air fryer chicken recipes for dinner

EASIEST 5 Ingredient AIR FRYER Recipes With CHICKENlooking for simple easy airfryer recipes,i got yo

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Updated on Jan 18,2023

EASIEST 5 Ingredient AIR FRYER Recipes With CHICKEN

looking for simple easy airfryer recipes,i got you today all you need is your,airfryer some chicken and five,ingredients or less,hey there welcome my name is kathy and,on this channel i like to get people,excited about using their air fryer and,if you've been here for a little bit you,know that i recently went to mexico it,was my first time ever and we had a,blast it was a work trip but a whole lot,of play trip it's hard for me to choose,what my favorite thing was could be zip,lining over the jungle or playing in the,water it was so amazing but now i'm back,back to reality and i'm always looking,for super easy airfryer recipes so,today's recipes involve chicken three of,them i just found on the internet and,i'm gonna test them out i've adapted,them for the air fryer and then i got,two more that are actually in my air,fryer cookbook there's like over 160,recipes in here almost every single,recipe has a picture in it too you can,learn more about my cookbook at yummy, but for now hey i'm,excited to test these out you ready,let's go up first is some airfryer,teriyaki chicken your entire meal is,just five ingredients this is about five,pounds you're only going to need about,one and a half pounds,a quarter of an onion and your favorite,teriyaki sauce i have another recipe,where i made some homemade teriyaki,sauce i will link to that down in the,video description below in fact i'm,gonna link to all of the recipes down in,the video description box below plus all,the tools that i use today so i've got,my onion chopped up here i measured out,about a three quarters cup of teriyaki,sauce and of course this is probably the,grossest part of chicken thighs is all,the trimming and everything you just,want to cut these guys down into,bite-sized pieces and i have found that,just like using scissors makes it so,easy just make sure they're nice and,clean scissors these really are just,regular scissors that i bought nothing,super special that fat does seem to cook,off a little bit but if it grosses you,out just trim that off or of course you,can use a knife you just want to cut,them into little bite-sized pieces all,right there's my chicken i just poured,in the sauce and unfortunately my camera,was not going,and then of course the onions are,optional too the onions are going to,just add a nice punch of flavor go ahead,and mix that up now if you have picky,eaters you probably don't want them to,see you,cutting up chicken thighs i'm you know i,too am in the camp of chicken thighs,look disgusting but they taste so good,so,if you're in that camp too i just give,it a try give it a try i've got another,recipe using chicken thighs in my,cookbook that's so,good so i'm going to just let that sit,for anywhere from 10 to,60 minutes now we're going to make up,some rice i love using my instant pot,for rice and all you need to know is you,basically just need a one and a quarter,cups of water or any type of liquid for,each cup of rice and depending on what,kind of instant pot you have oh mine is,very dirty it looks like i never use,that rice preset i just always run it,for about seven minutes at high pressure,i like this model of the instant pot,because it just automatically seals so,there's no guess work and making sure,it's sealed okay now i've got my,preheated air fryer and you just want to,spread this chicken out along the whole,pan just to get it as much as you can,into a single layer then we're gonna,cook this one at 380 and we'll start,with eight minutes once the rice,finishes i let it natural release so,it's actually been sitting for 19,minutes here normally just 10 is enough,a little more pressure to come out,and then you've got some perfect steamed,rice okay here we are at the halfway,point,oh boy that smells so good just give it,a stir and we will let it finish cooking,okay we are eight minutes in,it is a bit tricky to take temperature,of these tiny little meat pieces so,another option would just be to like cut,into them and make sure they're not pink,i'm gonna just throw this in for about,two,more minutes,and since this one just will preheat i,got it marked down to one,and here we go that's looking fantastic,look at how nice that's looking oh yeah,i'm gonna let that chicken rest right,here,and then i've got my airfryer pan,there's still some juice in the bottom,i'm just gonna throw,my frozen broccoli right there in the,pan,and this one i think i usually do 350,for 10 minutes,there we go we've got rice,we've got chicken and some broccoli,dinner is served i'm curious if this,tastes as good as like panda express,teriyaki chicken,maybe,i like those onions in there,just a tiny bit of crunch,that's good i like it,five out of five recommend it,for sure,five out of five which is great because,it's,literally five ingredients right on this,entire plate very easy this recipe came,from 30 and it was just,called easy baked chicken thighs except,this recipe takes like 45 minutes in the,oven we're totally gonna kno

