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Classic Digestifshi i'm joe campanelli for,today we're going to talk about,digestives or in


Updated on Jan 18,2023

Classic Digestifs

hi i'm joe campanelli for,today we're going to talk about,digestives or in italy they call them,deja stevie these are spirits that you,drink after your meal and their purpose,is to help aid in digestion you'll often,find them in the back corner of your,liquor store covered in dust but don't,be afraid of them they're absolutely,delicious and a unique way to end your,meal,djs fall into two categories they're,generally either on the very strong side,like grappa or on the bitter side like,an italian dj's thief called amaro i'm,going to take you through a couple of my,favorites,and let's start with grappa so this is,one of my favorite grappas it's from a,distillery called poli and if you've,never had grappa before it's based on,pumice which is everything that's left,over after you've made wine so that's,the seeds the skins and a little bit of,the pulp in the past grappa's had a,reputation for being a really harsh,product sometimes with flavors of,wet soapy sponge or jet fuel but grappa,has come a long way there are some,really beautiful and elegant products,that you can have after your meal,i like to use this tulip shaped glass,the tulip glass will allow you to smell,the grappa,and it concentrates the flavors right in,this area over here,but without really burning your nose,from the alcohol,this is sort of an earthier grappa it's,made from pinot noir grapes you can also,have a grappa that's made for more,aromatic grapes and if you like that,sort of thing ask for a grappa made from,moscato there's also grappa that's,infused with different bitter herbs or,spices and sometimes you can even find,an oak aged grappa and that really,reminds you of a brandy or a cognac and,it'll be brown in color,maybe my favorite type of after dinner,drink is called amaro now amaro is an,italian,bitter herbal after dinner drink and,they're made all over italy this one's,from the ramatsothi distillery from,milan,every single amaro is very very,different and they trace their roots,back to the monastic tradition where you,would buy different herbal medicinal,cures for whatever that ailed you,and today italians drink tomorrow after,their meal to aid in digestion if,they've eaten maybe a little bit too,much,so every amaro is very different and,they range from,sort of bittersweet to intensely bitter,the most widely exported amaro is also,the most bitter it's called fernet,branca and fernet's actually a style and,branca is the brand and this one when,you taste it it really reminds you,oh it really reminds you of medicine i,mean this is sort of one of those things,where a spoonful of sugar would help the,fernet bronco go down and you can see,how this has a direct correlation to,those herbal medicinal cures,super dry and bitter now something,that's not quite as common but i like,really i like it quite a bit is,something that's called nuccino it's,based on green walnuts and it has an,infusion of different herbal and warming,spices such as cinnamon cardamom clove,and allspice it's something that's a,little bit more obscure but it's,definitely worth trying,another great after dinner drink is,called sambuca it's flavored with black,licorice and produced in italy but all,over europe they drink anise flavored,and black licorice flavored after dinner,drinks in lebanon it's a rock and greece,is ouzo,and a lot of times we'll drink this,with,half sambuca,and some water,you'll see that it sort of gets a little,bit cloudier in the water,so next time you want to end your meal,and impress your friends with something,a little bit different and unique pull,out a dja stevie like amaro grappa or,sambuca thanks so much for watching i'm,joe campanelli tune in to for,more

