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Updated on Jan 18,2023

10 KICKASS Date Ideas Guaranteed To IMPRESS! Ten Awesome Date Ideas

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Dinner Date? The Trick To Getting Physical With Her!

Dinner Date? The Trick To Getting Physical With Her!

hey it's Stephan up on here in this,quick video I want to give you a tip for,dates that will change the way that you,can engage with a girl on a date it will,help you to be closer to her to make,things happen with her to get physical,with her and to actually have a lot,better connection with her the big,mistake is that people sit directly,opposite her at the table look normally,they have these tables but they want to,put you opposite a girl right now what,happens when you are opposite a girl,like that well first of all you have a,big natural barrier between you okay the,whole table is between you and that can,sometimes be quite far you only have one,way of engaging which is straight on,yeah you can't really look away you,can't look any other way you can't do,anything to do with push and pull for,example you can't give her attention and,then slightly turn it away unless you,totally turn away and then it seems,weird and you can't really get physical,with her you can't,apart from kicking or under the table,there's no way to to playfully get,physical with her so there are lots of,negatives to this position of being with,a girl on a date and it still amazes me,that most people just go along with,where they've been put and listen to the,weight of putting them in the place,here's what I do if I'm on a date and I,actually want to get a great connection,with a girl I insist that we sit over,the corner of the table so she's here,and I'm here alright so I arranged table,in that way or I make sure that we are,sitting at the table that's maybe that's,round and we can sit over the side of it,yeah but I want to get into a sort of,like a 45 degree angle right so that I,can do many more things than you can do,when you just sit opposite somebody,here's what I mean by that,I can turn like this and I can I can,create an intimacy with her that we're,actually closer to her but I can look at,straight in the eye and I can focus on,her I can then also turn away slightly,and point something out over there we,can talk about stuff together all right,can give her attention and I can,withdraw my attention a little bit which,can be really useful in the process of,Attraction I can get physical with her,if she says something that makes me,laugh or smile I can I can react,physically or I can you know I can get,her to to to to hit me on the arm or,break the the contact barrier so to,speak I could I could easily steal,something from a plate and engage with,her playfully that way I can look at her,from the side I can we can talk about,stuff that's happening out there there,are so many more ways of being engaging,in this situation it also feels a lot,more intimate when you're actually,almost next to somebody yeah and if you,feel like kissing her on the date,because there's a great moment or,whatever or the chemistry is so good you,can do it you can't do that if you're,sitting opposite her I mean you'd have,to literally walk around and then,basically destroy the moment are you,following what I'm saying here so what,do you need to do the next time you're,on a date literally don't take basically,where the waiter puts you but insist on,organizing your table that you are,sitting over the corner or you know you,could even be next to her on the sofa or,something or on that that's even still,better than being opposite her because,it gives you no flexibility whatsoever,all right so make sure that you set it,up in a way that actually helps you that,doesn't that it doesn't get awkward like,it usually does when you're like sitting,opposite somebody okay and all that,natural barrier between you not good all,right so you've listened to this you've,understood what I've said and you're,gonna use this obviously in your life so,it makes a lot of sense to sign up to my,newsletter because I mean this is just,the beginning I give you a lot more,in-depth tips and strategies and real,techniques to help you to overcome any,fears of approaching women to talk to,women to get on dates with women to get,confident with women so join here,there's a link under the video and I'll,see you there

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$14 Fancy Date Night Dinner At Home | But Cheaper