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The BEST Air Fryer Chicken Breast In 8 MINUTES | SUPER JUICY!!

The BEST Air Fryer Chicken Breast In 8 MINUTES | SUPER JUICY!!

airfryer chicken breasts in just eight,minutes is what we've got on the menu,today and this really is a lunchtime,game changer at least for me because i,don't like spending a lot of time making,lunch if i'm gonna put together lunch,it's gotta be made in less than 15,minutes and these airfryer chicken,breasts are just that also i love the,fact that i can customize them i can put,any marinade or rub on them that i'm,feeling like that day and they turn out,perfect every time so with that said,let's not waste any more time let's jump,right into the good stuff make some,perfectly cooked airfryer chicken,breasts all right first things first,while we prep our chicken we're going to,preheat our air fryer to 400 degrees for,five minutes then while the airfryer is,getting warmed up we're gonna add a,couple of chicken breasts to a large,plastic baggie and then we're using meat,tenderizer to tenderize the chicken and,trust me when i say this don't skip this,step it is a huge game changer in,getting your chicken to turn out tender,every single time if you don't have a,meat tenderizer a rolling pin or a,bottle of wine or just something heavy,will work just as well to tenderize your,meat anyway once we've got our chicken,about a half inch thick like this we can,start seasoning or marinating it and i'm,actually going to use both of these,methods for my airfryer chicken today so,as you're seeing here i'm starting with,the marinated chicken and really that's,just gonna be as easy as adding one of,the chicken breasts back into the,plastic baggie pouring in some italian,dressing and then working that italian,dressing into the chicken then while,that's marinating i'm gonna make a super,tasty dry rub for the other chicken,breast so in a small bowl i'm gonna add,a half a teaspoon of chili powder a,quarter teaspoon of garlic salt a,quarter teaspoon of onion powder a,quarter teaspoon of paprika an eighth of,a teaspoon of cinnamon and some freshly,cracked black pepper then we're gonna,give that a mix until it combines and,when it does we're gonna sprinkle some,of it onto our chicken breast and then,rub it into the chicken until we've got,it well coated in the rub so now we can,give our chicken a flip and do the exact,same thing on the other side,and at this point all that's left to do,is insert my meat thermometer into the,chicken and get it set up to cook to 162,degrees fahrenheit and the reason i'm,cooking it to that temp is so that the,chicken will reach just over 165 degrees,fahrenheit while it's resting by the way,i know i'm gonna get some questions,about the thermometer i'm using i'm,using the meter meat thermometer and i,gotta say i'm in love with this thing it,is absolutely impossible to screw up,cooking any kind of meat with this,thermometer so if you want to pick one,of these up i'll leave a link to it in,the video description below anyway at,this point we're all set to get our,chicken breasts into our air fryer and,to start we're going to cook them for,four minutes at 400 degrees,then after that amount of time we're,gonna give them a flip and cook them for,another three to four minutes then we're,gonna let them rest for just a few,minutes before we cut into them but you,can already see without me even cutting,into these how juicy these chicken,breasts turn out in the,that said i did cut into one of these,breasts just to show you how juice they,are on the inside and i mean just look,at this it is absolutely dripping with,juice so i definitely got to get a taste,of this,that is perfectly tender perfectly juicy,perfectly seasoned seriously you gotta,check out this airfryer chicken it is so,good and so easy i hope you guys like it,anyway thank you guys for watching as,always the full recipe is in the video,description below i'll see in the next,one cheers

