after dinner 2/3 of a pan of lasagna is left

Lasagna for Two Recipe {Small Batch Lasagna}today we are making small,batch lasagna it is the perfec

Leigh Anne Wilkes

Updated on Jan 18,2023

Lasagna for Two Recipe {Small Batch Lasagna}

today we are making small,batch lasagna it is the perfect amount,for two,and the perfect solution to too many,leftovers,hi i'm leanne from,and can i tell you,that one of the worst parts of being an,empty nester is,leftovers i am not a fan of leftovers,and when you're only cooking for two,leftovers can be a serious problem,sometimes this small batch lasagna,is the answer now a typical lasagna,recipe is usually made in a 9 by 13 pan,that is just way too much lasagna as,much as we love lasagna i don't want to,be eating it for days on end so this,recipe,uses a 9x5 loaf pan which is the perfect,amount of lasagna,for two let's get started we're going to,start with our meat mixture,and we're going to use a pound of ground,beef and i bet i've just got,that browning in here and we're going to,brown that along with a half of a cup of,chopped onion,i like to use my cheater onion which is,what you find in the freezer,section of the grocery store it's,already chopped for you ready to go,and then we're going to add in two,teaspoons of minced garlic,and then we'll just cook that all up,until the meat is browned through,once your meat is completely browned,through go ahead and drain off if,there's,an excess of fat or juice in there go,ahead and drain that off,and then we're going to add in our,tomatoes we're going to use a 15 ounce,can of tomato sauce,and a 15 ounce can of i like to use the,petite diced tomatoes,i'm going to combine that along with a,half a teaspoon of basil,a half a teaspoon of oregano a half a,teaspoon of sugar,and a quarter of a teaspoon of salt,we're going to mix that all together and,then we're going to let this meat,mixture,simmer and let it thicken up i like my,lasagna somewhat soupy,so i'm going to cook this until it,starts to thicken up but not too thick,i like there to be about three to four,cups of sauce to work with,so just put it on low and let it simmer,away all right well our meat sauce is,simmering away,we're gonna mix together our cheese,layer,and what we're going to use is we are,going to use a half a cup,of ricotta cheese and i like to use the,whole milk ricotta,put that into our bowl we're going to,add in a half a cup of,freshly grated parmesan cheese,we've got a teaspoon of dried basil,and then an eighth of a teaspoon of salt,and an eighth of a teaspoon of pepper,and then we're going to take one egg,that we've beaten up and add that in and,that kind of becomes our binder,we mix that all together,you want to make sure that egg gets nice,and mixed in there,okay and then we're ready to assemble,our lasagna all right once our meat,mixture is ready we've got our,cheese combined we are ready to assemble,our lasagna,now true confessions i have never been a,huge fan,of making homemade lasagna because i,hated boiling,the noodles to me that was the worst,part of the whole,thing and then i discovered oven ready,lasagna noodles you don't have to boil,them ahead of time,and they work great now if you can't,find these in your grocery,store of course you can boil noodles and,use those but if you're going to boil,noodles just make sure to boil them,until they're al dente,so there's still a little bit of,resistance to them because they are,going to continue to cook,when the lasagna cooks and you don't,want mushy,noodles so all right so we're going to,assemble our lasagna we've got our 9x5,a loaf pan and we're going to take some,of our meat mixture and just cover,the bottom of the pan probably about a,half an inch thick,i'd say i'm probably using a generous,half cup,a little bit more of sauce then we're,going to take one of our noodles and,just lay it on top and it's just the,perfect size,fits great in there we're going to take,our ricotta cheese mixture and we're,going to use a third of it okay because,we're going to make,three layers so spoon out a third,and just spread it over the top of your,noodle,then we're going to take our grated,mozzarella cheese and we're going to put,about a third of a cup,on top of the ricotta layer,and then we're just going to repeat the,process we're going to do sauce,noodle ricotta cheese again we just want,to make sure that we end,the process with sauce on top and a,final little,topping of cheese,okay so we've got the sauce at the top,we're going to finish it off with a,remaining,mozzarella and then,last but not least we're going to take,about a quarter cup of grated parmesan,cheese,and sprinkle it over the top and it is,going to be ready to go,into a 350 degree oven but first we're,gonna cover it with a piece of foil,okay we're gonna cover it with a piece,of foil but it's a 400 degree oven,another 350. so,we're going to cover this and cook it,for about 30 minutes,and then we're going to take the foil,off and cook it for another,10 15 minutes until the lasagna is kind,of set up,it's gonna be nice and hot and bubbly,around the edges the cheese will be,melted and just starting to turn a,golden brown,then you know it's done all right our,lasagna is out o