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Aperitifs & Digestifs 101

Aperitifs & Digestifs 101

hi how are you this morning folks I'm,here from the urban grape and my name is,Mike baquette today I'm going to talk,about some digestives and some aperitifs,the role they play with the dinner that,you may have or how you may relax after,dinner we're going to select a few that,are definitely different in types and,styles as far as flavor profiles as well,as how they act in cocktails or on their,own the first one I'm going to show off,today is Campari which is a classic,style classic Italian style cordial used,usually at the beginning of cocktails a,lot of people in Italy when it's a warm,day a couple of ice cubes and they throw,it in there just to kind of brighten up,their appetite and also it relaxes your,stomach and get you ready for a meal,Campari has a beautiful bitter orange,kind of pomegranate note to it is it's,unique on its own and needs a little bit,of relaxation to kind of enjoy it you,want to sip it and not put it in a shot,glass or take it in any manner like that,the next one that I'm also going to show,you today is fernet branca which is a,Swedish style cordial it's made from,fifty to sixty different herbs and,bitter notes this is definitely one that,you want to focus on just as a DJ Steve,so if you've had a really big full meal,and you'd love to relax but maybe you,don't want to Scotch,maybe bourbon is too heavy for you,you've had a little too much alcohol,already on your plate maybe you've had a,couple glasses of wine you just fall in,it's time to relax so originally,production was used for almost medicinal,like types if anyone's had Angostura,bitters those are also have found their,way into the cocktail realm but,originally they were made in the islands,so that if you had an upset stomach you,could take that and it helps settle,everything and let you relax fernet,branca has that same approach sip it,warm maybe a few cubes after dinner and,I guarantee that your stomach will rest,kind of settle you down and have a much,more relaxed feeling and you won't be,feeling so full so the next aperitif,that we're going to focus on is Lily,Rouge the lay comes in a Rouge and a,Blanc Rouge is made from red wine and,it's distilled slowly with other air,and a little bit of sugar and some water,to thin it out you can usually see,someone drinking a lily Rouge or the,late blanc with a little bit of ice on a,hot summer day so that they don't have,to get such intense notes from a red,wine or a white wine,the next one the next two actually are,going to be very similar to each other,you have print Oh which is a sort of,like an anise liqueur little step,brother to absent people use it in a,couple different techniques Pernod and,absinthe both can be used to balance,cocktails and also give it a brighter,note and usually they're used for rinses,or for glass washings so you get that,aromatics from it but not actually the,liquid and what that does is brighten up,old-school cocktail like a Sazerac and,give it some anise notes and some funk,without having that really round creamy,rich intense liquor inside of it it s is,also used for an aperitif and not a,digestif it's really bright when you add,ice to it there's a little color,distillation that causes almost like a,yellow tinge to it,alcohol is like this or like sambuca,that definitely get their beginnings,from fennel or anise when they're,introduced with a good amount of sugar,which most cordials are and that's why,the alcohol is lower on cordials and the,sugar levels go up so when there's ice,introduced to that it chemically takes,it and turns the sugar in the liqueur,and separates it so you'll get a cloudy,approach to it and it's a kind of a,vibrant vibrant yellow which some people,find advertising some don't either way,with it if you drink it first it kind of,helps you relax and opens you up for,your meal and then the next is Pastis by,Ricard very similar to a Pernod not as,pronounced in the licorice notes of it,there will be some more herbal quality a,little more bitter tones to it and this,is definitely a digestif style so,between the two start with your Pernod,and end with your Pastis we're just,going to round out and finish your meal,just like a Fernet or a Campari kind of,with bitter notes herbal notes the rest,your stomach and relax on them all right,so to round up just the finishing notes,on these aperitifs one thing I would,definitely suggest you do is go into,your local favorite bar especially where,you trust the bartender have them,introduce these to you in their proper,form also see if you can enjoy them with,mix cocktails and taste them,individually on their own and maybe one,is for you one may not be for you but,also just learning the resources of how,they're going to drink for you what you,like to drink them in and how to enjoy,them at the right time

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Why Italians Don't Drink a Cappuccino After 11am