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Air Fryer Chicken Legs and Potatoes Dinner Recipe. Easy One Pot Air Fried Recipes

Air Fryer Chicken Legs and Potatoes Dinner Recipe. Easy One Pot Air Fried Recipes


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Air Fryer Fried Chicken

Air Fryer Fried Chicken

you guys won't believe how golden and,juicy my airfryer fried chicken comes,out i'm justin from cooking with coit i,specialize in clean comfort cooking,and remember if you love this video make,sure you hit those like and subscribe,buttons let's get started first let's go,over all the ingredients you need to,make this recipe chicken,eggs,flour,buttermilk garlic powder paprika,salt and pepper,and olive oil spray and the one piece of,special equipment you need for this,recipe is an air fryer first thing we're,going to do is to season our chicken,with salt and pepper on both sides,okay so we are moving on now to creating,our batter mixture so that's gonna be,two eggs first and that's gonna be,beaten somebody commented recently in,one of my videos that the eggs that i,use the yolks are super vibrant and,orange which i mean i just buy eggs like,everybody else at the store so i don't,know why mine would be different if you,guys have noticed the same please let me,know in the comments below because now,i'm super curious,all right guys next up we're going to be,adding two cups of buttermilk,buttermilk is like so smooth and creamy,like whenever i pour it i feel like,there should be like,sexy music or like jazz or something,god it's like the craziest texture,maybe it's because like i don't drink a,lot of milk like in my normal life but,buttermilk is awesome so now we're just,gonna give this a mix together until,it's all well combined,alright guys so now we're gonna move on,to our dry seasoning mix so we're first,gonna start with two cups of,flour and next we're going to add a,teaspoon of salt,and we're going to add a teaspoon of,pepper,right about now i'm noticing that this,bowl is very full,and the problem is is that i broke my,other bigger size bowl the other day so,if you're at home please don't do what i,did and use a bigger bowl because now,when i mix this it's probably gonna go,all over the place and that's really,dumb next we're gonna add two,tablespoons of garlic powder,it's a lot of garlic powder for sure but,keep in mind this seasoning and that,batter is gonna be good for two pounds,of chicken i am definitely cooking a,little bit less for this video because i,don't wanna make two pounds of fried,chicken that no one's gonna eat except,me so i'm gonna probably do about half,that but i'm gonna keep the seasoning,and the batter ratios basically the same,just so you guys can see that okay,there's my second tablespoon and now i'm,going to be adding one and a half,tablespoons of paprika,so here's one,i'm gonna kind of eyeball the half let's,see whoa whoa whoa whoa too much too,much too much so let's do that okay now,i gotta whisk very carefully,just so i don't explode the seasoning,all over the place all right guys so now,we are going to work on our fried,chicken dredging station so from my,right to left you've got the chicken,that we've already seasoned then you've,got the buttermilk and egg mixture that,we've already made and we've got our dry,flour and seasoning mixture right here,so we're going to be working in this,direction i also put a sheet pan at the,end this is where i'm going to be,storing my chicken pieces before i pop,them in my airfryer we're first going to,take a piece of chicken drop it right,into the buttermilk if you guys have,seen my dredging station videos where i,do anything breaded you're going to,notice that i do this very specific,technique i have a dry hand and a wet,hand i'm gonna take my right hand and,let that be the wet hand this time and,my left hand is going to be the dry so i,use my right hand and i coat the chicken,really well in the batter and then using,my same wet hand that's the right hand i,let it drip a little bit off and then i,put it into the dry mixture i am going,to switch hands and now i'm going to use,my left hand which is the dry hand and,i'm going to coat this chicken,with the seasoning and flour mixture and,just let this toss around in here and,this is an extremely important next step,so make sure you guys are paying,attention tap the chicken before you,take it out of the dry mixture entirely,and you just want to shake off any extra,flour you don't want that to stick on,there,so there we go once you've done that,then place it on your sheet pan or plate,so now we're going to do that with the,rest of the chicken pieces,all right guys our chicken is almost,fully prepped we just have one more step,so grab your olive oil spray and we're,just going to give this chicken a nice,kind of i don't know light to medium,coat and we're going to do that on both,sides,now the olive oil does play a very,important role here in helping the,chicken and especially the chicken skin,to get very crispy in the air fryer so,you don't want to skip this step,next we're going to do is to take our,olive oil spray and just do a light coat,inside the basket,now some people in my past videos have,said you know you really shouldn't spray,olive oil spray inside of an air fryer,basket if something does h

