60's dinner

Culinary History: 1960sthe 1960s was an influential time in,culinary history and was the time of,int

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Culinary History: 1960s

the 1960s was an influential time in,culinary history and was the time of,international foods imported foods,food-related inventions and food made,simple food was usually made from,scratch since pre-made food hadn't,gotten very popular yet this was because,the microwave hadn't been invented the,food was usually cooked on the stovetop,or grill which requires more skill they,would put anything from full salads to,full meals in case in gelatin the 1960s,were truly a time of food-related,advancements in 1960 the granny smith,apple which urgently grows in australia,were first introduced to the u.s. in,1961 the coca-cola company first,introduced sprite and the book mastering,the Art of French Cooking by Julia Child,was first released in 1962 the first,Taco Bell opened in Los Angeles and,Kiwis were introduced to America in 1963,whole tabs on cantore patented and tang,the drink powder was selected by NASA to,accompany astronauts into space in 1964,raaaah wrote Charlie and the Chocolate,Factory pop-tarts were introduced to the,public buffalo wings were served at the,first for the first time in Buffalo New,York and Doritos were invented in 1965,researchers at the University of Florida,invented Gatorade in 1968 the restaurant,Red Lobster was started and in 1969 the,first Wendy's opened,in the 1960s people call me eight toast,Cream of Wheat oatmeal cereal pancakes,fruit yogurt and sometimes cottage,cheese for breakfast although they also,have many other different foods as well,lunch in the 1960s often consisted of,foods such as sandwiches burritos,deviled eggs raw fruit and vegetables,soups burgers meatloaf or canned food,which has started to gain popularity,dinner seems to be the most important,meal of the day in the 1960s because it,was the time when the largest variety of,food was eating people in food such as,meat loaf pot roast pork or beef with,fresh veggies ribs steak spaghetti with,homemade sauce canned ravioli enchiladas,Mexican food Chinese food and TV dinners,which had just started catching,popularity how did the food people ate,in the 1960s reflect their lifestyle the,food that people ate in the 1960s tended,to be very simple which showed that life,in the 1960s tended to be very simple,there weren't very many complications or,large worries about food what made,certain foods more popular to eat in the,1960s in the 1960s it was more common to,eat food that didn't take much preparing,we didn't really require much work and,it still tasted pretty good,as life became busier and busier the,simpler food was to make the better how,has our focus on nutrition changed since,the 1960s in the 1960s no one really,knew what was in the food that they were,eating they just kind of ate it but now,we know what all this stuff that's in,her food could do to her bodies and are,now focusing on promoting a healthy,lifestyle which includes eating food,that doesn't include many of the,unhealthy food products that were,calling me,in the 1960s

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Foods From The 1960s That Are Weirdly Making A Comeback