$14 Fancy Date Night Dinner At Home | But Cheaper

sometimes you just want to do something,nice for that special somebody but maybe,you don't want to spend 100 $8.32 maybe,you want a fancy dinner for two for less,than $15,there's a restaurant the chippy named or,many if that that have sort of two for,twenty right two meals two great meals,for twenty dollars but I say we can beat,that and more specifically and this,isn't a but better more specifically,date night is something that is commonly,very expensive but it doesn't have to be,if you go out and you get something for,forty dollars which is twenty a person,it most people might say looks pretty,good,but I really think you can have a,three-course meal where the prices,previously described think that price,right there and there's nothing really,that fancy about it could take common,ingredients let them together use some,proper technique and make a world-class,and that's the whole point of this,series now there's three pieces of this,meal so I'm not gonna waste too much,time here so with all that said let's do,this shall we,one second one second it's very late I'm,editing right now I forgot to mention,that same thing and I are doing a,giveaway of a TV and a BBQ stuff and,they'll be linked in the description I'm,also doing it on my Instagram story so,you can see it there okay so let's first,start with our appetizer get a 10-inch,skillet I didn't three tablespoons or 42,grams of extra-virgin olive oil,set that over a medium heat until,extremely hot and dump in 10 ounces or,280 grams of whole grape tomatoes so,you'll need to cut them it's super,simple now if they don't serve what's,poppin right away and you gosh-darned,pan ain't hot enough alright now keep,cooking and stirring occasionally until,they get a little charred and softened,up three to five minutes then add three,cloves of thinly sliced garlic season,lightly with salt and pepper let that,cook for about a minute then turn off,the heat take it off the heat so little,yachty on tick tock post about this,toaster and so I haven't got one I don't,know I don't know why it's the most,unnecessary toaster I've ever had but,anyway go ahead and get two slices of,good crusty bread in your toaster and,get them nice and well toasted now for,both slices you'll need about a third a,cup or 90 grams of ricotta divided,evenly amongst the two top that with,your nice garlicky plump juicy tomatoes,hit it with some extra olive oil,optionally some flaky salt and black,pepper firstly cracked and some fresh,herbs for garnish if you want it to look,extra pretty now with all this put,together if we're looking at just the,serving cost because there's a lot of,ingredients left over that puts the,total cost of this appetizer for both,toasts at three dollars and ninety four,cents okay so this is,now you eat it thank you let's go go,you've got the sweet tomatoes they're,charred they're blistered they're soft,but they still have some texture it's,garlicky you've got the olive oil the,ricotta there's so many textures,perfectly satisfying okay so now we're,on to the main course surely it doesn't,cost less than seven dollars for two,plates of this well you're about to have,your pancake slipped and don't call me,Shirley so you need to start with some,chicken leg quarters which is literally,just the chicken drumstick plus the,thigh attached I'm gonna take a nice,sharp knife running along the length of,the center of the thigh to reveal the,thigh bone then down the drumstick to,reveal the drumstick bone and I can kind,of see that these two pieces are,connected by those bones to first remove,the thigh bone now it's everything's,still attached but you're just kind of,getting the thigh bone detached then,repeating with the drumstick bone now,once you can get your knife underneath,the drumstick bone I recommend slicing,it and cutting down just before you get,to the end of the drumstick,so it separates like this and yes my,freshly sharpened boning knife did just,shave that wood cutting board now all,that's keeping it attached is the,cartilage in the joint in the center of,these two pieces carefully cutting that,piece out removing his little meat as,possible and now you have a boneless,chicken leg corner now you only need two,of these but a package of five costs,about three dollars which makes it one,dollar and 20 cents for two now to each,of these you're gonna add two teaspoons,or three grams of whole grain mustard a,little bit of salt to taste a slice of,Swiss cheese and four to five basil,leaves then carefully roll your chickeny,blanket all the way up to lock in that,stuffing then use pieces of kitchen,twine tired chicken together at three to,four even intervals so now you kind of,got like a little miniature roast repeat,with your other chicken thigh I have,three here because well I want an actor,piece but so a large skillet with a,couple tablespoons of oil enough to coat,the bottom keep it over a medium-high,heat until nice and hot,Pat your meaty fruit roll-ups dry season,generously with salt add

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Date Night Dinner | Basics with Babish