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Air Fryer Chicken Thighs | How to make the best chicken thighs in the Air Fryer!

Air Fryer Chicken Thighs | How to make the best chicken thighs in the Air Fryer!

- Hey guys.,Today on Low Carb with Jennifer, I'm going to show you,how to make these super crispy air fryer chicken thighs.,It's the most popular recipe on my blog for good reason,,they are outstanding.,So be sure to check out how to make them right now.,Okay, today we're making,my super crispy air fryer chicken thighs.,It's one of the most popular recipes on my blog,,so let's get to it.,We're going to do four bone-in skin-on chicken thighs,,and we've trimmed the excess skin from,,you know how like they can have,like extra skin on the sides?,We trim that off just so they get nice and crispy.,We're going to put them in our Zip Top bag.,You can also use whatever you want,,just something that seals,that you can shake the chicken with the seasonings,,kind of like Shake 'n Bake.,We're also preheating our air fryer.,I'm preheating it for about five minutes.,So we're going to put our chicken thighs in the bag.,(lighthearted music),And now we're going to put our seasonings on them.,We've got half a teaspoon of kosher salt,,one teaspoon of smoked paprika,,one teaspoon of garlic powder,,a half a teaspoon of onion powder,,and a half a teaspoon of oregano.,So, now we're going to shake this really well,and make sure that all of our chicken,gets an even coating of seasoning.,Okay, we've got our air fryer preheated.,I'm going to pull it out,and I'm going to spray it really well with cooking spray.,So now we're going to take our chicken thighs,and we're going to put them in the air fryer skin-side down.,(lighthearted music),My air fryer holds four chicken thighs perfectly.,This is a Six Quart air fryer.,(lighthearted music),Okay.,So now these are going to cook on the skin-side down,for 12 minutes.,(electronic beeping),And we're cooking these at 380 degrees Fahrenheit.,Okay, our chicken thighs had been cooking for 12 minutes.,So now I'm going to flip them to the other side,they're looking good.,(lighthearted music),Mm.,Okay, so now we're going to cook them,for an additional 10 minutes,until the skin is crispy to your liking.,You want to make sure, definitely,,that the internal temperature is 165 degrees Fahrenheit.,So we're going to do another 380,(electronic beeping),for 10 minutes.,Okay, our chicken thighs are ready,and oh my goodness, they look amazing.,We tested 'em just to be sure,they were 165 internal temperature, and they are.,Look at how crispy and delicious these look.,I just love air fryers.,Those look fantastic.,Look, oh my gosh, those are so good, let me take a bite,and I'm going to show you how juicy they are.,Oh my gosh, they're so juicy.,(lighthearted music),So juicy, mm.,Okay, oh.,Mm.,(lighthearted music),You all got to try this recipe, mm.,Mm.,Those are so good.,Mm.,Okay guys, be sure you check out this recipe.,If you go to my website,,,you can search for air fryer chicken thighs.,Also, check out my other air fryer recipes.,I've got all kinds of air fryer recipes on my blog.,If you're on Facebook, just go to my website,,, search for air fryer recipes,,I've got dozen, I don't know how many, a lot.,If you're on YouTube, you can click this box right here,and it will take you to my most popular video on YouTube,,it's got almost 3 million views.,It is my four beginner air fryer recipes.,They're super easy and delicious just like this one.,So thank you so much for watching,and I will see you guys next time.,Bye.,(lighthearted music)