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How to Cook Special Lasagna

How to Cook Special Lasagna

Christmas is just around the corner, It's the season for delicious dishes and recipes,May it be "Noche Buena", Christmas parties or Family reunions,How are you doing? I'm Vanjo Merano and Welcome to Panlasang Pinoy!,and today we'll be cooking Christmas Lasagna,here are the ingredients we need for this dish:,ground beef or "giniling na baka",Ground Italian Sauge, this is a "nice-to-have" ingredient, meaning it's optional but will surely have the best result.,No Boil Lasagna which we could cook together with the sauce without boiling,if you will be using the traditional Lasagna, make sure to cook it first depending on its package instructions,shredded mozarella cheese,ricotta cheese,these 2 cans here are diced tomatoes,tomato paste,parmesan cheese,onion,parsley,fresh basil,Italian seasoning,minced garclic,and Knorr Beef cubes,aside from these we'll also be needing Olive Oil,sugar,ground black pepper,salt,and water,and here is the complete list of all the ingredients and their measurements,If you're ready, come and join me as I cook.,preheat olive oil in a cooking pot,once hot, place our ground beef and ground italian sausage,you may either use extra virgin olive oil like this, or ordinary olive oil will do,if no there's no olive oil available, ordinary cooking oil will do,distribute your cooking oil in our pot,put the ground beef and the ground italian sausage,cook until beef turns into light brown,It is important to mix this while cooking so that it would separate,I usually let this sit for 30 seconds, mix and then let it sit again until light brown,fold, like this, then spread,for me this is the easiest way,upon folding you may notice the bottom part cooked,once cooked, spread the meat,It is important for the beef and sausage not to stick together,let the bottom part be cooked then repeat what we did earlier,as you can see our meat changes it color,so now we can add our onions and garlic,here goes the onions,this is our chopped yellow onion.,Let's mix this,then add the garlic right away,this is our minced garlic,the way that we are cooking this is different from the traditional stir fry method where we cook the onions and garlic first,in this case we started to cook the beef first,let it cook until the onions softens, about 2 - 3 minutes,let it cook uncovered,see, onions are cooked just right,after 3 minutes, we may now add our diced tomatoes,these are canned diced tomatoes,this two cans totals to 29 oz,so we'll just have to add this here,Let's mix this,and then add a little bit of water,If I haven't mentioned earlier, what we are cooking is the meat sauce of our lasagna,here goes our water,we'll just have to let this simmer,once it simmers we may now add our Knorr Beef cubes,I'm using this for a more beefy flavor of our lasagna,let us just mix this,and we may now add our parsley, fresh basil and the Italian seasoning,here goes our fresh parsley (finely chopped),here is our fresh basil,and our italian seasoning,Stir,Mmm~ this already smell good,continue cooking our meat sauce,so that we could extract the flavor more,cover then adjust heat between low to medium,bring to boil for 40 minutes,after 40 minutes, let us now add our tomato paste,here goes our tomato paste,this tomato paste adds flavor to our lasagna and helps thickens our meat sauce,scrape everything,see,ok,Let us just mix this,as you may notice, the sauce started to thicken,all we have to do is season this with salt, sugar and ground black pepper,put some sugar,a little bit of salt,and ground black pepper,mix well,and then cover,simmer for another 5 minutes,cool after 5 minutes. Set aside,We'll be mixing all the cheeses we have, afterwards we may start assembling our lasagna,this is our ricotta cheese,all we have to do is mix all the cheeses that we have,this is our shredded mozarella cheese,pick up everything,and then add our grated parmesan cheese,Mix well so that we could easily apply this later,we are doing this for effiecientcy,after mixing, we may now start assembling our lasagna,now, it's ready, we can start assembling the lasagna, sauce and this cheese in a baking pan then we'll bake this afterwards,at this point we should have prepared our oven, preheated at 375 F,We'll start off by putting our meat sauce in our baking pan,this should go to the bottom layer,scoop,this smells really good,I bet this lasagna really taste good. Just the meat sauce alone, this really smells good,then spread this all over the pan,next to this is our lasagna,for the mean time, we won't be putting any cheese after this meat layer,there you go,so we can now layer our lasagna,and then continue to our second layer,this is now where we will be adding cheese,this is the cheese that we had mixed,we'll be adding cheese layer here,spread the cheese,and then we'll be adding our meet layer on top of this,there you go, lets just spread this a little bit more,ok. let us now add another meat layer,There you go. Let us spread this again,let's add a little bit more so this woul

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Do you have to boil lasagna noodles before baking?