Date Night Dinner | Basics with Babish

- My partner inspires me every day,and appreciates everything that makes me me.,And what better way to celebrate our romance,than with this spirit,from a wild remote Island off the coast of Scotland.,Thanks to today's sponsor,,Jess and I are enjoying the botanist islay dry gin,with a trio of martinis, dry, dirty,,and one with the sweet twist.,These botanist martinis will perfectly,complete our date night meal.,Let's get down to saying,,I love you with great food and great cocktails.,Let's get down to the basics.,(upbeat music),All right, for this Date Night,,we're going to make canopies, a pasta, and a dessert,,and I'm gonna show you how to make,three different kinds of each.,This way you can pick whichever one you like.,You can mix and match, or you can make all three,for a sort of tasting menu.,And for the easiest and breeziest possible night,of cooking together,,we're gonna start with what you can do ahead of time.,First up, a decadent flowerless chocolate cake.,I'm gonna start with some arts and crafts,lining for six ounce ramekins,with parchment paper on the bottom and sides.,To line the bottom, I am folding a square of parchment paper,into a triangle pressing the tip of the triangle,into the center of the ramekin,and using my freshly clipped fingernails to press a crease,around the inside edge of the cup.,This is going to act as a cutting guide.,And if we cut right around that edge,,it's going to give us a perfect little circle,of parchment paper custom designed for our ramekins.,Then the line to the sides,,we're cutting a strip of parchment paper,at the same height as the sides of our ramekins,,pressing it inside and cutting out the overlap.,This recipe is for four cakes.,So if my math is correct,,I'm gonna repeat this three more times,,then once we got all of our pieces cut out,,we're gonna generously grease both the ramekins,and the paper with non-stick spray.,This is going to help adhere the paper tightly,to the inside of the cups.,With those guys all prepped,,we're ready to start making our butter.,First, we need six ounces of the high quality,,dark chocolate of your choice.,I like to shoot for about 60%.,Then to make sure that it melts easily,,we're going to chop it fine and set it aside.,And then heat proved bowl along with one ounce,of Dutch-process cocoa powder,,a half teaspoon each, instant espresso powder,,and kosher salt, and four and a half ounces,of unsalted room temperature butter.,Mix that up into a paste and set aside,and over on the stove top,,we're combining three ounces of sugar,with a third of a cup of water, bringing to a simmer,,making sure that all the sugar's dissolved,,taking off the heat and pouring directly,over our chocolate mixture.,Then we're gonna wanna let this sit,for 30 seconds of just 30 seconds, okay, I'll wait.,This is gonna give the chocolate and butter a chance,to soften and heat up so that when we may begin,to tiny whisk it quickly emulsifies into a thick,,creamy ganache.,This is going to act as the chocolate part,of our flowerless chocolate cake.,Now we've got to make the cake part.,Into the bowl of a stand mixer,goes three room temperature eggs,and one and a half ounces of sugar.,Then I'm gonna beat this on medium high speed,for about three minutes until it has nearly tripled,in volume and reaches the ribbon stage,where the mixture luxuriously drifts off the whisk,like ribbons.,Now we're just gonna add our chocolate ganache mixture,to the party folding together until homogenous.,You don't have to be too gentle with it.,This isn't like egg whites,,you're not gonna deflate it too much.,Once that's evenly combined and your wrist hurts,,we're going to divide it evenly,amongst our pre-paper ramekins.,You might notice that I only have three here,and that's because I thought,this would only make three cakes.,It turns out it makes four.,That's why I'm here folks to mess up the math,so you don't have to.,Next up, we're placing these in a high waltz casserole,or cake pan and filling that pan about three quarters,of the way up the sides of the ramekins with cool water.,Then they are headed into a 300 degree Fahrenheit oven,for anywhere from 60 to 70 minutes until they are puffed,and relatively set but ever so slightly jiggly when jiggled.,Pop them out of the bath,,place them on a wire rack to cool,,and once completely cooled, they can be wrapped and fridged,for at least four hours and up to three days.,Now, I mentioned that we're doing three different variations,of each course in this meal.,So for the cakes,,we're gonna look at a few different kinds of sauces.,First up, one of my favorites, a simple creme on glaze.,We're combining five ounces each, milk and heavy cream,on the stove top with a half teaspoon of kosher salt,and bringing to a bare simmer.,While that begins to bubble,and we're gonna scrape one large vanilla pod,,and in a medium heat proof bowl,,we are separating three, wrong bowl, there we go.,Egg whites go there.,We're separating out three large egg yolks.,

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Romantic At Home Date Night Ideas + Tips!