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Air Fryer Chicken Thighs (25-Minute Recipe)

Air Fryer Chicken Thighs (25-Minute Recipe)

Let me show you how to make Air Fryer Chicken in less than 25 minutes!,Hi everyone!,I'm Dina from and today I'm going to show you just how easy,it is to make this incredible chicken in the air fryer.,I'm talking golden, crispy skin and then juicy, tender insides.,This chicken recipe might just become your new go-to on busy weeknights.,It is incredible.,All right, let me show you how to make it. For this recipe,,you're going to need a total of four bone in skin on chicken thighs.,Now before you get started,,you want to make sure to pat them dry with a paper towel.,Just pat it as best as you can.,The top, the sides, the bottom, the whole thing.,Because the less moisture that's,in the air fryer, the better the food is going to crisp up.,So think about it this way.,If there's more moisture, it creates like a steamy kind of setting.,And that's going to take away from that crispiness.,It's going to be kind of soggy it's not going to be good.,So try to pat it dry as best as you can.,Now place your chicken thighs,into a medium sized bowl and then drizzle one tablespoon of olive oil on top.,Then grab some tongs and then just start tossing all that chicken together,until it's evenly coated in that oil and then set it aside.,And now we can get started on the spice mixture.,In a small bowl,,you want to add 1 teaspoon of salt, 2 teaspoons of paprika,,3 teaspoons of garlic powder, 1 teaspoon of onion powder,,1 teaspoon of dried thyme, and 1 teaspoon of brown sugar.,Now use a fork to mix everything together until it's all evenly combined.,And then sprinkle on that seasoning mixture right over the chicken.,Then grab your tongs again and then mix,everything together until the chicken is fully coated in that delicious seasoning.,Now you can cook the chicken right away.,Or if you want it to taste extra delicious, you can go ahead and cover it,with some plastic wrap and then pop it in the fridge overnight.,And it's going to just bring out more flavor.,As that meat marinates in that spice mixture, it's going to be extra good.,So if you want to go the extra mile, I recommend it, but you don't have to.,Now, before you cook the chicken, you want to preheat your air fryer to 380,degrees Fahrenheit for about three minutes.,Once it's preheated, you want to place the chicken inside,,skin side down first. And then you want to Cook it for ten minutes.,And then you want to open it up and then,flip it over and cook for another eight minutes.,And if you're ever unsure if your chicken,is fully cooked or not, the best way to check is by inserting,a meat thermometer in the thickest part of the meat.,And it should read at least 165 degrees Fahrenheit.,Once your chicken is all done you want,to serve it with some mashed potatoes and some veggies on the side and enjoy.,Now you guys know just how easy this chicken recipe is.,You guys this has become my go-to method for making chicken thighs.,It is so simple, so quick and not nearly,as messy as cooking on the cooktop and it's incredibly delicious.,And the best part about this recipe is that it uses such simple ingredients,that you can really just go wild with the variations.,You can make it spicier by adding cayenne or sweeten it up a little more with some,extra brown sugar or even smother on some barbecue sauce.,The possibilities are endless.,I hope you guys enjoyed watching this video and if you did make sure to hit,that subscribe button and if you make this chicken, please let me know how it goes.,I would love your feedback!,It means so much to me.,Thank you so much again for watching and we'll see you in the next video!,Bye-bye.