Do you have to boil lasagna noodles before baking?

this video is sponsored by squarespace,yeah you do not have to pre-cook any,kind of pasta for lasagna even dried,pasta like this you can just layer them,right into the pan with your other,ingredients they will cook in the,moisture of your sauce with dried,noodles that comes out surprisingly good,but of course just because you do not,have to do something doesn't mean you do,not want to you might still want to,parboil your pasta even though it is,kind of a pain i think it is,particularly worthwhile with homemade,fresh pasta but i think the reason,people have such divergent opinions,about this is because pretty much,anything that you could do,works and the resulting differences in,the finished product are more subtle,than you would expect or at least more,subtle than i'd expect i'm gonna show,you a whole bunch of test bakes that i,did and i'm gonna try to describe how,they tasted my sauce is just some fried,off onions tomato paste browned a little,in the pan and this brand of crushed,tomatoes super good a little wine lots,of herbs and spices simmer for at least,an hour my cheese layer is grated,mozzarella into a bunch of ricotta a,bunch of grated parmesan eggs peppers,salt mix it all up these are the,standard italian-american lasagna,fillings i'd say though we would often,put ground beef in the sauce now in a,way the most obvious choice of noodle,here would be these fresh pasta sheets,specifically formulated and shaped to go,directly into a lasagna pan with no,pre-cooking you can see they're more,like semi-fresh they're stiffer and less,sticky than real homemade fresh pasta my,sense from watching tv is that brits and,other europeans have had these for a,long time i did not start seeing these,in mainstream us supermarkets until a,few years ago and it's usually in the,refrigerator cases around the deli,section and what could be easier right,if you can get these it's a great,weeknight dinner i'm just kind of,underwhelmed by the taste and texture,they come out a little gummy i'm not a,huge fan let's go to dried pasta,standard dry lasagna noodles this is the,way my dad taught me to make lasagna i,imagine how his italian mother taught,him you par boil partially boil the,noodles pretty much just until they are,pliable maybe half or two thirds of the,cooking time that they give on the,package you then pull them out to ice,water to stop the cooking if you don't,shock them like this they tend to be way,too soft in the end plus they'd stick,together as they cooled all laid out on,a towel and use another towel to dry off,the top sides and then if you want you,can trim them so they'll perfectly fit,whatever size pan you're using and you,don't have to throw those trimmings away,fry them up in a pan with some butter,fresh herbs top with some cheese very,nice i usually start with a little sauce,to keep the bottom layer of pasta from,sticking or drying then for all these,tests i'm doing one cup of sauce or,cheese for each layer and building four,total layers i'm just trying to keep,everything standard to isolate the,boiling variable top with some reserved,mozzarella cover with foil for baking,let's build an identical lasagna now,with dry noodles the first problem that,you're going to run into is that they,aren't pliable so they have to perfectly,fit the pan that you plan to bake them,in if you don't you have to like snip,off the end or break off the end which,is kind of tricky to do without just,like totally shattering this thing the,best method that i came up with was to,position one finger behind the line that,i want to break across and then push,outward still not great bend the noodle,over your guide finger and that's better,there same deal as before a cup of,filling between each layer but here's an,important caveat par boiling serves,another important function which is to,season the inside of the noodle you,would normally boil it in salted water,if your noodles were not made with much,salt inside them and if you're not par,boiling them then you have to over,season your other elements they,shouldn't be disgustingly salty but they,should definitely taste a little too,salty in isolation they are donating,seasoning to all of this bland bulk that,we are layering in i imagine that,sealing with foil will be even more,important here to trap the water the,noodles need speaking of which i want to,try a third lasagna where we put in some,extra water the amount of water,equivalent to the water that would have,been absorbed if we had parboiled the,pasta which for my lasagna here is,approximately 144 grams apparently i'll,measure out a little more than that,because you're going to lose some to,evaporation i probably could have just,poured this water directly over the,fully assembled lasagna before i baked,it but to be safe i'll pour it directly,onto each pasta layer as i build in,little doses just to be sure that it's,evenly distributed all three test,lasagnas go into the oven at 400,fahrenheit 200c i'll uncover after about,40 minutes a

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4 Levels of Lasagna: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious

4 Levels of Lasagna: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious

hi I'm John and I'm a level one chef,hi I'm Khadija and I'm a level two chef,I'm Frank and I've been a chef for 23,years this is a variation that my mom,used to make for us super simple very,dumb down kind of how to do it I grew up,in a Caribbean household but as I grew,up I started playing my own spin on,these Caribbean dishes I like things,really spicy for my lasagna I like to,make a meat sauce any time you have a,crowd over you should make this lasagna,it feeds a lot of people so first I'm,gonna make my meat sauce which is the,base of the dish I just take the ground,beef just gonna work it through the pan,until it gets nice and brown throughout,my parents don't like red meat so I use,ground turkey for my turkey lasagna,turkey and mushroom lasagna you add the,mushrooms handful by handful you know,what the mushrooms end up soggy you just,want it to brown I start out with,pancetta pancetta is basically cured,pork belly it's salty it has a lot of,fat in it and it adds this nice depth,and richness to our tomato sauce this,will basically kind of melt into the,sauce and I'm not using ground beef here,I use short ribs I use short ribs for a,lot of things we're gonna season up our,short ribs really well plenty of salt,only a pepper and I really don't use,much seasonings with my ground beef I,kind of like the taste once it's cooked,this is gonna go back in the sauce but,right now I just want to focus on,getting my meat brown this tough piece,of meat needs some time to break down,while might need is brownie I'm gonna,cut my aromatics I like to use carrots,and onions you don't want it to be too,big or else when you take a bite of this,on you just have like a chunk of onion,in the middle of your mouth onions tend,to melt into the sauce they will see,little bits and pieces of carrots but,I'm not too worried about that it's a,rustic sauce it's gonna be chunky I just,put garlic in almost every,of course you gotta have garlic it's,Italian food it's funny because I come,from a italian-american family my,grandmother did not like garlic at all,so she would cook the garlic and then,take it out and his kids we feed it,around the mushrooms we have some nice,browning I'm gonna add some basil leaves,to my sauce I always use my stems when I,make tomato sauce I'm gonna add a little,pepper right now and I'm gonna add some,salt my grandma used to say I'm from,Brooklyn that you don't need to add too,much salt because we live by the beach,so they were salt in the air,don't know if that's actually true so,I'm gonna add my ground turkey,my parents say that you could over stir,so I trust them but low and behold I,just keep on babysitting everything and,just like stir stir stir I have a,problem I use some red wine some acid,red chili flakes some chicken stock beef,stock or beef broth I know that some,people like to drain out the fat I keep,them in there like the way it tastes ex,Angie's a few pounds so now that my,meats fully brown and I go ahead and add,some marinara sauce this is from a jar,because I don't have time to make my own,homemade red sauce so I put a can of,fire roasted tomatoes in the blender,dan crushed tomatoes are a staple for,tomato sauce there a little Sweden I,tried to get a sauce that has a little,seasoning in it that way I don't have to,add too much other seasonings this is,where I add the spices and absolutely,destroy people's taste buds with it,this is barbarous and Ethiopian spice,mix it makes everything spicy and it,makes me happy and then you also want to,add honey it's not kill anyone after you,just blew them up with a bunch of spices,don't forget the bay leaf mainly is,usually give it a nice flavor but it's,always a pain fishing out accidentally,left a bay leaf in the lasagna once that,was Oh,put in the oven and leave it there for,about an hour hour and a half until the,meat is fork tender I'm gonna put this,aside for when we start building our,lasagna we let it simmer for about 20,minutes okay we want to add the,remaining smoked paprika the Berber a,and the fish and meat sauce towards the,end I hate this part I hate taking up,the bay leaves,okay oh wait it's right there this is,the Dunn's now we have our finished,sauce its rich its reduced a little the,meat is falling apart so now I'm gonna,make the creamy layer of my lasagna,because of course all's Anya needs,cheese I have a beautiful bowl of whole,milk ricotta cheese here I added in some,grated cheese some salt pepper and some,Italian seasoning because I feel like,life need to tell you in seasoning not,to like break your own fingers because,that would be painful I like to have,like this curvy kind of taste in the,middle so we're gonna add basil now,we're gonna add two eggs,this helps fine everything and then use,them to stir it or stir it a lot we're,gonna make my bechamel now traditionally,this is what you would use especially in,northern Italy we're gonna add some,flour I'm gonna add a little garlic now,to for flavoring whisk my warm milk into,the flour mi

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We Sent Garlic Bread to the Edge of Space, Then Ate It