Foods From The 1960s That Are Weirdly Making A Comeback

from liver and onions and spam to savory,jello salad and classic fondue and baked,alaska there are some decades-old,culinary treats that are having another,big moment keep watching to discover the,foods from the 1960s that are weirdly,making a comeback,no game day celebration is complete,without a chip spread and some french,onion dip this appetizer sometimes,called california dip came into being,back in 1954 when an inventive home cook,turned a package of dehydrated onions,into the popular sour cream chip,accompaniment lipton onion soup was,blended with the dairy product to create,this side that sprung to widespread,popularity in the 60s the decades saw,home cooks come up with their own,variations on lipton onion soup dip like,adding blue cheese the dip never fully,fell out of favor but it did see a,massive resurgence when madman fever hit,america which led to a big boost in,sales,it's a chip and dip,the lipton version of the dip simplified,the original 1954 edition the original,recipe called for cream cheese rockford,with california saturn wine mayonnaise,salt or stitcher sauce cayenne and,garlic salt but the introduction of,lipton soup mix packets helped home,cooks boil the recipe down to the iconic,two-ingredient combo of dehydrated soup,and sour cream well-known chefs have,helped revitalize this nostalgic party,snack including in multiple fine dining,locations across new york city and even,top chefs tom calichio has brought it to,his restaurant,jello salads had a hard time making it,past the 80s when the gelatin novelties,filled with savory or sweet fillings,sharply divided consumers our,great-grandparents regularly dined on,aspect a savory gelatin while more,elaborate gelatin desserts remained,available only for the wealthy and those,with kitchens properly equipped to,handle the challenge of making them so,when jello entered american markets at,the turn of the 20th century the,burgeoning middle class couldn't wait to,get their hands on it,to give salads a holiday look start with,jello gelatin,multiple recipes sprung up detailing all,the creative ways one could whip up what,was once seen as a delicacy reserved for,the rich jello salads eventually reigned,supreme and 60s cookbooks document,savory examples like molded avocado and,tuna even julia child devoted a section,of her the joy of cooking to jello,salads alas jello salads dropped off in,popularity in the 80s due to health,trends though they never completely,disappeared in the south savory versions,have also seen a resurgence in utah a,new generation of home chefs have tried,their hand at bringing them into the,21st century and many have even,experimented with the new vegan jell-o,in their recipes,meatloaf can seriously divide crowds,according to bon appetit the recipe for,the original meatloaf first appeared in,the mediterranean in the middle ages and,served as a way to use scrap meat by,combining leftover remains with nuts,fruits and seasonings the recipes stuck,around started including bread and eggs,and people would traditionally eat it,for breakfast fast forward to the 1950s,when americans were eating betty,crocker's take on the iconic loaf by the,70s there were novel variations that,included ingredients like peaches and,smashed bananas the dish eventually,turned into a nostalgic touch point for,many all of this changed in the past few,years as the humble meatloaf has taken,on a whole new life at the center of oat,cuisine the versatile recipe can easily,shift with american tastes and,pioneering chefs brought this sunday,dinner staple to the forefront of the,country's restaurant scene manhattan's,eatery features a ricotta meatloaf with,pecorino sauce and a grape tomato and,balsamic reduction while sentinel in san,francisco features a turkey meatloaf,with lemon juice chili paste tahini and,cream the sky's the limit when it comes,to dressing up this timeless dish hey,mom,the meatloaf,the square-shaped mystery meat known as,spam first came into production back in,1937 but it really made waves in the 60s,american gis had to eat it during world,war ii and absolutely despised it but,they started to accept it when cooks,began to use it as an ingredient in,sandwiches and as part of egg scrambles,spam especially took off in hawaii,thanks to government sanctions against,japanese-run fishing businesses,eventually hawaiian restaurants helped,lay the groundwork for spam's modern,revival thus helping it regain some of,its street cred starting in the early,2010s fine dining embraced the,ingredient and chefs started including,spam on their menus los angeles chef roy,choi served up span musubi and rice bowl,specials with spam at his restaurant,chego while asian inspired food trucks,across california started serving up,trendy meals with spam as a starring,ingredient the canned meat's recent,resurgence has led hormel to roll out,new flavors of spam for different,regions across the u.s in the southwest,you can pick up spam with jalapenos,while other regions feature

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1960s and 1960s Jazz: Best of #Jazz and #JazzMusic 1960s Jazz Instrumental and 1960s Jazz Music

1960s and 1960s Jazz: Best of #Jazz and #JazzMusic 1960s Jazz Instrumental and 1960s Jazz Music

Title: 1960s and 1960s Jazz: Best of 1960s Jazz Instrumental and 1960s Jazz Music (60s jazz style)

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AMERICAN NOSTALGIA: The 1960's Thrifty Wife