Why Italians Don't Drink a Cappuccino After 11am

coffee culture is woven deeply into,italian culture,and you get a feeling of both pride and,protectiveness,when you visit there are many unwritten,rules in and around espresso bars,but today we're going to focus on just,one never cappuccino,after 11.,if you ask why you might not get a,particularly good,answer or maybe a hand waving in the,direction of digestion there is one more,simple and specific answer that i think,is most likely the correct one,italians are for the most part lactose,intolerant,before we continue it's important to,address that particular term,and maybe change it out for a more,correct one which is lactose,malabsorption,this is a broader term preferred by,scientific literature,and while it's a bit trickier to say,it's what i should be using from now on,there are two broad churches in the,world of diet,there are those who are focused on our,increased understanding of food,digestion our gut microbiome and their,collective impact on our health,they might advocate for customizing your,diet for optimal health,avoiding certain foods and embracing,others and then there are those who,think,allergies intolerances dietary,preferences well they're all somehow a,sign of,weakness of the softness of society,today and kind of all in people's heads,lactose malabsorption is not something,you can dismiss,the inability to digest lactose is,easily measured and unquestionably,experienced by many many people,now lactose is a disaccharide sugar,meaning it's composed of two,simple sugar building blocks glucose and,galactose,in order for your body to digest lactose,it has to break the bond between these,two simple sugars,this bond is like a lock and only one,key will fit it an,enzyme specifically created by the body,for this purpose,and named for what it breaks down,lactase,all mammals produce lactase from birth,because mammals are all breastfed,and need to be able to digest the sugar,in the milk lactose is not a,particularly sweet sugar,there's a scale for measuring sugar,sweetness that rates sucrose,from a table sugar at one lactose is all,the way down at 0.16 so you'd need,six times as much lactose to get the,same sweetness,that any amount of sucrose will give you,biologists speculate that this lower,level of sweetness,means that the milk is sweet enough to,be appealing to a baby,but not so sweet as to encourage,overeating every mammal,with one exception stops drinking milk,after it is weaned onto solid food,that one exception is humans but like,every other mammal,we're still hardwired to stop producing,lactase after infancy now if you don't,digest lactose then it passes down into,the lower gut,where it provides fuel for bacteria that,ferment it,producing gas and a few other potential,symptoms such as pain,bloating diarrhea or even nausea,different people,suffer to different degrees most humans,are,certainly by the time they reach,adulthood lactose malabsorbers or,described as lactose intolerant,about 65 percent of the worldwide,population,cannot properly digest lactose however,there are geographic variations on this,and they're quite strong,and there is evidence that an adaptation,occurred in some populations,around the time of the domestication of,cattle but that isn't the only driver,climate played a big role with cooler,climates typically consuming more,unprocessed dairy,than warmer ones for obvious reasons,milk does not keep for very long in a,warm environment,as an easy geographical divider look at,the european split between the butter,eaters of the north,and the oil eaters of the south almost,all cultures found ways to preserve,dairy products but typically these would,involve a fermentation,that used up the lactose in the milk,like in yoghurt or in kefir,cheese is another great example with a,good amount of lactose being discarded,in the whey,and some being used as microbial fuel in,that fermentation,while cheese varies in its lactose,content hard cheeses are typically much,lower and can have less than five,percent of the lactose levels,of milk hence you'll find cheese in most,cultures,even if they don't really drink milk,which brings us to italy,i should note that studies have shown,that even within italy there is a big,variation on lactose malabsorption,in the north where it's typically cooler,there is more tolerance than in the,south,yet italy is also the country that gave,us a drink that we now know,as the cappuccino and also a country,famed for its obsession with digestion,how does this all make sense for most,people,drinking a small amount of milk let's,say 150 mls,will not cause issues in italy a,cappuccino will often be in a relatively,small cup,and contain only around 100 ml of milk,drinking one small cappuccino a day,will not cause you distress unless,you're particularly sensitive to lactose,or dairy in general,perhaps it became correlated with time,maybe because it was memorable or maybe,because people,already had rules about when they should,probably stop drinking coffee,in order to get a go

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How to make Limoncello | Italian lemon liqueur | After Dinner Drink Recipe