We Sent Garlic Bread to the Edge of Space, Then Ate It

Dit wordt geen normale video,We gaan knoflookbrood naar de rand van de ruimte sturen!,Veel mensen hebben met ballonnen objecten de ruimte ingestuurd.,meestal als reclamestunt.,Maar in tegensteling tot wat veel persberichten zeggen,zijn deze objecten niet de ruimte in geweest.,De meeste standaardenorganisaties zijn het ermee eens,dat de ruimte op de volledig arbitraire, 100 km hoge, Kármánlijn begint.,En dit soort ballonnen komen maar ongeveer op 1/3 van deze hoogte.,En we brengen het zeker niet in een baan rond de aarde,Een baan rond de aarde vereist een snelheid van tienduizenden kilometers per uur,Daar zijn al die raketten voor.,- Wij gebruiken een weerballon vandaag.,Best wel een grote, eigenlijk.,Wij gaan zo hoog als we kunnen met deze lading.,Het is erg koud op de weg naar boven.,Het wordt warmer als je zo'n soort hoogte bereikt.,Dus het is het koudst net boven de straalstroom,en dan wordt het weer een beetje warmer.,Dan daalt de temperatuur weer tot ongeveer 0°C op de plek waar de ballon barst.,- Het idee dat al die publiciteitsstunts het echt tot in de ruimte hebben gehaald,wordt geholpen doordat ze een visoogobjectief (fisheye lens) gebruiken.,die zorgt er namelijk voor dat de ronding van de aarde een stuk dramatischer lijkt,dan hij echt is op die hoogte,Wij gebruiken camera's die daar voor corrigeren,dus wat je op je scherm ziet is min of meer wat je daarboven zou zien.,Dus wij zeggen niet "ruimte" maar "de rand van de ruimte",,wat eigenlijk een soort marketingterm is, maar de atmosfeer is zo dun daarboven,,ongeveer 1% van de luchtdruk hier beneden, dat het goed genoeg is.,Waarom knoflookbrood?,Omdat het erg lekker is,,en omdat iemand eerder al eens pizza omhoog gestuurd heeft met een ballon een paar jaar geleden.,- Dit knoflookbrood is verrukkelijk.,Het is huisgemaakt. Nou ja, behalve het stokbrood dan.,Ik heb er huisgemaakte knoflookboter op gedaan, met wat echt goede Parmezaanse kaas.,Hoewel ik het wel vanochtend om 5 uur gemaakt heb.,Dus het gaat in een bijna-vacuum zijn.,Het zou kunnen dat het bevroren wordt. Ik bedoel...,We sturen de helft de lucht in met de ballon,en de andere helft laten we op aarde voor een echte vergelijkende proeftest.,- Hoe hoger het gaat, hoe dunner de atmosfeer wordt,en hoe minder lucht het naar binnen drukt.,De ballon wordt dan steeds groter en groter,en zal uiteindelijk barsten,en de uitrusting gaat aan een parachute naar beneden,en wij gaan het ophalen.,Meestal voorspellen we de landingsplaats met een precisie van zo'n acht kilometer,als we de ballon loslaten.,We traceren de ballon met radiotrackers.,Die sturen een signaal met een GPS-positie naar de grond,en die wordt op een kaart weergegeven en dan achtervolgen we de verwachte landingsplaats van de ballon.,Ik heb een hoop hoge ballonvaarten gedaan.,Ik doe het nu al zo'n tien jaar.,Ben er nog nooit een kwijtgeraakt. Heb er wel een paar naar hun verdoemenis gestuurd.,- Allerlei soorten voedsel zijn de stratosfeer in gestuurd.,De BBC heeft ooit een bruiloftstaart omhoog gestuurd voor een kinderprogramma,maar de clou daarvan was dat niemand het echt op at.,Ik heb nog nooit ballon-gelanceerd eten gevonden dat daadwerkelijk opgegeten werd na de landing.,De belangrijkste reden daarvoor is dat je geen idee hebt,van waar het gaat landen, waarin het gaat landen,,of wat voor dieren er eerder bij zijn dan jij.,- De doos die ik ontworpen heb heeft een kleine servomotor,,en een stukje touw en wat (spring)veertjes.,Terwijl het naar beneden komt sluit de servomotor op 1000 meter (1km) van de grond.,- Dus nu moeten we onze auto's in en achter de lading aan.,Het gaat zo ongeveer een kilometer voor ons landen,dus, Barry, houd een oogje op de lucht gericht,,want ik moet m'n ogen op de weg houden.,Denk je dat we hier kunnen parkeren?,Oké, laten we gaan.,- Het daar aan het eind van die rij.,- Oké, daar gaan we dan.,- O man! - Volgens mij is het daarheen.,Nou ja, we hebben in ieder geval twee camera's.,Yes, volgens mij zijn ze allebei nog aan het filmen.,- Oké, gaan we dan. - Til hem maar op.,- Ah, ja! - Yeah.,- Oké, dus dit is jouw originele toch?,- Ja, ja.,- Dat is erg lekker.,- Niet slecht, hè?,- Ruimtebrood...,- Is het koud?,- Het is niet zo... Oh!,Nee, dat scheurde helemaal anders af.,Die scheurde dus; die deed .,Deze deed "klik".,- Het midden is absoluut bevroren.,- Oh wauw.,- Ik weet niet, ik bedoel... - Dat is bevroren.,Dat is bevroren in de stratosfeer.,- Je kan soort van de kleur in het midden zien.,Het is witter, hè?,- Dit is in de stratosfeer geweest en ik ben het aan het eten.,Soort van.,Dankjewel, Steve Randall van Random Aerospace,en Barry Lewis van My Virgin Kitchen.,Ik weet niet echt wat ik in dit proces gedaan heb.,Ik ben eigenlijk gewoon de DJ Khaled aan het uithangen hier.,- Jep, jep.,DJ Garl-ed? Nee, die woordgrap werkt niet.,- Oké ja, het is goed, we zijn klaar. - Ja. Sorry.,Bedankt, iedereen!