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Air Fryer Whole Chicken

Air Fryer Whole Chicken

once you see how incredible a whole,chicken comes out in the air fryer,you're never going to go back to the,oven again i'm justin from cooking with,coit i specialize in clean comfort,cooking,and remember if you love this video make,sure you hit those like and subscribe,buttons let's get started,let's first go over all the ingredients,you need to make this recipe one whole,chicken,paprika,garlic powder,salt,pepper,and olive oil,and the two pieces of equipment you need,for this recipe is an air fryer,and a small mixing bowl,first thing we're going to do is to make,our marinade we're going to start with,one teaspoon of paprika,next we're gonna add one teaspoon of,garlic powder we're also gonna do one,teaspoon of salt and one teaspoon of,pepper,i really really like when i'm looking at,recipes when the person that made the,recipe has gone out of their way to try,to make the measurements really simple i,hate doing like fractions of teaspoons,and stuff so i try to avoid it when,possible so i hope you guys appreciate,it i just did one teaspoon of each of,these spices across the board and now,we're just going to take our little,teaspoon guy and we're just going to,give this a nice mix,now depending on the size of your,chicken if you had a bigger chicken than,i have this is uh think about a three,and a half pound chicken if your,chicken's gonna be bigger you could,increase the seasonings a little bit,more just to help cover a bigger chicken,now we're gonna add two tablespoons of,olive oil right on top of our spices,now i'm gonna grab a little spoon and,let's give this a mix,all right this is exactly what the,marinade should look like at this point,all right so now we're gonna take this,marinade and rub it all over the chicken,i hope you guys don't have a fear of,rubbing raw chicken i have a couple,friends that do and so,i don't know i don't know what to say,about that like i guess you could use oh,you know what you could do you could use,one of these guys like this little kind,of like rubbery bristly brush,and do it if you're afraid to touch a,chicken but my suggestion is don't be,afraid to touch chicken because this is,an animal that gave its life so that we,could eat it so i think the least we can,do is to rub it with the marinade and,not be afraid of it just my opinion take,the marinade and let's dump it out all,over the chicken just like this,just want to try to get it all over as,much as you can,and then,this is the fun part in my mind you,just start massaging the chicken,that's right like a swedish massage you,don't want to be like in there like too,hard using your elbows just nice and,gentle,just like this,you'd even have like some very gentle,massage music playing in the background,just want to have a lot of respect for,this chicken,and you want to get the underside too if,you can let the marinade drip down to,the bottom and then get the underside,there we go,okay this is a very happy and very,marinated chicken one other thing i will,say too,that i actually forgot to do this was,kind of dumb i should have taken my,chicken out of the refrigerator and let,it come to room temperature or close to,it maybe 20 to 30 minutes before i'm,gonna cook it it's just better to do,that it's going to cook more evenly,throughout so if you can remember to,take it out early definitely do that all,right guys now we're going to pop this,chicken into the basket of the air fryer,best thing to do is to start breast side,down so currently right now this is,breast side up so i am going to,grab this chicken,and then flip it upside down it takes a,little bit of wrist strength,and there we go and just plop it in oh,no guys guys guys i forgot a step hang,on let me back up don't kill me,all right so the step that i forgot was,i want to do a light coating of olive,oil spray in the basket so that the skin,doesn't stick give me a sec trusty olive,oil spray,just give a light coating inside,even on the sides is probably good too,just in case the chicken is touching the,sides,all right there we go now we're going to,take the chicken and put it back into,the basket breast side down so if you,guys are wondering why am i going to,start with a chicken breast side down so,this is why the white meat of the,chicken the breast meat is always going,to dry out the quickest because it has,the least amount of fat content in it so,what we're going to do is use gravity,we're going to start with the breast,side down so that all the juices from,the other more juicier meat run into the,breast meat which will make it juicier,and less dried out so we're going to,start with the chicken breast side down,which is a total cooking time of 60,minutes we're going to cook halfway,breastside down 30 minutes we're going,to pull it out and flip it at the 30,minute mark to breast side up one other,note too one of the most important parts,of this recipe is picking the right size,chicken for your air fryer like i said,before the chicken that i picked was,about three three and a

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ONE Simple Trick for Juicy AIR FRYER Chicken (NO Breading!)

