger in,Brooklyn that were featured in our,Brooklyn guy but lots of people see this,place which is weird because it's not a,burger first place it's a pizza first,place doing the best burger casual this,is a banquet of schmeltz I can tell you,that's,this is the Emmy double stack Burger so,we have a pretzel bun I don't know I've,never had a pretzel bun a double stack,dry aged beef with a secret Emmy sauce,which they won't tell me what it is,American cheese pickles,um,oh and caramelized onion mate I'm quite,nervous like,I like the best burger in New York,oh here he goes,size clothes is a good thing that's so,good,oh my God,I can't tell you how Frank,yep,out of frame yep come down stab on the,forehead,yeah yeah,it's real good in there oh bloody,crisping I'm entirely sure how they did,that but that is nonetheless they're a,life-changing Burger Emily Well Done,Right that Emily Burger is one of the,best burgers in New York in my opinion,it's probably the best but of course,there are so many other great options,many of which you can find from our,curated map in the step app and to get,exclusive access to that join our,patreon Link in the description,thank you bless you,we're staying in the Ludlow Hotel on,Ludlow Street now this street is amazing,it's probably the best position you can,be in we're staying in New York and the,hotel itself is gorgeous it's actually a,reasonably new hotel even though it,looks like it's been over decades with a,good old glug of 70s style you've got,this Lounge area here with a big old,roaring Limestone fireplace it's warm,outside but hey how cozy is this,incredible rooms with big crackle,Windows giving views out to Soho and,Beyond let's go and check them out mate,Flats,welcome to my Queen studio room big,comfy bed TV on the wall beautiful,crittal window with that view with 13,stories up in this room but it's cozy as,hell with its exposed beams and this,Rich Sumptuous wood,you bet your boat's uncomfortable,yeah my dad,really flattering angle this one,take a look at my shower room okay we,have bath mat and bathrobes by Maison,margiela,awesome check out this shower with,marble Mosaic floor oh where am I where,I am,you ever got here mate this is my lovely,girlfriend miss Lamb,just having a drink in I'm gonna call us,a conservatory of the Ludlow Hotel we're,really liking it here I will,so,next up we ha

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Trying Everything on the Menu at an Iconic NYC Restaurant (Ft Claire Saffitz) | Bon Appétit

Trying Everything on the Menu at an Iconic NYC Restaurant (Ft Claire Saffitz) | Bon Appétit

yo Alex Elena here we're in Soho on the,corner of spring and Crosby at one of my,favorite rooms in New York,Balthasar what of New York's most iconic,restaurants classic French brasserie,Balthazar's open all day but this,morning we're here for my favorite male,Balthazar breakfast I'm here to eat,everything on the menu I'm talking eggs,I'm talking with our teens I'm talking,maybe some breakfast - oysters but I'm,not doing this alone I brought a friend,you know who she is my friend YouTube,sensation Claire's happens,Claire,oh my god this is my dream you have your,bowl of cafe au lait yeah bull that,before we get going,Cheers you can have a few things I would,get up at early in the morning for but,breakfast if all those are is truly one,of them yes this is an institution like,anything in New York restaurants totally,bizarre iconic everything from the decor,to the service to like all the super,classic French anyway them you get to,drink coffee out of a bowl my favorite,thing in the world I love it so much,thank you I'm thinking you've seen the,show before maybe once yeah sometimes,you know how it works yeah I came hungry,we order one of everything in the menu,we take one perfect bite of each thing,okay we get to decide how we want and,then the end we figure out what the best,things in the menu okay,no really only one bite for everyone,else that's been on the show yes one,bite except for Brad who like broke the,rules a million times I feel like we,should just do one bite where should we,start there's like a lot of egg stuff,going on we got a full English breakfast,tea boy stur you start a little lighter,okay so anyone's startup talked to,oatmeal maybe granola yeah and grape,philippi the grapefruit yeah okay I love,grapefruit let's start with steel cut,oats okay I tend to put her raisins in,savory okay I'm into the bananas I'd,really like for banana,if you don't yeah with warm the raisins,are warm hmm you got I got the reason,yeah mmm delightful I would eat that,whole ball would evolve oh but oh we can,we can I love a granola plate what's not,to like strawberry cantaloupe grapes I,know this pineapple now they're gonna,love it looks like I'm gonna go with,dried cherries in the granola,all right so composure by one dried,cherry allopurinol off a piece of fruit,and some yogurt,you probably need me to explain every,single bit balanced and all delicious,nice I think a fruit thing is hard in,winter they did a good job we're not in,very season no but you know what season,we are in grapefruit it is the most,luxurious thing in the world to me to,have already segmented grapefruit yes,not to have to like savagely just like,yeah,that's perfect we got three menu items,down all right we're moving how many,what was the final count what over 40,we're talking about breakfast well I,guess more brunch drinks but I always,have to like I never want alcohol in the,morning it's like I have to drink a bowl,coffee at all a reasonable amount of,alcohol,I want a ridiculous amount of coffee yes,I think next we have big dishes it's,great eggs are my preferred food in the,morning in the morning yes I am right,there with you I've never been so,overwhelmed and excited and my life yeah,I am also excited that I think I get to,use my knowledge of like classic French,egg dishes so I'm not going to tell you,what any of this thing okay,is this not a bowl of long tail a bowl,of mommy we actually don't it's like a,like a cup made of puff pastry that's,filled that looks exactly like that's,what it is but if that would have called,they just call it scrambled eggs and,fluffy okay where should we start,if we're going simplest I feel like,that's where we start a phone call code,this is so good the next time I'm here,I'm ordering that and saw that we're not,gonna eat more of it I know let's do,rambled I cut off a street okay Fulham,on mushrooms asparagus Birds up top,everything is just like so precise,exactly what I want to eat all the time,and like the buttery puff pastry plus,the cheese and the eggs plus the,vegetables plus the herbs and I do,breakfast but I'm now going to over here,don't worry the crew everyone gets to,eat on this is not being like thrown out,over there at the end,be like opening up my purse I know we,were maybe like talking for the sake of,show right right we should order a drink,Bloody Mary boy stur Mary mimosa Bellini,here Rosie I'm gonna do a cure Jose all,right you're gonna do with Melissa yeah,it's not anything a normally order I'm,excited to eat it I want to point out,that the salmon would be Russ &,Daughters approved in terms of this,light thing oh this is so nice it read,the New York Times through it oh yeah,that's thinly sliced alright get into it,your classic French I'm gonna like the,yolk filling out that is a very well,poached egg that is a perfectly poached,egg okay,that makes me feel like I should be,ordering more eggs benedict at breakfast,it is delicious,Oh oh thank you Cheers,this is also like this this is the,second cour