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Skillet Lasagna!! Easy 30 Minute Stove Top Lasagne Recipe

Skillet Lasagna!! Easy 30 Minute Stove Top Lasagne Recipe

hey guys and welcome back to couch on,crackerjacks today I'm going to show you,how to make delicious skillet lasagna,all the deliciousness and joys of,traditional lasagna but without all the,preparation and the assembling and the,baking and this is just a quick simple,easy lasagna takes about 30 minutes to,make so let's get started now to prepare,this I've got my skillet over,medium-high heat I'm going to add in 1/2,2 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil,and I'm going to start sauteing half of,a medium yellow onion that has been,chopped up now the skillet you want to,use you want to use a large skillet this,is a 12 inch skillet that I'm using and,you want a deep skillet no fry pans here,there's going to be a lot of stuff,that's added to this pan so use a pan,that is plenty big enough now once your,onions are nice and translucent after,I've been about a minute or two you want,to go ahead and add in your meat I'm,using half a pound of ground beef as,well as half a pound of mild Italian,sausage you could use ground turkey if,you'd like you could use your ki sausage,you can use ground chicken you just want,a pound of meat I like the flavors of,the Italian sausage and the ground beef,and you just want to break this up over,medium-high heat,and brown this well now while my meat is,cooking away on the stove I'm going to,go ahead and get my lasagna noodles,ready I'm using 8 oven ready lasagna,noodles oven ready lasagna noodles are,just a little bit thinner than,traditional lasagna noodles that you,need to boil ahead of time that's why I,like using these you just want to break,them into about six pieces or so each,and this will just help with the when,you're mixing this up and storing it,around in the pan it can get kind of,complicated when you have big long,noodles in there so I'm just going to,break them up into like I said about six,pieces or so now back to our meat,mixture you can see here there is quite,a bit of grease and oil here left over,you want to get all this stuff out of,your pian you don't want that in your,finished lasagna I like to leave about a,tablespoon or so left behind it's,strictly optional but try and get most,of that grease out and once you've got,that drain go ahead and stir up your,meat mixture get a nice even layer,across the bottom of your pan and then,you want to add in,you're broken up lasagna noodles the,reason you want the meat on the bottom,is to protect those noodles during the,first part of our cooking process if you,want to add in a 28 ounce can of crushed,tomatoes be sure and get all the,deliciousness out of the can and if you,have any tomato skins like this can had,go ahead and pull those out nobody likes,those then you want to add an 8 ounce,can of tomato sauce as well as half a,cup of water now do not stir this,mixture at this time you want that meat,on the bottom of your pan to protect,those lasagna noodles so that way they,don't get stuck to the bottom of your,pan during this cooking process you want,to make sure that all your noodles are,completely covered with the tomato,mixture or your tomatoes go ahead and,shake your pan back and forth but do not,stir this because those lasagna noodles,will stick the bottom of your pan and,you'll have a huge mess on your hands,now you want bring this up to a simmer,over medium high heat then you want to,lower the heat down to low cover this,and let this cook for 10 minutes now,after your first 10 minutes are up you,can go ahead and remove the lid to your,pan be very careful because this will,splatter up everywhere make kind of a,mess but now is the time that you want,to start mixing this and start stirring,this for the spices keeping it really,simple 1/2 a teaspoon of salt half a,teaspoon of sugar half a teaspoon of,garlic powder I'm going to wait on the,oregano because the regular can kind of,turn a little bitter if you cook it at a,really high temperature so I'm just,going to say it myself here in wait to,the end you want to go ahead and stir in,those seasonings push down the noodles,back into the sauce make sure that,they're all covered again so they get,evenly cooked put the lid back on and,you want to cook this for an additional,10 minutes now the second 10 minutes you,can pick the lid up and stir it every,couple minutes which I advise you to do,just to make sure that nothing's stuck,make sure that your lasagna noodles are,separated making sure that everything is,you know everything's hunky-dory,underneath the lid as you're cooking,this now after the second 10 minutes you,can go ahead and remove the lid turn the,heat off at this time again go through,make sure that none of those lasagna,noodles are stuck together this is going,to be the bane of making this dish this,is the most complicated part of this,entire recipe is making sure that those,new,do not get stuck together you will find,that they want to stick together but,just keep stirring keep working them,apart everything will be hunky-dory and,at this time I'm going to take my d