How to make Limoncello | Italian lemon liqueur | After Dinner Drink Recipe

Hello and welcome back to Alyena's Kitchen where  today we are going to be making one of my favorite  ,drinks, Limoncello. Limoncello is an Italian after  dinner drink and actually helps you digest your  ,food and it's full of delicious lemony flavor.  So let's get started. The first thing you are  ,going to want to do is peel your lemons for your  Limoncello and you are going to need about 12  ,lemons and you want to avoid as much of the white  in a rind as possible because this is what makes  ,your Limoncello bitter and be careful I've peeled  off my thumb a few times doing this and it is not  ,fun. And I recommend juicing these lemons. Just  pop them in your juicer and then you have lemon  ,juice at your house whenever you want it. That's  what I always do. Now I have all my lemon peels  ,and we have a lot of them and you can just add  this to a pitcher and make sure it has a top.,Next we're going to be adding in our vodka and we  are using a lot of vodka, we have one bottle going  ,on our lemon peels. All right, and now I'm going  to put my lid on and we are going to store our  ,vodka and lemon peels in a cool dry place for a  minimum of 20 days. Here is a batch of Limoncello  ,that I have been waiting on to be ready and it's  been in a cool dry place for about a month now and  ,as you can see, the colors really change, where it  was once clear because it was vodka, it now really  ,has a yellowy color which is what you want because  the longer you let this mixture sit the more  ,lemony flavor. Now you're going to want to strain  your mixture and get all of those lemon peels out.,Alrighty, now we can just let this sit to the side  and we can move on and make our sugar water which  ,we are going to add in to our vodka mixture,  so I'm going to turn my element on medium heat  ,and we are going to use a two to one ratio  which means double the water to the sugar,  ,but if you like a sweeter drink, you can always  add in more sugar. It's really up to you,  ,but I'm taking three cups of water,and to that I'm adding one and a  half cups of just granulated sugar  ,and you're going to want to let this cook  down until the sugar is completely dissolved.  ,Now that our sugar has completely dissolved,  we can just pour this into our vodka.,Let's give our Limoncello a quick stir to make  sure everything's combined and now we can start  ,to bottle it up and the thing I love about this  drink is it's so nice to bring to parties or give  ,as gifts because it lasts a really long time.  Oh hello Mr. bee. He smells all that sugar. And  ,we can just carefully try not to spill too much,  which I always tend to do, pour our Limoncello in.,The thing I love about this recipe is really how  much it makes because you have so much Limoncello  ,and you can bring this to parties, give it as  gifts, or just enjoy it all by yourself and I  ,really recommend letting your Limoncello chill  in the fridge for a few hours before drinking it.  ,And one thing I do want to mention...  this is not a cocktail, you don't  ,take it as a shot either. I've given this  to friends and they down it like a shot. No,  ,it's a sipping drink and you just want to slowly  sip it and enjoy it. So let's do that right now.,That is so delicious. It's the perfect  balance of sweetness, but at this point,  ,if you taste it and you want it  to be sweeter, you can always add  ,some more sugar water to it. I used to drink  Limoncello a lot when I was in Italy and Spain  ,and I honestly think this is the same quality. It  is so good and whenever I make it, all my friends  ,just ask for more. So if you like this recipe,  please let me know in the comments down below.  ,Also, if you want to see other cocktail recipes  of mine, there'll be a playlist right here  ,or over here. Thank you so much for watching  and I hope to see you next week. Cheers.,Don't forget to check back in next  Sunday because we are making the  ,most beautiful and delicious apple tart.

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Why Can't You Order A Cappuccino Past Noon?

Why Can't You Order A Cappuccino Past Noon?

okay so today's video is gonna be about,coffee but more specifically the Kevin,sheep I have learned over there couple,few months of living here in Florence,that there are some pretty specific,rules on when you can and cannot drink,it so from what I've heard about for,most Italians is that you can't really,order a cappuccino past noon so to find,out more today I'm interviewing lapo who,is the head manager at her school's,restaurant and pastry shop so you could,definitely say he knows a little bit,about cotillion culture especially when,it comes to coffee so my question for,lapa today is yeah but why can't you,order a cappuccino past noon because I,just really don't understand it,I basically something to talk to you,about Italian coffee but more,specifically the cappuccino it's kind of,the mistakes do not do in Italy I mean,never ask for a cappuccino after 10:30,10:30 is why the best we know for us is,only the breakfast time and so let's say,until no later than noon that could be,someone that is refusing to do it okay,Wow,why because whereas cappuccinos only,breakfast the high quality of me not in,the cappuccino subsequent work we need,for a lunch what does it mean it means,the denim it is a lot of nutrients,that's why when we are baby we are fed,like with milk so asking for a,cappuccino after a meal would be a lunch,be a dinner or even during one of those,absolutely not it means that obviously,you are not using the nutrients of the,milk that's why alternative we call,makea that at the end is a mini country,is a regular coffee I mean espresso with,a special meal so look like it's a cushy,nobilis me we use the macchiato 1e there,is people that doesn't like if they're,high vigilance of our disperse and in,the morning I'm the typical breakfast,this other one is composed by a,cappuccino and one cross,that's our Italian style totally,different than their American breakfast,oh let's ignore the beauty in other we,are able to have at this kind of,breakfast only in non-self when,obviously you know set the breakfast is,international so there is a lot of food,but we are Italian people I mean we are,funny because obviously we have these,giant breakfast China for us please and,you know what technically you can skip,the lunch because the breakfast event,design of people we were having an,enormous breakfast and then for sure,because we are Italian we need to be,past that much and so we are having also,pasta I totally will celebrate the,vacation having a wonderful dinner so,here we are eating something like three,times and almost meal breakfast lunch,that's why in Italy we have only a,coffee and generally at the counter of,the bar we don't see the disabled enjoy,hum phenomenon cappuccino in croissant,at the bar is really quickly really fast,this kind of five minutes in which you,had a croissant you you had to D the,person into the cappuccino cup yes old,style but you had to do it and maybe a,orange juice but there is not,interesting you answered all my,questions without really having a spell,yes although I wanted to get the,cappuccino since it was past noon a lot,of time I had to go with lapis,alternative the macchiato and a permit,again but you know it's reading good I,did me recommend it otherwise I'll see,you next time and yeah