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12 Dumb MISTAKES Tourists Make in New York City

12 Dumb MISTAKES Tourists Make in New York City

new york is like no other place in the world and  while this city has many unique offerings it also  ,has some unique challenges for visitors so today  to help you out i'm going to be sharing even more  ,common tourist mistakes to avoid and  a lot of these we've never discussed  ,in the channel you don't want to miss it not  using the bathroom before leaving a restaurant  ,or any tourist attraction this is good advice  in any city around the world but especially  ,new york where public bathrooms can be an absolute  nightmare to find so if you're at lunch you're at  ,dinner you're visiting one of the museums if you  can don't force yourself use the bathroom before  ,you leave and it'll just be one less thing you  need to stress about during your trip you can  ,all thank our cameraman amazing ben for this one  because he made me think about it not checking the  ,hourly forecast in new york city today in february  perfect example it said the high was 62 degrees  ,i'm thinking that's what ben did because he  showed up without gloves without a hat but it was  ,62 degrees around 2 a.m it's actually 42 degrees  right now 13 mile an hour wind chills feels like  ,37 and i even caught myself shivering for my  viewers out there from warmer climates you have  ,to be very careful about checking the forecast  look at the hours you're gonna be out because the  ,temperature can dip drastically in the course of  one day and don't forget about those wind chills  ,so the weatherman light again well do the  weatherman liar did you not check the actual  ,like hourly conditions i'm a new yorker now who  checks anymore not knowing your order if you go to  ,a busy pizza spot or a busy bodega and there's a  lot of people trying to order there's a long line  ,i have seen this many times where a  tourist or someone not from new york  ,isn't confident in what they want and they're  still checking as they ask for their order  ,i've seen them get skipped over or get kind of  a dirty look or say are you ready are you ready  ,so do everybody a favor when you're ordering in  a busy spot and check the menu first and then  ,step into line you may think that the staff is  being rude to you but in new york city fast pace  ,of life they're selling a lot of food you're just  slowing them down if you don't know what you want  ,there are so many mistakes you can make on the  subway that we could dedicate an entire video to  ,this one that i see all the time is when a tourist  or someone from out of town is checking their  ,subway directions where to go at a busy spot like  right the beginning of a staircase and they just  ,stop they just freeze and you have to walk around  them like your inconveniencing all the people  ,that are just trying to go through their day so  what you need to do is pull over somewhere where  ,there's not a lot of people walking take your  time gather your bearings and you can get where  ,you need to go perfect demonstration of how to be  considerate when you're looking for where to go,taking a train the wrong direction this actually  happened to me last week i think was the first  ,time in almost a decade i went the wrong way i  was texting somebody the train was just pulling  ,up and i didn't even have a chance to look if it  was going uptown or downtown so if this mistake  ,happened to me it could happen to any one  of you i highly recommend having an app on  ,your phone like city mapper or google maps let's  say you don't have an app you can always look up  ,at what direction the train is going now this  could be confusing to people not from here  ,because this says uptown meaning  uptown in manhattan and the other side  ,says brooklyn and queens also in new york  there's different lines on the same color  ,so just because the train is blue does not  mean it's the train you need you could be  ,looking for the a or the c train in this example  if you take the a train let's say at 59th street  ,your next stop is going to be 125 versus the  c which is going to go local so make sure to  ,look for the letter or the number not just  the color on new york city trains all right  ,ben what do you think not subscribing to this  channel would that be a common tourist mistake,going to a random street food vendor especially in  the really touristy areas of times square i'm not  ,saying they're bad i'm just saying if there's not  a lot of other people there the food is definitely  ,not going to be as fresh i'm all about taking my  chances with random street food whenever possible  ,but just keep that in mind if a place  isn't busy it could be a reason for that  ,and i know you want to get that hot dog  experience out of the way but be careful  ,choosing the wrong observation deck or just going  to too many observation decks now these have  ,become one of the most popular tourist attractions  in new york city especially because we have five  ,of them right now there's a lot of factors that  go into choosing the right one for you for