AMERICAN NOSTALGIA: The 1960's Thrifty Wife

ours is a rich and variant land we are a,prospering people wherever we live or,earn our livelihood,we have bounties beyond those known to,the people of any other day and as,responsible as anyone else for the care,of these bounties is the woman in the,American home more often than not it is,the woman who holds the family purse,strings to stretch out the family,paycheck hers is the struggle eternal,all was the difficult goal making our,money reach out to cover more of our,needings or wantings and luxuries,meeting the unexpected happenings that,any family has always to expect,Hey,Oh,Oh,there are times when she feels lonely in,this responsibility to her family yet,she carries it in ways that are varied,in ways that are many in ways that call,for careful planning and for further use,of what we already have for making do so,nothing will be wasted or doing without,she unfolds and refills the paycheck,and molds it in the ways of thrift,making a fine art of doing so,as she lives her life as the woman,American we often seem to charge her,with the responsibility of getting more,out of the family purse than is there,her art of working with the family helps,provide us with the daily necessities,and perhaps some of our delightful,American privileges of life,always the art is based on saving by,reducing the family needs as well as by,spending four she spends to save and,saves to spend,you,you,you,you,she spends carefully for the needs of,the day in order to provide for all the,years to come,in any American home,the woman American uses the,resourcefulness of her personal efforts,to make the family money go round in the,search for quality and price,if the purchases have been good ones,they can serve new owners as time goes,on and will last and last and last,and last and last,those who sell and all who manufacture,what is sold know that American women,often have the deciding vote in whatever,we come to buy they offer her the,romance the adventure of choosing from,foods gathered from the four corners of,America and indeed from all the world,all well lighted for selection placed,where she can reach them arranged for,time-saving as well as money-saving,selection even though she may shop only,once the week behind all she sees and,buys our suppliers and suppliers of,suppliers men and women who know how,much the many pennies they save in,handling what she buys before she buys,may mean to her in individual purchases,these are pennies save,that enabled her to give the family more,for the penny looking for low price,she may be wiser than those who think,the most is always the cheapest, wiser than those whose idea of,saving is to spend gasoline driving,around the block looking for a parking,meter with free time left on it,you,her thrift is concerned with weighing,the cost of present needs against the,rewards of saving for future necessities,while always she considers price,she looks also for those values those,qualities that provide for better,appearances or promised to give us,lasting satisfaction,we see to it that whatever we buy is,functional that it is individually,suited to the purpose for which we are,to use it the fine art of practicing,economy with a larger view,low first cost yes and suitability the,most value for the money spent as time,goes on and one thing more we want the,article that best serves our heart's,desire,these three qualities she considers,complete thrift,American producers of goods have a,constant goal to offer what her good,taste and good judgment will want to buy,the success of each free enterprise er,depends largely on how well he courts,earn how winningly,he bids for her fancy and her fortune,the courtship means keen competition,each producer trying to charm her with,choice offerings calculated to please,her and please her family a little,better than with the attractions of,anyone else,competition presses the retail dealer to,into practicing thrifty ways it leads,him into dealing in pennies for pennies,make all the difference in what is,bought or not bought pennies American,industry to save production costs,carries on the continual search for ways,of keeping cost down to hold prices down,so our products can be priced to stand,out in our competitive American markets,lumbering turns what once was waste into,new materials that help provide a family,wants better more serviceable articles,for us to use and treasure cellophane,from sawdust rayon from chips,lacquers and enamels from edges,plastics from slabs all from the,cellulose of wood that once was wasted,costs are lowered often and prices held,down by packing only the concentrated,goodness the essence of the goodness and,so reduce the cost of shipping needless,bulk volume is important in low cost any,machine tool that turns out things we,need may cost the same whether the,machine is used to turn out a dozen or a,million with the big divisor of one or,two million and more the cost of each,unit is less and this is Viking even,fractions of a penny saved on each

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Dinner & Drinks - 1960s Style!

