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[Full Episode] Need Help Rejecting Invites? Here’s How! Plus T.I. is Here!just wait until you hear w

The Real Daytime

Updated on Jan 18,2023

[Full Episode] Need Help Rejecting Invites? Here’s How! Plus T.I. is Here!

just wait until you hear what is going,on today first up he's got a new album,out today and he's here with us one of,the hottest artists out there and we,love him t.i is here,we're also taking a favorite autumn,treat caramel apples and showing you how,to make them for every festive fall,occasion yeah it's gonna be nice i'm,excited and later we'll help you decide,if you can reject that invitation that,you still haven't replied to so let's,get started are you ready for some girl,chat yeah yes,ready okay so ladies we all have,facebook pages right yeah i'll use them,and everything so do you guys know every,single one of your friends that are on,your facebook page honestly i do well oh,you do i do she does like i do,okay so hold on tell me are you your,page is public or you have like a family,i have a fan page and then i have a,private like family page oh okay which,is really smart i think social media is,different than your actual friends like,you i consider you ladies sometimes my,actual friend,but my social media friends is different,some people i don't want to meet because,i tried to meet some of them,i shouldn't have met them,so it's like i like to stick to just a,virtual friendship with them and i guess,like a regular facebook page and i used,to follow people like that was that i,went to high school with you yeah,but that was the gist of it now i mean,some of these people i don't want to,ever see again i mean i'm just being,honest right something you just leave in,the past yes yeah that's true but being,in this industry is like i friend some,people i sent a friend request like to,chris rock i mean yeah and then he,accepted so now i think we're like,friends,that's like networking on social media,exactly well a lot of people think that,social media has got in the way of like,people actually connecting and like,speaking in person i disagree i feel,like that's how people hook up that's,how you meet people like just the other,day somebody left a comment on my,instagram page that was like hey i'm so,proud of you so good and i clicked i'm,like this person obviously knows me it,was my homegirl from junior high school,really yes and i ended up following her,because i was like that's so dope and,like that's how you meet people now and,i think that's what facebook was really,originally meant for for us to meet our,family and friends that well speaking of,friends i'm very glad to know that you,guys you know we're we're friends now,yes but it got me really thinking about,when we first met each other do you guys,remember that yes yeah and you know how,you have like first impressions,sometimes they're right and sometimes,they're like way off,what was your guys's first impression of,me i can take it why are you laughing,tamar,because you know i didn't really know,what to expect i really honestly thought,she was going to be stuck up a little,bit why,oh,i never thought about you you are,exactly the friendly girl that i had in,my head when you were on sister's sister,no you're so much better she was a nice,old sister but i thought you'd be like,you know one of those uppity hmm,yeah kids no,no i'm not have you ever gotten that,before though uh yeah i think that way,about you lonnie,she told me,that she thought i was,snooty,really i've been on television since the,90s what have you been doing,that's how i felt,i looked at all four y'all because,you're always so glamorous first of all,she came in with a wind machine and 40.,she really did like theme music,everything,seriously i was like oh my god it's like,okay she is a star and then she came in,looking at my clothes i'm like oh,goodness i'm gonna have to lose five,pounds and then this one right here came,in and she was just talking and the,thing about adrian is she talks and she,gets you into it,and then you don't know what the hell,she's talking about,she yes she will she will i wanted,bonnie to like me so badly,i don't know like i swear it's you did i,not stalk you yeah because she started,giving me all her credentials you know,and her resume i was on,3lw i was like i was a cheating girl i'm,like i don't look at none of that i'm,not seven all right,she's trying but you know i always give,up like the,first impression is always coming carl's,wrong because it was wrong for me taylor,what wait wait wait wow,i was intimidated by your presence you,just have this like big,presence and then you have a wind,machine yeah people and she had yes she,had this you had this entourage you had,i know it didn't matter,i don't even have an assistant i just,have no but you have makeup artist and,hairdresser definitely,when you're coming in for an audition,what wasn't really like an audition was,more like a meeting right but,getting to know you you have the biggest,heart and i absolutely do i love you so,much i really really do see you as like,you're like my sister oh yeah you really,really are but i have to say i always,give out the wrong impression because i,am brutally honest yes and so when

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