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i'm really hungry,but let's be real i feel like every time,i do a video i'm really hungry you know,i really gotta fix that,sometimes you're in the mood for,something just ooey gooey layered and,delicious right you don't want to think,about steamed chicken and steamed,broccoli because,so i am hooking up a lasagna today but,not just any lasagna,an instant pot lasagna because why not,live on the edge and be reckless let's,go,to get started i'm going to,chop and,well chop and peel,to get started i'm going to cut up my,onion and i'm just going to use half of,an onion today,and one whole clove of garlic but this,clove of garlic is legit like,three or four regular ones so,crying no crying oh god,so this is what i'm going for oh god my,eyes my eyes jesus these fumes are,serious,oh i can't even talk good lord oh the,onion cutting life,so i'm going in with a little bit of,olive oil and then i'm going to put my,onion and garlic in here,now it's time to go in with my ground,pork so i have two of these and these,are one pound each,so the ground pork is mostly done it's,mostly brown so now i'm gonna go in with,the seasoning so,this is i'm just eyeballing this stuff,i'm not,measuring but i can tell you,approximately what i'm doing so because,i couldn't find sausage i am going to go,in with fennel which is what gives it,that really good sausage flavor so,i'll go in with,maybe a couple of teaspoons,then i have some italian seasoning so,i'm going to go in,with about a tablespoon of that like a,heaped tablespoon,i have some dry parsley so i'm going to,maybe i take this lid off and make my,job a little faster,so that's about a heaped tablespoon as,well i have some red chili,flakes or crushed red pepper so i'm,going to go in with about,a couple of teaspoons of that,some black pepper,and then i'm going to go in with some,pink himalayan salt and this will,probably be about,i'd say like a,teaspoon and a half so,remember with your seasonings you can,add but you cannot take away so be very,careful look how pretty she is,you can see the crushed red pepper,the herbs in there,look at that look at that look at that,oh that looks,so good these mushrooms are absorbing,some of the,fat that's in the pan,so you know,we're all good we are all good baby,these are the tomatoes that i love using,and this is a 28 ounce can so i'm just,gonna put it in there,ever so carefully,and break up those tomatoes,so i'm going to put the lid on this baby,i'm going to turn it down,and just let it simmer for about 30,minutes,so i'm gonna hook up the cheese filling,it's going to be a two-parter there's,going to be shredded mozzarella cheese,and there's going to be,the layer that is usually done with like,ricotta but we're not doing ricotta,today we are doing,some good old,cottage cheese i had to make sure i had,cottage cheese because i was going to,fall to pieces right now on the floor if,i didn't so to this cottage cheese i'm,going to add the zest of one lemon and,then the juice of the lemon and that is,really going to just give,this cheese,so much a body i mean,lemon you know what i'm saying just just,lemon so,in with the zest of the lemon,and this is really going to elevate the,flavors of the meat sauce and,i mean just everything just all the,things because,lemon is life so it's just,the flesh the yellow part not the pith,pith which is the white part,because that doesn't taste very good,to this i'm going to add some basil so,i'm going to cut up some basil,and i'm really just going to,do like,is it a chiffonade it's like the little,it doesn't matter it doesn't basil is,going in there okay basil and if you,don't have basil for this you can use,dried parsley fresh parsley you can use,italian seasoning whatever you want you,can use just salt and pepper,i,mean you can do whatever you want so i'm,going to throw this in there as well,basil basil basil,hit it with some pink himalayan salt and,i'm going like,a couple of good pinches,and then some freshly ground black,pepper,and i really need to,add more peppercorns to this but this is,gonna do,so i'm gonna put a lid on this put it in,the fridge and then i'm gonna get,started on my,mozzarella,so i definitely prefer to shred cheese,myself it tastes so much creamier and,just better really fresh and the flavors,are super crisp versus buying it already,shredded so you know,do i always do that absolutely not make,life easy on yourself,but this is the way to go i'm telling,you you're going to love it so i'm just,going to put this over a bowl and i'm,going to carefully do this so i don't,shred my fingers in the process,i don't know how this is for you guys,but this is like,therapeutic on my end,it's very calming i'm gonna put a lid on,this guy i'm gonna put him in the,refrigerator and as soon as our meat,sauce is done we're gonna bring all of,our ingredients together and put our,layers,into the springform pan into the instant,pot and cook this deliciousness,so i'm really hungry,i'm really hungry,but let's be real i feel like

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Masala Lasagna No Pasta No Oven | वेज लसानिया बिना पास्ता या ओवन | Chef Ranveer Brar

Masala Lasagna No Pasta No Oven | वेज लसानिया बिना पास्ता या ओवन | Chef Ranveer Brar