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How Double Chicken Please Became One of the Country's Most Popular Cocktail Bars — Mise En Place

How Double Chicken Please Became One of the Country's Most Popular Cocktail Bars — Mise En Place

- We found the best time to prepare our chicken is,during service time, because it is an overnight process,,and we always have to stay a few days ahead,of our production.,(upbeat music),So these chicken thighs that you've seen,have been defatted, tenderized.,We are going to brine them overnight,and then portion them into two different sizes,for our different chicken sandwiches.,Because we sell up to 200 chicken sandwiches a day,,we found that pounding it out and tenderizing it,not only gives us a better product for flavor, but it,allows us to service our chicken sandwiches faster as well.,Expectations for a food program,and bar are definitely different,from a traditional restaurant.,They need to come out in four to five minutes.,- We launched the food program,on this chicken sandwich.,Partnered up with Mark Chou, our chef.,- So when we get an order, the hot honey gets dredged,in a little bit of our buttermilk slurry.,From there, it goes into our dredge.,- Because we opened in the middle of the pandemic,,and then there was a period of time that we were only,allowed to do outdoor and then delivery.,People didn't really know that much about our cocktails yet.,We had very popular hot honey sandwiches.,You know, we have the line outside for the sandwiches.,- I think at the time,it basically is more like whatever sells we do it.,- Yeah.,- Because we really want to survive.,- It gets a few generous dollops of our Thai basil aioli,and a drizzle of our house hot honey,,which is a blend of Sichuan peppercorns and Thai chiles,and dried chiles as well.,- We're at the Lower East Side of New York,and this is Double Chicken Please.,So Double Chicken is divided into two rooms;,at the front we serve all the cocktails on tap,,and at the back we have more handcrafted cocktails.,We close on Monday so we can do larger amounts of prep.,Our front room, plus our back room, we have a total,of like 26, 27 drinks already on the menu.,In terms of prep it's like a lot of amount.,- This is a typical Monday for us.,We have more to come in, but we utilize a lot of liquor,to do fat wash, like 20 to 26 bottles of whiskey.,And everything looks like a lot, but once you get done,,it shrinks to very little.,These are our two head prep guys, Ray and Sumesh.,So the thing Sumesh is prepping right now is,a house-made corn syrup, which is going to go into the drink,we call Red Eye Gravy to represent that corn flavor,in the dish.,- So the Red Eye Gravy is one of the oldest drinks,on our menu.,- Our first edition menu, a lot,of drinks were actually inspired from certain dishes that,we like, all around the world.,For example, Red Eye Gravy was a hippy breakfast back,in 1970s from Florida.,And we really like the flavor.,So it actually tastes like corn.,The corn syrup you usually get is like syrup.,This is actually corn flavor.,Alright so now we're done with the corn syrup.,We're gonna start our house-made mushroom coffee butter.,So we need to get this done on Monday because typically,it needs around 24 hours to rest in the freezer,to infuse the flavor.,So we try to see how can we transform this flavor,into a liquid form.,And a lot of trial and error, a lot,of very not tasty drinks we had made before.,Fat wash is simply just putting fat and spirits,,infuse it and put in the freezer.,And then once the butter is back to the solid form,you take it out, strain it out.,So the spirits attach all the flavors with the butter.,I don't think people really know how much butter,we actually go through to make that small cup of drink,because you don't see the process.,You only see the final product.,We're gonna start throwing all the ingredients:,dark roasted coffee beans, shiitake mushrooms,,and dry porcini mushrooms.,Not necessarily every drink needs to be cooked,,to be processed like this way.,It can still be a really phenomenal drink.,Like the classic cocktail is tasty,,but this is just more like, the way we play with flavors,and then get the flavor into the drink and try to,share the palate we have.,This is what we're looking for.,If you see the butter is very dark in a sense,,it's almost like a brown butter.,Alright, now we're gonna strain it.,At this stage, we pour one or two bottles of whiskey.,Sort of to wash the ingredients,,to get a flavor into the liquid.,So we will let it rest for approximately like, an hour,and then put it into the freezer afterwards.,And now we're gonna go strain our Red Eye Gravy,,to get the house-made coffee mushroom butter for the chef.,All right, this is our coffee butter.,So just give it a quick taste.,I think it's pretty solid, this batch.,Yeah, definitely, because it tastes like really subtle,coffee note in the end, butter, and tiny bit savory,from the mushroom.,And now I'm gonna start breaking the butter.,So if you can see, we're back to like almost,clear whiskey color-ish.,Yesterday it was totally like, dark.,After the process, fat wash, it's back to like clear,,but it's little bit more silky and very flavorful.,After it's stra

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