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How to Order Espresso Like An Italian | Cuisine Code | NowThis

How to Order Espresso Like An Italian | Cuisine Code | NowThis

So first of all Italian don't wait on line.,There are like, 50 people just coming all the to the counter,,and just yelling what they want at the barista.,We're here with Nicola, who knows way more about coffee culture than I do,and probably most Americans.,So he's gonna teach us how to order coffee like a true Italian.,So most of the people in Italy, drink espresso.,And it's supposed to be drink here, at the bar.,Actually, mi fai due caffe?,Can I have two espressos? Please?,The way we see the whole interaction is a very fast, learning tradition.,I go to my classic favorite bar, we call it the bar in Italy,,and I just look at the barista and says,,"mi fai un caffe?" can I get a coffee?,And he knows.,Espresso is the base for coffee for Italians,,so you don't have to say espresso,,you have to say coffee and that's what it means,Then if you want anything besides espresso,,you really clearly have to point it out.,- Thank you! - Grazie.,I love to drink a little bit of water,,before my espresso.,So just drink some water.,Cleans the palate.,Cleans the palate.,Then you look at it, it needs to look like a tiger skin.,- Okay. - Then I usually smell it.,A) before I like- because I like it.,B) Because it prepares myself.,and C) is to make sure it's not burned,,there's nothing wrong with it.,And then you sip it.,Coffee is served not too hot,,so you can drink it right away.,It's hot, it's not that it's not,but it's not boiling hot.,Like drip coffee most of the time in America.,This for us, is in our DNA.,It's like century and centuries of traditions.,The entire process is automatic, we don't really think about it,The whole idea is, it's something you want to do at breakfast.,Milk is great, but it's also heavy to process.,In our mind it's something you want to do in the morning,,after lunch, after a meal we don't see milk-based drink.,What do you drink the rest of the day? I need coffee all day.,Mainly I'll just keep drinking espresso.,Until they crash.,There is really no customization of food in my country.,If I was in Italy, and I asked for a large cappuccino,,what would they give me?,They will give you a cappuccino, and pretend not to hear,the word large. But in general no,,Cappuccino is one size. You want more you order two.,If you are really going for a fancy something, it's a moment.,You are probably in a very beautiful historic bar through Italy.,And it reflects the tradition of that specific place.,But if you really want to have a different experience,,Make sure to go to village.,And make sure to go to the smallest of the bar that you find.,So the person is not going to speak English,,is not going to understand the concept of coffee-to-go,,is not giving you an answer to any kind of size,Get in. Ask for a coffee.,Get an espresso.,Ask what the weather looks like tomorrow.,Instead of googling.,Chat with somebody and get out.

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13 Italian Cocktails You Should be Drinking.