I find Italian food to be very fascinating. ,I like showing all of you how to cook it easily and simply. ,Talking about it fascinates me as well. ,Earlier, I've cooked bread lasagna for all of you,But I feel it missed the Indian kick. ,I want to make a lasagna with Indian spice blends. ,Welcome! I am Ranveer Brar and let's cook a lasagna full of Indianness! ,Preparing lasagna sheets is the most prominent problem in this recipe. ,The recipe is full of hassle and it contains egg. ,Let's tackle this problem!,Pour some water into a bowl. Add curd into it. ,Add salt to taste. ,Some sugar. ,A cup of gram flour. ,Half a cup of refined flour. ,I'm preparing pasta sheets. ,Leave it aside for 10 to 15 minutes. ,Add water into it as it'll get thicker as time passes due to refined flour and gram flour. ,It makes the sheets a better texture. ,Always leave refined flour and gram flour batter aside. And add water into it as it thickens as time passes. ,We're done with the preparation of pasta sheet or lasagna sheet.,Now let's begin preparing lasagna filling. ,You can add any vegetable that you like. ,This is the best part about the recipes with fillings. Especially for all the mothers that want to feed their children more vegetables. ,Concealing the nutrients into taste food. ,It's my habit to eat carrots while I'm chopping them. ,My mom used to ask me to grate carrots but i used to be busy eating them. ,I'm separating the green vegetables because they should be less cooked. ,Roughly chop the onions. It'll give the dish a better texture. ,If the texture is amazing, the taste will be amazing. ,This works well for baked dishes which needs to be creamy, saucy and cheesy,And it helps with the texture as well. ,That's why, it is important to roughly chop the vegetables. ,Pour oil.,Add garlic. ,Add onions. Do not start with the tempering process. ,Sweat the ingredients. ,Add the rest of the vegetables when the onions turn translucent. ,You can add a number of ingredients into this. You can add green chillies, red chillies,You can do the tempering process with cumin seeds. ,Cook the vegetables well together. Do not overcook it. ,Add some salt and sugar to balance the sourness of the tomatoes. ,I'm not going to cook the sauce and vegetables separately and trouble all of you. ,I'm simply going to cook a saucy vegetable mix. ,It'll make the recipe easier. ,I'm cooking the filling and sauce together. ,Add degi red chilli powder ,And my dearest friend! Coriander! ,Pour fresh tomato puree. ,Simple? Easy? No rocket science? ,Boil it once to make the sauce a little oily. ,Then add vegetables, keep the lid on and let it cook steadily. ,Make sure that you add coriander powder. ,If you're cooking baked pasta like cannelloni or any other type of pasta,You can easily cook it using this filling and method. ,Pour some water. ,Keep the lid on. Let the filling cook. Let's prepare the pasta sheets and the lasagna will be ready to be served!,Lasagna without any hassle and with Indian spices. ,Chilla (gram flour pancakes) are closely related to pasta sheets. ,Cook a soft chilla and use it as a pasta sheet. ,You don't need to hassle about the pasta sheets and you'll notice the Indian fusion while eating it. ,The fusion that all of you were requesting for since a long tome. ,Tackled the problem!,Heat the pan and get rid of the oil that is on the pan. ,Pour the mixture on the pan and rotate the pan. ,Move the mixture around the edges twice to prevent it from getting thin. ,It got stuck to the pan because of the pan's heat. Steadily cook the batter. ,Pasta doughs are always a little yellow in colour because of the egg yolk. ,You can add a pinch of turmeric to make it a little yellow. ,Use a fork or a toothpick to free the sides. ,Remove it gently. ,I'll flip it upside down. I want it to get cooked equally through the steam. ,The filling has cooked so well!,The filling is ready! ,Let's begin with the layering process. ,Spread the filling on the bottom. ,I won't bake it because a lot of my viewers do not have an oven. So I'll be cooking it using a pan. ,Do not place the pasta sheet at the bottom as it'll get burnt. ,Pour some water into the filling that is at the bottom to prevent it from burning. ,Four sheets are enough. ,You can cover it with another sheet or you can skip it as well. ,I'm going to cover it with sheet and top it with tomato ketchup. ,Ishaan loves this style. ,A professional chef generally runs away from ketchup. ,But being a dad, I use it in some recipes. ,Since we aren't using an oven, heat up a thick bottom pan. Keep the previous pan on the heated up pan and let the lasagna cook steadily. ,You can use a regular pan as well. The lasagna should get cooked well from the top as well. ,Cook it steadily and don't forget to add some water to the bottom layer to prevent it from burning or else you'll say, "Ranveer, you didn't tell us.",Ranveer was clear. ,Spread the filling while it's hot as it will not take more time to get heated up. ,The r

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