Romantic At Home Date Night Ideas + Tips!

hey guys welcome to my channel so today,i'm going to be sharing a romantic date,night at home so hopefully this video,will give you ideas or inspiration if,you're thinking of doing an at-home date,night sometime soon so the first thing i,like to do of course is make sure that,my space is clean and the living room,was a little bit out of place so i just,wanted to go ahead and pick up in here,really quickly i do have a full clean,and decorate with me for valentine's day,so if you guys want to check that out i,will link it in the description box,below,and i just like to make sure that,everything is nice and clean this is,something that i would normally do,anyway but on a date night it's really,important because you don't want to have,a date night and the house be a mess so,just take the extra few minutes to just,clean up and make everything look really,nice and put together and that way,you'll enjoy your date night that much,more,and you want to make sure that you're,lighting plenty of candles because,candlelight is a must whenever you're,having an at-home date night it just,really helps set the mood and it just,makes everything a little bit more,romantic,and i'm gonna go ahead and start,prepping for dinner so we were having,steaks and i want to go ahead and just,prep those and marinate them so i'm,rubbing a little bit of olive oil on the,steak and this really just kind of helps,tenderize it a little bit and for the,marinade i'm just going to be using this,larry's marinade that i picked up at the,grocery store something really simple um,it doesn't take a lot of time but the,flavor of it is really really great,and once you get everything marinated,you want to add aluminum foil and put it,in the fridge and the marinade is really,just going to help tenderize the meat,and give it all the flavor so just throw,it in the fridge until it's time to cook,and now i'm going to plate these,chocolate covered strawberries so i,bought these so i wouldn't have to worry,about making them myself they are really,simple to make but it's just one less,thing that i had to have on my to-do,list so i'm just adding these to the,plate so that they will be ready for,later tonight,now i'm going to go ahead and set the,table and to really give it that steak,restaurant feel i'm going to add this,white tablecloth and this makes it look,like you put so much more effort into it,i ordered this tablecloth off of amazon,super affordable so i'll link it below,but i love adding the white tablecloth,because it just makes it look a little,bit more fancy so i'm going to add some,flowers to the center of the table and,then also some candles,and of course you want to make sure that,you have your wine selection so i have a,red one for dinner and then a rose for,dessert and now i'm going to go ahead,and add the plates glassware and,silverware and having everything already,on the table just gives it more of that,restaurant feel,now i'm going to get started with dinner,so we're just going to keep it really,easy we're having steak mashed potatoes,and asparagus so i'm gonna boil the,water for the potatoes and i'm gonna add,a little bit of salt to it,and i'm gonna be using these go potatoes,to make the mashed potatoes and they're,going to make the best mashed potatoes i,either like to use the gold potatoes or,red potatoes so yeah i'm just going to,go ahead and peel the potato i don't,really like the skin left on mine so i,do like to peel the potato all the way,but of course you can do it however you,prefer,i'm gonna cut the potatoes into smaller,pieces i feel like this just helps them,boil a little bit faster,i'm gonna get started with the asparagus,so i'm gonna wash it and then add it to,a paper towel take another paper towel,and pat it dry,and i already started heating the olive,oil so i put it on medium high heat and,now i'm going to go ahead and just add,the asparagus and i'm going to add a,little bit more olive oil on top of the,asparagus,also add a little bit of water and salt,and i'll cover it and normally cook it,for about eight to ten minutes,so now i'm going to take this pan and,i'm going to coat it in butter and i'm,going to get started with the steaks,i'm gonna cook the steaks for about,seven to eight minutes on each side only,flipping them once now i'm gonna go,ahead and whip up these potatoes so i'm,adding a little bit of heavy whipping,cream and also butter to the potatoes,and i don't like my mashed potatoes too,creamy i like for them to be a little,bit kind of chunky to where you know the,potatoes are still a little bit whole so,yeah i don't like them too too creamy,but yeah adding the heavy whipping cream,just really makes them so amazing so,that's pretty much all i add to the,potatoes,and i slightly overcooked the asparagus,for my liking i normally cook it for,about eight to ten minutes i like for my,asparagus to have a little bit of crunch,to it so if you like it that way then,eight to ten minutes it's perfect,so i added everything to the ta