ONE Simple Trick for Juicy AIR FRYER Chicken (NO Breading!)

(upbeat music) - Are you tired of eating,bland, dry chicken breast when you're trying to be healthy?,You need today's secret,,how to make juicy chicken breast in the air fryer.,Hey, everyone, it's Erin from,I believe in making healthy recipes,that are easy, budget-friendly, and family-approved.,Nothing says easy, healthy, and affordable,quite like boneless skinless chicken breasts,,but they're often better in theory,than they are in execution.,So many times they can end up dry and rubbery.,Well, I have one trick,to make sure that your chicken breasts turn out juicy,every single time, I use the air fryer.,When I have those chicken breasts on hand,,I can whip up quick salads, wraps,,other healthy lunches and dinners,that I actually look forward to eating, instead of dreading.,Let's make it.,Start by pounding your chicken breasts,into an even thickness.,This is critical to make sure that they cook evenly.,You can do it with a meat mallet.,If you don't have a meat mallet, a rolling pin works, too.,And if you don't have a rolling pin, your good old fist.,I know you have one of those.,(Erin groaning),A meat mallet is the easiest.,Just get it relatively even.,You don't have to be scientific or measure.,Whoo.,Our next step is to brine the meat.,Now, I know brining sounds very fancy and culinary-esque,,but it's just really a way of saying that we salt the meat.,You can do this with a dry brine, which is what I'm doing.,All you have to do,is sprinkle the kosher salt all over the top.,Brining changes the structure,of the proteins in the chicken,,allowing it to retain more moisture,,and therefore turn out more juicy.,And folks, juicy chicken is what we are after.,Once it has sat in the refrigerator for at least 30 minutes,,or up to one day if you're the sort the plans ahead,,we're ready to add olive oil and stir up our seasonings.,I love adding paprika,'cause it gives the chicken a beautiful golden color,,plus garlic powder and onion powder.,Between you and me,,mincing garlic is probably my least favorite kitchen task,,so garlic powder works perfectly here,,plus, bonus, it doesn't burn,,Sprinkle your seasoning all over the chicken,,every last bit.,And then with your trusted kitchen tool, aka your hands,,give it a toss to evenly coat the chicken with the spices.,This is my go-to blend for everyday purposes,,but you can use any seasonings you like.,Preheat your air fryer to 375 degrees,,and then we're going to cook the chicken breast,on the first side for six minutes.,I like to put it smooth side down, aka presentation side.,Grab yourself a pair of tongs, and then put the smooth side,so it is touching the air fryer.,This will just give you prettier chicken breasts.,I know that appearances aren't everything,,but you'll thank yourself,when you pull it out of the air fryer.,Slide the basket back in, and then we just wait six minutes,,and it's time to flip.,From here, the amount of time you need afterwards,really depends on the size of your chicken breast.,These are pretty sizeable,,most of the ones at my grocery store are,,so they will need about six to 10 minutes more.,You know chicken is done when it hits 165 degrees,on an instant-read thermometer. (kissing),Don't be afraid to pull it a couple of degrees early,,because we are going to let it rest,,and the carryover cooking will finish the rest.,My kitchen smells pretty amaze right now,,so I don't really want to wait,,but you must let the meat rest,so that the juices can reincorporate into the chicken.,Suspense is over,,my kitchen smells like some delicious garlic and spices.,Chicken is rested, it is time to cut into it.,Ooh, I just love the gorgeous color of that paprika.,This is something that I try to do every week,for the sake of meal prep.,I thank myself all week long.,This also freezes really easily as well,,which is nice when you are trying to get ahead.,I feel like we are constantly behind schedule,,so I can't even tell you how grateful I am,when I find some of this in my freezer.,All right, moment of truth.,Let's try this juicy chicken.,If you are a fan of juicy baked chicken recipes,like this one, don't miss my baked chicken Parmesan.,It's another healthy weeknight fave.,Mm, so juicy.

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