Dinner & Drinks - 1960s Style!

back before the days of national chain,restaurants and fast food joints on,every corner going out for dinner was a,much more unique and refined experience,join me as we step back in time and,experience the luxury and elegance of,dining out in the 1960s,pre-dinner socializing might begin with,drinks in the cocktail lounge the,atmosphere in the cocktail lounge was,often sophisticated and elegant with dim,lights wood paneling and comfortable,seating live entertainment may have been,provided by a piano player or live band,the drink many in the cocktail lounge,had a focus on classic cocktails such as,martinis Manhattans and old Fashions,these drinks were made by skilled,bartenders who took pride in their craft,and often had their own signature,variations,thank you,following cocktails the party moved to,the dining room one of the most,memorable facets of dining out was the,atmosphere itself many of the top,establishments were known for their,opulent decor with plush carpets Elegant,Lighting and ornate furnishings,tables were set using the finest Linens,in China and weight staff dressed in,formal attire,thank you,the menus at these restaurants featured,a variety of dishes to choose from,delivered in multiple courses the focus,was often on classic traditional fare,with dishes such as steak roast chicken,and seafood being popular choices,foreign,aspects of dining out in the 1960s was,the service wait staff at these,establishments were true professionals I,was trained to be attentive and gracious,that they would go out of their way to,ensure that every guest had an excellent,experience,thank you foreign,of course the food itself was the star,of the show chefs at the top,establishments were known for their,skill and creativity and would go to,Great Lengths to create truly memorable,dining experiences whether it was a,perfectly cooked steak a delicate,Seafood dish or a beautifully presented,dessert the food at these restaurants,was always of the highest quality,thank you,foreign,besides the main course there were a,number of other items that completed the,overall dining experience wine was an,important element in many restaurants,had extensive wine lists with a wide,variety of options to choose from in,addition there were often live musicians,or other forms of entertainment to add,to the atmosphere of the evening,foreign,ing out in the 1960s was a truly special,experience from the luxurious decor and,attentive service to the delicious food,and refined atmosphere it was an,occasion that was truly worth savoring,even today it's easy to see why these,restaurants remain such a beloved part,of our shared history,yesterday,foreign,foreign,what are your favorite memories of,dining out in the past is there a,favorite place you wish you could go,back to please share it in the comments,and I'll see you in the next installment,of the history Lounge,foreign

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Day in the Life of a Kitchen, A (ca. 1960s)

Day in the Life of a Kitchen, A (ca. 1960s)

we are at be minus 30 seconds here in,the blockhouse that's mr. block behind,the morning paper can't do a thing until,he gets that first cup of coffee,Jim's thoughts are pretty far away about,10,000 light-years away mother as,operations chief makes a final check of,the instrumentation water boiling ready,for the cereal they consistently bread,toasting B minus 10 seconds now B that's,breakfast of course 7 6 5 4,one breakfast breakfast a time for,traditional scurrying in many homes but,here's one homemaker who has everything,under perfect control,late as usual for launching but youth,will always be served of course we know,that families don't have a countdown for,breakfast but so many space-age marvels,have been incorporated into today's,modern kitchens the homemaker could,follow such exact in time schedules if,she chose free to perform a more relaxed,role as home manager while many of the,routine matters function automatically,the coffee started automatically at a,preset time now while she goes about her,normal day's activities she will clean,the oven automatically she merely moves,a lever and turns one knob the oven will,lock itself during the cleaning and,cannot be reopened until the temperature,inside the oven returned to normal,temperature now to put the finishing,touches on the dessert for Susan's party,this afternoon not too surprising for,this day and age little space capsules,of ice cream and cookies topped with the,cherry and a little candle they'll keep,frozen until ready for the party,in the freezer portion of a refrigerator,no frost ever here now out to play young,lady one moment when you might say she,had her hands full but Frigidaire design,engineers have anticipated such,occasions for this new refrigerator has,an electric door just the touch is all,that's needed,cleaning the dishes is no problem,anymore both upper and lower racks are,designed so odd shaped items will fit in,they say this face Voyager will create,his own environment of carefully,determined temperature but even those,who stay at home on earth can select,their favorite indoor weather all year,round in space they keep the sub-zero,temperatures outside the capsules but,here in this new food freezer cold,temperature is welcome and the zero zone,inside keeps the frozen food safe until,they're needed objects are moved in a,weightless state in outer space but here,is a refrigerator mother could have,selected for her kitchen that rides on a,cushion of air which forms between a pad,and the floor air from a blower is,directed through openings in the pad in,the bottom of the refrigerator she is,able to move it about the room with the,greatest of ease a lot of exciting,developments are taking place way out in,space but today's appliance designers,are putting many equally amazing,principles to work in the home three,hours after she started to clean the,oven the job is done automatically,these are time at the party next door,all right Susan,you can be the delivery lady from Mars,with a cargo of ice cream capsules,capsules you can eat and space music,with a beat for the young generation,home from the far-out party of their own,but mother has learned to keep plenty of,refreshments on hand to meet their,earthly needs fortunately at a time like,this there is an adequate supply of ice,cubes an automatic icemaker keeps the,supply replenished fingertip server,right in the door and the ice maker is,so compact there's plenty of room for,storing frozen packages right under it,now mother will get a head start on,tomorrow's family dinner this chuck,roast will be cooked under,scientifically controlled temperatures,for 14 hours,these controls automatically tenderize,the meat while it roasts,they've just invented a new dance,it's called walk in space very,appropriate to