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What To Do On A Date

What To Do On A Date

Improvement pill here when I started having a more active dating life in New,York City I ended up bringing a lot of my dates to the same place for the very,first dates and literally every single girl that I've brought on these dates,wanted to see me again so today I want to share a few exactly what I did,where I went and the mindset I had on these dates so hopefully you can get,some inspiration and apply some of this stuff to your own dating life as well,okay so there's a large parking Queens that I used to bring my dates to it's,right next to the East River and also close to one of the schools that I went,to when I was a lot younger so I'm very familiar with the area and that's one,thing you should keep in mind for first dates you should bring your date to a,place that you're already familiar with so that you feel more comfortable you,don't have to worry about getting lost you might already know some of the,people there and you might even have some interesting stories about the,location that you can share anyways what I usually do is I tell my day to meet me,at the train station in the early afternoon I make sure to tell them not,see lunch and you'll see why in a second when they arrive we start walking to the,park together which is not too far away it's like a ten minute walk and about,halfway there we come across a small track in a schoolyard at this point in,time I'll say something along the lines of hey Zone so let's make a bet I'll,race you around this track and the loser buys lunch and I'm so confident that I'm,gonna win that I'll even give you a five-second no no no you know what I'll,give you a 10-second head start and every time I've challenged one of my,dates to this little competition they've said yes now the reason I do this is,because I personally love games and challenges and bets and things like that,this is what I consider to be fun what I consider to be exciting which is why,right out the gate I want to be showing them this part of my personality because,if they aren't into it then chances are we're not gonna have a good relationship,down the line I don't want to be wasting my time with someone who's not,compatible with me and that's the mentality you need to have when it comes,to dating the point of the first date is to see if she's compatible with you if,she isn't it's totally fine there's more fish in the sea but to be honest I don't,I've ever been on a date with a girl who didn't like to play along I think games,and challenges are almost universally liked by just about everyone right,there's a reason why everyone says that they want to feel like a kid again,because when you're a kid you don't have any worries in the world and all you do,is run around playing games it's fun it's way better than being an adult,that's for sure so when you're able to bring back that,same sort of fun energy from those good old days when you're on a date with,someone you become a very memorable person most people want to date someone,that makes them feel young and wild and free again not someone who makes them,feel old a serious and stressed that's my philosophy when it comes to romantic,relationships so anyways we race sometimes they do in fact win and,sometimes they lose regardless of what happens I bring them to the pizza place,on the next block the loser buys a couple of slices and that's lunch I,never take my dates out to fancy restaurants for the first date I think,it's better to save that for a special occasion later down the road if we do,end up dating for a longer period of time so I always end up taking them to,more casual places like a pizza place or a fast food joint like Taco Bell okay so,we sit down and we quickly eat the pizza we chat a bit and once we finish we,start walking to our next destination which is the park and it's only like two,minutes away and as we walk into the park I start telling stories now I spent,many years hanging out in this park after school of my classmates when I was,a kid so I do have a bunch of crazy stories and like I mentioned before this,is an extremely good thing because you want to be sharing interesting stories,about yourself you want to make your life seem exciting and adventurous,people are attracted to those traits it's just human nature so I'll tell you,one of my stories right now close to the entrance of this park are a couple of,trash cans that they put fallen leaves into whenever fall comes around so one,day after school when we were all hanging out a friend of mine decided to,light one of the trash cans that was filled with leaves on fire and it was a,very impressive fire I had never seen a fire so big before so we all gather,around to watch this giant metal can burn and that's when I'm not even,kidding out of nowhere what looked like a blind,man walking his dog stopped right next to us and pulled out a badge he was an,undercover cop and he yelled at us what the hell are you kids doing are you,stupid get away from that fire right just leave,the trashcan

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Date Night Dinner II | Basics with Babish