13 Italian Cocktails You Should be Drinking.

13. the americano,the americano is a truly classic,cocktail and was first served in garcia,campari's bar in the,1860s at this time though the drink went,by a different name the milano torino,it wasn't until the 20th century or so,goes the story when the cocktail grew in,popularity with americans that the drink,took its new name the americano the,americano is the perfect introduction to,the world of classic italian cocktails,this simple cocktail is a delightful,fizzy aperitif,served in a high ball glass the,americano brings together campari sweet,vermouth and a dash of soda water and is,the original italian cocktail spritz,ingredients 45 milliliters campari 45,milliliters sweet vermouth top with club,soda garnish with an orange twist,12. negroni,one of the best italian cocktails and,one that has taken the world by storm in,the past several years is the negroni,camilo negroni this popular drink is a,take on the americano,count negroni developed a taste for hard,liquor in america while working as a,rodeo clown,yes a rodeo clown when he returned to,italy the lighter americano was not to,his taste,so in an inspired move the count ramped,up the alcohol,he insisted that the bartender at his,local substitute the soda water,typically found in an americano for cold,hard gin,the negroni is born,the key to a great negroni is to find a,gin and vermouth pairing that complement,the campari rounding out the flavors for,that perfect cocktail,this is the ultimate aperitivo,ingredients 30 milliliters gin 30,milliliters campari 30 milliliters sweet,vermouth garnish with orange twist,11. negroni sabaliato,for those with an aversion to gin or who,just want to try the drink with a fancy,twist there is the negroni sabaliato,another of the best italian cocktails,the negroni nissa baliarto invented in,1972 was the product of a bartender's,mistake,merco stocketto working at barbasso at,the time accidentally mixed in sparkling,wine into a negroni instead of gin,he quickly realized that the drink was,fantastic and a new classic italian,cocktail was born,sabaliato means mistake and if you're,after a great tasting cocktail with the,added punch of alcoholic fizz then this,is the cocktail for you,ingredients 30 milliliters campari 30,milliliters sweet vermouth 30,milliliters prosecco garnish with an,orange twist,10. apparel spritz,the apparel spritz is another of the,great classic italian cocktails similar,to the americano this drink uses a peril,in place of campari,apparel is orange in color slightly,sweeter and lower in alcohol,this makes it perfect for the summer,months when you can enjoy the aperitivo,in the day under the hot italian sun,ingredients,135 milliliters prosecco 35 milliliters,apparel 30 milliliters soda water,garnish with orange slice,do you like this video by just clicking,like below you give us tremendous,support,9. bellini,born in venice the bellini is a,delicious classic italian cocktail that,makes use of fresh peaches,the drink's origins lie in cipriani's,love for the smell and flavor of fresh,white peaches a seasonal delicacy in the,veneto region,the barman spent many years trying to,work out a way to incorporate the,peach's incredible flavor into a drink,eventually he came up with the bellini,which saw him hand squeeze the fruits,juice and combining it with sparkling,wine,ingredients 45 milliliters fresh peach,puree chilled top with prosecco chilled,garnish with a slice of fresh peach,8. rossini this is a take on the bellini,typically drunk at christmas,it's as simple as the bellini in its,ingredients except it opts for,strawberry puree over peach puree,ingredients 45 milliliters fresh,strawberry puree chilled top with,prosecco chilled garnish with a slice of,fresh strawberries,7. angelo adzuro,thyme has obscured the origins of this,drink and little is known about exactly,where it comes from,the story most people go with is that it,is a take on the blue lagoon cocktail of,the 1950s and 60s,it's bright as your blue color informs,the cocktail's name which translates,literally to blue angel,careful though this is one stiff drink,ingredients 30 milliliters cuantro 30,milliliters limoncello 30 milliliters,gin 10 milliliters sweet vermouth,garnish with a fruit of your choice,6. the godfather,not strictly an italian cocktail but,named after the titular character in,francis ford coppola's eponymous film,the godfather,so we'll take it,disirono claims that this simple mix of,amaretto and whiskey was marlon brando's,favorite drink,and with nobody around to discredit the,claim let's just take it as true,ingredients 25 milliliters amaretto 50,milliliters bourbon whiskey no garnish,5. the,garibaldi ordinarily drunk as an,aperitivo this cocktail named after the,famous italian military general of the,same name is easily built,although there is a modern day variation,which incorporates rum and velvet,phelanum the original recipe is simple,it combines italy's signature liqueur,campari and fresh orange from the south,of italy,essentia

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Learn Italian: How To Order Food And Drinks At A Restaurant In Italy