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Weird Foods People Ate During The 1950s

Weird Foods People Ate During The 1950s

world war ii left the world in a state,of chaos and poverty,the 1950s saw people adapt to the food,shortages with,creative recipes let's take a look at,some of the weirdest and,grossest foods in the 1950s before we do,that,make sure you subscribe to our channel,and drop us a comment about what other,historical topics,you'd like us to cover,in many countries one could see almost,every meal encased in gelatin,in the united states this was taken to a,whole other level,with the famous jello,depended on modern technology and,efficiency,everything had to be cheap fast and mess,free,jello meals would fit the criteria so,why not put everything in jello that's,right,people even put everything from canned,pineapple to lamb chops,in jello one popular dish in american,cookbooks was the,perfection salad this was a layered,cake made with shredded carrot celery,cabbage and pepper oh and vinegar,people went a little overboard with,vinegar in the 1950s,but if the perfection salad was a bit,too bland for you,you could always go for jello shrimp,salad,jello chili or jello tuna salad,the truly worrying thing about fish and,gelatin molds is that the jelly was,sweet,lime flavored jello was very popular in,america,so people used it in all their savory,recipes too,like the lime cheese salad,if you were feeling a bit fancier you,could serve a,jellied tomato refresher at your dinner,party,don't forget to serve it with a cocktail,glass with a slice of green pepper,okay well perhaps you're tired of jello,another easy and versatile meal was the,meatloaf,again it was cheap it was big enough for,a hungry family of four who wanted,second day leftovers as well,the classic meatloaf could be served on,its own,or covered in ketchup,meatloafs came in many varieties you,could have the,frosted ribbon loaf which had pretty,layers of ham and egg filling,frosted with cream cheese or if you felt,crafty,you could make the super solid low,combining your love for jello and loaves,you could,also present your loaf as an igloo to,spice up the presentation,following the pattern of loafy rolls,frosted in tube creams,there was the shrimp sandwich roll,what's inside,shrimp and cream obviously if you wanted,to surprise and,disgust your party guests at the same,time the right choice would be the,liver sausage pineapple it looks like a,pineapple,but it's filled with canned meat mayo,and worcestershire sauce,enjoy another popular dish was the,bologna cake it looked like a cake,but it was made from bologna onions,coated in cream cheese,and decorated with spray can cheese,okay so to make bologna cake i'm,starting off with taking bologna and,stacking it up high,using cream cheese as the glue for,sticking them together,then i'm taking spray can cheese and,adding little drops around the edges so,it looks more like a cake,in the 1950s america was also,preoccupied with artificially adding,vitamins and nutrients to packaged food,that would last for years one famous,example is,wonder bread which claimed to be the,most nutritiously enriched bread,in the states a sandwich daily and two,slices of wonder bread every meal,give you eight elements you need wonder,brett adds targeted children with,superman and howdy duty recommending,this super meal,the ads claimed you could pretty much,eat wonder bread instead of,everything else because it had all the,vitamins and nutrients you needed,not a lot of children's nutritionists,would agree with this today,when the meat and fresh produce,shortages met modern technology,america strayed further and further away,from,real foods and started a mission to find,the most compact,artificially produced and nutrient-rich,meal,but there were always recipes with real,fruit too,not just what you'd expect,if you simply wanted to be gross you,could make some ham,and banana hollandaise simply wrap,bananas and ham,then drop a gallon of hollandaise sauce,on them it fits the 1950s criteria of,cheap and fast,but at what cost in post-war britain,food scarcity was even worse there,wasn't any frozen food or freezers to,store it in and most foods were rationed,a staple of british cuisine was fish and,chips still popular today,fish and chip shops were among the only,places people could afford to eat out,spam fritters were a popular and very,easy meal in britain,processed meat was covered in batter and,deep fried,served with instant mash and canned peas,but britain still showed great food,variety compared to the countries in the,eastern bloc which were under the,communist regimes in the 1950s,there were no supermarkets and all food,was rationed from flour to sugar,sometimes you'd queue up to a shop not,knowing what you'd get,beggars couldn't be choosers and you had,to cook with what you were given,people got very creative in the 1950s,eastern european countries,school meals in poland were at the top,of the list,for breakfast it was semolina burnt milk,with skin formed on top,or milk soups with overcooked noodles,and,of course milk skin in romania,chicken feet so