Date Night Dinner II | Basics with Babish

i had a lot of fun making the four,course date night meal earlier this year,and jess and i had an even better time,eating it so thanks to today's sponsor,my friends at the botanist isla dry gin,we're gonna take another look at date,night this time with a new year's eve,spin we're celebrating with martinis,before midnight pairing the botanist,with multiple dishes thanks to the gin's,versatility and wide range of flavor,profiles let's get down to basics,so just like the last date night episode,we're gonna make three different,versions of a three-course dinner first,up is three different flavor options for,creme brulee a great dessert to make,ahead for a standard issue vanilla bean,creme brulee i'm scraping one vanilla,bean measuring out 10 ounces of heavy,cream and combining its guts and carcass,with cream in a small saucepan we've,also got two ounces of white sugar about,half of which we're going to add to our,cream and vanilla mixture the other half,we're whisking together with three large,egg yolks until homogeneous in a large,heatproof bowl make sure you don't let,this mixture sit around for more than 15,minutes otherwise the eggs will start to,clump over on the stovetop we're,bringing the heavy cream mixture to a,simmer over medium heat adding a little,pinch of salt and once brought to a,simmer kill the heat letting it sit for,about 30 seconds before carefully and,gently tempering it into the egg mixture,that is slowly drizzling it in while,whisking constantly so as to not end up,with sugary scrambled eggs once you get,all the liquid and the vanilla pod added,and everybody's nice and homogeneous,we're going to strain this mixture into,a spouted container and that's really,all there is to building a basic custard,a popular variation on flavor can be,achieved by adding one and a half,teaspoons of matcha powder to our half,of the sugar that goes in the heavy,cream this is gonna help disperse the,matcha powder and prevent it from,clumping in the liquid from there on out,it's the exact same procedure temper,into the eggs strain into a spouted,container and there you have it a matcha,flavored custard last up we're gonna,make a nice bright citrus custard and,this comes together a little differently,we're starting by zesting three oranges,into our 10 ounces of heavy cream then,we're covering this guy and letting him,hang out at room temperature for two,hours or in the fridge overnight this is,going to infuse the cream with all that,lovely orange flavor we're also going to,add one and a half tablespoons of,freshly squeezed lemon juice to the egg,and sugar mixture to bring a little,acidity to our custard and tell our,brains hey you're eating citrus right,now from there on out you've got the,same procedure as the other custards,albeit with even more reason to strain,through a fine mesh sieve and with that,we're ready to start filling our,ramekins of choice which are usually,shallow and wide to maximize crunchy,sugar's surface area we're also busting,out the blowtorch a little earlier than,you might think because from a safe,distance it can get rid of any stubborn,bubbles that haven't yet popped now,before these guys head into a 275 degree,fahrenheit oven the casserole that,contains them must be turned into a baun,marie so we're going to pour in enough,to come about two thirds of the way up,the size of the ramekins now when you do,this you want to line your casserole,with a clean dish towel to prevent the,ramekins from sliding around you might,notice that i'm not doing that and,there's a very good reason why i forgot,or rather i did it on purpose so that,you learn from my mistakes either way,you're welcome and this guy's headed,into a 275 degree fahrenheit oven for 20,to 25 minutes until the center of the,custard is set but still a little wobbly,let them cool completely in the pan,before wrapping and fridging for at,least 4 hours but up to 3 days when it,comes time to serve them we're gonna,need some super fine sugar not the,easiest thing to find in the world so if,you need to make your own simply blitz,some white sugar in a food processor for,about 30 seconds until it has a nice,fine texture speaking of food processors,the next thing we're going to prep for,is our appetizer a whipped ricotta for,which we're going to combine eight,ounces of high quality ricotta the zest,of one lemon a generous splash of olive,oil and a little pinch of kosher salt in,the bowl of our food processor blitzing,for anywhere from 30 seconds to 2,minutes depending on what kind of,texture and strength of will your,ricotta has give it a taste for,seasoning and consistency cover and,refrigerate until ready to serve now the,variation for this ricotta is going to,come from its toppings first up what's,become one of my favorite things to cook,and serve this year tomato confit i got,a half pound of multi-colored cherry,tomatoes here reluctantly coming out of,their package into a pie plate or,shallow baking dish,along with a handful of peppercorns