Learn Italian: How To Order Food And Drinks At A Restaurant In Italy

this video focuses on basic helpful,everyday words and phrases but,non-italian speaking travelers are,likely to encounter in Italy grammar,rules and pronunciation guides are not,covered here but many are easily,available elsewhere on YouTube and the,Internet,this is something you see in some,restaurants but not others,it's called bread and cover in other,words they have a cover charge for bread,and basically putting out your,silverware or whatever I guess anyway on,the menu it would say I'm a a bevel on a,a kopeck door which translates basically,to bread and cover after you're seated,at your table you'll be greeted by the,waiter which is canary la Commedia a,where the waitress Marianna,camara as the waiter or waitress is,handing you the menus will probably,immediately ask me what you want to,drink and there's a very shortened,version of that in Italian they just say,to drink which is the bad and the bad a,which is to drink so be prepared for,that,they spring it on your kind of fast,you'll be ready for it and when talking,about drinks basically they're expecting,one of two things either water which is,aqua aqua or wine you're probably,familiar with this one the Vino and in,most restaurants in Italy you you get,that by the leader so they bring you a,bottle and that is literal when we throw,if your choice is aqua or water be aware,that there are a couple of different,ways it's served and they'll ask you,what kind you want flat water which is,basically tap water would be not to,rather than a not too relevant a so it's,aqua not to Robin and day not to rather,than day if you'd like something a,little more interesting there sparkling,water aqua freaks on day,aqua picante sparkling water also goes,by the name of mineral water which would,be aqua mineral a aqua mineral a if,you'd rather have wine you can of course,as for a wine list which is Vista de vie,in me mr. Davian me you basic wine,choices of course red wine is vino or,also Dino Russell and white wine is Dino,Bianco vino Blanco if you're just,interested in a house wine maybe look at,the wine list too expensive just want to,get something inexpensive but good della,Casa della Casa house wine at some point,the waiter will hand you the menu the,word in Italian is spelled the same is,the word in English and it's pronounced,menu menu if you look at the menu and,you find maybe you just don't want to,deal with all that Italian and you'd,like to possibly have a menu in English,you can say I they take manual in,English day that day we menu inlaid a,course you may have children with you,and you can ask for a children's menu by,saying a vacation menu there bam being,me they stay in menu their mom being me,not a bad idea when you go into some of,these choices to just ask your waiter or,waitress what they think is good you can,say what do you recommend which would be,cake or subdeacon Celia take or some you,can see Leah they know it's fresh they,know what the chefs are good at you can,just ask them what would you get if you,were me que pasa you can see Leah a lot,of restaurants are specials too so if,you just like to know what the specials,of the day or if there's a special pen,se puede oh gee spatula,voila oh gee spatulas,the waiter or waitress will eventually,come back things often move very slowly,or Italian restaurant you should be,ready for that,they will then ask you are you ready to,order which is say pronto para ganar,they say pronto para de nada if you're,not quite ready you can say give us a,minute Ullman is done that you,menudo or you might say we need a little,more time which is abbiamo lasagna y un,po de tempo abbiamo lasagna the un par,de tempo when you decided what you want,the waiter or waitress will come over,and usually they simply say da mangiare,meaning to eat but they might also say,que pochamma now that means what are we,making for you que pochamma if you,studied the menu you've probably noticed,that the menu is broken down into,different sections or courses and the,first one of those is antipasto or,antipasti basically these are appetizers,cheese would be for module olives Oh,leave a there might also be some form of,tomatoes on bread or tomato bread if you,like blue state that in the United,States people tend to pronounce this,bruschetta that's not the way you say,Italy get ham you're probably familiar,with this word it's fairly very common,in the United States prosciutto,next section of the menu is known as,being me or first course this course,includes a number of things pasta is one,of them same in English as it is an,Italian of course rice in Italian is at,least all that first course would also,include soup now I noticed two words,used for soup Nesta and Zuppa you might,also be familiar with this word minister,on me which is vegetable soup or,sometimes they also call it zu bodyguard,or a new believer Dorothy we probably,also familiar with polenta same in,English as it is,another course is called shikhandi,secondi and our includes meat which is,car

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