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DATE NIGHT VLOG: 60s Diner at The Outlets at Lipa

DATE NIGHT VLOG: 60s Diner at The Outlets at Lipa

so come join me let's go,intro,nandito tayosa,60s diner,it's a relaxing ambiance,60s diner,that's important to understand when,dining in ios employing social,distancing,that's existing social distancing,they're open for dining pero if you,prefer to stay at home,they deliver via mr runner and download,your language,in the link facebook fan page and that's,the description box,spots like this area right here,unlimited 449 pesos,so pero remember unlimited,so order kaminong is an escobar,issang goldfinger,ringo says gloria romero,you ordered is the escobar which is the,big corn nacho,chili con carne and corn salsa and,cheese sauce tapas mero having pasta,which is the,gold finger penne cream mushroom and,chicken,for the main course kaisha ringo spicy,buttermilk chicken,fresh waffle and maple syrup,and for me i gloria romero with,the local actress which is the beef,berlin ox stripe,homemade home-style peanut sauce and,bagong,style affordable madison,considering that it's a diner that,focuses on american cuisine,appetizers 190 pesos yuma pasta,starts at 160. yumamine courses nila,starts at,250 pesos not bad not bad,shampoo and you're also paying for the,ambiance,if you're going to come here make sure,to wear a hoodie or a jared,or a cup,that's every saturday at 6 00 pm,it's quite the experience make sure to,watch my vlog about it,and if you,first bite thank you lord,every saturday uh 6 p.m the outdoor,movie nights,every sunday in driving mass 11 a.m and,then the black friday sale november 27th,the sparkling christmas bazaar from,friday to sunday 10 a.m to 9 00 p.m the,lex food hall lima exchange christmas,bazaar sponsored by mr runner,friday to sunday 11 a.m to 8 p.m and,then the field of lights every night,6 pm to 9 p.m,on calories,that's a good diner,i said before,my experience,you,what,foreign,reason guidance american die in organ,in home style peanut sauce,hug,foreign,my,um,which is works well for me,foreign,m,pasta,chicken,is,foreign,this,um,you,they're also open for delivery by a mr,runner download your line abner,allegation link,download link in the description box,perfect cumin buttermilk chicken with,the katakade,foreign,last,diner i'm inviting everyone to come,check out sixties diner,here at dalton city literally i might,avoid this beach make sure to like your,peach sexist diner or if you want,you can stay at home you can just have,food delivered by a mr runner,like i can pitch into that download in,the description box,thank you for joining me on this mukbang,and if you did make sure to click the,subscribe button and notification bell,and watch my other vlog right here,harassment is a fun food trip thank you,for watching i'll see you in a bit

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