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10 Romantic Date Night Ideas For Quality Couple Time

10 Romantic Date Night Ideas For Quality Couple Time

hey guys welcome back to Tracy's place,if you are a newbie welcome if you're,Audi but a goodie welcome back I am,doing 10 date night ideas that if you,are stuck in the rut these will help you,out if you just just plum run out of,ideas this is a help out to the,weather's getting warm and there's gonna,be plenty of places to go plenty of,things to do and sometimes you just,don't know what they aren't though so,I'm here to help you out with that if,you are new click the subscribe button,then click the notification bell that,way you'll be notified each time I,upload a video and you can see it right,away please thumbs up this video I hope,that you like it I think you will and,then share this video there's plenty of,other people on your Facebook and,Twitter and other social media accounts,that can use this information to alright,so let's get started the first idea is,an old school puzzle just a jigsaw,puzzle just go to the story and go to,Walmart they even have calendar and,puzzle stores in the mall but you can,order something offline but got a,Walmart Target or somewhere like that,pick out a pretty puzzle not something,that's too little that you'll get,annoyed at those little puzzle pieces,but get some average sized pieces and,then go at it also with the puzzle,you're gonna have some food and you're,gonna have some jazz or some slow,ballads or arm beats look what OH,old-school R&B whatever you like have,that plan in the background and you're,gonna have some couple questions to talk,about while you're doing the puzzle it's,the perfect evening all you have to do,is Google couple questions and pick out,the ones you want and have a great night,full of conversation the second thing is,a massage night mm-hmm a massage night,but your husband or your wife surprise,them with it you can get some oil some,we could even be olive oil don't don't,leather them up now don't let them down,but just a little bit of oil to get the,hands warm and sent it a little bit also,have some mood music going as well,mm-hm and then I have some candles lit,and you can feed each other,chocolate-covered strawberries our fruit,and you'll have a good night,another thing for husbands and wives is,an intimate card game intimate card game,also of course have some food some,snacks to go on oh but this doesn't need,anything else just just intimate,questions because they're gonna have you,act out these things all you have to do,is google couples card games pick out,the one you like get that and have some,food like I said and you're gonna have a,pretty interesting time the fourth one,is a movie and a snack night all you,have to do is get on the couch yeah your,big screen TV there right in front of,you get your favorite foods and get one,or two movies and have a good time you,don't even have to conversate if you,don't feel like conversation it's just a,time to be together anyway and enjoy,something that you both Compton you,don't commonly like some people like,comedy some people like action some,people like romantic movies sci-fi,horror whatever it is get on the couch,get a blanket get next to your mister or,missus and enjoy the night the fifth,thing is dinner and a jazz club there is,nothing better than some smooth chance,even if you don't think you know you,like it you think it's kind of stuffy,jazz is a beautiful thing and they play,all kinds of genres of jazz if that,makes sense to you they can play RB,classic soul and just jazz but go to,dinner go to a jazz club or if you have,an old old old-school R&B club or,Christian you know where they play,Christian music or what have you but,just got music does something for the,night so go to dinner and go to a jazz,club the sixth thing is and I hope your,city has this it's a dinner train i,dinner train yes I think people forget,about this a lot we have one in our city,and I forgot all about it they just,mentioned it on the news the other night,and ours is like booked up until I think,a couple of months so you have to if,it's popular in your city you have to,book early so about a dinner train is,romantic you're eating dinner you have,scenery and it's a beautiful thing also,if your spouse or your significant other,is not big on conversation pick out some,topics to talk about on the train that,way you have a night full of,conversation and some intimacy number 7,get takeout or pack a picnic basket,yourself go to a nice park in the,daytime when it's not super hot and you,know go to a Riverside Park if you have,a river in your city and they have like,a nice park by it go there you could,have a park that overlooks a,neighborhood you know just one of your,nicer parks and just enjoy time with,each other this is one of those times to,to pick out some some things to talk,about some intimate intimate questions,don't bombard your spouse now are your,significant others if they don't like to,talk a whole bunch but sometimes you,like to have something to talk about,because no matter how long you've been,together sometimes you

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